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WhatsApp Archive for Wednesday 13 May 2020

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[06:23:06] Adrian Dale:

[06:23:31] Adrian Dale:

[06:23:53] Adrian Dale:

[07:09:49] Resident038:

Great newsletter today Adrian thank you
[07:10:09] Resident038:

[07:24:23] Resident023:

Good words Adrian, I hope everyone has listened and does the same as you. I suspect ‘wave 2’ of the virus is closer than many realise!
[07:46:28] Resident097:

Wow cool sky
[07:47:34] Resident097:

I reckon with all the tools equipment and donations we could prob build a house !!
[08:05:46] Resident131:

[08:14:47] Resident038:

Lots of flour at Aldi Irthlingborough
[08:26:46] Resident138:

[08:28:03] Resident138:

Does anyone want any gluten free flour foc I bought it by accident. We have been able to get normal plain flour by Asda delivery so this won't be used by us but I don't want to waste it
[08:28:06] Resident075:

[08:33:21] Resident038:

@447850570007 Do you know how we might be able to get the verges cut down between Chelston Rise and Caldecott please so we can walk between them and get to the footpath that goes through the field to Chelveston without having to go on the road? Is there someone I can ask please?
[08:49:58] Resident052:

Thanks for today’s briefing Adrian a timely & great reminder to us all
[08:50:34] Resident131:

Hi, we have been working with Adrian on this. The verges are the responsibility of NCC Highways. I have been and hand cut all around the Chelston Rise village signs but do know Adrian was looking at what could be done up here. I don’t know if there is a public footpath between The Crescent and the village, that would be very useful
[08:50:45] Adrian Dale:

Hi there - unfortunately those verges can only be cut by NCC contractors three times a year. I’ve enquired if I could cut them but the answer was a resounding no! Contractors need a licence to cut on the highway and my licence is limited to the 30mph zones. Sorry!!
[08:52:37] Resident131:

Hi Adrian, thank you for looking into it. I will talk to Andrew again about getting the grass cutters to do the areas we made a start on
[08:53:40] Resident038:

Thank you both. Will have a little look at NCC x
[08:54:16] Resident038:

We were hoping for a quick route to the Star and Garter when it reopens to use our voucher 🤣🤣
[08:55:51] Resident131:

There may be a public footpath, will see what I can find out
[08:56:08] Resident038:

👍🏻 Thank you Vanessa x
[08:57:52] Resident023:

I believe that part of the verge (left side when heading northbound) between the old hospital gate the left hand bend is protected as a wildlife area and doesn’t get cut, there should be marker posts to identify it.
[08:58:06] Resident031:

[08:58:24] Resident031:

[09:00:38] Adrian Dale:

In the Neighbourhood Plan we did discuss the need for a “permissive” path from Chelston Rise to Caldecott (pages 8 and 14). This would require negotiation with Stuart Carr. Perhaps when the Parish Council gets back up to strength, hopefully with representation from Chelston Rise, this can rise up the agenda.
[09:01:53] Resident038:

Sounds like a plan!
[09:01:57] Resident131:

Hi, if there are markers they have been lost in the undergrowth. I genuinely believe that if the residents of The Crescent could establish a safe walking route to the pub they would be able to make much greater use of it, especially in the Summer if they have little ones
[09:01:59] Brenda Elldred:

Thank you Adrian very sensible advice on your podcast. Everyone is confused about meeting the 1 person!! I’ve heard the question asked on TV ‘does that mean when I meet my parents at the house delivering food at a distance can I only speak to one at a time!!’ - the answer was .....’yes’ that is bonkers! Seriously though nothing about the virus has changed since it first hit our shores so don’t be fooled is the right message. Thanks Adrian
[09:02:34] Brenda Elldred:

Great hymn choice Linda and you transported me to the Sea of Galilee. Thank you. 😊
[09:03:08] Resident131:

Adrian, excellent idea and if course there is a resident that is very hopeful of being on the Parish Council soon😁
[09:04:56] Resident097:

If there space on the events team for a scarecrow let me know 🙂
[09:05:05] Resident131:

Adrian, I draft Permissive Path Agreements, I happy to produce a draft
[09:08:27] Adrian Dale:

[09:17:36] Resident121:

Could I have the hp 301s please?
[09:20:20] Resident086:

Morning everyone, Adrian can you send me the details for doing a donation to the PC plz hun also the getting a voucher to use up the pub when it reopens was that only available on that one day or can I still get one do you know?? I didn't have a chance to do it when it was advertised on here 😩
[09:22:14] Adrian Dale:

[09:22:51] Adrian Dale: mark it as emergency donation
[09:28:58] Resident086:

Thankyou muchly hun 👍😊
[10:24:11] Resident014:

[10:24:54] Adrian Dale:

[10:27:56] Resident038:

We will never drink Corona the same again 🤣
[10:33:44] Resident097:

When i had the virus the joke with my mates who werent taking it serious was

Party at my house you bring the food ill supply the corona
[10:33:58] Resident040:

Yes please! Happy to pay and collect.
[10:35:33] Adrian Dale:

Hi Gail I’ll drop it off on afternoon run
[10:36:01] Resident040:

Thank you. How do I pay please?
[11:02:52] Resident138:

Hi Adrian and Gail, it's free as I bought it by accident and now do have regular plain flour, but if you want to put a couple of quid in the fund its completely up to you. I will have it ready for Adrian in a carrier bag ready for the afternoon run
[11:03:53] Resident138:

Adrian please WhatsApp me when ready to collect I will pop out the bag on our garden wall to maintain distancing
[11:29:20] Adrian Dale:

I can’t believe I missed this - heart warming and uplifting!
[11:35:02] Resident040:

Thanks Zara. I'll put some money in the fund. X
[12:17:45] Resident097:

Thought id share with you the Voice of the Amazing Ashleigh Standage from theatre starz, I had booked her and the team to perform for us at Festival of fuel but during her lockdown shes been rehearsing various other songs and this is one of my favourites
[12:38:47] Resident133:

Is the book table open today?
[12:42:25] Adrian Dale:

It was an hour ago
[12:48:27] Resident075:

How can I buy honey from the house near Adrian's House?
[12:49:37] Resident011:

Oh oh I want some honey too, running out of my stock
[12:50:24] Resident075:

I need the most local honey to my house asi can't take hayfever tablets this summer
[12:50:40] Resident052:

Hi Lucy we leave a box by the front door with an honesty box it’s £3.50 a jar if the box is empty just ring the bell keeping social distance and I will come out Janet
[12:51:38] Resident075:

OK I'll come later today do I go into the white thing to get the 🍯 honey
[12:51:43] Resident075:

Thankyou x
[12:52:03] Adrian Dale:

Happy to do a honey run if anyone prefers!
[12:52:20] Resident075:

How would we do money exchange?
[12:52:28] Resident052:

Anyone who is isolated NP just WhatsApp and we can ask RVM to kindly drop off
[12:54:27] Resident052:

Hi Yes that’s it the plastic box
[12:56:09] Adrian Dale:

If you have the cash, we’ll isolate it or you can PayPal to me and I’ll settle with Janet.
[12:57:14] Resident075:

Can I PayPal to you Adrian I don't want to touch money
[12:57:22] Resident075:

Please abd thankyou x
[12:58:02] Resident075:

I can still collect on my walk tough
[12:58:35] Adrian Dale:

I’ll send you a link
[12:58:42] Resident075:

[14:16:21] Resident115:

Hi, yes it is, and we have lots more books from Jennie to go out tomorrow 😊
[14:44:14] Resident016:

Hi Pete thanks for offer -will contact you privately!
[14:49:33] Resident117:

[14:51:32] Resident117:

[14:52:30] Resident117:

[14:58:21] Resident049:

[15:05:39] Resident075:

Yes please how much James? No eggs in sainsburys last night
[15:08:15] Resident049:

They’re free - if you want to make a donation to Parish fund that’s great too 😊We are at 29 Duchy Close and the tray is outside the front door. Remember to bring a bowl or something to put them in.
[15:09:59] Resident081:

Can we have half dozen please? Can pop over now!
[15:10:48] Resident049:

Yes they are outside our front door but you’ll need a container to put them in 👍
[15:10:53] Resident075:

OK will do thanks I can't pop over righ now so hope therr is some later
[15:11:21] Resident049:

I’ll put 6 in a bowl inside - let me know when you’re ready to pick up
[15:13:09] Resident049:

I’ve put 6 aside for you & found a box !
[15:20:56] Adrian Dale:

I’ll bring Lucy
[15:21:18] Resident075:

How do I donate
[15:21:49] Resident049:

I think Adrian put a link up earlier on today
[15:22:05] Resident075:

[15:22:46] Resident049:

Ok that’s great if you could let me know when you’re ready I’ll put the box out for Lucy
[15:22:51] Resident138:

James please can I have 6 too please, I have a box I could leave for Adrian when he collects the flour
[15:23:16] Resident138:

Made 2 lemon drizzle cakes this weekend so need more eggs
[15:23:33] Resident075:

Thanks James
[15:26:49] Resident049: mark it as emergency donation
[15:27:03] Resident075:

[15:27:06] Resident049:

[15:29:22] Resident049:

[15:29:36] Resident138:

Thanks, donated and put empty egg box in carrier bag
[15:30:02] Resident049:

Awesome 😎
[15:38:53] Resident133:

Thank you. I’ll have some dvds as well (once I’ve sorted them). Can I leave them on the table as well?
[15:42:12] Resident075:

I've donated. I don't think I can get out today as baby had injections and not settled so Adrian if you coukd I'd be grateful x
[15:44:11] Resident049:

👍 I’ve set them aside for you
[15:50:02] Resident075:

Thanks James
[16:54:57] Resident040:

Thank you Adrian. I'm struggling bit with using the PayPal link. My PayPal is business only. Can I do a bank transfer please?
[16:56:47] Resident055:

Hi Sarah have dropped you some more books off
[18:58:55] Resident055:

[19:03:23] Resident054:

[19:03:56] Resident054:

Maybe it's a Jennie thing!😁
[19:08:30] Resident040:

Very pretty!
[19:54:24] Resident007:

Its their artistic stage 😊🌷🌷
[20:47:57] Resident039:

[21:31:18] Resident074:

[21:32:06] Adrian Dale:

[21:32:55] Resident033:

I love the tulips when they look so artistic as these pictures. Well done for not throwing before the petals dropped. 🌷🌷
[21:36:54] Resident115:

Thanks for offering DVDs as well, but we’ll stick to books for now. Will let you know if we change our mind! 😀
[21:46:17] Resident115:

Hi Jennie, thank you for the books, a great selection for folk to choose from!😀
We’ve probably got enough for a week or so, but will let you know if we’re getting short! Many thanks for your support 📚😊
[21:49:21] Resident133:

Ok. When I’ve sorted them out I’ll offer them on here.
[22:10:42] Resident055:

Ok Sarah I think 🤔 we have a another 400 to go let me know