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WhatsApp Archive for Sunday 10 May 2020

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[06:22:55] Adrian Dale:

[06:23:53] Adrian Dale:

[06:26:13] Adrian Dale:

[07:57:35] Adrian Dale:

Can I confirm the morning van run?

Pallet from Ivan to Resident099
Stair gates from Aneta to Resident097
Lampshades from Lucy to Cathy

Anything else?
[07:58:25] Resident075:

Nothing from me I didnt finish my clear out yet 😔
[08:05:57] Resident134:

We've not long finished with puzzle 0019 from the puzzle library, so could I leave that out to be returned to it's owner?
[08:12:34] Resident023:

I didn’t know you could sing so nicely Adrian - what a sweet voice you have.
[08:18:55] Resident038:

We can leave out our puzzle too, to be returned. X
[08:29:13] Resident012:

Maybe you should have a well deserved day off is Sunday!
[08:31:28] Resident038:

That is true 😁
[08:32:03] Adrian Dale:

lol!! I’ve got the Churchyard to cut before the rain
[08:36:45] Adrian Dale:

The Gin puzzle 0014 has also been returned- who wants that? Yes Vikki and Flick please leave puzzles out
[08:45:23] Resident038:

Thank you Adrian 👍
[08:58:33] Resident048:

The pallet was for me Adrian please
[08:58:55] Resident134:

Will do, thank you!
[08:59:33] Adrian Dale:

Thanks James! I’d cleared yesterday’s messages!
[09:55:15] Michelle Dalliston:

[09:55:51] Brenda Elldred:

[10:05:50] Resident015:

[10:07:15] Resident136:

Could I have puzzle number 19 please? Could fetch it from Vikki if it's not already collected, only just over the road from me
[10:27:50] Adrian Dale:

Hi Wendy I’ve collected I drop it off later
[10:28:14] Resident136:

Ok thanks
[10:34:06] Resident120:

A bit too windy for the book swap today but we will hopefully have it back out tomorrow!
[10:43:48] Brenda Elldred:

Wonderful service - Henry you are a star - so clearly spoken. Lovely homily Linda. Well done everyone and thank you Michelle. 😘💕
PS I think all men are the same......😉
[10:45:13] Brenda Elldred:

The link to that comment is men never like to stop and ask directions. It links with the service. Jesus is the way!
[10:56:33] Michelle Dalliston:

Great service this morning thanks to all who took part 😃 we are trying out a zooomm 'after church' coffee at 11.30am ☕🥂
If you'd like to join message me directly for the link 😊
[11:24:35] Resident063:

Thanks Michelle but we're already taking part in one at that time.
[12:31:25] Resident094:

[13:31:21] Resident023:

[14:00:48] Resident097:

Used to work Pick packing for amazon they onky have 4 sizes of box thats why small medium and large and extra large

Seems stupid but its done for costs saving on there side

Guess stocking boxes for every package they sell they would need a workshop just for boxes

Also packers are given less than 1 minute to fill a box with items
[14:46:38] Resident001:

[14:46:52] Resident001:

[14:47:22] Resident001:

[14:47:51] Resident001:

[14:48:09] Resident001:

[15:04:10] Resident138:

Hi All, are there any eggs for sale today on the Raunds road please and if so how much are 6 please? I can bring own box for filling
[15:08:37] Resident065:

Hi Adam, I’ll take the little shape sorterand balls please!
[15:09:12] Resident001:

[15:14:23] Resident001:

Adrian are you in the area today?
[15:32:17] Resident136:

Zara, just checked and Jean does have some eggs left but not many so be quick, £1.20 for 6
[15:37:58] Resident065:

Very happy to pick up from your end of drive, whatever is most suitable👍
[15:40:56] Adrian Dale:

Out on walk back for van run soon
[15:43:11] Resident016:

Interesting....every day’s a school day!
[15:43:17] Resident065:

OK, many thanks!
[15:44:08] Resident001:

Ok. I'll leave the items outside by the door
[19:17:44] Resident097:

🤔 ..... So what does this new updaye mean for my fellow Scarecrows
[19:17:59] Resident097:

[19:19:58] Resident123:

So long as they are 2m apart
[19:22:57] Resident030:

Do not take public transport. Only two months to the next phase👾👾😳
[19:23:34] Resident019:

IF the great British numptys dont flood the country parks at the weekend.......
[19:24:37] Resident097:

Chances of that happening are about the same as moi winning the village quiz !
[19:24:50] Resident030:

£900 fines if they do
[19:25:24] Resident097:

Yer paid at 50p a week out there social security .... go figure that one out who will really be paying us or them
[19:30:34] Resident030:

Yea rite
[19:32:30] Resident013:

I thought it was quite clear.. when R1 turns a pinky green colour n bobs between .8 n 1 on the imaginary scale thingy for a week or two we can all retire.. right?
[19:34:20] Resident030:

Mmm it’s that R thingy bit. That needs some reduction y/n
[19:37:43] Resident002:

As long as under one. We vaguely think it is about 0.5 to 0.9. Good job it’s not an important measure or a thing....
[19:37:51] Resident002:

[19:38:35] Resident097:

As we say in racing when the green light drops the Bullsh#t stops
[19:58:44] Resident045:

I will sit on the bench at the top of Bidwell Lane at 0001 on Wednesday. All safe then 👍.
[20:04:49] Resident075:

It's very sad for everyone, esp those who have lost loved ones. We have a 12 week old baby and my parents and sister onlly held her in the first few weeks of her life, as they had colds and stayed away, it's really sad and very depressing. My husbands dad and brother have never met her 😔
[20:09:13] Resident109:

It breaks my heart to be parted from my children step children and Grandchildren but it would hurt me more to pass on this virus to anyone we have to do this
[20:09:58] Adrian Dale:

(Emergency Coordinator) Hi folks. The first ever virtual Parish Council meeting is tomorrow evening. I am sure there will be some discussion on what Boris’ statements mean for us all, and for all entertainments - especially the Scarecrow competition.

By and large, my (unofficial) view is that the Village generally gets the clear rules. But the evidence is clear, stay well apart, or else ....

I read about a case today of a Times reporter who went to a rave in Sweden. She danced in her regulation 1m x 1m box but caught the virus that night and was very ill.

Judgment is the key! As Ivan says in the middle of the night on Wednesday at the top of Bidwell Lane is safe - but party night on the airfield approach isn’t! This is going to be an interesting week as the boundaries are tested.

I am sure The Parish Council will press the button on the competition as soon as the garden centres and DIY shops re-open.
[20:12:06] Resident075:

I agree Rosemary
[20:13:50] Resident023:

Well said Rosemary!

The future is the rest of our lives - not the next few weeks.
[20:14:20] Resident015:

While it is annoying depressing and sometimes really aggravating we have to thankful we are well and alive to feel these things, because we are following the rules
[20:15:51] Resident136:

Me too Rosemary, I would dearly love to be able to have a big cuddle with my 6 year old grandson , but it's just not worth the risk so for now will just have to make do with phone and video calls until it's safe to hold him again.
[20:20:19] Resident016:

I’m with you Rosemary. I am really missing my children and grandchildren too but staying strong.
And Lucy I can’t wait to see my baby grandson again..... WhatsApp just doesn’t cut it!!
If we all stay strong now we’ll get to see them sooner I hope 😊
[20:25:38] Resident075:

New mums are really being effected, you rely on support from others and your mum particularly, but ofcourse the measures are in place for a reason. The day we can cuddle our mums dad's and others will be amazing 😊
[20:28:51] Resident055:

We will be staying apart from family for a few weeks yet stay home stay safe will see you on the other side we hope xx
[20:55:27] Resident039:

All of the above were feeling also missing our family and close friends. My husband has stage 5 kidney failure and is literally putting dialysis off as much as his specialist will allow with reviews every 3 weeks. As much as we can’t wait to hug our families we can’t take any risks. Once lockdown is lifted we will be extending our personal lockdown by a few extra weeks just to be sure. Take care everyone xxx
[21:03:07] Resident097:

[21:04:05] Resident032:

[21:04:05] Resident032:

[21:04:06] Resident032:

[21:13:38] Resident039:

Beautiful sky x
[21:59:07] Resident025: