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[06:12:08] Adrian Dale:

[06:12:40] Adrian Dale:

[06:13:47] Adrian Dale:

[06:15:51] Adrian Dale:

Admin: The latest newsletter is the correct one in spite of the date showing above as 8th May!
[07:48:29] Adrian Dale:

Have just delivered spare tulips to Brockfield House in Stanwick. They care for people living with dementia and like any sensory items that they can use to engage with residents. They’ll be helping some of them arrange the displays. Thanks Chris and Elaine!
[07:55:33] Resident023:

That is a very lovely thing to do! Well done Bloms and AD.
[08:02:13] Resident038:

Such a wonderful idea. 🌷🌷🌷
[08:05:11] Adrian Dale:

[08:06:41] Resident023:

Wow - been trying to get that stuff for ages!
[08:47:20] Brenda Elldred:

Adrian your podcast with the last post recording was also broadcast in our street, Nightingale Way in Higham for the 2 min silence- so thank you - it brought our neighbourhood together.
[08:48:46] Resident019:

Please could someone tell me what time Lancaster farm shop opens
[08:51:12] Resident097:

When its open 😉😂😂 But i told you that already
[08:53:40] Brenda Elldred:

Thank you Dudley - prayer is the essential discipline of our Christian lives and as you rightly say we also need to listen to the answer. Being still is an art we need to practice. Letting all thoughts and anxieties go and just sit still. Our Monday service offers that help to sit and listen. Anyone can join us through the evening podcast or on the website around 7pm.
[08:56:16] Resident052:

Hi Cathy Facebook page indicates 09.00 (approximately) hope that helps I know depending on Farm work it does vary slightly 👍
[08:57:54] Resident019:

Thank you
[09:09:39] Resident101:

Great podcast again today Adrian and yes it is Saturday! Which means I’m finalising the quiz questions for 7pm this evening. Hope you can all join in. Login details will be published this afternoon.
[09:13:18] Resident101:

[09:15:29] Adrian Dale:

There is a fresh bucket outside Scaraben Water Lane for anyone that missed out
[09:17:53] Resident101:

Standing tall!! Not Talk
[09:18:58] Adrian Dale:

😂😂😂I knew Bloms’ Tulips were special!
[09:20:23] Resident101:

For them to talk might be a tu-lip to far 🤣🤣🤣
[09:29:21] Resident073:

[09:31:55] Resident039:

Could I have 1 please if Adrian is happy to do the collection and delivery x
[09:32:44] Resident073:

Of course. I’ll leave them in front of our gates for him.
[09:35:47] Resident039:

Hi sorry can you pass along they grow to tall for my garden sorry x
[09:37:04] Resident073:

Will do x
[09:44:02] Resident015:

Can I have 1 please
[09:44:44] Resident073:

Of course you can. I’ll leave out for Adrian.
[09:45:00] Resident015:

Thank you x
[09:47:35] Adrian Dale:

Later today grass cutting all morning
[09:48:47] Adrian Dale:

(Admin)Gigaclear tell me that some Chelston Rise households went live yesterday- can anyone confirm please?
[09:49:33] Resident031:

They haven’t even contacted us yet.
[09:57:46] Resident073:

[09:58:31] Resident075:

Can I have the other plant please 🌿😊
[09:59:00] Resident073:

Of course you can Lucy 😊
[09:59:55] Resident075:

Thankyou there are some beautiful gardens in the village and we are working on ours at the moment, would love to get some tips from a lady on water lane, her garden is stunning ❤️
[10:03:05] Resident139:

Morning all, my husband can’t find Scaraben for the tulips. Does anybody know if they’ve all gone? Thanks
[10:04:14] Resident055:

Hi Zoe other side of the road from Adrians just along a bit
[10:09:16] Resident139:

Sorry Jenny, I don’t know where Adrian is either!
[10:10:09] Resident055:

Bottom of sawyers crescent
[10:10:41] Resident139:

Ok lovely, I think they must of all gone then.
[10:11:29] Resident136:

Zoe, does he know where the honey is sold, beehive in the front garden, on the other side of the road from that
[10:19:38] Resident139:

Thanks Wendy
[10:24:27] Michelle Dalliston:

[10:28:07] Resident040:

[10:51:23] Michelle Dalliston:

Thanks for a great Podcast Dudley! You are absolutely right about the forgetting to listen to God's answer or not noticing when the answer is given to us often in slightly different ways to what we were asking for! Great music too 😃🎼
[10:55:11] Resident139:

[10:58:28] Resident075:

Where did you get
[10:59:37] Resident139:

They’re on the drive at Scaraben, Water Lane. Still plenty there.
[10:59:43] Adrian Dale:

Scaraben Water Lane Lucy - just passed the end of Sawyers Crescent
[11:00:01] Resident075:

If someone has left please save me some I couldn't get out yesterday
[11:03:26] Resident131:

Does anyone know if there is a flower vase on the war memorial grave? I have a bunch of flowers that I bought for my parents grave that I didn’t use and thought it would be nice to lay them on the war grave. Many thanks, Vanessa
[11:15:17] Resident007:

To find scaraben, you will see the buckets outside but also its a big green hedge with bunting on from yesterday, in between sawyers crescent and opposite hill side, opposite Ray with the honey 🍯. Still plenty outside for those who didn't get some yesterday 🌷🌷
[11:40:26] Resident072:

[11:42:02] Resident121:

Yes please! Adrian, would you be able to deliver please?

Thank you!
[11:43:12] Resident072:

Brilliant. We’re at Redwood, Raunds Rd. I’ll leave out if Adrian could collect?
[11:43:30] Resident075:

Thankyou, the house to the right of where I found the flowers has the Most beautiful garden
[11:44:35] Resident075:

Hi lori are we allowed to come collect or should I ask Adrian
[11:45:29] Resident072:

Also have games if anyone is interested?
[11:45:49] Resident072:

[11:46:07] Resident072:

[11:46:31] Resident072:

[11:46:33] Resident019:

Could I please have this?
[11:46:49] Resident075:

Can I hae travel operation plesee
[11:46:51] Resident072:

[11:47:06] Resident072:

[11:47:22] Resident072:

[11:47:30] Resident072:

[11:47:39] Resident075:

Sorry I'll hae the regular operation plesee
[11:48:03] Resident072:

Yes you certainly can
[11:48:22] Resident075:

[11:50:15] Resident072:

Cathy it’s yours
[11:50:29] Resident075:

Could I also have thus plesee
[11:50:53] Resident072:

Yep 👍
[11:51:01] Resident075:

[11:52:42] Resident072:

[11:54:18] Resident072:

[11:54:19] Resident072:

[11:54:37] Resident073:

The two plants are in front of our gates (East View) so if you want to come and grab one you wouldn’t have to come near us 😊
[11:55:06] Resident038:

Has this gone?
[11:55:25] Resident072:

No. Yours if you want it?
[11:55:33] Resident038:

I would like it if it hasn't please?
[11:55:38] Resident038:

[11:55:44] Resident038:

[11:56:04] Resident072:

Thank you 😊
[11:57:03] Resident038:

Is the red van out today or shall we collect it? Happy with either
[12:00:14] Resident101:

Hi would like to ask a question on behalf of a village resident who’s not in WhatsApp.

Can anyone recommend an exterior house painter. Whole outside of house plus windows as they are currently wooden. Although if anyone can recommend a replacement window firm locally that they have used she is considering getting them replaced if the price is right. Thanks.
[12:01:51] Resident055:

Replacement windows Higham windows speak to Justin
[12:02:13] Resident072:

I shall leave everything on the doorstep with names attached. At Redwood Raunds Road. Thank you all 😘
[12:03:11] Resident051:

Yes we used Justin too. There is also Olivair in the village and they did our front door - would recommend both
[12:04:04] Resident038:

@447850570007 are we OK to collect the games from Lorna or would you rather do this please?
[12:04:46] Resident048:

Hi can I take the pallets if they are still available please?
[12:05:16] Adrian Dale:

I’ll do all collections after finishing mowing Kimbolton Road in a hour or so
[12:06:04] Resident075:

Does thst include plants adrian, can't find East view on maps
[12:12:17] Resident087:

Hi I’d like the chess game if possible please? X
[12:13:47] Resident072:

Sorry, chess has gone 😞
[12:14:01] Resident087:

No worries!!!!!
[12:15:16] Resident038:

Many thanks x
[12:17:36] Resident073:

Sorry, Raunds Road!
[12:18:01] Resident073:

There yours!
[12:20:16] Resident048:

Fantastic thanks. Will Adrian be able to fit them in his van or should I collect them?
[12:25:25] Resident073:

Not sure if RVM will fit them in. Happy to leave them out the front if you want to collect (East View, Raunds Road).
[12:35:21] Resident072:

Does anyone need egg boxes?
[12:36:26] Resident127:

[12:36:26] Resident127:

[12:37:03] Resident127:

Edit: Mr beekeeper, not me beekeeper!!
[12:39:16] Resident052:

Hi Toby Ray (beekeeper) suggests gently cover back over dont push them back and just leave them should disappear towards end of the year hope that helps let us know if you need any more help Janet & Ray
[12:39:47] Resident048:

Ok great, just about to have lunch so will collect around 1 if that’s ok?
[12:40:12] Resident073:

That’s fine James
[12:40:37] Resident127:

Fantastic, thank you, they are welcome here so will just cover them over and leave them to their bizzzness lol
[12:42:49] Resident011:

[12:49:20] Resident127:

Anybody know anywhere open I could get a couple of bags of cement from at all??
[12:50:27] Resident075:

Yes please
[12:51:15] Resident011:

I'll leave outside for Adrian to pick up in his run. Unless you are at chelston rise then I can drop it off?
[12:54:03] Resident044:

West End in Rushden have been open a lot and have cement/sand etc
[12:56:22] Resident127:

I will give them a try, hopefully not too busy, thank you
[12:58:36] Resident117:

[13:01:58] Resident117:

PS I can't go shopping for any as classed as a vunerable person.
[13:05:49] Resident011:

Adrian can you kindly collect on your next van run and get to Resident075?
[13:13:35] Adrian Dale:

Ok just planning van run. There’s lots of stuff so could you help me by labelling things with the name of the recipient- just a piece of paper under it would help. I know where everyone lives. I’ll be starting at Lorraine’s with the plants and pallets if they’ll fit.
[13:13:58] Resident073:

Pallets are gone 😊
[13:19:01] Resident131:

[13:19:31] Resident038:

Where is this?
[13:19:46] Resident117:

Lovely gesture
[13:20:18] Adrian Dale:

In the Churchyard our own Commonwealth War grave.
[13:20:54] Adrian Dale:

Am 2 days behind on grass cutting so please excuse if you go visiting!
[13:21:55] Resident060:

Lovely thought Vanessa.
[13:41:47] Resident023:

Yes - I’ll put it for AD on front wall. No money required.
[13:42:34] Resident117:

Thank you so much.
[13:43:33] Resident038:

Thank you. @447856636603 that's such a lovely thought x
[14:05:32] Resident075:

[14:05:32] Resident075:

[14:06:17] Resident131:

Thank you, was glad to do it
[14:06:19] Resident019:

Yes please. Sorry to add to your work load adrian 🙈
[14:06:33] Resident131:

Thank you
[14:06:47] Resident131:

Thank you
[14:07:17] Adrian Dale:

Just finished a run, will try another later
[14:09:41] Resident019:

Thank you adrian
[14:10:32] Resident075:

Sorry Adrian, poor Adrian has just been here 😂
[15:05:52] Resident101:

Here’s the login details for tonight’s Quiz 7pm

Topic: Saturday Quiz
Time: May 9, 2020 19:00 London

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 712 0370 8323
Password: Saturday
[15:06:46] Resident101:

Quiz details continued

Welcome to the Quiz
•Go to on your phone and use the code 80 04 79
•Fastest to answer scores more points
•Pictures can sometimes help
•You get to choose a name once the quiz starts
•Questions are timed - so no googling
•Good Luck
[15:08:50] Resident031:

[15:08:50] Resident031:

[15:08:50] Resident031:

[15:08:50] Resident031:

[15:08:50] Resident031:

[15:08:50] Resident031:

[15:08:50] Resident031:

[15:08:50] Resident031:

[15:08:50] Resident031:

[15:08:50] Resident031:

[15:08:50] Resident031:

[15:08:50] Resident031:

[15:08:50] Resident031:

[15:08:50] Resident031:

[15:08:51] Resident031:

[15:08:51] Resident031:

[15:08:51] Resident031:

[15:08:51] Resident031:

[15:08:51] Resident031:

[15:08:51] Resident031:

[15:08:51] Resident031:

[15:23:09] Resident011:

amazing pictures! 😀
[15:32:13] Resident045:

[15:35:30] Adrian Dale:

Derek can I put the pictures in the archive? Has anyone else got any of yesterday for the archive?
[15:40:51] Resident009:

Lovely, looks like a great family atmosphere 👍🏼👍🏼
[15:43:53] Resident031:

AD - You are welcome - I will send you a link with full resolution files. Expect an email from WeTransfer.
[16:49:59] Resident125:

Just wanted to say a big thank you to all you lovely people who already donated, and to those lovely people who have kept donating dog and cat food for NANNAs. It's very much appreciated x
[16:55:21] Resident117:

[16:56:57] Resident117:

Lovely pics from Chelston Rise. A good time had by all!
[16:57:24] Resident007:

Still plenty of Tulips outside Scaraben, if anyone would like some more 🌷🌷🌷
[16:58:59] Resident023:

Looks great Sharen, and better than sitting in my barn.
[17:01:06] Resident011:

[17:06:18] Resident075:

We are looking for a compost bin if anyone has one they don't want or use, thanks! Lucy
[17:18:20] Resident097:

Yes please !!!
[17:19:23] Resident097:

Means we can take the straight jacket off the toddler !! (Joke)
[17:19:33] Resident011:

Do you want both of them? I'll get them ready for tomorrows run (sorry what's your name so I can attach a piece of paper?)
[17:20:12] Resident011:

Hehe I dont blame you! They are nice and sturdy
[17:20:18] Resident097:

Pete A6

Yes to both, let us know how you would like payment
[17:20:50] Resident011:

You can give cash to Adrian in an envelope or I can send you bank details if easier?
[17:21:56] Resident097:

Send us Bacs details ill get Cathy to send over payment for you, thanks
[17:25:44] Resident011:

Adrian what time is your morning run so I can get things ready?
[17:26:49] Resident011:

By the way I also have another potty, exactly the same as the green one on the pic above I'd anyone needs it for free
[17:29:58] Adrian Dale:

Around 9am - Lucy Have shades ready and I can combine runs
[17:31:27] Resident075:

Already outside and I may have some other things too so I'll put on here and label. I think everyone is having clear outs and it's great to reuse etc
[17:32:22] Resident045:

Does anyone need another large square pallet?
[17:41:08] Resident048:

Yes please. Do you mind if I collect it tomorrow though?
[17:41:41] Adrian Dale:

James shall I get it on 9am run?
[17:45:11] Resident045:

Yes I will put it outside tonight - Bidwell Lane, next to Manor Farm
[18:24:06] Resident127:

[18:31:57] Resident048:

Yes please Adrian, that’s very kind of you
[18:40:10] Resident048:

And thank you Ivan 👍🏻
[18:41:29] Resident045:

[18:48:47] Resident101:

Hi just 15 mins till the Quiz starts.
[18:49:07] Resident101:

Topic: Saturday Quiz
Time: May 9, 2020 19:00 London

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 712 0370 8323
Password: Saturday
[18:49:28] Resident101:

Welcome to the Quiz
•Go to on your phone and use the code 80 04 79
•Fastest to answer scores more points
•Pictures can sometimes help
•You get to choose a name once the quiz starts
•Questions are timed - so no googling
•Good Luck
[18:53:15] Resident097:

Do we have to be on zoom to play ??
[18:55:16] Resident101:

No you can just login through menti but you won’t hear anything in between the questions.
[18:55:44] Resident097:

Oki doke
[18:56:01] Resident047:

[18:58:02] Resident047:

Mixed some of our own tulips with the lovely tulips we got from bloms this evening. Thank you and well done for raising money for a good cause
[19:02:49] Resident019:

[19:03:45] Resident097:

Wrong convo again
[19:04:36] Resident097:

Has quiz started ?. Its saying im in but no questions yet
[19:04:58] Adrian Dale:

Zoom and Mention
[19:05:10] Adrian Dale:
[19:05:25] Resident101:

Just about to start
[19:06:56] Resident038:

Glad you asked that because I was at here wondering 🤣
[19:13:19] Resident097:

Im rubbish !,
[19:14:09] Resident023:

Mr Dale walks on the 🌓
[19:14:44] Resident097:

[19:15:23] Resident033:

Thank you for sharing. Beautiful and thank you everyone for your support 🌷🌷🌷
[19:16:17] Resident097:

Give me one on cars
[19:27:59] Adrian Dale:

Well done Pete!!
[19:28:22] Resident022:

Just returned from a walk. Plenty of speeding motorists this evening.
[19:41:02] Resident097:

[19:43:20] Resident038:

Although I was pants I really enjoyed that, thank you
[19:43:27] Resident038:

Same time next week?
[19:43:38] Resident097:

🤣🤣🤣🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪 7th lol out of how many ..... 7 NO DOUBT
[19:44:51] Resident097:

it wasnt kipling or bean so i had no choice but Dale !! And i was wrong
[19:45:15] Adrian Dale:

Well done all!!
[19:45:54] Resident023:

Could you please give us the correct answer to the Mr Men & Little Miss Series?
[19:46:43] Resident002:

Thanks for organising the quiz.
[19:46:55] Resident046:

Thanks Rachel really enjoyed the quiz.
[19:47:20] Adrian Dale:

Ace Rach and Woody!!
[19:47:25] Resident097:

And how many miles adrian walks !! I thought it was 4000 odd ...but have this vision of him singing the proclaimers as he pushes his mower round so maybe just 500 🤣🤣
[19:47:56] Resident097:

Thanks Rachel was fun even if i was slightly rubbish 🤣
[19:47:59] Adrian Dale:

And I woukd walk ....
[19:48:12] Resident023:

Come on Rachel - this is critical - we need the answer to the Mr Men question!
[19:48:37] Resident097:

5000000000 million zillion more just to take those tulips to our door shala la
[19:48:45] Resident097:

[19:49:01] Resident097:

You should do a parody Adrian
[19:49:52] Resident101:

[19:50:32] Resident101:

There is not Miss Messy.
[19:50:35] Resident023:

[19:50:50] Resident136:

Thanks Rachael, really enjoyed it, especially as I guessed the last question and that was the one that won it for me!!!😂😂
[19:51:17] Resident101:

Yep but there is no Little Miss Messy
[19:51:23] Resident097:

Fluke !! I call rematch 🤣🤣
[19:52:23] Resident101:

There were 10 teams playing
[19:52:51] Resident023:

Thankyou - domestic conflict averted
[19:54:08] Resident097:

Teams !! Waaaaaat

This was just a mere Scarecrow on his ownsome !!

Got to 3rd a few times .. then you got me
[19:54:45] Resident023:

There were only 3 competing
[19:55:13] Resident101:

[19:55:59] Resident101:

Above all the questions and leader board progress :-). Enjoy
[19:56:42] Resident097:

Ok i feel slightly less rubbish now 🤣
[19:57:03] Resident054:

Good fun. Thank you Rachael.
[19:57:59] Resident101:

So next same time but with cars, rugby and what other themes would you like? And I shall do my best to accommodate.
[19:59:25] Resident097:

Oh gosh no not rugby

The workings of a Smallblock Chevy engine will be fine
And Cars from 1946 to modern day

[20:00:02] Adrian Dale:

lol ARD’s precise daily timetable and eating/drinking habits! How many miles to a gallon of alcohol can he do
[20:01:10] Resident097:

How many gallons of alcohol to day can he do would be a better one to work out ... im game when the pubs open if you are !!
[20:02:45] Adrian Dale:

Lol ! They never question my three wine/beer carriers a week in LIDL as I am classed as a needy shopper!
[20:44:19] Resident127:

Hahaha!! Can't wait till the pub opens, if I had a pound every time someone said "the pubs good" I wouldn't have to pay for a drink for 6 months!
[21:25:05] Resident131:

This message was deleted.
[21:27:04] Resident131:

Party central down at the airstrip again, it’s an absolute joke. We cleaned up as we went through and now we are picking up cigarette packets
[21:31:04] Resident101:

Was just a couple of girls in an Audi there last night when we walked through on our walk.
[21:40:00] Resident131:

Yes, they are there again plus 5 other cars. Am trying to ring police but been on hold for ages and then told to leave a number for a call back. I even asked the girls nicely to please take their litter home with them. I wonder if their parents ask why they are out during lockdown. Never usually makes me cross but it has this evening.
[21:47:39] Resident043:

My generation is the generation who’s grandparents gave their lives for ours, yet my generation cannot even sit on their bums at home to save the generation that saved us.
[21:48:41] Resident097:

I dont mind going down with the lorry, hooking them up and pistol wipping them down the yelden road 🤣🤣 they wont come back in a hurry
[21:58:28] Resident097:

[21:58:59] Resident019:

This message was deleted.
[21:59:03] Resident033:

Go sort it A6 rev them all home
[22:17:49] Resident127:

Think we may need a chat sir, I own a haulage firm!
[22:19:09] Resident097:

Drop us a message
[22:20:25] Resident131:

A6, I just don’t understand it. I wanted to shout at them today that “this morning I put flowers on the grave of an airman from another Country who died for your freedom, just please go home it’s really not too much to ask”. But I didn’t, I would have only got upset and they are really not worth it.
[22:24:03] Resident127:

Don't upset yourselves, you can't account for those that have been brought up with little to no respect, try gentle persuasion and if that fails it's not worth getting involved with, just hope age assists them
[22:25:24] Resident097:

Unfotunately a lot of todays society are too engrosed in their own little world to see the bigger picture, History to them is what happened last week, Education is something they picked up from the crap they read on facebook. They have no care for anyone or anything other than there own selfish existence
[22:26:07] Resident131:

You are right and I am glad we walked away. But I was cross.
[22:32:50] Resident097:


Although its nice to be important

Its more important to be nice
[22:33:17] Resident127:

[22:33:34] Resident131:

Amen to that
[22:34:53] Resident097:

Bet you werent expecting words of wisdom from a measly old scarecrow 😉
[22:36:10] Resident131:

😁, it’s always good to share a wise word
[22:36:10] Resident097:

Right and on that note night all

Peace and love to you all

Time for sleep

[22:38:28] Resident097:

[22:40:16] Resident127:

Goodnight buddy
[22:47:52] Resident101:

Goodnight Worzille