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[06:30:58] Adrian Dale:

[06:31:24] Adrian Dale:

[07:41:09] Resident131:

Thank you Adrian, great podcast today. Bob and I are very pleased to be representing Chelston Rise at the service today and I will be very proud indeed to be wearing my Grandpapa’s war medals.
[07:46:55] Adrian Dale:

[07:55:31] Resident015:

[07:56:10] Resident015:

[07:57:19] Resident131:

How lovely, thank you for sharing with us
[08:08:20] Resident025:

[08:08:20] Resident025:

[08:11:11] Resident131:

[08:22:08] Adrian Dale:

[08:46:41] Adrian Dale:

[08:51:11] Adrian Dale:

[08:52:49] Resident033:

🌷🌷🌷fantastic everyone. A little bit of joy for the home 🌷🌷
[08:53:32] Resident025:

They are beautiful thank you xx
[08:53:58] Adrian Dale:

[08:57:17] Resident033:

[08:57:41] Resident025:

[08:57:41] Resident025:

[08:58:20] Resident033:

Ohh lovely Christine 🌷🌷
[08:58:27] Resident138:

Only just seen tulip sales are early, any left at Water Lane I will come down xx
[08:58:48] Resident138:

Also suggested donation please so I can bring it along?
[09:00:56] Adrian Dale:

[09:01:34] Resident033:

Yes plenty to restock on too. As little or much as you feel to donate, it’s all for Great Ormonds children’s hospital.
[09:02:51] Adrian Dale:

[09:04:11] Resident045:

This message was deleted.
[09:06:19] Resident045:

[09:07:22] Resident097:

Coming nowhere near us
[09:08:59] Resident038:

[09:09:58] Resident031:

[09:10:39] Resident033:

Very Lovely arrangements. Enjoy 🌷🌷
[09:12:34] Resident138:

Thanks I am closer to war memorial on the corner of Rainds rd/the green popping out now. Then I can put my paper bunting out too :)
[09:13:31] Resident099:

[09:14:40] Resident131:

[09:15:31] Resident006:

[09:24:02] Resident051:

[09:24:02] Resident051:

[09:28:35] Resident051:

[09:28:35] Resident051:

This message was deleted.
[09:31:46] Resident138:

[09:32:40] Resident051:

Sorry posted in wrong group!
[09:32:41] Resident138:

Stunning tulips :) in the kitchen window so hoping others can share too! Lovely idea and charity thank you
[09:35:13] Resident009:

[09:37:54] Adrian Dale:

I’ve sent it to him by email
[09:38:49] Resident048:

[09:47:04] Resident087:

Very pleased with the tulips! Thankyou x
[09:47:04] Resident087:

[09:47:05] Resident087:

[09:48:07] Resident085:

My first VE
[09:50:58] Resident055:

[09:55:43] Resident063:

[09:55:58] Resident009:

[09:58:34] Resident002:

[10:02:55] Resident085:

[10:07:58] Resident023:

[10:09:06] Resident046:

Just been told Red Arrows are due to fly over the village in about 10 minutes
[10:09:43] Resident127:

Aww man!! I'm having to work today!!!
[10:11:38] Resident107:

[10:12:44] Resident023:

[10:16:04] Resident105:

[10:18:27] Resident047:

[10:19:59] Resident079:

[10:26:49] Resident018:

[10:30:45] Resident059:

[10:40:15] Resident023:

The sun has a halo round it (sometimes known as a corona). Block the direct sun with your hand and you’ll see it . DON’T look directly at it though!!
[10:53:19] Resident054:

[10:54:16] Resident038:

Love that. Beautiful flowers there too
[10:54:59] Resident054:

[10:57:58] Resident023:

[11:07:09] Resident021:

[11:09:45] Resident100:

Thank you Elaine, that’s brilliant and very much appreciated! Adrian has posted that he will very kindly collect and deliver, such a kind and thoughtful man!
[11:10:25] Resident006:

[11:10:53] Resident006:

My Dad 100 in August x
[11:11:00] Adrian Dale:

Afternoon van Peter - bit busy this morning!
[11:13:30] Resident110:

[11:17:20] Resident135:

[11:18:39] Adrian Dale:

[11:19:37] Resident054:

[11:19:37] Resident054:

[11:20:11] Resident009:

[11:20:12] Resident009:

[11:23:47] Resident082:

[11:26:42] Resident012:

[11:28:23] Resident109:

[11:29:12] Resident109:

[11:30:23] Resident134:

[11:31:25] Adrian Dale:

[11:32:18] Resident022:

[11:34:26] Resident012:

[11:36:11] Resident061:

[11:37:39] Resident052:

[11:37:40] Resident052:

[11:39:02] Michelle Dalliston:

Getting ready for our celebration of VE Day at 12 noon - link on the website
[11:46:57] Resident033:

Omg I am delighted Bloms tulips are being cherished around our village. If it was not to be your homes they would have had to be destroyed on the skip I can not thank you all enough and for your donations towards the little children of Great Ormand Street and the hard work their Doctors and nursing staff are doing to help poorly children and their families. 😍 🌷🌷🌷
[11:47:56] Resident009:

Great cause, we’ll done all 👍🏼👍🏼.
[11:48:27] Resident012:

A fantastic idea and brought so much pleasure to everyone. Thank you!
[11:51:12] Resident075:

Can anyone recommend a smooth walking path (pram friendly) very nearby, roughly an hours walk?
[11:55:00] Resident034:

[12:07:50] Resident015:

[12:09:35] Resident016:

Hi everyone the tulips have now been moved from the Memorial to Scaraben in Water Lane. Plenty of tulips at other sites too in Caldecott and Chelston Rise
[12:09:53] Adrian Dale:

Drive to Station Road Irthlingborough (old A6 bridge) and there is an entrance to Stanwick Lakes with great paths
[12:11:07] Resident075:

Is that the dog field?
[12:11:48] Adrian Dale:

No it is near the scrap yard
[12:12:08] Resident075:

Oh yeh thanks
[12:12:26] Resident130:

Never seen such beautiful tulips! Thank you Elaine & Chris for giving us the opportunity to have them. Can I buy some bulbs next year please? Perhaps you could have a pop up village stall?
[12:14:05] Resident055:

Great idea we would love some bulbs 💡
[12:15:52] Resident101:

I was thinking that the other day. Will need to have a chat with Elaine about it. Great idea although I have also placed an order online through their website 😊
[12:19:02] Resident006:

A tulip day once a week for donations would be great and save them from the skip!
[12:19:47] Resident101:

As a child I grew up on a National Trust for Scotland property as Dad was a professional Head Gardener there and each September they had a bulb fair. With lots of unusual bulbs that you don’t see in the garden centres. I think it could a good events for the community to get behind and run.
[12:22:15] Resident130:

Website - good idea! Keeping it local would be nice too - would act as a reminder! During lockdown we have been reminded how important local businesses are. Perhaps the Events Committee could help to organise an Annual Chelveston Bulb Fest?
[12:23:24] Resident117:

I would love to purchase some bulbs too in the autumn. Was planning to go on line to buy but a village stall would be great!
[12:23:42] Resident101:

[12:25:22] Resident101:

I’ll have a chat with Adrian at some point and see what we can do.
[12:39:33] Adrian Dale:

[12:40:14] Adrian Dale:

[12:40:28] Resident033:

Oh lovely.
[12:42:39] Adrian Dale:

From Tina Hackett: Her Father - hand coloured by him
[12:42:56] Adrian Dale:

[12:46:05] Resident093:

[12:52:07] Resident010:

[13:02:44] Resident045:

[13:05:56] Adrian Dale:

[13:07:40] Resident019:

[13:39:19] Resident130:

Carol is the one to talk to about the Events Team - she's also on the PC.
[13:45:23] Resident113:

[13:50:25] Resident013:

[13:51:09] Adrian Dale:

[13:51:27] Resident068:

[14:23:56] Resident002:

Don’t forget to save our pub
[14:24:31] Resident101:

Already got our Gift Card 😆
[14:24:40] Resident075:

Can the tulip locations be repeated, are there any left anywhere Plese x
[14:25:06] Resident070:

Yes we all need to do our bit for the pub!
[14:25:38] Resident075:

How do I get a gift card
[14:25:39] Adrian Dale:

Well said was out on walk and forgot to post!
[14:26:18] Resident023:

Caldecott - Melrose Cottage still has lots
[14:26:18] Adrian Dale:

[14:26:41] Resident025:

Done our bit 😃
[14:26:51] Resident075:

OK I will walk down in bit
[14:26:53] Resident075:

[14:31:18] Adrian Dale:

Try Water Lane just passed Sawyers Crescent
[14:36:17] Resident087:

We have got our pub voucher too !
[14:38:33] Resident079:

I've got my voucher 😊
[14:43:53] Adrian Dale:

Just put fresh bucket outside Bloms from my cooler (aka Garage)
[14:44:14] Adrian Dale:

Scaraben Water Lane By the way
[14:48:59] Resident022:

Did our bit for the Star and Garter. Have voucher.
[14:52:44] Adrian Dale:

[14:53:17] Adrian Dale:

[14:55:24] Resident033:

Ohh lovely 🌷🌷 keep the pictures coming I will put a post on our website soon and show how all the tulips have been appreciated. X
[14:57:14] Resident032:

Loved hearing the last post from my garden - thank you
[14:57:18] Brenda Elldred:

[14:59:02] Adrian Dale:

Hi everyone - at 4pm I’m going to download all the photos posted of tulips and build a montage of them for posterity. I won’t have time to name or acknowledge them them but I want every picture saved permanently for the Village archive. So if you want your tulips to be in the archive - go buy that bunch and send in the photo!! Thanks
[15:01:53] Resident041:

[15:08:24] Resident055:

[15:08:24] Resident055:

[15:12:45] Adrian Dale:

[15:27:48] Resident117:

[15:30:26] Brenda Elldred:

What a beautiful display of colours. Reflects the rainbow 🌈 colours and the beauty of nature. Thank you for showing.
[15:32:02] Adrian Dale:

Well done to the three of you, RVM will be there at 4ish with your prizes
[15:33:58] Adrian Dale:

Tulip sales close in 15 mins thanks
[15:38:51] Resident131:

[15:38:52] Resident006:

[15:44:39] Resident131:

[16:00:56] Adrian Dale:

Chelston Rise looks great - RVM been visiting!
[16:05:17] Resident023:

[16:12:47] Resident121:

[16:15:27] Resident051:

[16:28:31] Adrian Dale:

Wonderful to see you all, but especially Kaye!!
[16:38:02] Resident023:

Her first public appearance!
[16:39:25] Resident053:

[16:39:25] Resident053:

[16:39:25] Resident053:

[16:51:48] Resident023:

Brilliant you two - great pictures!!
[16:52:40] Adrian Dale:

[17:01:52] Resident040:

Love this pic!
[17:19:54] Resident023:

Possibly the best of the day!
[17:21:50] Resident054:

[17:21:51] Resident054:

[18:20:17] Adrian Dale:

Thank you to you all who took part today! The pictures are in the archive for ever
[18:27:09] Resident033:

[18:28:12] Adrian Dale:

Have you got enough?
[18:29:01] Resident052:

Oh the pressure 🤭
[18:33:18] Resident054:

[18:33:30] Adrian Dale:

That’s Elaine’s expect IT skills - she was intending that to come to me!!

However, we have a winner and a suggestion... a charity tulip sale and tulip arranging competition next week. Sound good to you all?
[18:34:21] Resident033:

[18:35:25] Adrian Dale:

By my calculations that makes Resident048 from Duchy Close the winner of the competition he didn’t know he was in!
[18:36:13] Resident052:

Oh yes bring it on 😁 YouTube flower arranging here I come 🌹🌻🌺 and for such a great charity 👍
[18:37:50] Resident033:

😂😂🌷🌷well done James voucher shall be delivered shortly
Come on girls out there. Chris always says boys are better at arranging than girls. So no names just pictures and watch this space 🌷🌷🌷
[18:38:41] Resident033:

[18:39:05] Resident053:

[18:43:52] Resident080:

[18:43:58] Resident080:

[18:44:00] Resident080:

[18:44:06] Resident080:

We’ve had afternoon tea in our garden 🇬🇧
[18:49:07] Resident054:

[18:49:23] Resident054:

Amazing! 😍
[18:49:51] Resident070:

[18:51:26] Resident048:

Thank you Elaine but I must confess that the arrangement was all the efforts of my wife Sam, who is thrilled to have won!
[18:53:30] Resident033:

Oh that’s brilliant. I new girls are best. So now boys next week you have to play 🌷🌷
[19:00:06] Resident032:

[19:01:08] Resident032:

Thought this might be appreciated today on such a special occasion - my ex-student rendition last night.
[19:03:20] Resident025:

[19:25:10] Resident012:

Great idea!
[19:49:30] Resident130:

[20:13:40] Resident009:

Thanks Elaine, it’s been great to see all the pics and I’m sure a display next week will be welcomed by all 👍🏼🌷💐🌹
[20:41:34] Resident055:

[20:46:26] Resident017:

[20:47:21] Resident117:

Fantastic photo!
[20:48:10] Resident017:

Never get tired of this view 😍
[20:48:58] Resident047:

Great photo
[20:51:56] Adrian Dale:

(Emergency Coordinator)

Chelveston, Caldecott and Chelston Rise thank you on VE Day - Elaine has just finished counting ....

£645.22 raised for Great Ormond Street.

Well done!!
[20:52:29] Resident054:

[20:53:12] Resident136:

[20:53:21] Resident004:

[20:53:33] Resident022:

[20:55:03] Resident023:

That really is fantastic and shows how strong the local community is.
[20:55:15] Resident054: sing-a-long 9pm 🎶
[20:55:24] Resident054:

Who's ready to sing!
[20:55:43] Resident117:

Just warming up!
[20:56:52] Resident052:

Wow amazing those beautiful tulips 🌷 have brought us all together in this difficult time thanks again Chris & Elaine xx
[20:56:53] Resident025:

We’ll be there
[20:57:21] Resident052:

Yes getting ready
[20:59:31] Resident012:

Fantastic and for an amazing cause. Well done everyone!
[21:17:05] Resident054:

I've had a great day! Glad hubby got home from work in time for afternoon tea 😍
[21:30:22] Resident009:

Superb 👍🏼
[21:33:00] Resident117:

Wonderful day. Great sense of community
[22:44:11] Resident127:

That's an awesome pic!