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[06:17:05] Adrian Dale:

[06:17:34] Adrian Dale:

[06:17:55] Adrian Dale:

[06:18:25] Adrian Dale:

Morning Adrian, listening about the duck and horse round up’s you’ve been involved in brought back memories of this...
[08:29:44] Resident038:

Are there some still going?
[08:31:03] Resident039:

I think there gone ... was hoping to get one too. We’re we’re too late x
[08:31:37] Resident038:

Ah what a shame... I think we have missed quite a bit in here haha
[08:31:52] Resident038:

What is everyone doing for tomorrow's celebration?
[08:32:03] Resident038:

We are not on FB so miss info
[08:33:36] Michelle Dalliston:

Great to hear all the good news this morning Adrian 😊 so glad for our family hopefully coming out of isolation at the weekend, and for Chris and family. Xxx
[08:33:55] Resident039:

Lol ! Think everyone is sitting on the front lawn .... although not sure. (Dont shoot me but technically it’s a gathering so in the face of peace we’re celebrating in the back garden x
[08:35:26] Resident039:

We’re nipping to the shops later so if I see any bunting do you want me to pick some up for you? X
[08:36:16] Resident038:

Ah that's very kind but not to worry the hubby has been give the instructions to look when he goes to the shop later. Thank you though
[08:36:33] Resident039:

No probs x
[08:38:18] Resident131:

Hi, could I be a pain and ask if there is any bunting at the shops you grab me some? I missed the bunting post yesterday and cannot find ours anywhere. Hope you don’t mind me asking. Many thanks, Vanessa
[08:39:53] Resident039:

Of course I don’t mind I will happily pick you some up if I can find some. Will drop off this evening we’re off to the shops about 5ish do you need anything else? X
[08:42:41] Resident131:

Thank you, much appreciated. We don’t need anything else, thank you x
[08:46:01] Resident038:

Actually, can I change my mind. If you see any may we have some too?
[08:46:49] Resident038:

Sorry 🤪
[08:47:04] Resident039:

Ha ha yes ! If I can get some will pick you one up ha ha ! 🤪
[08:47:28] Resident038:

Thank you, sorry about that.
[08:48:28] Michelle Dalliston:

Thank you Paul, Chris and John for the Podcast today - those childhood memories are very poignant. My parents were born in 40 and 41 so both have some memories of air raids, bombs and diving under tables! Tomorrow's celebration will be important and meaningful - there will be an order of service to follow online and the idea of joining together if possible at 12 so we can hold the 2 minute silence together at 11am too. 🇬🇧
[08:55:00] Resident054:

[08:56:54] Resident038:

Ah thank you xx
[09:01:18] Resident101:

Saturday nights quiz is starting to come together. Is everyone still happy with a 7pm start?
[09:21:18] Resident046:

Yes please looking forward to it 😁
[09:21:56] Resident002:

[09:26:31] Resident101:

Does anyone know if NatWest is open in Rushden? Please
[09:29:22] Resident101:

Anyone need any prescriptions collecting from either Cottons or Harborough Fields Pharmacies as I’m going to both.
[09:37:44] Resident056:

Yes please, I’ve just had a txt from the Cottons saying mine is ready to collect. Thanks Resident056, 7 Britten Close 😀thank you so much
[09:44:54] Resident101:

Ok will collect now.
[09:51:37] Resident007:

If you struggle to find bunting in the shops, here's the link again if you want to attempt to make your own 😊
[09:52:06] Resident038:

Ah thank you... Will do this for sure as well. X
[09:53:13] Adrian Dale:

[09:54:29] Resident016:

Hi there will be some more preloved individual flags in bundles of 20 available later probably @3pm -not quite as good as yesterday’s but with imagination.....
I’ll post when it’s ready
[09:55:16] Resident131:

Hi, yes please, thank you, Vanessa x
[09:56:02] Adrian Dale:

[09:59:08] Resident054:

How lovely 🌸
[10:00:25] Resident131:

What a lovely thought
[10:01:07] Resident038:

Ooooh yes please
[10:11:30] Resident007:

When the tulips have been have been rehomed could you send some photos of your arrangements. Would be nice to put a small video/slideshow of them together for our instagram page. 🌷🌷
[11:09:39] Resident039:

Hi Carol, would love 3 bundles if possible for me felicity and Andy would Adrian be able to do collection and drop off? 🤞🤞
[11:33:13] Resident061:

Does this include Chelston Rise, I would certainly like some and am sure others would too?
[11:39:10] Resident038:

[11:49:07] Adrian Dale:

Definitely! Am aiming for two locations in Chelston Rise
[11:54:28] Resident109:

Did you forget to leave me a poster?
[11:55:24] Michelle Dalliston:

Bloms - that's such a fantastic way to commemorate the day and spread some peace and loveliness! 🌷💐 And to raise funds for Great Ormond Street (my mum was a Nursery Nurse there!) We'd love some for the Easter Garden at the church please 😊 🌷🇬🇧 thank you so much xx
[11:58:24] Resident010:

I would love some Tulips if there are any left too please
[11:59:28] Resident010:

And some bunting... Its all want want want with me today
[11:59:52] Adrian Dale:

There will be several buckets in all three locations at 09:00 tomorrow, I am just finalising the locations. Get your cash ready for a good cause folks!
[12:38:27] Resident016:

[13:00:09] Adrian Dale:

[13:00:28] Resident109:

[13:00:51] Resident070:

Fabulous x
[13:00:58] Resident075:

Are there any tulips left for donation and if so where will the box be Plese
[13:01:04] Resident033:

[13:01:21] Resident052:

It’s a certain Gold Medal 🥇 looks wonderful
[13:01:45] Resident039:

Absolutely stunning ! 💐💐💐☀️☀️🤞😘
[13:02:23] Resident038:

[13:02:30] Resident038:

[13:04:42] Resident015:

Absolutely gorgeous and definitely a gold medal and best in show
[13:05:09] Adrian Dale:

Hi folks: from 09:00 On VE Day, the tulip locations will be:

1. Scaraben Water Lane (Bloms House)
2. The memorial opposite JST
3. Melrose Cottage, Caldecott
4. 8 The Crescent,Chelston Rise
5. 45 The Crescent, Chelston Rise

All proceeds to Great Ormond Street. Please observe social distancing rules as normal.

Cheers folks and thanks to Bloms for bringing us colour
[13:11:52] Resident117:

Wonderful display
[13:17:17] Adrian Dale:

The first entries are now in. Kids and kidults get colouring!
[13:21:34] Resident054:

[13:27:35] Resident040:

It took me a minute ... 🤣🤣🤣
[13:27:54] Resident109:

[13:28:04] Adrian Dale:

Took me day - only just got it!!
[13:41:52] Resident054:

Still don't get it 🙈 give us a clue
[13:43:06] Adrian Dale:

They are 2 (electricity) meters apart😂
[13:43:30] Resident117:

Took me a while too but once I clicked 😂
[13:44:41] Resident054:

[13:51:43] Resident105:

I have been pondering that one too 🤔
[13:59:50] Resident012:

Ohhh get it now!
[14:00:18] Adrian Dale:

(Emergency Coordinator)

Has anyone got a battery powered Bluetooth speaker I can borrow for the 11:00am act of remembrance at the memorial tomorrow. Alternatively one with an aux input? I need to play the last post. Thanks
[14:02:31] Resident012:

Absolutely stunning good luck 🤞
[14:03:59] Resident033:

Yes I have a wireless one I can drop to you later or mikes book box with his mic 🎤
[14:04:20] Resident033:

Boom sorry
[14:05:02] Adrian Dale:

Perfect- after Ethan has finished tonight!!
[14:05:22] Resident016:

Looks Fabulous all the best Bloms!!
[14:05:45] Resident033:

Mikes kit is wireless Adrian drop it off after the clapping 👏 laters
[14:35:09] Resident086:

Hope everyone is well. Anyone need any egg boxes and jam jars?? 😊
[14:47:34] Resident131:

Hi, I think Mick & Jean up at Pretoria Cottages would welcome the egg boxes
[15:08:10] Resident086:

Vanessa, I shall be driving past theirs later, shall I just put them on their doorstep?? 👍
[15:09:24] Resident131:

Hi, yes or perhaps Adrian could drop off if he is going that way?
[15:10:33] Resident015:

I have quite a few egg boxes if anyone going that way.
[15:39:12] Resident086:

Bless him im driving straight past them so will drop them off 👍😊
[15:46:41] Adrian Dale:

Sorry was out with hound. Candy if you get Les to drop them on my doorstep, I take them up when I am next walking up. Am just sorting stuff for tomorrow- another busy day!
[16:14:36] Resident086:

Or Candy if you wd like to drop them on my doorstep 2ST Johns Cottages, Water Lane, I can drop them when I drop mine 😊👍 I will be leaving here about 5.30pm though ok 👍
[16:15:29] Resident015:

It's ok les will walk down with dog. Also which house in water lane is Bloms house x
[16:16:15] Resident015:

Hi thanks but hubby is going to take on his dog walk
[16:31:34] Resident086:

Ok cool.
Bloms house is Scaraben, I think I have spelt it ryt lol, 2 doors up from me 👍
[16:44:53] Resident007:

Correct spelling 😊
[16:45:32] Resident007:

Currently a wood chipper outside, going for free if anyone is interested.
[17:39:44] Resident100:

We saw the wood chipper on our walk this afternoon and would love to have it if still available!
[17:42:09] Resident033:

Yes of course let me know when or how you will collect it. Have not had it working since last autumn shall we check it out befor you collect or do you just want it and revamp it.
[17:43:35] Resident100:

It would be great if you could check it out first!
[17:52:49] Resident033:

Ok mike will be home from work soon will keep you posted
[17:55:15] Resident012:

[17:58:11] Resident033:

Hi peter. Yes all working just missing the rod to poke the wood through. Watch your fingers 👋
[17:58:21] Resident136:

Love it!
[17:58:48] Adrian Dale:

I’ll deliver tomorrow Peter ok?
[17:58:56] Resident033:

[17:59:28] Resident033:

You have a full day tomorrow Adrian I can store til Saturday if that’s helpful
[18:37:01] Resident011:

I am looking for an electrician, do we have anyone here who can help me? Or can suggest someone reliable?
[18:38:39] Resident070: is just going to ask as we had a guy who's really good!
[18:39:04] Resident011:

Oh fab thanks
[18:39:56] Resident070:

Aneta....Max York on 07879553063......tell him Jordon recommended you so you will get a better price!
[18:48:28] Resident039:

Hi all, sorry to ask but if anyone is shopping tomorrow and could pick up some clotted cream I would be most grateful. Not essential but if I make scones it would be 🤪
[18:56:53] Resident019:

I'm popping out tonight to do our shopping if I find any I shall get you a pot. By all accounts a lot of shelves are empty of it
[18:59:10] Resident039:

Cathy that would be great we’re Chelston rise number 8 if you can x
[18:59:30] Resident019:

I shall let you know 😊
[18:59:51] Resident039:

Thank you appreciate you looking x
[19:01:26] Resident070:

[19:03:40] Resident038:

Awesome, ours are going up too
[19:03:52] Resident038:

[19:10:42] Adrian Dale:

[19:12:41] Resident070:

Brilliant x
[19:12:51] Resident007:

[19:13:20] Resident070:

Beautiful x
[19:14:29] Resident070:

Fabulous Adrian x
[19:22:35] Resident054:

[19:23:09] Resident070:

Great! Xxx have a lovely day xx
[20:12:24] Resident097:

Hope everyone is ok sorry feel like i have neglected you all the last few days with my natural wit and stupidity 🤣
Lovely to see people out and about doing there bits for VE day

Adrian any more updates on the Scarecrow situation or we waiting for our Mate Boris to decide what turmoil we are in still

Thanks all

AKA Worzille gummage
Aka your friendly village idiot
[20:13:22] Resident047:

[20:13:30] Adrian Dale:

Waiting for Boris on Sunday!!!
[20:13:34] Resident047:

[20:13:52] Resident047:

[20:14:09] Adrian Dale:

[20:14:23] Resident127:

Well that was nice to see everyone out clapping tonight! Far better support here than where we just moved from, and we got too see most of our new neighbours lol.. Hello number 20! I got side tracked before I could wave lol... well done Duchy Close x
[20:17:10] Resident025:

👍welcome to Duchy Close
[20:18:46] Resident097:

Welcome to the Village sorry not been on here for a few days

[20:19:10] Resident097:

Great job guys looking good
[20:19:31] Resident097:

Thought this was prob the case
[20:24:08] Resident127:

Thank you both :)
[20:44:44] Resident047:

Wow the memorial looks great
[20:49:49] Resident019:

Sorry no clotted cream. I had to go to asda in raunds as the road to aldi. Apologies
[20:50:23] Resident039:

Thank you for looking x
[21:38:02] Resident055:

Hi Adrian I think it is 2 yrs since Geoff Palmer died on Saturday
[22:10:07] Resident117:

[22:11:13] Resident070:

[22:35:09] Resident063:

Welcome all. Sara & Ken @ 3 Duchy
[22:41:17] Resident127:

Thank you!
[22:51:30] Resident009:

[22:58:59] Resident030: