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WhatsApp Archive for Sunday 03 May 2020

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[06:15:46] Resident097:

Omg just spotted my first scarecrow !
[06:16:08] Adrian Dale:

[06:16:32] Resident097:

Ill msg you
[06:18:13] Adrian Dale:

[06:18:47] Adrian Dale:

[06:19:39] Adrian Dale:

[08:55:25] Resident031:

[08:56:52] Resident054:

[09:04:44] Resident023:

Happy days, happy cycling. great to see it being used again.
[09:07:39] Resident054:

[09:07:42] Resident054:

Build a cosy hedgehog home, and encourage these prickly yet adorable creatures to rest, hibernate and raise their hoglets in your garden.
[09:52:55] Michelle Dalliston:

[09:57:57] Brenda Elldred:

[10:08:28] Adrian Dale:

(Emergency coordinator)

Just had a message from Janet. Sheep have escaped on to the footpaths across the airfield. Please keep your dogs on leads this morning. Les Carr is on his way to round them up but dogs will have the scent immediately!
[10:10:16] Resident109:

Oh Elaine the tulips are really beautiful this is so very kind of you. I love flowers so much and they bring me so much pleasure. Your kindness is overwhelming thank you x🌷
[10:34:39] Resident063:

Thank you Brenda good message
[10:36:14] Brenda Elldred:

That is so appropriate Adrian as today’s service is about the Good Shepherd and in the homily the sheep that strayed are mentioned! Right on cue - they need a good shepherd to round them up just as we need Jesus when we stray. Amen
[10:38:22] Resident095:

Elaine thank you so much for my beautiful Tulips x Pauline from Hillside
[10:43:45] Brenda Elldred: this is brilliant
[10:47:09] Michelle Dalliston:

Hahaha! Who says God doesn't have a sense of humour?!!! 🤣🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🕯️❤️🤣🤣😃
[10:48:13] Resident138:

Thanks to all for the Sunday service again :) on another matter people might be able to advise on, we have a crow problem. We put a small amount of food out for the small garden birds, we have black birds and sparrows nesting. The crowd have spotted this and first there was one, now we get 3 scoffing all the food and pooping every where. Tried a scarecrow yesterday (well spotted A6) but the crowd landed on it and knocked it over, making it look as if it had been on the beers.......any other ideas to put off crows without annoying our neighbours?
[10:49:23] Resident138:

[10:50:24] Resident138:

Sorry my autocorrect has decided to change crows to crowds?........
[11:06:01] Resident117:

Hi Zara I have the same problem in my garden. It's really unfair for the smaller 🐦 and I'm going through bird food at a fantastic rate. If you find a solution let me know. I just have to keep reminding myself that the crows probably have a family to feed too but it doesn't always help!
[11:06:52] Resident009:

[11:08:33] Resident117:

Elaine thank you once again for the fantastic 🌷. Really unusual ones this time and a gorgeous colour too. Their delivery is the highlight of my week x. Also much thanks to RVM
[11:09:05] Resident117:

[11:22:24] Resident033:

Thank you Adrian for delivering this weeks tulips 🌷 we’re still busy with our little gems they have stood up well against last weeks weather. Picking season is coming to an end but work in the chillers continue for another few weeks. Enjoy this weeks selection they are getting unusual and more colourful 🌷🌷🌷
[11:38:10] Resident121:

Thank you so much for ours. They are really beautiful! 😀
[11:38:18] Resident039:

Elaine how do I get some tulips happy to pay?
[11:40:42] Resident023:

It’s Blom Tulip Day. Every day is a good day in my world, but Blom Tulip Day is very special. Massive THANK YOU from all at TGF x
[11:41:35] Resident033:

Oh Adrian is in charge of delivery. I will let him answer you. 🌷🌷🌷 sorry Adrian 😂😂
[11:42:16] Resident039:

Thank you both xxx 😘
[11:42:57] Resident023:

Red van delivery boy - thank you from all at TGF
[14:53:30] Resident086:

[14:57:01] Resident023:

Wow - aeroplane?
[15:02:52] Resident086:

I'm not sure, very strange 😳
[15:40:00] Resident004:

Wendy I have left a bag of buttons on number 4 Pokas Cottages post box for you. I couldn’t remember what number you lived at
[15:40:57] Resident136:

Thanks Alice, it's number 2, will go get them x
[15:57:15] Resident004:

I knew you were second from the end. Just didn’t know which end
[15:58:55] Resident136:

No problem, got them anyway, thank you
[16:02:39] Resident052:

Hi wanted to ask a favour if anyone happens to be walking on the airfield footpaths that are around the fields opposite the Recycling Centre could you keep a look out for a pair of Cycling Sunglasses 🕶 they are black with yellow diamond shapes on the arms thanks 😊
[16:03:31] Resident033:

Will do Xx how annoying for you.
[16:43:36] Resident038:

What on earth!?
[16:50:05] Resident094:

[17:40:34] Resident055:

[17:40:34] Resident055:

[17:40:34] Resident055:

[17:40:34] Resident055:

[17:40:34] Resident055:

[17:51:10] Resident097:

Dont know where you guys are all getting your energy from furthest i been walking atm is to the fridge 🤣🤣🤣
[17:52:15] Adrian Dale:

But Pete you were up scarecrow spotting at 6am!!
[17:53:28] Resident097:

Thats why im so tired atm i was in Hereford this morning at 8am on a recovery
[17:55:17] Adrian Dale:

[17:55:31] Resident097:

Lovely drive through Malvern
[17:57:39] Resident097:

[17:58:04] Resident097:

Ooops excuse the B Bomb didnt see it till after id posted
[17:58:41] Adrian Dale:

[18:22:04] Resident054:

I lost a pair walking once. Shadz randomly came back with them one day! Get Sam and Max on the job 😎 🐶
[18:51:06] Resident085:

Thank goodness now people have stopped rushing around they have started to see what a wonderful village we live in
[18:51:53] Adrian Dale:

[19:06:05] Resident085:

[19:06:55] Adrian Dale:

Where is that flag flying ?
[19:08:04] Resident085:

Ray Knight.... Water Lane
[19:08:49] Adrian Dale:

Taken from Melrose Cottage?
[19:18:12] Resident085:

No I did not take it
[19:18:51] Resident085:

Jenny R I belive
[19:20:53] Resident052:

Thanks Jennie good idea they luv sniffing
[19:33:12] Resident085:

Seeing all the pictures people have been taking during lock down I thought people were starting to see the village as it was.
[19:33:59] Adrian Dale:

Yup brilliant!!
[19:45:28] Resident053:

Thank goodness now people have stopped rushing around they have started to see what a wonderful village we live in.
Yes, I totally agree with you Melvyn. I have so appreciated my own home, garden and locality. I also realise how lucky I am to have all this around me right now.
[19:47:59] Resident070:

I totally agree....its easy to take things for granted when rushing around....we live in such a beautiful area and it's been wonderful to appreciate it all.
[21:49:37] Resident058:

Maynard Baxter told me a story when he was a boy in the village, a few mates would dam the brook in Ray Knight’s ‘Dog Training Field’ and create their own swimming pool, and indeed learnt to swim. Not quite sure of the water quality these days.🏊🏻‍♀️