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WhatsApp Archive for Wednesday 29 April 2020

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[06:13:11] Adrian Dale:

[06:13:32] Adrian Dale:

[06:14:08] Adrian Dale:

[07:03:15] Adrian Dale:

[07:15:49] Resident131:

There really are some filthy, selfish individuals out there!
[07:22:50] Resident097:

Disgusting Behaviour ... I dont understand the mentality of people

What a bunch of T#ssers ! (Excuse the pun)
[07:40:29] Resident038:

I have no words... Staggering. Also, what a waste of food 😬
[07:42:34] Resident009:

We live on the high street and we did say yesterday’s traffic had picked up again 🙁
[07:50:38] Adrian Dale:

[07:59:22] Resident023:

It worries me greatly that as soon as the take-always re-open the litter will start again. Have we ever tried to tackle this with the outlets that start the string of litter dropping events?
[08:02:54] Adrian Dale:

Yep the Council wrote to McDonalds asking them for an annual contribution to the costs of clearing up after their customers. In some areas McDonalds pays towards litter collection. The standard view here is that it is not their responsibility and they do ask people to dispose of their rubbish properly. So basically they make profits and I pick up the mess which results.
[08:05:28] Resident097:

I think there Should automatically be a increased care tab put on there Council Bills and rates to cover the cleanup costs
[08:06:17] Resident023:

I will be happy to revisit that one and see if we can change that mindset, I think McDonalds and similar could change their minds with a little persuasion.
[08:07:16] Resident097:

Is that after we have dumped 5 ton of rubbish over there counter in the Semi rebelious Chelveston Stylee 🤣🤣
[08:08:08] Resident097:

Our predecessors have smashed up pipes slashed up organs etc etc ...
[08:09:08] Resident097:

Tipper truck full of there rubbish and tip it through there drivethru hatch 🤣🤣
[08:10:02] Resident063:

Great message Amanda
[08:12:24] Resident097:

Shoulda tipped AW tanker driver yesterday told him to get a pour on at Mcdonalds !! 🤣🤣🤣 weve had to put up with there Sh*t for the last few years heres a present from the villages of Chelveston cum caldecott ...
Have some of ours 🤔🤔😂😂😂
[08:13:40] Adrian Dale:

[08:14:44] Resident097:

Certainly busier out there, Went out did 3 Recoverys over to Aylesbury yesterday and roads were almost back to normal
[08:15:01] Resident019:

Just got to work. I think its business as usual for a lot now. Please stay safe everyone. Resident community nurse would like to get her family back
[08:15:32] Resident097:

Apart from the Mother inlaw right 😏😂 x
[08:17:50] Brenda Elldred:

Well done Amanda - great message and great faith.
[08:18:09] Resident054:

Is this a teaser? 😉 Whose steps are these....? 🤔 I think the dog gives it away 🧐😁
[08:20:15] Brenda Elldred:

Adrian you are so right we must not ignore the rules at this point. We have lost people we know in Higham to this disease. It is still in our neighbourhoods waiting to spread. So be careful everyone please.
[08:22:43] Adrian Dale:

😂actually Jennie it’s a serious request from Gordon Brooks (17). The bleeping dog just gets into every shot I take now!
[08:48:00] Michelle Dalliston:

Fantastic Podcast Amanda! A strong reminder of how we can trust God's promise to us and the new life and hope of Jesus's resurrection. Bring on the revival! 😃 Xx
[08:56:41] Resident052:

Great Photo Bombing Dexter 🐶👍
[08:57:28] Michelle Dalliston:

Thanks for your excellent briefing Adrian and how right not to relax too soon - we are not out of the woods yet.
[08:58:38] Adrian Dale:

He ate two of the pancakes as I took the photo by shooting in quickly!
[09:05:23] Adrian Dale:

[10:06:08] Resident015:

I have managed to get a bag of bread flour direct from the mill. If anyone would like a bag 1.5kg for £2 let me know
[10:18:25] Resident019:

Yes please
[10:30:06] Resident063:

Yes Yes Yes
[10:30:22] Resident015:

Will ask Adrian to pick up and deliver on his rounds this afternoon
[11:00:42] Resident097:

Do you have PayPal ? Caths at work but im home all day with little un so can send you the funds over.. drop me a msg
[11:06:43] Resident122:

@447854932910 - how much did you manage to get? I just got a slot for a mill we use. I can order up to 200kg of pretty much any flour.

(1kg is £1.50, 16kg is £16)
[11:14:49] Resident015:

We got a 16 kg bag as a favour by a good pal an just offering
[11:16:02] Resident015:

some to the village 😊
[11:16:43] Resident131:

On the issue of discarded rubbish, we are picking up many discarded dog poop bags, although why anyone would throw it on the verge after going to the trouble of putting it in a bag is quite beyond us. Anyway I have written a little ode to the poop discarders that I think I will laminate and stick up in various places. What do you think?

If you have a pooch who is out and needs a poo be please be kind and considerate and take it home
with you.
If you have a poop bag please pop it inside and put it in the red poo bin, just here by your side
Don't leave it on the footpath all horrible and smelly for some poor walker to take it home stuck upon their wellie.

Be kind and take your SH** home
[11:16:47] Resident122:

Thanks - I'm happy to put an order in if you run low. Thanks for the offer!
[11:37:31] Michelle Dalliston:

Great Vanessa! Like it 🤣🐶
[11:37:44] Resident122:

[11:38:13] Resident122:

I'm putting an order in for bread by 1. Shout if anyone needs large bags (16kg) :D
[11:49:05] Resident033:

I have 6 spare bread four bags from hovis 1.5 kg bags unfortunately dearer than the mill at £3.50 a bag. But here if needed
[11:49:24] Resident033:

Sorry bread 🍞 flour
[11:51:46] Resident039:

I like it Vanessa and I agree why go to all the effort of picking it up then leaving it there ! Crazy x
[12:21:30] Resident050:

I think a lot of dog walkers bag their dogs poo up, leave it discreetly to put it in the dog bin when on their way home. Nobody really wants to carry bags of poo all the way around up and over the airfield - lots of regular dog walkers are trustworthy and respect the countryside
[13:28:04] Resident131:

Hi Jane, I am sure you’re correct where some are concerned but there are lots of bins about and we find discarded bags on the verges all the time. On Monday we even found one next to the red bin by the airstrip, obviously they need to improve their aim
[13:33:49] Resident050:

Yeah I know - you even see them dangling from trees😬
[13:36:18] Resident136:

Anybody have any large buttons , preferably 1inch or larger, or beads they can spare? I am making twiddle muffs for dementia patients, and am getting low on stuff to sew on them. Beads, buttons, toggles, anything that can be sewed on securely would be appreciated, the bigger the better as small ones could be a choking hazard if pulled off. Thanks.
[13:43:16] Resident134:

Hi Wendy, yes I have a jar of large buttons you can have. Did you want me to drop them round or leave them somewhere for you to collect?
[13:45:00] Resident136:

Hi Vikki, I can collect if you want, you're at Corner house cottages aren't you?
[13:47:02] Resident134:

Yes, number 2 Cornerhouse Cottage. I'm happy to drop them off with you on my walk later though if it saves you going out in the rain!
[13:49:40] Resident136:

I don't mind coming over, I'm only at Pokas cottages so it's only literally over the road. If you leave them outside your door I can come in between showers .
[13:51:14] Resident015:

Hi I have 4 giant multicolored buttons I brought to make a muff for my father but unfortunately he passed away before I had completed it.
[13:52:09] Resident015:

[13:53:47] Resident136:

Sorry to hear that Candy, I would love the buttons if you are willing to part with them , perhaps red van man could do the honours regarding delivery?
[13:54:27] Adrian Dale:

Yep with flour!!
[13:54:59] Resident136:

Thanks AD
[13:55:08] Resident134:

Okay, will do :) I've put the jar in a bag in on the doorstep
[13:56:14] Resident117:

[13:56:22] Resident136:

Thanks Vikki, each twiddle muffs has 6-8 things on it so much appreciated
[13:57:22] Resident052:

[13:57:59] Adrian Dale:

Yep leave them in back porch and I’ll pick them up
[13:58:50] Resident117:

[13:59:07] Resident136:

Thanks Janet
[13:59:45] Resident136:

Yes please Sharen x
[14:00:23] Resident117:

Ok will leave them for RVM to collect and deliver.
[14:00:56] Resident052:

Hi Adrian they are by our Honey 🍯 Box hope that’s okay 👍 thanks Janet
[14:04:30] Resident117:

Hi Adrian in the box!
[14:26:07] Resident136:

Vikki they are lovely, thank you very much xx
[14:28:25] Resident134:

You're more than welcome, I'm glad they'll be put to such a good use!
[16:39:14] Resident033:

[16:40:09] Resident131:

Isn’t this lovely, very pretty
[17:53:59] Resident136:

[17:57:01] Resident051:

Hi Wendy do you still need more of these as I have some somewhere I can dig out?
[17:58:45] Resident136:

Yes please, can never have too many as they go inside the muff as well as the outside, so getting through a lot at the moment.
[17:59:37] Resident007:

[18:01:01] Resident007:

Hi all, if its OK to share the above and ask if you could follow us and share the nametag further on to friends and family. Supporting local businesses. Many thanks 🌷🌷
[18:01:18] Resident051:

Ok will let you know when I’ve found them!
[18:01:40] Resident136:

Thanks Janellan
[18:02:12] Resident055:

[18:02:12] Resident055:

[18:02:12] Resident055:

[18:02:13] Resident055:

[18:02:13] Resident055:

[18:02:13] Resident055:

[18:02:13] Resident055:

[18:02:13] Resident055:

[18:02:13] Resident055:

[18:02:13] Resident055:

[18:07:51] Resident004:

[18:09:59] Resident136:

Yes please Alice, the smaller ones could probably be used as eyes for toys etc.
[18:11:03] Resident004:

I’ve got smaller buttons. Thought you wanted the bigs one. I’ll add the smaller ones as well. Would you still like mum to have a look in a few days?
[18:13:04] Resident109:

Elaine thank you I am glad you liked it. I have got some material I will make as many as I can it will be nice to repay your kindness x
[18:14:09] Resident136:

Yes please, it's large ones I need for the twiddle muffs but I do knit toys and other bits for charity so can use most sizes. Funny how is mums all have a secret stash, mine had certainly come in handy lately!!
[18:15:33] Resident033:

Oh how lovely. Nothing nicer than receiving a hand written note these days. The world of technology hey !!! 🧠 my brain goes on overdrive. Beautiful. Just a handful would be lovely for me.
[18:18:16] Resident004:

Wendy I will pop then into a bag tomorrow and drop them around at some point. Not just my mum who has a stash, I’ve got my own stash of craft bits
[18:20:54] Resident136:

Thanks Alice, Victoria has her own stash of stuff at Bristol where she lives, must be something we pass down to daughters in our genes!!