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WhatsApp Archive for Monday 27 April 2020

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[07:15:32] Adrian Dale:

[07:16:08] Adrian Dale:

[07:17:01] Adrian Dale:

[07:24:59] Resident097:

Tess daily wasnt born in 1959 😂
[07:25:23] Adrian Dale:

Oops 1969!
[07:30:23] Resident097:

Cant believe there 51 !

Tess daily and Darcy Bussel now theres 2 good looking women if ever i saw them
[08:30:41] Brenda Elldred:

Thank you Adrian and Sara for uplifting talks on a living church and living faith. You are both great examples of giving yourself to serving others. The communities you serve are blessed by you. 🙏💕
[08:41:33] Brenda Elldred:

[09:58:02] Adrian Dale:

[10:03:09] Adrian Dale:

(Chelston Rise Residents - odd numbers) please check where your POT has been marked up on the verge to make sure it is in a sensible position to get into your house. There will be a grey box on the outside and then a modem screwed to the wall inside, preferably, only a few metres from the inlet. The modem needs to be near a power point. The wireless point then plugs into the modem. Call me if you need advice.
[10:04:31] Resident097:

Looks like part of a old taxiway
[10:18:44] Resident097:

[10:47:12] Resident055:

[10:48:02] Resident097:

Thats rivetting 😏
[10:48:50] Resident023:

But to the point
[10:49:40] Resident097:

Have you managed to Pinpoint the issue ?
[10:50:05] Resident023:

Hey - you’re sharp
[10:51:34] Resident097:

And then Its all gone silent... you could hear a pin drop
[10:56:08] Michelle Dalliston:

Thank you Adrian and Sara 😊 you are both an inspiration and shining examples - thanks so much for all you do xx
[11:42:08] Resident023:

[11:42:54] Resident075:

Yes plesse
[11:45:27] Resident023:

It’s yours then Lucy, I’ll lease with Adrian for collection. Thanks, Chris
[11:45:50] Resident075:

Thankyou Chris 🌈🌈🌈
[11:46:02] Resident023:

Adrian. Could you add the Butt to your delivery rota please?
[11:46:33] Resident075:

Your dog is lovely!!!
[12:11:12] Adrian Dale:

Afternoon van 15:30Ish
[12:29:34] Resident023:

Thanks AD
[15:42:27] Resident023:

[15:42:27] Resident023:

[15:46:12] Resident131:

Hello everyone, does anyone have any garden furniture or tools they are looking to get rid of? Our eldest has moved into his own house but with the way of things at the moment cannot afford new. As always we would be pleased to make a donation to the village fund. Many thanks, Vanessa
[16:37:58] Resident055:

Hi Sarah just dropped 2 bags of books on your drive as promised
[16:57:28] Resident006:

Hi Vanessa, do they or any need any Venetian blinds we have wooden and aluminium. House has been replaced with plantation shutters now
[16:58:07] Resident006:

“ one”
[17:07:12] Resident131:

Hi, thank you so much but he is ok for blinds. He has moved from a flat, hence no gardening equipment x
[17:50:18] Resident115:

Thanks for the extra books for the book swap, it’s great to have new ones for people to choose from 😊
[18:29:52] Brenda Elldred:

Celtic Service with meditation is on the tonight. Join us at 7pm or later if you wish.
[18:40:45] Resident110:

Hi which garden tools does he need? I have some spares.
[18:48:19] Resident131:

Hi, he was looking for a fork, spade, hoe and any hand tools, thank you
[18:50:09] Resident110:

Ok I will look later. I can drop them off In the morning on the way to work. Where do you live please.
[19:27:05] Resident131:

Hi, thank you. We are at the Crescent, if you leave them out I am sure Adrian wouldn’t mind dropping th off in his rounds.