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WhatsApp Archive for Sunday 26 April 2020

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[06:17:02] Adrian Dale:

[06:17:27] Adrian Dale:

[06:18:00] Adrian Dale:

[06:18:22] Adrian Dale:

[07:25:31] Resident107:

No Gigaclear service again ☹️
[07:27:34] Resident097:

So glad we didnt go with them seems they have more downtime than up !
[07:28:01] Adrian Dale:

[07:30:40] Resident097:

Kinda ironic and somewhay amusing that they put there user Service information on a Webpage that you cant access cos you have no internet !! ... maybe texting there users would have been a better option
[07:34:11] Resident101:

Seems coincidental that it was last Sunday morning when they had a so called unplanned outage. 🤔 let’s see if it comes back online around the same time as last week 9.30-10ish.
[07:40:41] Resident056:

Really interesting podcast Adrian thank you very much, I look forward to finding out more about the Battle for Chelveston Hall.
[08:44:10] Resident131:

Great podcast this morning, thank you Adrian
[08:59:11] Michelle Dalliston:

Is everybody ready? Our Sunday service is ready on
Service sheet is also available on the webpage, plus bonus video for and the family after the service (video available online from 11am.
Also a few items to help your worship at home.
If you can let's try for a 10am start to give us some togetherness.
The service is available online all day.
[09:02:41] Michelle Dalliston:

Heads up everyone if you haven't yet seen the Newsheet/website/Adrian's link - for the service this morning you need (if possible) a candle 🕯️, a shell or pebble 🐚🥔, a Bible 📖 and some bread 🍞 😊
And don't forget your tambourine......🥁 (No tambourine emoji!)
[09:18:07] Resident006:

[09:24:04] Resident109:

Thank you once again to Elaine for the beautiful tulips your kindness is overwhelming I wonder if you can ever imagine how much it means to me I can't wait to meet you and thank you personally. 🌷🌷
[09:38:32] Resident039:

Hi Adrian, thank you for the puzzle but it’s not for me? Did anyone else on Chelston Rise ask for a puzzle? Xx
[09:40:40] Adrian Dale:

Oops! Sorry will review yesterday’s messages!
[09:41:49] Resident097:

Wow there cool
[09:42:13] Adrian Dale:

It was Felicity - on my way!
[09:45:43] Resident095:

Elaine many thanks for my lovely tulips 😁
[09:49:23] Resident097:

[09:49:41] Resident038:

Thank you for the puzzle!
[09:50:02] Resident038:

[09:51:05] Brenda Elldred:

[09:54:36] Resident039:

Lol ..... don’t worry all sorted x
[09:56:36] Resident023:

I walked the dog early this morning, no other people to be seen - just birds and the hares. I’m sure I heard whistling!
[10:01:12] Michelle Dalliston:

[10:01:12] Michelle Dalliston:

[10:26:43] Resident117:

Hi Elaine. Thank you again for the 🌷. I think Rosemary's words sum it all up.
[10:37:23] Resident033:

The tulips 🌷 are happy to be enjoyed by so many. Thank you Adrian for delivering around the village. Xx
[10:40:31] Resident138:

Thanks Michelle, Linda, Paul & Brenda for today's service
[10:51:48] Brenda Elldred:

Thank you Michelle for your homily - it is good to feel connected on our emmaus journey’s and to know that our Lord is there beside us at this strange time of uncertainty. Praise God 🙏
[10:55:38] Resident038:

[10:55:38] Resident038:

[10:55:53] Resident038:

I don't think the pink bike has back brakes and needs a refurb
[10:56:29] Resident097:

Yes please :-) my lad loves jcb
[10:57:12] Resident097:

How much are you looking for
[10:58:57] Resident038:

Excellent will leave out the front for you... What time? 37 The Crescent Chelston Rise.. Nothing just a suitable donation to the Parish would be great
[11:02:20] Resident097:

No problem let me speak with Cath see if she can grab it later as i have little Jake Colin Brian (JCB) all day and no car seat with me
Unless Adrians passing but dont wanna put him out as know hes very busy
[11:02:37] Resident038:

OK no worries 😃
[11:02:48] Resident097:

Thankyou :-)
[11:04:24] Adrian Dale:

I’ll pick up on the afternoon run
[11:05:18] Resident097:

Thankyou Adrian :-) I shall msg you now
[11:05:46] Resident031:

[11:07:13] Resident038:

OK let me know and I'll have it ready
[11:08:24] Michelle Dalliston:

Thanks Brenda! And for everyone's contribution to the service today - it's so good to be able to join together even as we are apart! Do watch the Miracle Maker video clip as it's beautifully done ❤️ and very moving - the whole film is and great for kids. The link is on Adrian's message earlier. 😃 Have a lovely Sunday everyone xxx
[11:10:27] Brenda Elldred:

Yes we watched the Miracle maker straight after - it is such a good illustration. Looking forward to using more when we can have children’s events again. Getting ideas ready. .......! Have a lovely day Michelle. Xx
[11:44:34] Resident023:

A young lady sent us flowers
They’ve filled our day with joy
She put them in the red van
And then delivered by the boy
They are sitting in our window and are shining in the sun
They smell and look like tulips
And shows that life is fun
So when I see Elaine I will kiss her on her two lips

Thank you Bloms!
[11:45:32] Resident097:

Very good Penty
[11:46:16] Adrian Dale:

A boy .... grey, balding ....
[11:46:47] Resident097:

Make the most of this new found youth !
[11:48:11] Resident003:

Hi everyone, can anyone tell me of a good dog friendly walking route Chelveston/Caldecott to Stanwick, not too long. Thank you.
[11:49:01] Resident097:

What part of village you heading from ?
[11:53:03] Resident003:

I'm coming from Chelston Rise, usually walk towards Yelden, but want to try something different. 🙂
[11:55:44] Adrian Dale:

From Raunds Road it is just under 2 miles to Stanwick (we walked with our infants during the petrol crisis.) I’ll drop you in a map
[11:55:59] Adrian Dale:

What time are you going
[11:56:19] Resident097:

Was going to say theres footpaths and bridleways that run the back of raunds road behind my house
[11:57:09] Resident003:

Thank you. Late afternoon one day next week, probably.
[12:20:47] Resident003:

Thank you so much for the map Adrian. 🙂
[13:18:27] Resident101:

Thank you Elaine for the lovely tulips delivered by Adrian this morning. Has really cheered Mum up on her Birthday. Thank you.
[13:19:13] Resident043:

[13:19:13] Resident043:

[13:48:01] Resident060:

To carry on the disappointing news from yesterday, talks to try to save a vehicle recovery company have broken down! 😂😂(no inference to A6 Pete).
[13:49:51] Resident097:

Thats good ! 1 less competitor 🤣🤣
[13:57:08] Resident023:

Can it not be salvaged?
[13:57:54] Resident097:

Maybe in Part 🤣
[14:01:48] Resident097:

Although could be a "total loss"
[14:11:34] Resident023:

That really is crushing news
[14:34:00] Resident086:

[15:49:57] Resident038:

[15:50:03] Resident038:

It needs back brakes
[16:28:56] Resident019:

[16:28:57] Resident019:

[16:41:23] Resident038:

So sweet!
[16:43:43] Resident125:

Thank you to Michelle A, Ray and Janet aka Sam and Max and Chris for the dog food for NANNAs. Been there today cleaning the dogs and giving them all a cuddle. Thank you from NANNAs x
[17:05:11] Resident050:

Just picked up a book from water lane- Angela’s ashes 😬😢can’t wait to get stuck in - thanks I’ve a few here which I’ve read recently, I’ll drop them off tomorrow 😃
[17:07:48] Resident058:

Thanks Jane, all books most welcome on the stall.
[18:00:23] Resident038:

[18:00:34] Resident038:

The animals are taking back their planet
[18:23:11] Adrian Dale:

Brilliant!! This morning at 07:00 in the Churchyard was a muntjac wandering around. The dog went nuts! I had my own Fenton moment.
[18:32:04] Resident094:

Can't cap that but walking this afternoon down John clarke way in Rushden, just before the station there was a lull in the traffic and muntjac walks calmly right ahead of me into the undergrowth. Must have known he was safe with no trains running! Obviously lockdown is making them bolder.
[19:08:16] Resident047:

[19:09:44] Adrian Dale:

That has made my day when Britain is clearly straining under lock down
[19:18:06] Resident050:

[19:19:50] Resident053:

Could I kindly ask that all dog walkers keep their dogs controlled when they are out and about on their daily exercise. We have just walked down the path from airfield when a dog about 200 metres ahead of us, did a U-turn and ran directly to us stopping a metre away. It was barking and standing it's ground. It was actually very frightening. The lady who owned it couldn't immediately control it. She shouted at it but the dog wouldn't stop.
The dog was grey and the breed looked like Weimaraner. The lady who went in the direction of Chelveston didn't acknowledge the situation at all. An apology would have been appreciated.
Thank you to all.
[19:19:50] Resident023:

Self watering?
[19:20:29] Resident051:

[19:21:16] Resident023:

From a ‘catkin’?
[19:23:25] Resident056:

[19:43:28] Resident016:

Love the dogs and cats enjoying their various ‘beds’😊
[19:48:57] Resident015:

Hi we have an unwanted dog bed med size would NANNAs be able to use it?
[19:56:13] Resident125:

Yes that would be perfect we have 30 dogs at the moment and they always needs bedding x
[19:57:50] Resident015:

Great where are you will drop off tomorrow
[19:59:47] Resident054:

[20:00:19] Resident125:

I'm at 2 Duchy Close so just leave in the porch as its gonna rain tomorrow. I'm still going work so I won't be here. Porch door is always open. Thank you so much x
[20:07:01] Resident097:

You could rent him to the Star and Garter !! He could be the answer to Social Distance selling of alcoholic beverages door to door
[20:31:02] Resident055:

Thanks Sarah picked up 3 books 📚 tonight will drop you some round tomorrow
[21:52:22] Resident097:

[00:43:01] Resident003:

Love it! Will be sharing!🤣🤣