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WhatsApp Archive for Saturday 25 April 2020

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[06:15:44] Adrian Dale:

[06:16:08] Adrian Dale:

[06:16:35] Adrian Dale:

[08:58:13] Resident097:

All Added to Fb page for you
[09:25:50] Adrian Dale:

Cheers the URLs don’t change daily (except when there is a technical fault)
[09:51:15] Adrian Dale:

A few weeks ago many people downloaded this app to track Covid-19 across the country. The data they have collected is fascinating. Scroll down the page to see the change in infections as lockdown came into effect.
[10:47:18] Resident131:

The A6 is closed just before Sharnbrook, don’t know what’s happened but it looks serious. Fire engines and Ambulance in attendance
[10:49:57] Resident097:

No doubt ill get a call then ! Thanks for the headsup
[10:59:06] Resident022:

Thanks for the heads up Vanessa.
[11:15:35] Resident131:

[11:16:57] Resident097:

Just had a message Buckdales on route apparently
[11:18:18] Resident136:

[11:25:45] Resident087:

This is our Penelope Wendy!!!!!!
[11:35:58] Resident010:

[11:36:27] Resident131:

Hi, would have thought you were nearer.
[11:41:30] Resident097:

I am but unfortunately some of the bigger firms managed to Backhander the local forces and it purely depends on what officer attends the job as to which recovery agents they use. Im well in with the officers at Risely and Northants police too but if its Bedfordshire officers that have attended from Kempston then they often just call in Buckdales "Saunders" now as when buckdale owned it he was very clever with the tender, it was always a case of revovery operators used to line the palms of the officers "Strictly off the record" sadly those practices often still occur same as in many other Government scenarios such as planning for instance... whats the saying " Money talks "
[12:33:33] Resident075:

Does anyone know que at asda at the moment pls
[12:41:00] Adrian Dale:

[12:41:00] Adrian Dale:

[12:41:00] Adrian Dale:

[12:41:00] Adrian Dale:

[12:41:00] Adrian Dale:

[12:41:00] Adrian Dale:

[13:04:19] Resident060:

[13:06:54] Adrian Dale:

March 8th 1924, I’d love to scan that please
[13:16:25] Resident136:

Adrian the 4th photo is mine, the flooded road and the wall on the high street.
[13:18:53] Resident006:

We have a few more than we posted Adrian. Shall I post them here or do you want to borrow them?
[14:19:06] Resident117:

[14:59:16] Resident055:

[14:59:16] Resident055:

[14:59:16] Resident055:

[14:59:16] Resident055:

[14:59:16] Resident055:

[14:59:16] Resident055:

[14:59:16] Resident055:

[14:59:16] Resident055:

[14:59:16] Resident055:

[15:33:59] Adrian Dale:

[15:36:24] Resident058:

[15:37:28] Resident136:

Love this tree, strangely beautiful how it twists round
[15:37:46] Resident038:

Hi. How does this work, is it a borrow it and bring it back thing? If so, can we borrow No 8 please?
[15:51:56] Resident134:

Hi Adrian, could we borrow puzzle 0019 please? :)
[16:00:15] Adrian Dale:

Hi there, everyone has popped their puzzles into a communal pool for them to circulate. I keep track of who has got what.
[16:01:04] Adrian Dale:

Delivery around 10am Sunday
[16:02:33] Resident134:

Thank you! 😀
[16:03:57] Adrian Dale:

Hi I’ll get this from Jessica and deliver as soon as I have it
[16:48:45] Resident038:

Thank you
[18:08:45] Resident060:

It is with great sadness that I have to mention the loss of a few local businesses as a result of COVID-19.

A local bra manufacturer has gone bust, a submarine company has gone under, a manufacturer of food blenders has gone into liquidation, a dog kennel has had to call in the retrievers and a company supplying paper for origami enthusiasts has folded.

Local strip club has gone tits up, Interflora is pruning its business back and Dynorod has gone down the drain. The saddest one though is the ice cream van man found dead covered in nuts and raspberry sauce. He couldn't take it any more and topped himself.
[18:09:35] Resident056:

😂😂😂sooo funny, thank you
[18:10:48] Resident124:

[18:10:58] Resident054:

Very good 🤣
[18:12:01] Resident055:

Loved it right up my street
[18:12:23] Resident131:

Thank you to everyone who said “hello” to me whilst I was on a litter pick this afternoon. Arthur it was lovely to meet you and have a chat, albeit from a distance, Vanessa
[18:13:51] Resident071:

Hi Vanessa thanks for doing a grand job! Lloyd & Angie The Woodlands
[18:17:42] Resident131:

Hi Lloyd, thank you. I love the water feature, looks and sounds lovely.
[18:18:45] Resident071:

Thanks very much
[18:20:21] Resident117:

😂😂😂 love it!
[18:59:33] Resident023:

Love that and put a needed smile on my face, Thankyou!
[19:08:00] Resident002:

[19:18:48] Resident053:

Vanessa, I saw you outside Caldecott earlier. We were on our bikes coming home. Now I can put your face to the name.
[20:02:58] Resident033:

Could have done with that granny half hour ago.
[20:17:52] Resident032:

[20:18:37] Resident097:

Why did the jehovas come knocking 😂😂
[20:45:47] Resident131:

Fantastic view of the Venus tonight, high above what is visible of the 🌒
[21:06:52] Resident090:

[21:07:22] Resident131:

Hi, thank you
[21:12:28] Resident033:

My shed is clear
[21:18:31] Resident067:

Thank you
[21:29:03] Resident090:

Returned home, thank you to anyone who looked