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WhatsApp Archive for Friday 24 April 2020

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[06:16:40] Adrian Dale:

[06:17:08] Adrian Dale:

[06:17:30] Adrian Dale:

[07:40:49] Resident031:

We WILL remember you Glen. What a lovely man. I am very proud to have known him.
Well done Adrian.
[07:42:12] Resident131:

Beautiful and very moving
[08:06:38] Resident009:

Amazing guy , well told 😉
[08:09:53] Adrian Dale:

(Chelston Rise Gigaclear Update)
Today the contractors will be crossing the entrance near number 52. It makes sense to close it to speed up the job. Please use the other entrance. The position of the POTS has now been marked. If you have any concerns, please call me.
[08:12:50] Resident094:

Keep up with all our church family news on our website. Scroll down for today's podcast
[08:14:28] Resident131:

Thank you Adrian, they left the field in a very good condition
[08:15:38] Adrian Dale:

Could you pop something on Facebook about the closure please. Starting in 30 mins latest
[08:17:26] Resident131:

Hi, I have updated the CR Facebook page with a copy of your message
[08:23:25] Resident097:

Facebook Page Admin ( Have Pinned Post to top of page so more visible)
[08:33:04] Adrian Dale:

Thanks both
[08:58:36] Adrian Dale:

(Chelston Rise Residents)

Now that POTS (points of termination) are being installed for each property, the next step will be to work out how to get from there into your house. You heard from Resident071 about the challenges he had. For the Church and the Village Hall, I planned ahead and did the bulk of the preparation myself to ensure that there would be no additional costs and no excuses for delays. This definitely paid off. When the installers arrived, they found that 90% of the job was done and the rest was simple. You may prefer to have full control over what happens in your garden. If anyone would like to talk this through for their property, I’d be delighted to talk it through.
[09:00:09] Resident010:

I would love to know what to do Adrian to speed this along
[09:41:38] Resident056:

Thank you Adrian for the podcast today, made me smile I had forgotten the Yelden Beer Festival episode 🥴
[09:44:33] Adrian Dale:

I haven’t I can’t even look at a pint of cider now, let alone drink it!
[09:56:35] Resident109:

We used to drink with Glenn at Rushden Station we will always miss him
[09:59:37] Resident085:

Fantastic pod cast Adrian a good tribute to a great guy a fellow Councillor and drinking friend he did so much for everyone we all loved him
[10:00:06] Resident043:

Yes, lovely podcast
[10:00:52] Resident001:

Hi Adrian.
I'd like to know as well what can be done to make this process as smooth as possible
[10:02:11] Resident047:

Very moving podcast and makes you proud of the individuals who have taken this village forwards and left a legacy of great stories and history.
[10:06:24] Resident115:

Great tribute to an amazing man
[10:15:08] Brenda Elldred:

Adrian that was a very enlightening podcast. Jenny you must be so proud and rightfully so - a truly strong man in mind and spirit.
[10:23:00] Resident055:

[10:23:00] Resident055:

[10:23:00] Resident055:

[10:23:00] Resident055:

[10:23:00] Resident055:

[10:23:00] Resident055:

[10:23:01] Resident055:

[10:23:01] Resident055:

[10:23:01] Resident055:

[10:23:01] Resident055:

[11:20:36] Resident117:

[11:23:24] Resident073:

Yes please!
[11:24:45] Resident117:

Great. Can I ask
Red Van Man to deliver. Where are you?
[11:26:05] Resident073:

That would be brilliant thanks. East View, a Raunds Road. Thank you very much.
[11:26:36] Adrian Dale:

I know!
[11:27:18] Resident117:

Lovely. Will leave them in a bag in the box.
[13:12:09] Resident138:

Just left a new bag of books at the book swap in Tesco bag
[13:48:23] Resident016:

Great podcast!
[19:12:29] Resident039:

Hi all, I am desperate for some risotto rice if anyone could get some on their outings that would be really appreciated ( Chelston Rise)
[19:13:05] Resident131:

Hi, I have some, what number are you
[19:18:13] Resident039:

Your a star number 8 just let me know what we owe you x
[19:18:44] Resident039:

Don’t need it now but over the weekends fine !
[19:19:13] Resident039:

I have a Nigella recipe and need the rice ! Lol and can never find it 🙈
[19:19:14] Resident131:

Hi, will drop off as we go for our walk in a bit
[19:22:02] Resident039:

Thank you will drop off the money for you tomorrow if that’s ok x
[19:34:34] Resident120:

Thank you very much for the bag of books! We will put them out over the weekend 😁
[19:39:50] Resident023:

[19:44:45] Adrian Dale:

Day 10 brilliant!
[20:08:51] Resident066:

[20:53:44] Resident003:

Oooh yes looks fun, have emailed you. Would you like me to try and put this on the Chelston Rise Facebook page? xx
[20:56:20] Resident047:

[20:56:33] Resident047:

For the stargazer and satellite viewers.
[21:01:02] Resident097:

Have uploaded vid and details to fb page for you
[21:01:57] Resident066:

Thank you so much :) x
[21:02:15] Resident066:

That would be amazing :)
[21:03:55] Resident097:

Sorted for you ( Facebook Page Admin)
[21:04:25] Resident097:

All sorted :-)

Fb admin
[21:04:43] Resident071:

[21:06:39] Resident097:

[21:07:14] Resident003:

[21:09:11] Resident016:

[21:13:46] Resident055:

Adrian would you like us to talk you hound out used to dogs 🐕
[21:16:36] Resident031:

[21:43:45] Resident086:

[21:44:01] Resident086:

Lloyd that's hilarious 😂