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[06:50:27] Adrian Dale:

(Admin) All sorts of gremlins this morning:
[06:52:10] Adrian Dale:

[07:25:15] Resident075:

❤️ the podcast and hearing about Miss Simpson. I would ♥️ the flag, I think in a prominent place as you go through the village so maybe near the memorial. If it was decided that village money shouldn't be used maybe we could donate for it. I would like to join the WI meetings after lockdown! Before lockdown I thought the village was really quiet and longed to move back to near Great Doddington but since lockdown my views have totally changed and I'm loving the village now. Just hope a road path will be built/finished one day 😊
[07:27:26] Resident097:

Def a flagpole near war memorial
[07:27:58] Resident131:

Great podcast this morning, thank you Adrian. A flag pole would be great and it would be fantastic to see something this end of the village (Chelston Rise). What time does the WI meet please? Many thanks, Vanessa
[07:37:04] Resident099:

I also think the best place for a flagpole would be near the war memorial. Perhaps on the grass as you previously said the memorial is sited on tons of concrete!
[07:38:13] Resident075:

Maybe we could have one in each of the 3 parts of the village
[07:39:12] Resident054:

Great podcast. I think the village hall would be a good place to site the flag pole. Happy St George's Day everyone 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
[07:40:08] Resident131:

[07:41:01] Resident097:

Think war memorial as its more of the there and the church is more of the parish hub would be most appropriate place for it also if we are doing ceremonys we can do flag raising lowering as part of the ceremony

Even if we arent all churchy people many of us walk to or past the memorial and pay our respects as we do so

Ideally yes 3 poles would be great but i think costs,siting and maintenance may be a issue there alongside 3 sets of each flag !
[07:44:15] Resident097:

*Was meant to say Central area there
[07:44:51] Resident101:

WI meet the 2nd Wednesday of the month from 7pm at the Village Hall.
[07:47:08] Resident131:

Thank you Rachael, I would love to be able to join. For some reason I thought it met during the day
[07:48:37] Resident097:

Although would a Double flagpole be more appropriate each side of the memorial

One flying the uk flag and one flying the american flag to show our appreciation and respectl to those that served and many that fell
[07:53:32] Resident056:

What a brilliant podcast today Adrian, well done Miss Simpson MBE. I shall visit her on my daily walk today. Happy St George’s all 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
[07:55:24] Resident101:

There is a Group called Free Spirits that meet during the day on the 3rd Monday of the month during the Autumn/Winter months. The Village hall has a website this is where you can find all hall bookings.
[07:57:56] Resident101:

I think people will be surprised at how busy our Village Hall really is. I know I was when started to get involved in village like a couple of years ago.
[07:59:04] Resident101:

* not like should have said Village Life
[08:01:46] Resident075:

If anyone has a 50x50cm, 18mm sheet of plywood going spare please let me know 🙏
[08:03:50] Resident131:

Thank you, I must have been confused
[08:06:48] Resident094:

Today's podcast offers a rare glimpse of life in lockdown in Dubai. Join Sue for her experience
[08:07:53] Resident097:

My dad lives out in Dubai lifes very strange out there atm
[08:09:25] Resident097:

He has to apply for a Police Permit to buy groceries or go to the pharmacy.....only allowed once every 3 days.
Need a permit to go out to the atm machine.....maximum 1 hour, and restricted to the area you live in.

Need a permit for a Medical emergency !!
[08:11:44] Resident006:

Is there enough room for a flagpole on the green
[08:13:10] Resident117:

Great idea for a flagpole/poles
[08:29:32] Brenda Elldred:

Thank you Adrian. I wonder what “Miss Simpson of Chelveston MBE” would have made of the lockdown! Sounds as if you would have been out if a job Adrian!
[08:30:58] Brenda Elldred:

Good to have Sue and Bob’s experience of Dubai. Looking forward to tomorrow’s follow on. Thank you Sue.
[08:32:47] Resident105e:

Lucy, as chance would have it I have a random 43’ish x 46cm piece of 18mm plywood if that will work
[08:36:10] Resident075:

Hi Richard thanks so much but I need it to be 50x50 because it needs to be exact for something
[08:44:42] Resident105e:

I’m not sure if the B&Q’s are open as they will cut sheet ply to size, I’ll put this piece back on the rehoming pile in the garage, good luck with your project 🙂
[08:52:37] Michelle Dalliston:

Thanks Adrian - glad you overcame the Gremlins - Miss Simpson would be proud of you for that - and for all you are doing! 😄 Thank you Miss Simpson for all you did. And Happy St George's Day everyone 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧
[08:59:41] Resident023:

Flag pole - brilliant idea, but I would say that having flown flags for over 30 years.

If the idea progresses I feel the village hall would be the best location as it is the community centre point and represents all 3 villages (not forgetting the pub of course!). But it might be worth considering 2 poles with the other at the 305th memorial.
[09:09:53] Resident131:

Morning, the village hall is a good idea
[09:17:09] Resident010:

Flag pole 👍 Village Hall 👍
[09:24:11] Resident117:

Village Hall 👍
[09:24:47] Resident043:

*An update from NCC for country park season ticket holders*:

“We are planning to extend the expiry date of Country Park season tickets to compensate for the closure of the car parks. Please keep your ticket safe and do not amend the dates yourself, and please don’t dispose of tickets that expired after 24th March 2020.

Our Customer Service Centre is currently busy assisting with the council’s Covid-19 emergency response, so we ask that you do not call in with season ticket queries. When we know the date that the car parks will reopen more information will be provided about the extension on the parks web site.

Thank you for your patience and we look forward to being able to welcome you back to our parks."
[09:28:29] Resident052:

Thanks Harriet we were wondering what would happen with our season Ticket great news 👍
[10:06:57] Resident017:

Still 2 pallets out the front of Meadowcroft if anyone wants.
[10:11:18] Resident055:

Flag poles great idea 💡
[10:14:34] Resident101:

If no one else wants them. Can I have them please?
[10:15:12] Adrian Dale:

Afternoon van awaits
[10:15:34] Resident101:

Thanks 😊
[10:16:38] Resident136:

Agree with the flagpole , its a coincidence that my son Ben has one in his garden at Higham Ferrer's, and it's his birthday today , same as Miss Simpson and St George's day of course
[10:16:52] Resident054:

[10:16:56] Resident054:

Whilst we are on the subject of flags, is it too soon to mention VE day?
[10:17:24] Resident055:

Happy birthday Ben
[10:18:07] Resident054:

If you don't have or can't get any why not make your own! Competition time....?
[10:18:46] Resident054:

Happy birthday Ben 🎉
[10:19:14] Resident017:

Absolutely @447709470567 come and help yourself
[10:20:01] Resident054:

Bunting that is.
[10:20:38] Resident101:

Thank you. Think @447850570007 will pop it on his Van run this afternoon.
[10:21:04] Resident017:

[10:22:28] Resident131:

Happy birthday Ben. It would have been my Grandma’s birthday today to 🥂🍰
[10:33:51] Resident016:

Hi Lucy we have some but it has been used and you would need to cut to size....
[10:41:14] Adrian Dale:

From Naomi:

The Star and Garter in Chelveston trades as Beer n Bar ltd and address comes up as Wellingborough if you ordered take away food this is the name that will appear on your bank statement we took a payment over the phone which is now being disputed so have lost the money. Many thanks
Star and Garter
[10:43:09] Resident075:

Thanks we can do that, is it nice and smooth?
[10:43:24] Resident075:

Could you send a pic please?
[10:44:17] Resident016:

Not sure -will check and get back to you in about an hour
[10:44:25] Resident075:

OK thanks
[10:46:34] Brenda Elldred:

[10:47:29] Resident131:

Beautiful, thank you for sharing
[10:58:42] Resident131:

Over the course of the past few weeks, watching the front line staff at work, listening to Adrian’s podcast and witnessing how hard he works for us all and looking at how I myself can make a contribution to this lovely place we all call home and by way of volunteering as an NHS responder I am drawn back to my favourite bible passage. Isaiah 6: 8. Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us? And I said “Here I am. Send me!
[11:02:45] Resident007:

[11:03:09] Resident007:

Ethan received these pictures from his Teachers for some fun time. Thought I'd share for other children in the village
[11:03:25] Brenda Elldred:

Vanessa thank you for sharing. We are all here for a purpose - well done you for volunteering. X
[11:05:47] Resident131:

These are lovely, might have a go myself 😁
[11:07:02] Resident131:

Thank you Brenda.
[11:07:57] Resident038:

That's really kind, thank you
[11:12:55] Resident007:

Your welcome, we are surviving the home schooling, Ethan has new way for clapping this evening thanks to his teachers lol 😆
[11:15:05] Resident047:

Happy St George’s Day ! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
[11:17:37] Resident051:

Lol is the 5th one a burglar?
[11:18:23] Resident007:

Haha no its the bin man lol 🤣 can see why you thought burglar though
[11:18:29] Resident056:

The Church might not be open right now, but I have just spent a very soothing, mindful 40 minutes strolling through the churchyard, reading the names, looking at all the bluebells and daffies listening to the birds, very peaceful. Have a good day everyone 😊
[11:22:35] Resident097:

Is the first one a pizza delivery person..... cos if so they need to learn how to carry a pizza as my toppings now on the floor 🤣🤣🤣
[11:25:21] Resident007:

[12:07:18] Resident083:

Thanks so much for these. Our boys will love them!
[12:13:19] Resident007:

No problem. Ethan had an activity the other day, it was to get 2 empty bottles (we just use fruitshoot bottles) fill with some rice, pasta or lentils (or similar), and turned them into Maracas, use empty toilet rolls for handles and then decorate. Ethan plans to use his this evening instead of clapping or hitting pans after last weeks accident.
[12:14:06] Resident083:

[12:15:21] Resident136:

Look forward to hearing him tonight, he is loud and clear at Pokas cottages, love his enthusiasm
[12:24:42] Michelle Dalliston:

So glad to hear that Jenny 😊 - it is the most peaceful, beautiful place. Feel free to add some flowers, plants or pebbles or ribbons, bunting, lanterns etc to the Easter Garden too 🌱🌺🌸
[12:25:53] Michelle Dalliston:

That's such a powerful passage about our call to make a difference in the world - thanks for sharing and for all you are doing Vanessa ❤️ xx
[12:50:07] Resident099:

I am in the process of sorting out my garage (long overdue) and I have 3 inflatables - a single seat canoe, a double seater and quite a large dinghy. Unfortunately I only have the one pump. I haven’t used either boat for a couple of years but I am pretty sure there are no leaks. If anybody is interested in any/all I am happy to let them go for free or a donation to the village funds - whatever you wish. Perhaps Adrian can act as banker!
[12:51:17] Resident099:

Sorry no paddles!!
[12:51:54] Resident097:

Story of my life 🤣🤣🤣 Sorry lol
[13:00:57] Resident022:

Tammy dog food left by front door.
[13:01:00] Resident009:

Hi , I might be interested in the twin canoe . Always wanted one 👍🏼👍🏼, let us know how much
[13:06:40] Resident099:

Basically I just want the space so you can have a look and give Adrian what you think. I don’t want anything. I’ll leave it outside the gates of Top Farm House ( next door to pub) around 3pm and perhaps Red Van Man might pick it up if you ask him! The canoe is blue, by the way.
[13:10:12] Resident009:

Don’t worry adrian I live at high street I will grab it once back from work- around 17.30 is that ok ? Thanks
[13:13:12] Resident099:

Fine with me
[13:13:47] Resident009:

Great, thanks a bunch- always wanted one. Will donate accordingly 👍🏼
[13:24:59] Resident131:

Hello, may I have the single canoe for James? Thank you
[13:28:41] Resident099:

Yes of course. Shall I leave it outside our gates? It is light green, by the way.
[13:29:14] Adrian Dale:

I can add to afternoon van
[13:29:46] Resident099:

Ok I’ll put it out there now
[13:30:10] Resident131:

Thank you, Peter and thank you Adrian.
[13:30:39] Resident125:

Thank you very much Chris x
[13:34:33] Resident131:

Peter, I meant to say I shall make a donation to the cause, thank you again
[13:36:17] Resident099:

No problem, thanks😊
[13:47:21] Resident099:

You’ll need a pump like for an air bed to inflate it. I have one but it ought to stay with the dinghy as it’s a lot bigger and needs more puff!
[13:54:55] Resident131:

Hi, that’s ok, we have an electric pump which will be handy
[14:10:54] Resident099:

[14:12:42] Resident037:

Just wondering what’s jigsaw puzzles are available for swapping!?
[14:35:43] Resident134:

Hi Eve, Adrian has this page set up for puzzle swaps around the village. There are quite a few on there that have been offered so far :)
[14:47:24] Resident049:

[14:53:28] Resident101:

Yes please. Can I have some just used my last egg.
[14:54:33] Resident049:

Sure I’ll put 6 in a box outside our house if that’s ok?
[14:55:43] Resident101:

Thanks James what’s your address please?
[14:56:16] Resident049:

29 Duchy Close- I’ll put them on the hedge
[14:56:58] Resident101:

Cheers I’m at 14 so will pop round.
[15:01:21] Resident115:

We’d love some if there are any left? 😊
[15:02:46] Resident049:

Hi Sarah you certainly can have some - I’ll pop 6 in a box outside our house if that’s ok?
[15:05:32] Resident115:

That would be fab, thank you very much!! 😀 My hubby will call round in a few minutes. Couldn’t get any on our weekly shop so haven’t had any for over a week! Made our day!! 👍
[15:06:11] Resident049:

Ok we’re at 29 Duchy Close
[15:06:42] Resident115:

Thank you ... who can we pay?
[15:08:51] Resident049:

They’re free but if you want to make a small donation to PC fund that’s cool
[15:09:08] Resident115:

We will! 😊
[15:09:19] Resident049:

[15:12:06] Resident049:

I’ve left them in shade by our front door it’s too sunny on hedge
[15:13:33] Adrian Dale:

[15:13:57] Adrian Dale:

Still got gremlins
[15:18:22] Resident007:

If you happen to have more going at some point between now and end of month, happy to take some off your hands. I have Chris traditional fresh strawberry birthday cake to make for him next week 😊
[15:19:13] Resident049:

Hi Manda, I have 6 left which you can have if you want
[15:19:24] Resident007:

Yes please
[15:19:54] Resident049:

Ok I’ll pop them in a box & leave outside our front door if that’s ok
[15:20:09] Resident007:

Thank you
[15:20:37] Resident049:

👍 we are at 29 Duchy Close
[15:30:25] Resident115:

Thanks again 😊
[15:31:27] Resident049:

You’re more than welcome 🙂
[15:51:57] Resident031:

How about the flagpole on the corner of Caldecott Road near the chevrons and green cabinet?
[15:54:53] Resident136:

Think it ought to be the parish council crest on a flag outside the village hall
[15:54:57] Adrian Dale:

Running late on van run will be 16:30
[15:56:56] Resident009:

Legend 💪💪💪💪
[15:57:51] Resident007:

Just collected, thank you
[16:09:12] Resident049:

You’re welcome 😊
[16:09:23] Resident049:

All eggs 🥚 now gone
[17:32:55] Resident009:

Hi Peter,

Canoe gratefully received, will sort donation

Many thanks again
[17:35:26] Resident099:

You are welcome Andy. Happy to leave it with you🚣‍♀️
[17:46:50] Resident055:

[17:51:31] Resident033:

Beautiful. Xx
[18:24:38] Resident097:

Another Random ask but does anyone have any Dark Oak Fence paint they have spare left over or a tub I can purchase ! I have got 3/4 of the way through my fencing to find that Wickes have none in stock !! Arrrrrgh

Thanking you kindly
[18:26:49] Resident031:

You are two hours to late! Just been to Wilko in Wellingborough. They have some in stock but not much.
[18:28:04] Resident097:

Damn darn and blast 🤣🤣 can gaurentee it will all be gone by time I get there tommorow, but thanks ill take a look
[19:10:09] Resident130:

Who is collecting donations for the Food Bank please? Think it's Duchy Close but can't remember the number. Thanks.
[19:10:42] Adrian Dale:

Resident111 number 3 thanks
[19:26:43] Michelle Dalliston:

[19:35:45] Resident007:

[19:40:27] Resident130:

Thanks Adrian.
[19:42:18] Resident054:

I might have some up my allotment. I'll check tomoz.
[19:44:03] Resident052:

Testing Testing can’t hear you over the road 🐶🐶😉
[19:44:37] Resident007:

[19:44:56] Resident055:

[19:44:56] Resident055:

[19:44:56] Resident055:

[19:44:56] Resident055:

[19:44:56] Resident055:

[19:44:56] Resident055:

[19:44:56] Resident055:

[19:44:56] Resident055:

[19:44:56] Resident055:

[19:46:05] Resident052:

Looking forward to seeing (and hearing) Testing Testing @ 8pm 😘
[19:48:04] Resident006:

We have walnut about 3 or 4 ltrs left if anyone’s interested
[19:59:46] Resident097:

Thanks Jennie
[20:00:40] Resident097:

Thanks Lyn but needs to be Oak unfortunately as already painted 3/4 of it lol
[20:06:47] Resident073:

We’ve got a most of a tub of Ronseal Dark Oak. It’s in the front of our house in front of the gates if you want it.
[20:09:17] Resident033:

Injure free night lol.
[20:10:17] Resident097:

Yes please Lori remind me where abouts you are please
[20:10:36] Resident073:

East View, other side of Wildacre
[20:10:49] Resident097:

Thanks ill come grab now if ok
[20:11:37] Resident097:

Did you want anything for it
[20:11:58] Resident052:

Well done Ethan Lovely finishing song really looking forward to next week you make Thursday’s @ 8pm even more special well done 👍😁
[20:12:20] Resident073:

That’s fine. Don’t want anything for it-it was just sitting about not being used!
[20:12:37] Resident097:

Your a star Thankyou
[20:15:20] Resident073:

No worries.
[20:15:22] Resident097:

🙂Thanks a lot just what i needed
[20:49:00] Resident007:

Hes planning something special for next this space 🤔🤣🤣
[20:56:08] Resident131:

[21:16:08] Resident097:

Drumkit ?? Lol
[21:16:33] Resident007:

Haha no...but Mike does have one lol
[21:16:51] Resident097:

Airhorns or a vuvuzela
[21:17:32] Resident007:

Its the boys arranging it lol I'm not in on the secret lol
[21:18:40] Resident052:

We’ve got a vuvuzela 😱
[21:21:12] Resident032:

[21:21:30] Resident097:

Lol I would offer my Disco Pa setup but it weighs a tonne takes 2 strong men and the whole recovery truck to move it and the light boxes, last time i cranked it up at home i had 3 strangers on my driveway ! So i turned it off sharpish ! it was only on about 5 percent volume, bought it for the festival but not looking likely its going to be used this year now sadly
[21:23:40] Resident032:

This is one of my ex-students from Ferrers school playing in Higham this evening - thought you may enjoy it. Very moving ❤
[21:25:01] Resident097:

There you go !! Theres only 1 note you need to learn how to play !

They sound awful however good you are so youll be fine no matter what 🤣
[22:49:25] Resident058:

Amazing trumpet, you must be so proud Di.