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WhatsApp Archive for Wednesday 22 April 2020

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[06:13:41] Adrian Dale:

[06:14:03] Adrian Dale:

[06:14:23] Adrian Dale:

[07:59:24] Resident063:

Thank you Adrian and Jimmy
[08:01:39] Adrian Dale:

It looks like our mail is being caught in a backlog at the South Midlands mail centre.
[08:24:41] Resident052:

Hi Tammy will drop off tins of wet dog food on your wall shortly for Nanna’s from Sam & Max who hope the dogs enjoy 🐶🐶 x
[08:33:12] Michelle Dalliston:

Thank you Adrian this morning 😊 completely agree how important it is to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries etc in these times 🎉 At both churches the whole congregation sings Happy Birthday to whoever has a special day coming up and any excuse for cake and....well, it's usually prosecco rather than vodka! 🍾🥂 We missed the wonderful mix of prosecco and chocolate on Easter Day too, although my household for one did it at home 😋
So yes, keep the celebrations going 😄🤩🥳
[08:35:35] Brenda Elldred:

Thank you Adrian - but when is your birthday? After all we can’t celebrate all the others without yours! That just wouldn’t be fair! 😄
[08:38:53] Brenda Elldred:

Thank you Jimmy for speaking about your faith. We miss Imogen and everyone as well but we look forward to the day we can open and we will have a big party with children’s activities! We will celebrate when the virus is under control. Give our love to Imogen and the family.
[08:41:57] Michelle Dalliston:

Just heard your 'call' too Jimmy 😊 thank you for sharing with us and how right that our faith, while nurtured and celebrated when we meet in church, is lived out in all our lives and in all the world! Much love to Immy and you all ❤️ xxx
[11:02:56] Resident099:

[11:04:06] Resident038:

[11:21:20] Resident022:

There is a very quick moving queue at Lidl Rushden town centre. Most goods in stock.
[12:05:11] Resident131:

If anyone is short of reading material I have copies of Country Life. I get it every week so they are not old copies.
[12:20:46] Resident099:

And I have Country Walking magazine from June 2018 to date if anyone is interested.
[13:51:45] Resident017:

Was someone after pallets the other day?
[14:17:17] Resident051:

[14:18:47] Resident015:

I would love some pallets
[14:20:48] Resident017:

If you can collect them there will be 3 out of the front of Meadowcroft, they'll be out in the next 20 mins, can stay there no bother for the time being until someone can collect
[14:21:55] Resident015:

Where abouts is meadow Croft?
[14:22:27] Resident017:

Raunds Road, look for the 3 newly painted grey dorma windows
[14:23:41] Resident015:

Will collect when you have put them out Thank you very much
[14:27:26] Resident055:

Raunds co op no queue , no flour cleaning . Flash etc low . Raunds hardware open
[14:42:53] Resident121:

Could I have these please? I will donate to the village fund! Thanks!

Adrian, would you be able to collect/deliver at some point? :)
[14:44:48] Resident051:

Yes of course. I’ll just wait to see what Red Van Man’s doing 😊
[14:45:57] Adrian Dale:

Later about 16:00!
[14:46:53] Resident051:

Ok. Anyone would think you’re busy! 😉
[14:47:55] Resident121:

Thank you both!! 😀
[15:53:00] Resident047:

[15:53:03] Resident047:

[15:53:08] Resident097:

Random one ! Im after a single furrow horse drawn plough i
Not worried about condition as can paint up, any you farmers got one sat in a hedgerow !! Wanted for garden project
[15:53:20] Resident097:

Cash waiting
[15:54:18] Resident047:

Free to a good home. Tempered glass table and 4 chairs of which 2 chairs totally fine. 2 a little worn in the seat. Will do someone a good turn and if you just wanted 2 seats then happy to get rid of the other 2.
[15:55:09] Resident047:

Please liaise with Adrian for collecting so we can respect social distancing etc
[15:55:47] Resident097:

Is this a outside table ??
[15:58:06] Adrian Dale:

It is Pete just on the run - do you want them?
[15:58:45] Resident097:

If you dont mind that would be great
[15:58:57] Resident097:

Yes please
[16:00:19] Resident124:

[16:00:29] Resident122:

Yes please!
[16:00:50] Resident122:

(in reference to the little chairs)
[16:01:43] Resident055:

JST used to have one on the front of there premises
[16:02:32] Resident055:

JST plough
[16:02:35] Resident124:

Will leave outside the front(4 Raunds Rd) no, if you want to donate to the village that’s fine 👍
[16:05:00] Resident124:

I have left them just inside front gate 👍
[16:11:13] Adrian Dale:

All retrieved and delivered
[16:12:03] Resident097:

Thanks James and Adrian appreciated will chuck some pennies in the pot as soon as i get a chance to get to the bank
[16:14:30] Resident097:

Prob long gone but shall ask the question

Doing the front garden at the moment and wanting one to sit as part of the furniture
[16:48:41] Resident047:

No worries guys a good exchange for the kindling you kindly chopped. Two of the seats are splitting a little but two are totally fine. Table fine and I wiped them all over today so they are clean.
[16:56:24] Resident131:

Hello everyone, would anyone be interested in joining dance classes (jive, lindy hop, etc). If enough people are interested maybe we could find an instructor and organise it to be held in the village hall ad a weekly social event. Just a thought, Vanessa x
[16:57:41] Resident075:

Yes please 😊
[17:00:22] Resident023:

That might be fun.
[17:01:27] Resident131:

It’s enormous fun, glass or two of wine, few nibbles 😁
[17:06:38] Resident023:

I enjoy watching the BBC ident swing dancers but they do t last long enough
[17:07:43] Resident131:

Great to watch too
[17:23:51] Resident038:

[17:38:14] Resident131:

Hopefully we can get a few more interested, be something good to look forward to
[17:43:37] Resident033:

I’m in for dance class. Two left feet 🦶 though
[17:46:00] Resident012:

Does anyone know if Waitrose are still only allowing key workers in the first hour in the morning or has this been relaxed now.
[17:49:57] Resident055:

Perhaps we could use a field while it’s nice safe distance perhaps dear rays field on Sawyers rd I could perhaps persuade Steve to be Mr Lycra
[18:09:56] Michelle Dalliston:

Would love that idea Vanessa! 💃🏻
[18:13:55] Resident051:

Ellie & I are interested in the dancing, can’t persuade Sean 😂
[18:18:08] Resident122:

Laura and I used to take a swing class in London. It was great fun! We would be up for giving it another go!
[19:33:42] Resident125:

Thank you so much Sam and Max for the doggie food for NANNAs x 🐶🐶 x
[19:49:10] Resident022:

Tammy we have dog food for you will leave it by your front door tomorrow.
[19:55:49] Resident125:

Hi Chris thank you so much. It's very much appreciated x
[20:57:54] Resident115:

Yes please, count me in, sounds fun! 😊
[21:10:38] Resident131:

Hi, that’s great. Thank you everyone who uses interested, I shall see if I can get some more info on a teacher, unless anyone knows of one?
[21:11:01] Resident131:

[21:11:20] Resident131:

[21:13:56] Resident131:

😁😁, I have 3 left, but I absolutely love to dance, first on and last off the dance floor. My parents were RAF dance champions, I get my love of it from them
[21:14:26] Resident131:

[21:22:37] Resident047:

[21:23:13] Resident047:

Take a look for the satellite trail at 9.34pm for 6 mins west to east direction
[21:26:56] Resident047:

[21:41:49] Resident023:

Great links James. I have seen these several times and they are wonderful to watch. It’s good to watch them watching us!