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[06:10:55] Adrian Dale:

[06:11:27] Adrian Dale:

[06:11:54] Adrian Dale:

[06:48:27] Adrian Dale:

[07:41:55] Resident134:

Thanks Adrian, he says he was very happy to do it 😁
[07:55:35] Resident101:

Another excellent podcast Adrian. I am loving the history lessons everyday. ‘Everyday is a School Day’ thank you.
[07:57:27] Adrian Dale:

[07:57:12] Resident101:

I have to ask was Duchy Close built on Duchy Land hence its name?
[07:58:17] Resident097:

Jeez thats overkil !!
[07:58:46] Resident019:

Compared to how it was its brill!
[07:59:32] Resident097:

What next Hazmat suits
[08:01:00] Resident010:

Its seems to be the store where a certain contingent of shoppers just push in front of you to get something and forget the distancing thing.... Is that a curtain BETWEEN two tills to cover the sideways distancing ???
[08:01:44] Resident097:

Looks like it
[08:03:39] Adrian Dale:

Yep divides all tills . They opened at 07:50 and the tills at 08:00. No queue now and everything plentiful except flour
[08:04:25] Resident063:

Thank you Adrian and Michelle
[08:04:27] Resident010:

This message was deleted.
[08:04:42] Resident010:

[08:13:49] Brenda Elldred:

Thank you Adrian and Michelle. The podcasts are so interesting and inspiring. Love starting the day with them.
[08:15:39] Michelle Dalliston:

Definitely listening as always Adrian! Very proud to be a part of this amazing community and how we are living together in such times. Sorry for surprising you with the Easter Garden 🤣 the whole Easter thing is meant to surprise us though! Looking forward to being surprised by how it grows over the next few weeks 😃 🌱❤️
[08:17:12] Resident131:

Lovely message from Rev Michelle this morning. I am looking for the lady that used to be the Reverend over in Bromham, I think it’s Janet. Many thanks, Vanessa
[08:21:09] Resident094:

Hi Vanessa she is Linda Bond who has been caring for her father in Doncaster. They both came back to Higham yesterday so she is around a little more lockdown permitting
[08:22:21] Resident131:

Hi Paul, many thanks, much appreciated. Vanessa
[08:46:21] Resident016:

Excellent Sam👍
[09:03:15] Adrian Dale:

I have no answer for Rachael on the naming of Duchy Close but have found an 1898 map of the Parish. The census of 1901 showed 348 people in 92 properties. We’ve now got 230 properties and the census of 2011 showed a population of 566. However at that time Chelston Rise was on just in the process of being repopulated.
[09:40:02] Resident058:

Duchy Close is built on the old site of Duchy farm and that’s how it got its name. The field next to the Close is called Duchy Field owned by Carr Farmers.
[09:42:37] Adrian Dale:

(Chelston Rise) have just inspected John Henry Group work. It’s a lot better than the previous gang and they are working 2m from BT Ducts
[09:43:48] Resident018:

Thanks Adrian, great to know 😊
[09:43:56] Adrian Dale:

So we had 2 Duchy Farms? One in Chelveston and one in Caldecott?
[09:48:16] Resident058:

Not sure, but the Duchy Farm in Chelveston is shown on early maps, perhaps they just took over the name when the old farm was demolished years ago.
[09:49:50] Resident101:

Thanks gives us something to work on. Cheers
[09:54:51] Resident131:

Thank you Adrian, everyone here on the Crescent very much appreciates your help and support
[10:13:53] Resident097:

[10:50:35] Resident016:

There is also another Duchy Close in HF - this morning’s podcast explaining why....
[11:11:19] Resident058:

Duchy farm in Chelveston was farmed by the Britten Family and subsequently purchased by Jack McCauley before being developed over and is now Duchy Close.
[12:06:20] Resident054:

[12:06:45] Resident054:

Lots of useful advice for staying active during the lockdown.
[12:07:13] Resident131:

👍, many thanks for sharing
[12:07:38] Resident054:

Who remembers Mr Motivator?
[12:08:59] Resident016:

The original Lycra man 😂
[12:09:29] Resident019:

[12:22:38] Resident054:

[12:31:36] Resident015:

[12:37:36] Resident097:

How much
[12:38:09] Resident015:

[12:38:38] Resident075:

Is the ambulance avaliable? Pls
[12:38:54] Resident097:

Could i please have these :-) happy to put some pennies in the donation box
[12:40:12] Resident015:

[12:40:59] Resident015:

You all accept ambulance
[12:41:25] Resident097:

Thats fine :-) Thankyou
[12:43:08] Resident097:

Where abouts are you ? Unless our friendly Redvan man is in the area anytime
[12:44:11] Resident015:

to lucy neville ambulance is yours😃
[12:44:55] Resident075:

Thanks Candy ♥️
[12:47:55] Resident015:

Will ask Adrian to deliver
[12:48:18] Resident015:

Will ask Adrian to deliver
[13:13:03] Resident097:

[13:14:47] Resident006:

Thanks to the farmer (Ray?) for cutting the grass along the main road. Makes our morning walk much easier 🤗
[13:25:11] Adrian Dale:

Yup it’s Ray Knight, the Council sends him a letter of thanks each year - he does it all voluntarily.
[13:48:04] Adrian Dale:

(Coordinator) hi there if anyone is going anywhere near WILKO in the next 2 days, could you let me know. One of our isolating senior citizens needs some dog food. The old girl (the dog not the owner) is a fussy eater and loves the WILKO brand. Thanks
[13:51:16] Resident105e:

Adrian, let me know what is needed on the dog food line from Wilco, I’ll go get it
[13:52:53] Adrian Dale:

Cheers I’ll private message
[13:56:41] Resident075:

I'm happy to go too but see there is offer already 🌟🌟🌟
[14:14:11] Resident017:

Anyone had any post for the last two days?
[14:14:48] Resident015:

Yes we had some today
[14:15:00] Resident018:

No nothing since last Wednesday
[14:15:06] Adrian Dale:

He’s been delivering but there are central sorting problems
[14:16:09] Resident017:

Ok Thanks 👍 Still waiting for Plusnet router, day 6 of no internet 😤
[14:51:55] Resident097:

[15:11:18] Resident052:

Hi Postie delivery today nothing yesterday
[15:13:09] Resident022:

Had post yesterday. Expecting some more in the next few days.
[15:40:21] Resident055:

[15:42:06] Resident055:

[15:42:06] Resident055:

[15:42:06] Resident055:

[15:42:06] Resident055:

[15:42:07] Resident055:

[15:42:07] Resident055:

[15:42:07] Resident055:

[15:42:07] Resident055:

[15:42:07] Resident055:

[15:42:07] Resident055:

[15:42:07] Resident055:

[15:42:07] Resident055:

[15:42:07] Resident055:

[15:42:07] Resident055:

[15:42:07] Resident055:

[15:55:48] Resident016:

We had post today. My children and families in Kettering received their Easter cards (posted Wednesday 8th) on 17th/18th 😂😂
[16:02:23] Resident097:

Thanks Adrian for delivering and Candy for the cars will sort a donation out shortly
[16:25:57] Adrian Dale:

New addition to the puzzle library from Sue Smyth
[16:31:40] Resident134:

[16:32:33] Adrian Dale:

Thanks I’ll add it to the library- hold onto it until it is requested
[16:33:09] Resident134:

Will do :)
[16:37:56] Resident117:

Lovely photos. Bet it was a bit blowy up on the airfield!
[16:40:08] Resident055:

Really windy Sharen
[16:53:40] Resident016:

Please can I borrow this? If you leave it outside I can pick up anytime - just over road in Pokas Cottages. Thanks😊
[17:02:47] Adrian Dale:

Happy for you pick this up Carol! I’ll mark it on the list
[17:07:42] Resident134:

Hi Carol, absolutely! I can leave it outside our front door for Adrian to pick up when he next does his rounds, if he's happy to :)
[17:10:16] Adrian Dale:

Hi, Carol walks every day so I am happy for her to pick it up herself as it is across the road
[17:10:56] Adrian Dale:

[17:11:03] Resident038:

Had the Police CCTV surveillance Smart car come round the street today... Never seen it before
[17:11:14] Resident134:

Ahh great! In that case, its outside 2 Cornerhouse Cottage now :)
[17:11:30] Adrian Dale:

Info from James about meteor showers tonight
[17:12:22] Resident038:

What do you think it's for?
[17:13:09] Resident038:

Social distancing checks or car tax stuff?
[17:13:16] Resident038:

Oooh this looks great!
[17:15:08] Adrian Dale:

I am very surprised it has ventured onto private land!! Perhaps they didn’t get the memo
[17:15:47] Resident038:

Probably just having a nose
[17:16:37] Resident016:

Thanks Vicki/Adrian be over just after 6 😊
[17:16:50] Resident023:

CCTV car comes round every couple of days, good to see!
[17:17:17] Resident038:

Yeh it is for sure
[17:20:37] Resident023:

Last night at about 10:00pm we watched a line of 60 satellites cross the sky from Sth West to South East. Well worth tuning your eyes in to see them! Check the link below.
[17:23:19] Resident031:

[17:25:32] Adrian Dale:

Thanks Derek that photo will make Its way to the John Henry Group so that they know eyes are on them!!
[17:39:13] Resident023:

[20:19:54] Resident022:

[20:32:26] Resident032:

[21:09:22] Resident038:

This message was deleted.
[21:09:39] Resident038:

This message was deleted.
[21:15:26] Resident047:

[21:16:13] Resident047:

Meteor shower tonight from 10pm
[21:21:45] Brenda Elldred:

Very clever - will do it with the grandchildren.