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[07:03:04] Adrian Dale:

[07:03:30] Adrian Dale:

[08:09:28] Resident056:

That was a lovely way to start my day, thanks Adrian
[08:09:53] Adrian Dale:

[08:27:59] Resident087:

If anybody saw that my husband dear sent the wrong message on my behalf using my phone!!!!!! Apologies!
[08:41:54] Resident137:

Morning all.. Gigaclear is down (again) beginning to regret subscribing to this...
[08:41:55] Resident137:

[08:44:39] Resident011:

Does this happen often?
[08:44:47] Resident094:

The Lord is risen indeed. Join us at 10am to share our podcast service today. Follow the link on our home page. You can always find it later if you can't join at 10.
[08:45:13] Resident094:

A quicker and more direct link to the podcast may be used here
[08:45:40] Resident137:

Far too often I am afraid.. seen five separate disruptions this year.. previous four years with BT one.. Gigaclear 5 in four months..
[08:46:51] Resident125:

Is this the service they dug up the whole village for to lay cable?
[08:47:06] Resident137:

[08:47:17] Resident054:

Great podcast Adrian. Such a shame about the hanger. Glad part of it was saved. We were new to the village around that time.
[08:49:14] Resident125:

I'd never have gone with them as they cut my phone line when they laid the cable! Luckily BT were able to swap me to my other line as I had 2 going into the house. Not really good enough is it!
[08:51:20] Resident019:

They were terrible workers, dug up our drive at 9pm and couldn't understand my annoyance when I asked them to stop (baby couldn't sleep)
[08:51:27] Resident011:

Does it happen for long?
Also is it ontl gigaclear that can use their own infrastructure or are they allowing for someoen else to use it? We have Sky at the moment and its working not the best but steady without interruptions, just wondering if changing to Gigaclear or any of their sub companies will be the right option... dont want to leave myself without internet due to worming form home a lot even when we are not in lockdown...
[08:51:42] Resident137:

Bless.. only sharing my experiences.. I am sure others will form their own views on the level of buffoonery..
[08:53:07] Resident137:

But recommend you have a look at network status under their support page on the internet.. I think they have dedicated but with limited resilience
[08:54:31] Resident137:

[08:55:14] Resident125:

I'm with Talk Talk and have never had any issues or loss of service, only lost when those idiots cut my phone line, talk talk sort with BT and a BT Engineer was here within 3 days and swapped my phone line. Other phone line is still broken but that would mean they have to apply to the council for permission to dig up the pavement and fix again!
[08:57:03] Resident011:

Not thay we have issue or loss of service just extremely slow internet connection and was hoping that Gigaclear will solve issues of buffering and delays on phones...
[08:57:29] Resident011:

Anyone has got anything to to say about their internet? 🤪
[08:57:36] Resident082:

Looks like a fly screen , my R1100 has a similar one . Michael
[08:57:48] Resident137:

It’s quick.. when it’s on.. their support is just very slow to react to issues
[08:58:05] Resident011:

[09:00:52] Resident125:

And I think they made a right mess of all the pavements where the cable was laid!
[09:22:35] Resident109:

Thank you so much for the lovely tulips. Your kindness is very much appreciated Elaine. Thank you to Adrian for delivering. 🌷🌷
[09:24:05] Resident032:

I'm with Talk Talk too and never really had any issues. They've been quick to resolve them when I have.
[09:24:47] Resident097:

Biggest bunch of cowboys going, I had several rows with them out front of house, they dont like me anymore !! Blocked my drive for 5 hrs with a digger and a big hole meaning i couldnt get my lorry out then produced a piece of thin plywood for me to back a 3.5 tonne truck over when i moaned ! There traffic management nearly caused several head on crashes aswell
[09:25:11] Resident011:

Again it's not that we have issues but it's just very slow for our purposes
[09:27:15] Resident097:

They also liked to walk onto our property to use our water to fill there containers !! I wouldnt have minded so much if they had asked first cheeky B#stards
[09:37:10] Resident117:

Elaine. I can't thank you enough once again for the beautiful 🌷. It means so much to have fresh flowers in the house at this time. Seems like a ray of hope for the future. And thanks again to Adrian for the delivery xx
[09:38:57] Resident037:

Gigaclear have been awful. We’ve been on the phone with them for hours at a time about how weak the internet speed it
[09:38:59] Resident037:

[09:43:08] Resident095:

Thank you Elaine for my lovely tulips, I took a photo of them and sent to my family xx
[09:48:56] Adrian Dale:

[09:49:46] Resident064:

They are supposed to start work on Chelston Rise tomorrow 🤦‍♂️ any pros to them at all? My internet is atrocious, I was banking on them being good 😭
[09:52:50] Resident011:

My question would be what was your previous speed? Ours is something below 2mb ... so it cannot be any slower...
[09:56:04] Resident097:

Any problems just speak to the digger driver !!! .... thats what we got told
Hes the boss 😂😂😂 Then the digger driver would tell you to go speak to one of the other labourers it waa like pass the parcel... Goodluck Chelston Rise your probably going to need it with those clowns
[09:59:14] Resident125:

They're definitely idiots who dont know what they're doing! Blocked my driveway up so I had to get out and move there signs so I could park in my drive!!
[10:04:17] Resident097:

After 3 days of them outfront causing havoc I asked them to move there cones 4 times to allow access they didnt so i could get the lorry in the 5th time i came down the road and a car was coming other way because there traffic managenent was so crap, so i either anchored up or i took there cones clean out - Cones took preference with the lorry, The polish bloke walked over and said " You could of kill someone" my reply was dont worry i still have time !! We never did see eye to eye after that for some reason 🤣🤣 im reserved and calm until im pushed
[10:04:52] Resident011:

I'm not particularly interested in their workers, they cannot do much damage out here as they dont block anyone etc. And guys laying the cable are hardly responsible for the connection and service...
[10:06:19] Resident125:

They cut my phone line and disrupted my service to Talk Talk!
[10:15:17] Resident137:

Gigaclear appears to be back on line.. circa 4 hour outage..
[10:17:22] Resident004:

We caught them twice having lunch on our front lawn.
[10:23:39] Resident097:

That was nice of them to invite you 🤣
[10:23:55] Resident136:

My son is a senior engineer at Open Reach ,(bt) and what he had to say about Gigaclear is unrepeatable!! The amount of faults he has to repair because of them is around 5 times the amount of any other companies.
[10:25:40] Resident097:

Yer we have a nickname for them in this house its irrepeatable though

when they appear back in the village its like oh look the Gigac.... are back
[10:29:19] Resident022:

Thank you Chris and Elaine for the tulips. Nice surprise for Mandy.
[10:30:12] Resident105e:

I called giggaclear last week to request a new connection, the sales team response was that they have no record of my address (understandable as a new build) and transferred me to their network team who verified this, I politely made them aware that they had in conjunction with the builders built a junction box outside and run a fibre conduit to within 6 inches of the front door in readiness for the fibre, anyways I’d hoped that this nugget of intel would result in them telling me (as a potential new customer) that they would take ownership of things, maybe do some research with their planners or people in the field and call me back with a plan of action, however after some time thinking about it their only suggestion was for me to send them a picture of my house, I wished them well and went away to google other service providers, from their presentation in the village hall I’m sure that giggaclear could provide an advanced technical solution to providing rural broadband it’s just that my experience makes me think that they have absolutely no scooby doo about how to run a business 🤔
[10:31:00] Resident015:

[10:33:13] Resident033:

[10:33:14] Resident022:

Regarding internet. Stuck with BT. Get 50Mb connection and good value. Much more than we need really. The only time it dropped out on occasion was when the road was being dug up. Found gigaclear pricy and unnecessary.
[10:34:03] Resident019:

🥰🥰 what a beautiful colour
[10:34:38] Resident004:

The workers also dug up the pavement in front of my drive without telling us and we had cars on the drive. Resulting in being late to work.
[10:35:51] Resident033:

[10:36:09] Resident011:

Ok to all outside of chelston rise, the issue we have that this is the only option for us as in cable wise, the connection coming to the whole estate is around 2mb, regardless of the provider... that's why I amnaakign about their speed and reliability of the connection as we really have no other options... the issue is withing the cables leading to the estate so as long as I have more than 2MB and dropped probably once a month I think this is still better than what we have.
I get that people out on chelveston and caldecott have better options but in chelston rise we are really stuck
[10:42:23] Adrian Dale:

[10:44:18] Resident030:

Send in the Clowns, where are the Clowns, don’t worry their Gigaclear🤯🤯🤭🤭🤭
[10:46:26] Resident033:

One bag on drive for you. Hope it’s useful
[10:48:09] Resident097:

Thanks Elaine where abouts are you on Waterlane ?
[10:48:42] Adrian Dale:

Pete I’ll bring just coming up with mine
[10:49:53] Resident097:

Thanks Adrian appreciated
[10:55:08] Resident055:

Happy birthday 🥳 to my hubby lucky still to have him given 2yrs 3yrs ago cancer go do one hopefully more yrs to come
[10:56:41] Resident109:

That's nice to hear Happy birthday
[10:57:17] Resident012:

Happy birthday
[10:57:18] Resident097:

Happy Birthday
[10:58:43] Resident033:

Very happy birthday 🥂🥂
[11:01:31] Resident097:

Thanks adrain your a star
[11:02:10] Resident124:

[11:12:52] Adrian Dale:

😂😂 I turned off Siri on my iPhone when she unexpectedly chipped into a conversation I was having! My ear piece and microphone are always connected and I had accidentally pressed the home button on the phone. I didn’t realise she was listening until this disembodied voice came into my ear. “It is likely to rain this afternoon....” I jumped out of my skin!
[11:15:53] Resident002:

Happy birthday Steve
[11:20:27] Resident022:

Happy birthday. 🎂
[11:29:04] Resident079:

Happy birthday 🎂🎉🎈
[11:52:52] Resident040:

[11:52:56] Resident037:

The speed is faster than we had before, but 3x slower than we pay for, which is the problem
[11:55:19] Resident023:

[12:03:07] Resident012:

[12:03:08] Resident012:

[12:07:31] Resident033:

🌷🌷 lovely arrangement x
[12:17:23] Resident097:

Naomi ..... pleaae open the pub this lockdown is killing me.. the corona didnt get me but all this bl##dy housework will !!
[12:19:14] Resident097:

Will be intouch after the lockdown im thinking some of your beautiful tulips would be just the touch for our front garden when its all ready for planting
[12:26:00] Resident071:

[12:27:17] Resident097:

[12:27:45] Resident105e:

[12:36:09] Resident033: hopefully goes live end of this week with our autumn planting catalogue, that’s if I get off this chat page and get my head into work. 🌷🌷🌷
[12:46:08] Resident097:

Will take a look :-) Thanks Elaine
[12:49:20] Resident109:

Christine would have loves your plants Ashley
[13:00:28] Resident039:

Beautiful tulips could do with them today
[13:17:58] Resident016:

[13:21:09] Resident117:

I'll definitely be looking at your catalogue too Elaine.
[13:22:00] Resident012:

Thank you Rosemary
[13:23:06] Resident001:

Could someone tell me what other providers are available. I understand it was discussed at the meeting, unfortunately I couldn't be there.
[13:27:16] Adrian Dale:

Hi Adam, Unfortunately there are no other providers currently with wholesale access to the Gigaclear network. And even if they had it, I am not sure it would be much better as the problems seem to be with the resiliency and redundancy of kit and then limited resources to fix quickly.
[13:42:09] Resident001:

Thank you
[14:00:08] Resident071:

I signed up for Gigaclear with free install. I asked for a survey before install which was carried out promptly. The surveyor said that everything would meet the standard free installation criteria. I then got the quote:

Survey Date

Comex Engineer

Details of Work

CCP – 294
- 36m grass
- 4m block paving
- 25m grass
- 2m slabs
- 267 POT to CDC

Total: 67m, 350m cable required to allow for slack

All cables must be buried to a minimum of 6 inches. If this cannot be achieved, then the technician will discuss on the day.

Fibre Cost 75m = £22.02

Base installation charge = £181.76

Installation Cost = £204.47 (breakdown below)

61m soft @ £2.69/m = £164.09
4m blocks @ £6.73/m = £26.92
2m slabs @ £6.73/m = £13.46

Installation Time = 270 mins

Total Cost
60 Days
Additional Cost

Told them I would cancel unless they done it for free. They came back and said they would do it for £100. I said free or I cancel! They came back again and said they would do it for free if I lifted 2 slabs. I refused. The sales guy called back 6 weeks later and said he would get it done free. I’ve heard nothing since.
[14:01:25] Resident071:

I am still trying to work out how they would need 350m of cable to cover 67m!😩😩😩
[14:05:52] Resident022:

Walk away from this. Pressure selling to me.
[14:07:12] Resident011:

Well in theory we wont have to worry about install as they will lead cables to every household that signed up so I assume it's just the money for the service itself we would be looking at
[14:07:46] Resident011:

If they would release their cables together providers that wouldn't be a problem 😂
[14:41:32] Resident097:

[14:41:32] Resident097:

[14:41:46] Resident097:

Thanks for the skip bags guys :-)
[14:59:54] Resident097:

On another note if any farmers want any material to fill any holes in farm tracks let me know !!
[15:45:19] Resident101:

[15:45:20] Resident101:

[15:45:20] Resident101:

[15:48:18] Resident011:

Is any of them for an adult ? Ieam i lresume pink one is but im lookign for something as well.for hubby and myself
[15:50:48] Resident101:

The grey max one is my hubby’s and the silver and grey one was for a early teenager.
[15:52:28] Resident011:

Can I have the pink and the grey max one then please? Our little boy is just 3 so he has a tiny bike 🤪
[15:54:34] Resident101:

Yes certainly shall we ask our lovely @447850570007 to collect and deliver?
[15:55:04] Resident125:

Is there still a bike left?
[15:55:11] Resident011:

That would be brilliant. And I can donate however Adrian wants
[15:57:18] Resident101:

Hi Tammy yes it’s the first one.
[15:59:20] Resident101:

Adrian is happy to collect and deliver on tomorrow‘s van run.
[16:00:02] Resident011:

Great, did you think about an amount for donation or nor really?
[16:02:38] Resident101:

Totally up to you what you want to donate once you’ve got them. As I say they will need tyres pumping up and piling probably as just been in our shed for 5 years.
[16:04:10] Adrian Dale:


Lots of people have wanted to make donations for the stuff they have received from this group. This is just fantastic. I have already got envelopes of cash from Resident097 for the kindling and I know others want to donate for their kindling too.

I’ve agreed with the Clerk of the Parish Council (Mark Hunter) that we can use the same PayPal mechanism as has been used for the Cross of Sorrow Appeal.

In the notes field simply say that this is a donation to the Village Emergency. If you don’t have a PayPal account but still want to donate, contact me.

Thanks folks
[16:06:45] Resident011:

Thanks Racheal no worries it sist mostly so we can show our little one how to use a bike and go for short runs with him so all good!
[16:09:57] Resident125:

Would it be suitable for a 5ft 4" female?
[16:10:08] Resident097:

[16:16:16] Resident101:

Hi Tammy I’m about 5’4 and have just sat on it. Can touch ground both sides if that help. Would be just a male frame. Sadle May raise a little more as well but unsure
[16:17:12] Resident125:

It would be perfect for me then. If ok can I have it please?
[16:19:22] Resident101:

Certainly well be on Adrians van run tomorrow if that’s ok. Any donation to village fund as above.
[16:21:04] Resident125:

Aaah thank you very much. I will sort out a donation x
[17:11:58] Resident011:

[17:13:24] Resident091:

Hi abets, we’d love them please. We’ve just got a new plot on the allotment! I’m at number 50, can pick them up tomorrow if that’s ok?
[17:13:48] Resident091:

*Aneta (sorry autocorrect)
[17:17:37] Resident011:

Are you no 50 at the crescent? If yes I can drop them off later on our walk
[17:18:59] Resident091:

Yes we are 🙂. That would be fab thanks!
[17:19:49] Resident139:

Happy birthday Steve and here’s to many more 🥂🎉 (from the Kemps next door) x
[17:40:34] Resident125:

Another little appeal for NANNAs. Does anyone have a petrol cement mixer they're not using and could be loaned to NANNAs for a couple of weeks?
[17:51:21] Resident055:

[17:52:33] Resident091:

Thanks Aneta, all received 😁
[17:53:26] Adrian Dale:

Paradise on Earth who needs an airport!
[18:02:22] Resident043:

Hello All, my mother is wondering if anyone has any spare balls of wool they wouldn’t mind her having for crocheting? As you’re perhaps aware, she’s recovering from an op, so is largely restricted to sitting down activities. Colour, size or quality would be of no concern, as it’s just to keep her busy!
[18:05:05] Resident134:

I have some spare wool she could have, mostly chunky in white purple and blue if that helps?
[18:05:30] Adrian Dale:

The fact that Kaye is sitting down is fantastic!!! We are thrilled!
[18:06:32] Resident043:

Any wool that you are happy to spare would be fantastic, thank you!
[18:07:10] Resident023:

But now in a position to observe and comment on my house keeping skills!
[18:07:58] Adrian Dale:

I’ll collect and deliver any offers tomorrow- great!!
[18:08:38] Resident043:

That’s lovely, thank you very much!
[18:08:43] Resident134:

Okay Adrian, I shall leave the wool in a bag on the doorstep tomorrow morning, 2 Cornerhouse Cottage :)
[18:08:48] Adrian Dale:

Chris - in the words of Frasier from Dad’s Army you are doomed!!
[18:09:41] Resident023:

Aye - I’m dooomed!
[18:11:37] Resident023:

[18:18:26] Resident117:

I have wool too but will need to dig it out and sort. Various kinds. Will let Adrian know when I've done that so he can collect and deliver. May not be till later tomorrow though.
[18:21:08] Resident043:

Lovely, thank you very much!
[18:30:13] Resident019:

[18:30:29] Resident019:

[18:31:11] Resident019:

[18:32:15] Resident019:

[18:32:44] Resident019:

[18:32:57] Resident019:

[18:33:30] Resident019:

All from smoke and pet free house ! Even the puppy crate as was here as a spare
[18:37:02] Resident012:

Hi Harriet I have some wool your mum can have. I will sort it out tomorrow and bring it and leave by your gate when I come up to Haleworth x
[18:37:14] Resident097:

Meant to say unused !!
[18:37:14] Resident101:

If no one else in the village wants it my cousin may have a use for it at her vets practice.
[18:39:30] Resident043:

That would be lovely, thank you!
[18:40:15] Resident012:

I’ll let you know tomorrow when I’m coming
[19:17:58] Resident063:

Hi Harriet my wife Sara runs the Knit and Natter Group at the church in normal time. She will drop some off tomorrow at Adrian's hoping that he is happy to deliver it. They produce blankets for charity size 1m square if your mum wants a project.
[19:18:38] Resident019:

Just let us know :-)
[20:01:49] Resident009:

Hi Rachael, sorry, just catching up, is this the teenager one, and is it still around ? My boy is 11? Thanks
[20:05:38] Resident101:

Hi Andy this is the teenager bike but Tammy has requested it sorry.
[20:07:14] Resident125:

Rachael as much as I'd like I'm ok if Andy's son has it if he will get more enjoyment x
[20:08:34] Resident101:

Hi totally up you you Tammy.
[20:08:42] Resident043:

That would be lovely, thank you. She’s made two big squares so far and I believe she does intend to turn it into a blanket
[20:09:34] Resident125:

Yeah I'm cool if his son gets enjoyment and you dont mind. I can wait for a bike x
[20:18:15] Resident009:

Hi Tammy/ Rachael are you sure? I don’t want to but in, just could track if it was available or not 😂
[20:18:23] Resident101:

Hi Andy looks like Tammy is going to let your son have the bike if you would like it. Please do a service of it before he goes out on it though as I say it’s been in the shed for 5 years since we moved to the village
[20:19:19] Resident101:

Happy for it to go somewhere where it can be used.
[20:20:25] Resident009:

Thanks so much ladies, of course I will 👍🏼, something to do aye 👍🏼. I’m at work all day tomorrow, I am happ to collect from your drive etc tomorrow night, whee are you at Rachael, and thankyou again Tammy 👍🏼, and Rachel👍🏼
[20:22:00] Resident101:

Hi Andy I’ve just been speaking to Adrian and he’s collecting the others from me in the morning so is happy to deliver. As always.
[20:30:11] Resident125:

Everyone happy especially an 11 year old x
[21:05:24] Resident009:

Thanks All, very much appreciated.
[21:15:26] Resident086:

Hi everyone, does anyone know where I can buy some runner bean seeds by anychance?? 😊
[21:17:18] Resident136:

No chance I'm afraid I've been looking everywhere for them with no success!!
[21:17:46] Resident097:

Wilkinsons in Rushden
[21:19:27] Resident055:

Hillside @ Finedon will sell them not seeds plants 🌱 on web click and collect also + will deliver
[21:19:28] Resident136:

Must have had s fresh lot on them as none when I looked
[21:20:32] Resident055:

Co op have Tom plants 🌱 £1 per pot
[21:22:54] Resident086:

Ahh ok, I will pop in when I get a chance, if they have some at Wilko I will get you some Wendy ok 👍, would rather grow from seed but thanks anyway Jennie 👍.
I have set some Tom seeds, hopefully they will grow, my first time at growing anything from seeds 😊
[21:24:05] Resident136:

Thanks Michelle
[21:27:30] Resident086:

Oh and Wendy, spoke to mum yesterday and she said we lived in the first house when you go under the arch on the right, mum said it was a double fronted one, she thinks she got this right she said a lady called Mabel Meadows owned it and they rented it off her for 10 shillings 🤣
[21:32:54] Resident136:

That is next door to me, I live at no. 2.
[22:09:38] Resident056:

Michelle I have got some runner bean seeds if you would like some. I’m at 7 Britten Close. Jenny
[22:12:03] Resident086:

Ahh Jenny that would be fab thankyou 😊, I will collect tomoz if that's OK 👍, pop on your doorstep plz hun 😊, how much do I owe you?
[22:13:30] Resident056:

I don’t want anything thanks, good luck with them 😀
[22:14:50] Resident086:

Thankyou so much 😊
[22:36:51] Resident063:

Hi Harriet sorry for the late post I don't check the phone often. I can confirm Adrian has the wool and he has committed to dropping it off with you tomorrow. Sleep well
[23:25:44] Resident058:

I have about 30 Runner Bean seeds from last years crop, will leave them on our book stall at the end of Water Lane, please help yourselves. We have different books coming on stream every day, please feel free to take them or swop with some of your own😀