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[06:30:08] Resident097:

Oh such a perfect day ..... urrrrgh

Looking out the window knowing i have a car to recover and im going to soaked through to the bone cold and wet 😥😥😥 epic fail .
[06:44:07] Adrian Dale:

[06:44:27] Adrian Dale:

[06:44:51] Adrian Dale:

[06:52:06] Adrian Dale:

[06:52:06] Adrian Dale:

[06:57:29] Resident097:

[06:57:41] Resident097:

[08:28:16] Brenda Elldred:

Thank you Adrian - amazing history in a so called ‘sleepy’ village!
[08:39:30] Resident094:

Start the day with music and our podcast preparing us for Sunday service.
Scroll down for the link
[09:21:05] Resident017:

Does it say 1 mile on the back @447850570007?
[09:21:33] Adrian Dale:

[09:21:52] Resident017:

Probably a 1 mile time trial
[10:31:14] Resident123:

Still have the bag of potatoes 🥔 and the tray of eggs 🥚 that was delivered to the wrong address was any body expecting a delivery 🚚
[10:31:46] Resident023:

The VH has been used for time trials HQ. Maybe somebody took it as a show n tell and lost it. I guess it was a club event.
[10:35:14] Adrian Dale:

Hi Steve I have messaged all the people with the same house number elsewhere in the Village
[10:41:39] Resident123:

I'll leave it a bit longer if nobody claims them, then Wendy can have them as I will never eat all those potatoes 🥔, and I have plenty of eggs 🥚
[10:46:49] Resident136:

[10:47:45] Resident136:

[10:49:21] Resident032:

😂😂 love this!
[11:16:15] Resident082:

[11:18:30] Resident022:

You can never have too many toys. 😁
[11:18:56] Resident023:

Surely a family heirloom and part of the family.
[11:19:47] Resident123:

[11:36:04] Resident031:

[11:39:06] Resident002:

[11:47:19] Resident023:

[12:37:02] Resident051:

[12:42:17] Adrian Dale:

Excellent!! I’ll find out!
[12:46:06] Adrian Dale:

Oh yes!! Nigel remembers the photo. Michelle’s grandad is in it too and Barry Saunston who was once our district councillor
[12:47:30] Resident051:

What a small world!
[12:58:39] Resident086:

Janellan, wow that photo is amazing, my dad Colin Dunmore is there, it would have been his birthday today x
[13:06:18] Resident051:

Aw a poignant reminder for you Michelle 😊
It’s amazing to me as my grandparents/Dad moved to Cumbria later in the fifties where I was born & raised so I really had no knowledge of Chelveston until we moved here and found this connection
[13:11:11] Adrian Dale:

[13:19:19] Resident086:

Awww yes, Janellan you are definitely meant to be in the village 😊
[13:22:19] Resident086:

[13:22:34] Resident086:

[13:22:44] Adrian Dale:

I’ve just realised that Penny (Nigel’s cousin) in St George’s row is on there too!
[13:22:47] Resident086:

[13:23:27] Resident086:

[13:23:31] Adrian Dale:

Where is this one? Thanks
[13:24:11] Resident086:

[13:24:47] Resident086:

Thats Hall Farm House
[13:25:29] Resident086:

[13:26:58] Resident086:

[13:28:23] Resident136:

What number Pokas Michelle?
[13:30:10] Resident086:

[13:30:37] Resident086:

Wendy, I'm not sure, I will ask mum 👍😊
[13:35:50] Resident086:

[13:45:14] Resident134:

That's a great photo, thank you for sharing! My partner and I live in one of the Cornerhouse Cottages so really interesting to get to see what used to be on the site 😀
[13:56:10] Resident040:

Love this!
[14:00:26] Resident086:

Vikki, that's my pleasure 😊
[14:01:55] Resident086:

Gail, it is a good one isn't it 👍, when we lived at Hall Farm a guy came round selling the photos so had to have it 😊
[14:05:11] Resident086:

[14:13:49] Resident123:

Hi Wendy
Nobody has contacted me regarding the bag of potatoes 🥔 and the tray of eggs 🥚 so if you still want them you can have them because I will never eat all them
If so let me know your home number and street etc and I will drop them to. Your door 🚪 wearing gloves 🧤 and leave
[14:17:25] Resident136:

Hi Steve, I live at 2 Pokas cottages, off the high street , if you want Adrian to collect them I am sure he would, it's up to you, thanks.
[14:33:22] Adrian Dale:

I’ll do it on afternoon van
[14:33:49] Resident136:

Thanks Adrian
[14:46:13] Resident136:

Adrian, Steve has just delivered the eggs and spuds to me, do your want a cash donation or electronic?
[14:48:15] Adrian Dale:

Electronic please - I’ll sort later
[15:16:15] Resident030:

[15:30:24] Resident031:

[15:31:10] Resident030:

No, good guess
[15:32:56] Resident123:

Wind screen
[15:35:21] Resident030:

Like it, yes a windscreen, but near all bikes have wind screens, but what make😎
[15:42:01] Resident023:

See through
[15:43:44] Resident030:

Not tall enough, but you can see through it if I crouch down
[15:57:31] Resident030:

For those who are or maybe interested in motorcycles of any make, be it from sports bike, touring, older bikes even off road bikes, then the following may be of interest. There is a bike club in Bedfordshire called Oakley Motorcycle Club, they have a website and are on Face Book. Although they are closed down for now, you can however look them up.
[16:15:32] Resident031:

Will do. Thanks Dave.
[16:35:03] Adrian Dale:

(Group Admin)
Chelveston Caldecott and Chelston Rise. I have now worked through all the photos posted yesterday and today. Many of them are the first time these photos have come to light. They are a unique record of our history and with your collective permission, the Council would like to build an electronic archive of them to make them available forever. I’ll be contacting all of the residents who sent in a photo to see if I can borrow the original for 1 day to make a high resolution scan.
[16:38:23] Resident030:

Adrian, any chance a 2021 picture calendar could be made, with proceeds going to the NHS 😎
[16:39:50] Adrian Dale:

Great idea Dave - I’ll leave the Clerk to sort the copyright issues 😄 I’m just the bloke in yellow in the Postman Pat van
[16:41:20] Resident030:

Of course you are Adrian 😵😵🤪😎😎
[16:56:05] Resident086:

Yes Gail mentioned a calendar yesterday, good idea 👍 and yep if any of the pics I posted are of interest Adrian give me a shout 😊
[16:58:06] Resident055:

[16:58:06] Resident055:

[16:58:06] Resident055:

[16:58:06] Resident055:

[16:58:06] Resident055:

[16:58:09] Resident055:

[17:03:15] Resident002:

[17:04:19] Resident097:

What like the one the Wi did a few years back ?? 🤣🤣🤣 I have a small turnip I can hide behind .... just put me around august !!
[17:04:30] Resident002:

[17:04:56] Resident023:

Must be a male fountain
[17:06:04] Resident030:

[17:07:58] Resident030:

What🙀 no tea☠️☠️🤡
[17:09:31] Resident023:

Sports/touring screen?
[17:10:50] Resident030:

Could be, it is adjustable, but what make though.
[17:11:51] Resident097:

Looks like a met police bike screen
[17:12:43] Resident030:

No, not even close.
[17:13:53] Resident097:

Is it a dave pannell limited edition
[17:14:28] Resident023:

[17:16:11] Resident030:

Yes it is, I suppose I gave it away when I said it is adjustable.
[17:16:35] Resident055:

Givi ?
[17:16:58] Resident030:

Well that sort of quiz was short lived.
[17:17:44] Resident030:

The top box is but what size is it🎃👾
[17:18:17] Resident097:

33.5 litres
[17:18:48] Resident097:

Unless its upside down in which case nothing 🤣
[17:19:39] Resident097:

Whats heavier a tonne of stone or a tonne of feathers
[17:19:40] Resident030:

[17:20:21] Resident030:

Neither, both a tonne
[17:21:50] Resident097:

How do you spell supercalifragilisticexpialidoscious????... its a long word how do you actually you spell it
[17:22:10] Resident030:

[17:22:36] Resident097:

Ok you have passed level 2 of jedi
[17:23:08] Resident055:

I used to be able to say it backwards can’t now
[17:23:44] Resident097:

[17:24:05] Resident030:

OH goodie, I just turn round and say it. 🤓🤓
[17:25:27] Resident030:

Next part of training is levitation 😫😫
[17:26:44] Resident097:

Use a broom handle and a breeze block to stabilise, after a few attempts it works !! Just be careful of splinters and wax the handle 🤣🤣🤣
[17:27:57] Resident030:

Mmmm now I know your secret Jedi Master🥳🥳🤔🤗🤗
[17:28:09] Resident097:

[17:29:39] Resident030:

I hear that Harpic cleaner kills most germs and viruses, does this mean we have a cure,
[17:30:38] Resident097:

I heard alcohol gel is good for it too..... does this mean if we consume enough gin it will flush it out
[17:31:45] Resident030:

I would guess so, arh🥵🥵🥵🤮
[17:38:13] Adrian Dale:

(Group Admin)
Hi there folks, I’ve just had a fascinating proposition. One of our newer residents is a qualified Zumba teacher. She is offering to teach Zumba, Zumba Gold (for older residents) and Zumba chair (for those who can’t stand) for free online for the Village. Who fancies this then?
[17:48:06] Resident053:

I am interested. Thank you.
[17:48:57] Resident066:

Hi everyone,
Anyone that is interested in the zumba, please feel free to email me at: or add me on Facebook under ‘Leanne Taylor zumba’ x
[17:49:23] Resident030:

Jennie, I do have a Givi screen, but not used it for years.
[17:50:07] Resident066:

This is what my Facebook page looks like if you are trying to find me on there...
[17:51:07] Resident066:

[18:03:50] Resident055:

[18:07:16] Resident038:

[18:08:28] Resident002:

[18:10:09] Resident085:

[18:14:43] Resident085:

[18:21:52] Resident023:

Always a beautiful bike ridden and maintained by a great bloke!
[18:24:01] Resident109:

Cheers mate
[18:25:46] Adrian Dale:

Wow - a new side to Melvyn!! You’ll tell me next that Rosemary was roaring round on the back of that!
[18:25:47] Resident030:

Plenty of HD’s enthusiasts @ OMC, some have more than nine in their garages.
[18:28:08] Resident109:

Yes on both of them Adrian
[18:28:49] Adrian Dale:

Gulp!! And I have never been on a motorbike - respect girl!
[18:31:09] Resident097:

Ok so slight change of topic Petrolheads ...Who here is involved or has been previously involved in Motorsport ??

I started out in Motorcross at age of 7
Then moved across to Ministox at 11
Direct move into national bangers ! Missed out the rookies altogether and went played with the bigboys

Few years out of it as i pretended to grow up ... built several racecars for other people, mainly time attack cars

Few years back bought some Prod a cars and started preparing them but then they made the track at Northampton Shale which meant a 2hr drive to practice so sold them

Now heavily involved in drifting, got a few skid cars atm and plan to compete over next year in a few rounds of Driftcup

Done quite a bit of offroading, some of you may of seen or heard my old green Monstertruck sold her a few weeks back :-(

have recently purchased my Dragtruck ... was a sub 11 second 1/4 mile truck my aim is to go faster, just waiting on the right crate motor then ill be down at Pod smoking the tyres
[18:41:33] Resident007:

I have sent you a request on fb
[18:42:04] Resident085:

[18:42:45] Resident097:

Awesome would be good to chat sometime you may be able to give me some advice
[18:43:20] Resident109:

Yes he's good at that!
[18:48:15] Resident023:

If Woody doesn’t know it - it really isn’t worth knowing, even his petrol hedge trimmer was tuned!
[20:37:33] Resident097:

Random question ... does anyone in the village or any of the farmers have a couple or atleast 1 empty 1t Sack or Skipbag that i can either have or buy off you ??

Im trying to have a tidy up in the garden atm but after spending nearly 380 quid on a skip already this week am planning on pulling the rest the 2 or 3 skip bags full of garden muck i have into one area in the yard so i can get rid at a later stage after this lockdown has passed and i have a few more available funds
Just need 1 more min so i can do the front garden

[20:39:08] Adrian Dale:

I’ve got a few Higgi bags Pete at home and the Village Hall if that helps
[20:39:10] Resident033:

I have a tonne bag spare at work can bring home tomorrow if it will be big enough for you
[20:41:06] Resident097:

Are they the big ones with the lift eyes for forks or hiab adrian ? If so one would be perfect if you have a spare, if not ill take up Elaines kind offer below
[20:41:58] Resident097:

Thanks elaine that would be much appreciated if not too much trouble
[20:42:50] Adrian Dale:

I reckon we’ve both got the same. Let me see what I’ve got in the morning and then we can ask Elaine to top up when she comes
Home from work
[20:43:09] Resident033:

Ok no problem will bring one home tomorrow after work. Leave in front drive about lunchtime ish
[20:43:44] Resident097:

:-) Thanks guys much appreciated
Let me know how much you want for them and ill sort
[20:44:31] Resident073:

We’ve got a couple of Jewson ones.
[20:45:25] Resident033:

I thought a higgi bag was half tonne but I’m a girlie and your talking blue job things but will bring one home tomorrow.
[20:45:37] Resident033:

[20:47:16] Resident097:

No idea !! Lol
1t would be great though, but will gladly take whatever is available if it means i can clear some more of this junk in the garden into one area then i can just get my mate in after with his rollon rolloff and drag them on the back
[20:47:44] Resident097:

Thanks again
[20:48:54] Resident033:

[20:49:01] Resident097:

Hopefully sorted now but if not ill give you a shout, thankyou
[20:49:36] Resident073:

No worries we are only a couple of doors away!
[20:50:38] Resident097:

Lou ?
[20:51:48] Resident073:

No, Lorraine at East View (other side of Wildacre)!
[20:52:54] Resident097:

Aha ! Hi .. this things doing wonders for socialising with my neighbours
[20:53:50] Resident073:

Hi, I think it is for all of us!
[20:55:20] Resident097:

Its sad its come to this for people to communicate, but hopefully its built the community stronger and we can keep it going even after all this virus has blown over.
[20:56:14] Resident073:

Hopefully. Look forward to meeting you in person at some point!
[20:56:35] Resident097:

You too :-)
[20:59:21] Resident033:

Village party once the pub opens. Marquee, music and a fund day introducing each other to each other. I have no idea who any of you are but sure will make it my business to put names to faces when we are allowed out again xx
[21:00:06] Michelle Dalliston:

[21:00:06] Michelle Dalliston:

[21:00:07] Michelle Dalliston:

[21:00:07] Michelle Dalliston:

[21:00:07] Michelle Dalliston:

[21:00:08] Michelle Dalliston:

[21:00:44] Resident060:

We have some at the church should there still be a need.
[21:01:50] Resident109:

That would be nice I would love to thank you on person for my tulips and buy Chris a drink for kindly getting flour yesterday for my neighbour. Everyone has been so kind.
[21:02:17] Michelle Dalliston:

Easter Gardens - Inside Out begun at both churches! 😃❤️🌈🙏🏼🌱🌺🌹🌳🌼☀️ Join in this coming week by adding flowers, plants, pebbles, stones etc as you are out on a walk and help them grow!
[21:05:15] Brenda Elldred:

Beautiful Easter garden. Thank you Michelle. We can all add to it and make it special for the season. 😘💐🙏