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[05:49:06] Adrian Dale:

[05:49:33] Adrian Dale:

[05:50:04] Adrian Dale:

[06:18:49] Adrian Dale:

[06:38:44] Resident054:

[07:25:34] Resident023:

[07:46:40] Adrian Dale:

What year is that Chris ?
[07:48:22] Resident023:

16th September 2014 !!
[07:49:05] Adrian Dale:

When I saw the cat on the roof I did wonder!!
[08:01:36] Resident023:

There are a few clues.

The airfield land originally belonged to Top Gate Farm, we have the compulsory purchase papers somewhere.
[08:13:41] Resident087:

Hi all
Not sure if this will help anybody but also have now launched a food parcel that is similar to the Morrison’s one, but £10 cheaper at £25. I’ve included the link ! Not ordered myself but it may be if use if we find ourselves isolated or struggling to get a delivery!
[08:13:56] Resident087:

Sorry Aldi not also!
[08:55:51] Resident019:

Aldi have plain and self raising flour if people are still after it. Small queue but moving quick
[08:56:36] Adrian Dale:

Thanks Cathy! No flour at LIDL
[09:20:29] Brenda Elldred:

Loving hearing all the history of Chelveston Adrian. I’ve been looking recently at the church history - lovely story about the organist and organ on the Parish website!
[09:25:54] Adrian Dale:

Did I read that correctly, the schoolmaster/organist running amok with a hammer and then a razor, smashing up the organ?? That’s one way of getting a new one!
[09:30:19] Brenda Elldred:

Apparently so Adrian. But I don’t want to give anyone any ideas!!
[10:04:15] Resident058:

Maynard Baxter also told me that folk in the village would prepare the Sunday Roast and take it up to the Village Bakehouse to cook on a Sunday morning. The Baker would sometimes add a Yorkshire Pudding mix around the base of the joint, sounds yummy.
[10:16:08] Resident023:

[10:18:40] Resident023:

Correction: it was 23rd May 2007 (Thankyou Roby).
[10:25:36] Brenda Elldred:

[11:11:48] Resident006:

[11:15:43] Resident006:

[11:18:35] Resident006:

[11:21:58] Resident022:

History of the village fascinating. Will have to learn more at some point. Supermarket update. Lidl short queue well stocked. Waitrose longer queue waiting now. Anyone need anything.
[11:22:42] Resident109:

I am trying to get flour for Gilly
[11:24:02] Resident022:

What sort of flour.
[11:24:56] Resident109:

Plain and Sr I can't get either on my Asda order
[11:26:52] Resident022:

Okay will see if there is any and purchase. Will report back later.
[11:27:19] Resident109:

Thank you
[11:34:05] Resident055:

Maureen Kay told me about the roasts being cooked at the bakery she lived at no 12 high st for over 40yrs
[11:36:48] Resident047:

Wow that’s next door to me is Maureen the lady who ‘allegedly’ tied herself to the Redwood tree to prevent it being felled. Thank goodness she did as it stands proud today !
[11:39:54] Resident055:

Yes she did ! She also taught me to swear ! Very clever lady
[11:42:19] Resident047:

Legend bless her good story
[11:42:49] Resident047:

Bet she had some stories
[11:55:19] Resident055:

Yes she did !
[11:56:17] Resident097:

[12:22:28] Resident006:

[12:25:38] Adrian Dale:

Horace says that’s John his brother and his Dad on the right
[12:26:55] Resident006:

Yes of course Allen said the other blokes American 😂
[12:28:57] Adrian Dale:

Yep Henry Green the aerial photographer who became a friend of the Eady family
[12:53:58] Adrian Dale:


Good afternoon Chelston Rise, I have just had a surprise call from Gigaclear. All being well, work will start on Monday 20th April to build your new network. I have no other info at present and my contact is working hard to get me the plans.
[12:56:19] Resident017:

I changes over to Plusnet 2 weeks ago, line went live yesterday and the router hasn't even turned up yet! 🤦🏼‍♀️
[13:10:21] Resident026:

Fantastic news Adrian! Thanks for letting us know. 👍
[13:21:01] Resident015:

[13:22:25] Resident131:

Hi Adrian, many thanks for letting us know
[13:26:40] Resident075:

Can we have who wants to be millionaire please?
[13:27:33] Adrian Dale:

I’ll put it on this afternoon’s van Candy, can you leave on your doorstep by 15:15 please
[13:30:16] Resident015:

Yes will leave it out for Adrian to pick up and deliver this afternoon
[13:30:30] Resident015:

No prob
[13:30:57] Resident011:

Oh brilliant!
[13:31:50] Resident075:

Thanks candy, BTW I love your name 🤗
[13:32:29] Resident015:

Thank you
[13:32:56] Adrian Dale:

Could you pop it on the Facebook group please?
[13:35:37] Resident131:

Hi, Clinton has already put it up, he was as quick as a flash. Thank you, Clinton
[13:56:09] Resident015:

[13:56:51] Resident075:

Yes please
[13:57:38] Resident015:

Will leave it with the other one for Adrian to collect
[13:58:50] Resident015:

There is to games to pick up
[14:03:51] Resident016:

Hi Candy please can I have the senior moments game if it hasn’t already gone? ThanksCarol P
[14:04:24] Resident016:

Adrian am happy to pick this up later when I’m out for my daily exercise.
[14:05:00] Resident015:

No it's all yours will leave it out for Adrian to collect
[14:05:25] Adrian Dale:

I’m going anyway I’ll pickup for you
[14:05:53] Resident016:

Bless you both and thanks Adrian
[14:17:36] Resident011:

Anyone got any board games for ages 3+? Waitrose had quite a few but they are expensive...
[15:01:58] Resident009:

Hi, is there any of the high street opposite the pub? Thanks
[15:04:22] Resident050:

[15:07:03] Resident009:

Superb! Thanks, our house was a shop then 👍🏼
[15:10:00] Resident136:

Andy, the shop closed early seventies I think, it became on office in 1981
[15:10:52] Resident009:

Thanks Wendy 👍🏼you’ve seen it all change over the years aye 😉
[15:13:14] Resident050:

[15:14:15] Resident034:

Can i have the pointless game if no one else want a please
[15:15:24] Resident015:

Certainly I will ask Adrian to collect it for you when he picks up the others
[15:16:25] Resident055:

Not a shop as such they used to hire out measuring equipment their were 2 flats a store and offices bill owned it right up to the arch Maureen worked there until she was 90
[15:17:45] Resident136:

Andy, your bedroom was where the W.I. used to hold their meetings (if only walls could talk!)
[15:18:04] Resident055:

Is there still a safe in your property??
[15:25:54] Resident009:

I don’t think so, Where abouts, in the bedroom ?
[15:26:16] Resident009:

I never knew that Wendy, sounds like we need a cuppa a catch up over the fence 👍🏼
[15:26:52] Resident055:

In the back room overlooking the garden
[15:27:34] Resident034:

Thank You!
[15:27:39] Resident009:

That’s our kitchen now, but there is a pantry on the back of it? Was it a walk in safe ?
[15:28:03] Resident136:

Also there is a well between the front room and the kitchen, roughly by the back door, buried under the floor
[15:28:52] Resident055:

No normal 2ft size
[15:35:32] Resident117:

[15:39:23] Resident009:

Blimey, there’s no well now - I hope 😂
[15:39:47] Resident009:

Hi Jenny, must have been removed during the refurb 👍🏼
[15:41:32] Resident117:

[15:44:48] Resident055:

Anyone remember the antique shop ?
[15:47:02] Resident117:

Dad vaguely remembers. On or near JST?
[15:47:53] Resident055:

Yes where the stone cottages are now
[15:49:10] Resident136:

Albert dunmore owned the house, and rented the barn out
[15:49:59] Resident136:

And apparently Andy's house was an antique shop many years ago but I don't remember that
[16:01:26] Resident086:

Wendy, Albert Dunmore is my grandad 😊 I have spoken with my cousin today to see if he has any old photos in his attic of my Nan and Grandad Dunmore and their property, he is going to look over the weekend 👍
[16:02:51] Resident136:

I used to love Albert, he certainly was a character!!
[16:04:28] Resident022:

Noel's barn must have been next door to our house. Looks like it in the background.
[16:04:45] Resident058:

Think The Home Guard used the Antique shop building to meet during the war.
[16:05:37] Resident120:

Thank you to whoever has left the £2 on the book swap table, this was very kind but all books are free, even if you don’t have one to swap! Just help yourselves! If you are happy for us to, we would like to pass this donation on to Adrian for the village funds 😊 we have lots of new books due to come out of ‘quarentine’ over the weekend!
[16:09:34] Resident058:

Thanks for the turf Adrian, will make a donation later.
[16:13:19] Resident117:

[16:17:51] Adrian Dale:

And guess who tore down the barn and built Barnbrook .... you guessed our Aitch!! He also built Di’s house The Sheilings on Kimbolton Road (which Aitch called Erzanmine (say the syllables) and Wildacre on Raunds Road.
[16:18:56] Adrian Dale:


Would people be happy for me to use these photos to build a historical montage of the Village?
[16:19:54] Resident097:

This is of interest to me ...

Question is would Chelveston Benefit from another garage
I have a workshop going up over the next few months for my own classic car collection, I have all the garage equipment from my existing garage at Sharnbrook but my plan is to eventually bring it all home as i do quite a few jobs from home currently. In which case there is the pottential to be able to provide friendly vehicle repairs and servicing,restoration and Mot work aswell as tyres again within the village.

Would this be of interest to any of you guys
[16:21:12] Resident038:

Absolutely it would. Could you do MOTs?
[16:21:26] Resident038:

[16:22:37] Resident097:

Wouldnt do Mots on site but yes we can do the repair work and take them to our friendly mot tester we use
[16:23:54] Resident130:

Maynard Baxter said that the whole of Water Yard (at Ford end of Water Lane) used to get its water from the well & latterly a pump at the top of the drive, next to 43 Water Lane. Before Water Lane was lengthened ( it stopped at the Hillside corner) number 43 was actually number 4 Water Lane. The houses in the lane were totally renumbered, starting from the High Street end!
[16:25:50] Resident052:

Hi Adrian that’s a great idea would be fantastic I also remember a couple of years ago there was an exhibition in the church with loads of village photos Resident079 and I spent a lovely time chatting with Penny B and Aitch on their lives here so all this should be kept and added to any existing information as tracing family trees and history is still popular
[16:27:22] Resident038:

[16:33:58] Resident099:

Great idea!
[16:36:05] Resident002:

Motorbike servicing and MoT?
[16:39:44] Resident019:

Bikes wouldn't be a issue Pete originally trained as a agricultural engineer so can also do Small Tractors,Mowers,lawncare stuff and plant equipment. Cars Van's bikes and light commercials as previously repaired at his sharnbrook site

Sorry his phones just died !
[16:40:43] Resident019:

Mots again would go elsewhere but he can certainly do the prep and repair works
[16:42:12] Adrian Dale:

Hi Janet, I’ve still got those photos!!
[16:42:56] Resident052:

Excellent they were really interesting 👍
[16:47:37] Adrian Dale:

Is anyone expecting a bag of potatoes and a dozen eggs to be delivered? They’ve arrived at the wrong house!
[17:00:47] Resident030:

Apart from myself, how many of you in the village have motorcycles? Those who do not may not be aware that when kitted out for a bike ride we are so self insulated you wouldn’t believe it. Just the helmet gives full face cover, jacket, trousers, gloves & boots.

I have not been out on my one for weeks now, I hear the guys out they on their sports bikes and a few Harley Davidsons as well. I will be out when travel is allowed.
[17:05:25] Resident097:

All good and Self isolated until you come off or a car or a tractor pulls out .. thats the risk

Yes i know this van happen at any time of the year and god forbid it doesnt but see my post from yesterday where i went to a headon
13 keyworkers were present none of whom needed to be

Essential travel is just that, essential... we all like to take the bikes and cars out and enjoy the sun believe me im a speed freak and this lockdown is killing me i have a dragster sat here waiting for santapod to reopen

Stay safe and dont take unnecessary risks
[17:16:16] Resident040:

I would love a copy of a historical montage. Could be a great Christmas calendar idea?
[17:18:30] Resident018:

Your garage would definitely be of interest to me as I have a rare car that I need to get back on the road
[17:19:10] Resident097:

Will message you now
[17:28:41] Resident097:

[17:28:41] Resident097:

[17:29:27] Resident002:

I do hence the question on Servicing. Not used it this year due to a skiing accident. Only just allowed to drive the car - not that I can take that anywhere either.
[17:29:34] Resident136:

[17:30:41] Resident130:

Pete - we would be interested in discussing bringing a special car back to life!! Would love to drive it again!
[17:31:18] Resident097:

Blimey didnt think the village response would be this great ! Messaging you now
[17:33:13] Resident136:

The lorry crashing into the pub woke my hubby up in the early hours, it was a coincidence because the landlord had just put in for planning to turn the house next door into a restaurant so it was done during the repairs
[17:34:31] Resident134:

We too have a couple of older vehicles which could use your repair and restoration services once this is all over! It would be great to use a local contact
[17:35:27] Resident097:

😮As above will message you now looks like i may be busy for a while !!
[17:36:34] Resident030:

I thought the pub had a restaurant before the lorry hit the pub. It must have been going at some lick adit went through the 3ft thick wall.
[17:37:59] Adrian Dale:

Wendy that’s amazing not seen pictures of the crash - guess who was born in the rooms above the new restaurant ..... you got it Aitch!!
[17:39:42] Resident136:

If you look Dave the house is still separate with its own front door. It had been knocked through I think but easy a proper restaurant at the time. And that was the house that our 'Aitch' was born in of course!!
[17:41:27] Resident097:

When was this early 80's judging by the Sherpa and the Mk3 Cortina id say
[17:42:17] Resident136:

Think it was 1982
[17:43:58] Resident097:

Mk4 Cortina ! WOOPS
[17:51:10] Resident022:

It's looking like if these pictures and memories are collated together a book could be written. Aside from this the number of people asking about resurrecting older cars is super to learn. A6 recovery you could be busy. At some point would like to meet when it's possible. Currently halfway through an engine change on my pi Triumph.
[17:53:09] Resident125:

[17:54:34] Adrian Dale:

wow Tammy I thought you were born here !
[17:54:44] Resident034:

Thanks candy and Adrian for the game!
[17:55:16] Resident022:

HB Viva I think.
Are you still after pet food could add to a shop.
[17:55:58] Resident125:

No we moved here 1976 when the house was brand new and the rest of Duchy Close was mud x
[17:56:29] Resident125:

Yes please Chris they're desperate for wet dog food
[17:56:55] Resident097:

No problem
[17:56:57] Resident022:

Ok next time we shop will get some.
[17:57:11] Resident125:

I also have a classic car that needs restoring one day
[17:57:45] Resident097:

Lovely hb viva
[17:58:25] Resident030:

What about a 2021 calendar with photos of the past.
[17:58:42] Resident136:

My hubby is a classic but needs shooting, not restoring!!
[17:58:53] Resident125:

Lol that car died along time ago the clutch went. I have a 1967 Daimler 2.4
[18:00:08] Resident052:

Hi Tammy will add wet dog food to next shop will sneak it in past Sam & Max 🐶🐶 for Nanna’s Janet & Ray
[18:00:14] Resident030:

🤣🤣🤣 now now young Wendy, play fair.
[18:00:41] Resident125:

Thank you Ray and Janet x
[18:03:16] Resident097:

Now your talking my language
[18:05:30] Resident097:

Love these Very similar to the Jag 3.8s inspector morse car :-)
[18:08:01] Resident022:

Tammy sounds like the Daimler V8 which was about in that era. Correct me if I'm wrong. Beautiful cars though.
[18:10:02] Resident125:

Mine is a Morse car but they changed the engine in 67 from 2.4 and 3.4 to the 240 and 340, mine is definitely a 2 4. Trying to find a picture
[18:10:11] Resident136:

[18:10:53] Resident136:

[18:11:08] Resident097:

Is it on preselect gearbox
[18:17:11] Resident136:

[18:17:48] Resident136:

[18:17:56] Resident097:

Ford consul mk2
[18:19:00] Resident136:

Close, zodiac MK2 converted to a 2 door coupe
[18:19:02] Resident131:

Hi, is it a MK 2, Ford Zephyr?
[18:19:46] Resident097:

Yep def not a consul !! Sorry its a Zephyr i think
[18:20:10] Resident097:

Ok ! Lol
[18:20:48] Resident136:

[18:21:14] Resident097:

Yep realised that when i looked at the front i have friends with several
[18:21:56] Resident136:

[18:22:43] Resident136:

We like fords in this family in case you couldn't guess!!
[18:23:32] Resident055:

And BMW if I have the right Wendy
[18:23:41] Resident125:

[18:24:04] Resident097:

[18:24:12] Resident055:

Ohh now you’re talking!!!
[18:24:23] Resident022:

[18:25:20] Resident055:

Is it running Tammy
[18:25:24] Resident136:

Yes, Jennie, you are right.
[18:26:04] Resident055:

We could have are our car show
[18:26:22] Resident125:

It hasn't been started in years
[18:26:49] Resident097:

[18:26:50] Resident097:

[18:26:50] Resident097:

[18:26:51] Resident097:

[18:26:58] Resident136:

Yes we could have a show, call it show and no go
[18:27:21] Resident097:

I have a show organised for September
[18:27:29] Resident055:

Oh shame when all this is over the boys need to get together and get that baby running 🏃‍♂️
[18:27:35] Resident097:

[18:27:56] Resident031:

I have a bike. Managed a run to The Cotswolds just before lockdown. 😋
[18:27:56] Resident033:

[18:28:33] Resident136:

Oh, have to remember this
[18:29:26] Resident125:

Would be nice. I have a slight issue I cant find the keys!! It was moved to my garage (not here) in Wellingborough by my sisters lodger however he unfortunately died and I didnt check where the keys were when it was moved and sis cant find them !
[18:29:49] Resident136:

We are snobs, we go to kimbolton classic car show !!!!😄
[18:30:43] Resident097:

Shouldnt be a issue tbh most the locks on those old jags and daimlers were Lucas, i have a bunch of them lying about if needed we can try if not we can get the numbers of the old barrels for you
[18:31:58] Resident125:

We used to go swimming in the flood water when it came all the way up to Duchy Close and you couldn't get your car out. We used to sit by the Ford and hoped the cars would go fast and splash us
[18:32:15] Resident055:

Can’t you change the barrel or something ? Rob Austin may have a scrapper shame not to get it going
[18:33:09] Resident136:

When my hubby was in his youth he could hotwire one of those in less than three minutes 😂
[18:33:35] Resident125:

I didnt think it would be. It hasn't been started for probably 20 years. My Dad used to use it as a wedding car but then signed it to me when he went bankrupt
[18:33:52] Resident097:

Doubt rob would have anything that old but like say Lucas barrels arent expensive they used on most old stuff inc Bleyland triumph landy etc
[18:35:27] Resident097:

Ideal getaway cars back in the day !!

In a strange turn of events im actually quite friendly with Bernie Fineman "chopshop and various car programmes" he was also the krays mechanic back in the day
[18:36:35] Resident022:

Tammy you can get new lock barrels with keys. Jag/Daimler parts have a good supply. Nothing these days is insurmountable. I have a few keys as well.
[18:37:22] Resident136:

Hubby met him at a custom car show in Kent when Mike brewer was still in his romper suit
[18:38:09] Resident125:

That's great news. One day I will have the money to get it done up and driveable
[18:38:23] Resident097:

Yer not keen on Mike, Bernie and i go back years we talk most days via facebook hes helped me no end with stuff over the years
[18:47:52] Resident055:

Oh Wendy or should I say Bonny and Clyde be careful you will have the rozzers round 😂
[18:50:16] Resident136:

Was a long time ago now, quite well behaved now we are getting old!!
[18:51:31] Resident055:

I know just joshin 😂
[18:54:55] Resident097:

Also moved quite a few cars for Goblin Works Garage if anyones seen that on Sky
[19:01:49] Resident033:

[19:02:31] Resident097:

Never a bad time for a BBQ
[19:03:43] Resident023:

His slippers will be soggy!
[19:04:13] Resident022:

Blom how much cider gave you had. Now where is my beer.
[19:45:56] Resident123:

Has anybody ordered a bag of potatoes 🥔 and 30 eggs 🥚 and not had them delivered?
[19:46:18] Resident007:

Not at the Bloms
[19:49:23] Resident022:

Great news Captain Tom Moore just giving page has passed £20M. Amazing
[19:51:01] Resident136:

If the owners of the spuds and eggs aren't found, I will gladly have them and donate the cost of them to Adrian for the parish council fund
[19:52:16] Resident023:

Was there anything else with them?
[19:53:40] Resident009:

Friday night disco- if your interested!
[19:53:43] Resident009:

[19:54:40] Resident023:

Was there anything else with the eggs and potatoes?
[19:55:48] Resident022:

Got our own disco going. Playing funky town by loops ink.
[19:57:45] Adrian Dale:

What are you looking for Chris😃
[19:58:33] Resident023:

Delivery from Adams Apple - veg box and eggs.
[19:59:16] Resident123:

Nothing else just a bag of potatoes 🥔 and a tray of eggs 🥚
[20:01:55] Resident123:

Just noticed on the other side of the eggs is a number, number is 3 0 7
[20:02:44] Resident032:

This message was deleted.
[20:03:11] Resident023:

My delivery should have other veg included so probably my not mine.
[20:14:24] Resident007:

Might be worth contacting your supplier in case they couldn't supply all veg and only spuds
[20:16:29] Resident023:

[21:03:01] Resident039:

Hi Pete, certainly something I would consider. Someone local and reasonable I’m there 😀
[21:05:24] Resident097:

Such positive feedback, have messaged a few that have already enquired about jobs needed doing but with the feedback i have received i will look at making this happen as soon as possible:-) watch this space ...
[21:24:53] Resident050:

It really would be fantastic to have a trustworthy local garage😃
[21:29:54] Resident097:

Thankyou :-)
[21:36:14] Resident032:

[21:40:45] Resident097:

Unbelievable how much he has raised incredible to think of the life he has already had and now just before his 100th birthday hes done this too !!