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WhatsApp Archive for Thursday 16 April 2020

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[06:21:56] Adrian Dale:

[06:22:24] Adrian Dale:

[06:22:48] Adrian Dale:

[08:00:17] Brenda Elldred:

Really interesting hearing all the history of Chelveston Adrian. Thank you.
[08:21:27] Resident135:

Very interesting as usual Adrian, thanks
[08:25:38] Resident065:

I’ll say 🤦‍♀️
[08:27:48] Resident052:

Really enjoyed the daily briefing today (as we always do) but today the memories of Christine & Michael were lovely and how through the years peoples generosity has made these villages such lovely places to live
[08:32:34] Resident063:

Thank you Adrian very interesting today. The philanthropy in the community is a real blessing
[09:08:09] Resident131:

Thank you Adrian, absolutely loving listening to the history of the Village and the memories of Richard 😁
[09:09:09] Resident131:

Hi, Adrian, I have left the bag of flour for Aitch on the flower pot by the front door, Vanessa
[09:09:31] Adrian Dale:

Just about to start the van run
[09:09:44] Resident131:

[09:14:48] Michelle Dalliston:

Thanks Adrian - wonderful to hear of so much generosity down the years - and so glad we got the church path sorted 😊 that's already been such a blessing this year at the Snowdrop Festival and hopefully is making it easier for everyone to walk around the churchyard on daily walks etc. And so good to keep seeing all this community spirit and mutual care going on today 🥰🌈☀️
[09:26:22] Resident101:

Thank you Adrian. Love hearing the history of the village. Feel so lucky we were able to move to this lovely village nearly 5 years ago now.
[09:58:42] Resident093:

Thanks Adrian. As newbies to the village it's great to hear some of it's history. Keep it up!
[10:26:35] Resident058:

Thinking of The Americans during the war, Maynard Baxter told me a story about an American, whose job was to empty water tankers from the base. The water was emptied in the Brook at Chelveston. The American was doing this one day and sat back to enjoy a cigarette. When the tanker was empty he discarded his cigarette into the brook. This was met by a ‘snake of flames’ that raced around all the brooks in the village, he had emptied Aviation Fuel instead. Not sure he was welcome to lunch at the Club.😀
[10:27:54] Adrian Dale:

Now that I hadn’t heard!!!
[10:39:30] Resident075:

Great update Adrian, thankyou
[10:49:02] Resident006:

Old Club House is feeling quite famous now ! ☺️
[12:07:10] Resident051:

I must have been destined to live here on the original school land. As Adrian knows, my Grandad, Arthur Farrar, was headmaster at the newer school in 1950-52 - maybe Horace remembers him, not sure anyone else was here then. My Dad, also Arthur, and his 2 sisters Marcia and Olivia attended the school and they lived in school house. Adrian was kind enough to allow Dad to look around school house when it was being renovated - the only part he could recall was under the stairs which suggests he may have spent time there for misbehaving! It’s just a coincidence we live here now but I do feel some sort of connection - only been here 12 years so still relative newbies!
[12:37:24] Adrian Dale:

I’d forgotten that Janellan!! Have just looked at Mark’s history web site and your Grandfather is there!
[13:15:12] Brenda Elldred:

They are worth it - please think about donating. X
[13:16:29] Resident012:

Done this earlier very easy to do!
[13:23:55] Adrian Dale:

Afternoon van run at 15:30. Let me know if anything needs to be picked up or delivered thanks
[14:04:05] Resident086:

[14:06:21] Resident101:

Yes please Michelle. My Dad loves Puzzles and could really do with a new challenge.
[14:07:13] Resident101:

We also have some people could have.
[14:07:42] Resident086:

Ok cool, I have got to pop out shortly so can drop it off or I can put in my front porch and u collect, I'm easy whichever way?? 😊
[14:09:04] Resident101:

What’s your address please? We are in Duchy Close number 14?
[14:09:20] Adrian Dale:

I’ll do it Michelle leave on front porch. Van run 15;30
[14:09:20] Resident136:

Yes please Rachel, had a massive clear out just before this started and took about 12 to the charity shop , wish we had kept them now!!
[14:10:24] Resident101:

[14:10:54] Resident136:

Yes please
[14:11:05] Resident101:

[14:11:36] Resident101:

[14:12:51] Resident101:

[14:12:54] Resident136:

Adrian can you get the map puzzle from Rachel for me please
[14:13:27] Resident101:

[14:14:05] Resident086:

Rachael, I think Adrian wd like to collect from me and deliver to you at 3.30pm ok so will let him ok 😀👍
[14:14:39] Adrian Dale:

👍 keep it safe!
[14:14:41] Resident086:

Adrian, ok will do, thank you muchly hun 👍😀
[14:15:04] Resident097:

6 more bags of wood out these are bigger bits of offcut
Front of 1 pretoria cottages raunds road

Remember Wood is Foc but if you would like to make a donation all money from the wood will be going to Adrian and PCouncil towards the upkeep of parish and anything they need.

Thankyou to everyone whos collected and donated so far 🙂

[14:15:48] Resident086:

Adrian, I was supposed to put that I will let you collect and deliver ok hun 👍
[14:16:12] Resident097:

P.s donations can be put in tin on wall or in a envelope in my letter box at no1
[14:16:28] Resident101:

Thank you
[14:17:41] Resident101:

Would you like any of the others Wendy?
[14:19:42] Resident136:

Just the map for now, somebody else might want the others, don't want to be greedy thanks x
[14:21:59] Resident007:

[14:24:00] Resident032:

41125 signatures are still needed, we can help by signing this petition. 💪
[14:24:23] Resident097:

If we didnt have a gazillion already my little lad would love these,
We call them Ouchy B#stard under my feety blocks in this house !!! As he has a habit of leaving them right where im about to stand !!
[14:25:36] Resident122:

We could make use! We have been thinking of getting our little one some.
[14:26:11] Resident007:

We have that issue with little lego lol
[14:26:39] Resident007:

Stephen, free too a good home if you would like them.
[14:27:20] Resident097:

Stickle bricks used to be the worste ones ...not seen them for ages wonder if they still exist
[14:27:43] Resident122:

Perfect! When do you want them gone. I hate the idea of giving @447850570007 more driving.. but he won't want me collecting 🤣
[14:29:04] Resident122:

Thank you!! I'm looking forward to the 'stepping on lego' development phase 😀
[14:29:28] Resident097:

He wont mind im sure ... Adrian will soon be sat in the Layby by the church building Megablox towers !! Lol
[14:31:33] Resident007:

Anytime really, they do need a wash so happy to zap them in the dishwasher and have them ready later on or tomorrow. I can leave them on the corner of our drive
[14:38:12] Resident086:

Manda, I think Adrian wd be happier collecting and delivering, he is collecting from me at 3.30pm and delivering, I felt bad because its only to Duchy Close but he is happier doing it 👍😀, give him a message 👍
[14:39:56] Resident097:

Is it me or does there seem to be a considerable ammount of motorcycles today so obviously on there "Essential Travel" up and down the Kimbolton Road
[14:43:56] Resident019:

[14:48:36] Resident007:

@447792074361 happy to let Adrian know if you want them today but I won't have time to put them through the dishwahser before 3.30, or can have them cleaned ready for tomorrow.
[14:49:39] Resident122:

I can run them through the dishwasher. Thank you so much - she will love them and it saves buying more plastic from Amazon!
[14:49:54] Adrian Dale:

Hi folks Roger’s puzzle swap is obviously of interest so I’ll keep pictures of the puzzles on offer on file and assemble a library on the web for people to select from
[14:50:32] Resident117:

Been in the back garden most of the day and I thought there seems to be a lot more traffic noise today going along High Street!
[14:55:51] Resident007:

Ok, no problem 😊
[14:56:21] Resident054:

Great idea 👍
[14:57:31] Resident007:

@447850570007 please may I add to your 3.30 deliveries to deliver some mega blocks to @447792074361 🤗
[14:59:14] Adrian Dale:

Already on the list!
[15:15:38] Resident051:

[15:17:33] Resident136:

Could I have this please Janellan
[15:18:31] Adrian Dale:

Pop them on the drive Janellan, they’ll be on the 15:30 run
[15:18:57] Resident136:

Adrian, more for you to collect ,thank you !!
[15:19:30] Resident051:

Will do 👍🏻
[15:58:48] Resident015:

Hi if anyone sees plain flour or strong white bread flour could they get me some please. Could swap for some sachets of dried yeast
[16:18:16] Resident120:

Aww this is lovely- so pleased!!
[16:28:09] Resident059:

Hi I’m off to work at Asda shortly so I’ll have a look and see if we have any and I’ll get you some.
[16:28:54] Resident015:

Thanks very much
[16:34:50] Resident093:

We got some bread flour yesterday from the bakery in Raunds.
[16:58:11] Resident015:

Thanks will try it tomorrow
[17:01:16] Resident017:

Yes, just seen 5 together going up the hill out of Chelveston as I was coming down!
[17:03:43] Resident097:

Still 6 bags of wood out these are bigger bits of offcut or Kindling
Front of 1 pretoria cottages raunds road

Remember Wood is Foc but if you would like to make a donation all money from the wood will be going to Adrian and PCouncil towards the upkeep of parish and anything they need.

Thankyou to everyone whos collected and donated so far 🙂

Logs will be sorted soon i promise

[17:06:08] Resident079:

Thank you Pete I'll have another bag. I'll pop up. Thank you.
[17:06:40] Adrian Dale:

I’ll get it on tomorrow’s run Lyn
[17:08:30] Resident079:

Many thanks Adrian. 😊
[17:22:40] Resident052:

[17:24:07] Resident033:

An excellent warning. Hope you don’t mind ethans lungs though I will keep him short
[17:24:54] Resident052:

Hi no he’s great we look forward to his enthusiasm every week 👍🐶🐶
[17:42:21] Resident097:

[17:43:36] Adrian Dale:

Respect Pete!! With you
[17:48:44] Resident023:

Well said Pete, we all have cars and motorbikes, and need to leave them on our drives. We also need to do the same with our outdoor shoes, slippers and gardening shoes work just fine right now.
[18:09:53] Resident039:

Hi Pete, is there still kindling? If so may pick up a couple more tomorrow and leave a donation of course?
[18:12:09] Resident097:

Hi yes theres several bags out front atm of larger Block and offcut kindling Basically whatever was left at the end of the run i have bagged up.
Ill put two bags aside for you just let me know as before when your wanting to grab and ill make sure there out front for you
[18:12:39] Resident002:

[18:14:27] Resident018:

Hi Pete
If you have any spare I could collect tomorrow, and I will leave a donation for you.
[18:16:51] Resident097:

Hi Caroline theres currently 3 bags left out front how many were you after and I can put them aside for you, let me know when your looking to come tomorrow and ill make sure there out front
[18:18:11] Resident018:

Hi Pete, two bags will be great, can collect at 10am in the morning. Many thanks
[18:18:31] Resident002:

[18:22:09] Resident097:

All kindling stock now gone subject to collection today and tomorrow
[18:23:24] Resident097:

Lynn (believe adrians collecting tomo) and caroline please message me tomorro and ill make sure its out ready for collection
Thanking you
[18:24:10] Adrian Dale:

Pete I’ll collect them all in 10 mins and deliver tomorrow morning
[18:24:23] Resident097:

Have put yours aside
[18:25:08] Adrian Dale:

Caroline I’ll deliver to minimise risk
[18:25:12] Resident018:

Thanks Pete, will message you in the morning
[18:25:56] Resident018:

Thanks Adrian that’s kind
[18:26:06] Resident097:

Ok adrian so

Caroline 2 bags
Lynn 1 bag
Me - whoever Me was 3 bags !!
[18:26:18] Adrian Dale:

[18:26:29] Adrian Dale:

I can see all names
[18:26:58] Resident097:

Ignore that Me has collected theres !
[18:27:08] Resident097:

Just caroline and lynn
[18:28:29] Resident018:

Hi Pete will put donation in your letter box tomorrow, many thanks
[18:30:46] Resident097:

Or leave with adrian if easier
[18:32:32] Resident097:

Adrian have messaged you directly
[18:33:21] Resident018:

Ok thanks
[18:36:35] Resident059:

Hi sorry we have no flour in at all I’ll try and check the delivery if it comes in on time
[18:39:27] Resident015:

Thanks very much for checking it's much appreciated
[18:40:26] Resident097:

Thanks Everyone :-) thats all Kindling and offcuts gone with adrian doing the last deliverys tomorrow.

Total raised at the house £28.00 which has now been handed over to adrian

I believe some others are chucking donations in directly to the Pcouncil or to adrian directly which is great

Unsure of totals yet but happy with whats been raised so far from what was primarily offcut wood sat in my way in the yard

As before I will be sorting some logs out shortly and will update as and when they are ready

Thanks to all who have donated !

#community #togetherwewillgetthroughthis
[18:41:31] Resident039:

Hi Adrian, that so kind I have collected mine but would really appreciate your help with delivering when Pete bless him has done some logs x
[18:42:43] Adrian Dale:

Yep please let me do deliveries to minimise journeys - Pete’s pictures said it all!!!
[18:44:30] Resident097:

Thanks Pal didnt mean to create you more work
[18:44:31] Resident039:

I certainly will let you know, was going to ask you today if you minded but felt that was somewhat taking the mick! But thank you
[18:46:05] Resident023:

Adrian - who pays for your petrol? I think it might be you!!

That’s not right.
[18:56:02] Adrian Dale:

Adrian: Hi Chris, remember the bit where I said I was privileged to retire early ... Our company pays all my petrol costs. It’s written into our company statutes that as a Director I am on permanent secondment to the Parish. The Village pays the company £3,600 a year for cutting the verges. This covers insurance, petrol costs, PPE and a nominal figure for labour. However, I am a pensioner and don’t draw a salary - so the excess costs associated with the emergency are all covered.

Thanks for your concern though!
[18:57:31] Resident097:

[18:57:56] Resident023:

OK - maybe a beer (or 2) when it’s all done! You might have a hang-over!!
[19:24:27] Resident033:

Candy I will let Adrian know when my flour from hovis arrives I bought 8 and only need 1 myself for this week he can maybe deliver for you and anyone else who can not get bread flour before my delivery which is expected on Saturday.
[19:49:52] Resident015:

Thanks Elaine that's great I am really missing making my own bread.
[19:52:20] Resident033:

No problem. I had to order a full box of 8 it was dispatched today and expected on Saturday. Will keep you posted
[19:53:21] Resident015:

[19:59:31] Resident138:

1 minute till clapping time
[19:59:44] Resident007:

Everyone ready for ethan lol
[20:03:01] Resident038:

Awesome effort from everyone at Chelston Rise as always
[20:03:11] Resident038:

[20:04:42] Resident138:

Is it Ethan with the Vuvuzela horn? Good turnout around the Green tonight and got a car to honk
[20:04:56] Resident007:

Didn't quite go to plan, ethan stubbed his foot while hitting a pan. Not with the horn
[20:05:57] Resident138:

Aw, hope he's okay, I did hear a saucepan briefly
[20:07:09] Resident022:

It was me. 🎺
[20:07:35] Resident138:

Cool :)
[20:08:04] Resident033:

Ethan is in the wars today. Black eye 👁 from a swing
Battered shins from his bicycle, scrapped big toe from climbing the wall, and whilst banging a pan with a rolling pin for the NHS missed the pan and hit his foot. Bad day for Ethan. 😍
[20:19:20] Resident097:

We all been there !! Get better soon Ethan
[20:20:47] Resident056:

Good pan banging session from Britten Close 💕NHS
[20:28:15] Resident097:

Dont bang them too hard we might need them to build spitfires
[20:28:44] Resident056:

[20:29:59] Resident023:

[20:31:46] Resident097:

Drop a bit of instant sunshine and love to where ever this virus originated from
[20:48:31] Resident097:

[20:50:49] Resident018:

Brilliant thanks for sharing
[21:40:55] Resident097:

[21:42:33] Resident059:

Hi sorry there is no flour came in tonight.
[21:44:43] Resident015:

Ok thanks for looking
[23:31:03] Resident037: