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[06:25:32] Adrian Dale:

[06:38:09] Adrian Dale:

[06:38:26] Adrian Dale:

[07:08:32] Resident030:

Possibly that’s why they are called MOOOoo cow’s 🥴😵
[07:26:05] Resident097:

Another great morning bulletin Adrian,

Although i will correct you.... ! You have far from failed in you job

Your everyday plight to keep the village spotless. your work is amazing, without you we would be overrun with litter and unwanted junk that lazy people lob out there car windows, the grass would be 6 foot tall and the vulnerable people of our community would have nobody to assist them. Thankyou for every thing you do.

18 months ago when we moved into the village i used to think who is this crazy man i see each day in his yellow jacket walking the length of the village or mowing the lawn, blimey hes keen ! Ive seen you out at silly o clock in the mornings and night often when i have been out recovering cars myself.

The village is beautiful this is down mainly to the hard work of yourself ans others that have the same mindset as yourself.

It would be amazing if we are able to keep this community spirit together even after these troubled times are over.

Because as a community we are standing strong, we are proud and we are getting through this together.

Peace, Love and Respect to you all
[07:26:59] Ray Daniells:

[07:41:49] Resident117:

What a fantastic message!
[07:43:27] Resident010:

Agreed. Well said Pete
[07:51:55] Resident039:

Very well said 😀
[07:56:20] Resident009:

Nice touch Adrian, keep it up everyone 👍🏼
[08:18:04] Brenda Elldred:

[08:19:02] Brenda Elldred:

Thought provoking!
[08:19:06] Resident015:

Great daily message from Adrian again. It's the only way I know what day and date it is lol
[08:20:46] Brenda Elldred:

Thanks Adrian for your daily message and making clear about keeping safe distance while still being a caring community. It’s great to hear how the village community is working fir the food of everyone.
[08:22:05] Brenda Elldred:

Woops mean for the good of everyone!! Spell check crept in sorry.
[08:29:02] Resident056:

Thanks for the video clip Brenda, it definitely puts life in perspective 😊
[08:32:52] Resident105e:

Good Morning everyone, my 1st post as newbie of the village, I’m looking forward to meeting you all when we can emerge from lockdown, following on from today’s posts I would like to add my thanks to Adrian for everything he does, he has already given me much helpful advice which has been greatly appreciated, when things allow we really should commence the “Adrian man in yellow for OBE” campaign, it’s an amazing community and as someone said on here Adrian is the glue holding it together, stay safe & well everyone
[08:49:59] Resident040:

[08:50:50] Adrian Dale:

Thanks for the positive messages folks, but really I don’t need them! I just happened to be in the wrong place at the right time, and someone needed to be on point. I’ve been lucky enough to have good health and the freedom to retire 20 years early. Many people are still trying to hold down jobs and pay off their mortgages at my age. Instead for the last 11 years, I’ve been able to mess about in the Village all day long, just like Michael Foulger before me. With good fortune like that, giving something back seems the least I can do!! Yes it’s a bit busier but basically I still get to be outside all day in this village that’s payback enough for me.
[08:59:51] Resident033:

I’m in cash and carry anybody need anything 😉
[09:04:08] Resident023:

Just the cash please Brenda - as much as you can carry.
[09:04:27] Resident082:

Michael says he may be able to help in some way please txt him on 07802 521523
[09:05:46] Resident033:

Do my best plenty 🤣
[09:09:55] Adrian Dale:

Hi Elaine Aitch is looking for white bread flour
[09:16:21] Resident033:

Ok will 👀
[09:16:28] Adrian Dale:

(Group Admin). Interesting report from Duchy Close resident last night:

Resident: I was wondering whether you had heard or had reports of a very deep low frequency hum in the village over the recent week? It was very bad last night and honestly, its like being water boarded !! I've checked the house and it's not us. It's so low and heavy that I can only think its the airfield. Do you have any thoughts as it's driving us crazy, especially me as I suffer from bad tinnitus anyway.

Adrian: Now I am usually dead to the world but have heard this many times in the past. Has anyone else heard it or got ideas?
[09:18:12] Resident012:

Higgins builders merchants in Irthlingborough are open. Not sure if they do topsoil but def sand and cement. You queue in your car and they bring it to you. Good social distancing practices.
[09:18:36] Resident002:

It’s the wind turbines. Now there is less noise generally you are likely to hear them more.
[09:23:14] Resident010:

The other day one of them was turning round to face the wind and I was amazed at how loud the noise was yet I had never heard it before even though we live on the Crescent... No back ground noise as Adrian says
[09:31:21] Resident023:

.....and the wind has been blowing from a south easterly direction for a few days carrying the noise to us.
[09:32:36] Resident010:

[09:45:41] Resident033:

No flour unless H IS looking for 🧇
[09:45:48] Resident033:

Waffles 🧇
[10:25:32] Resident033:

Sorry failed on the bread flour 😞
[10:39:36] Resident120:

[10:40:43] Resident120:

Hi everyone! Lots more books down at the end of the drive today! Any donations of books we leave separately for three days and then put them out. Please come and help yourself 😄
[10:42:57] Resident130:

If there's any kindling left I'll collect it this morning please?
[10:44:56] Resident049:

Hi Adrian, I have a bag of strong white bread flour if still required
[10:50:47] Resident019:

There are 2 bags out the front currently
[11:33:51] Resident086:

[11:35:39] Resident086:

[11:41:00] Resident075:

Fantastic thanks Michelle
[11:44:59] Resident086:

Lucy, I go on a Tues or weds evening about 9pm and can pretty much get everything 👍 x
[11:45:43] Resident075:

I'll be going tonight thankyou x
[11:47:36] Resident086:

Excellent, let us know how you get on 👍😊 x
[11:49:53] Resident010:

I was in last Thursday evening and what did surprise me was the total lack of staff distancing.. 4 younger members of staff were play fighting whilst they restocked the shelves all within inches of each other... just bare this in mind.
[12:11:00] Resident086:

Andy, yes I did notice that last night, most staff were really good but a few were not and there was one guy shopping that almost touched me he got that close, made me so angry 😡 but it was defo better than going at a busy time 👍
[12:25:00] Resident010:

If someone pushes in front of me I just step back and say "you're welcome" quite loudly to make my point... 😇
[12:25:59] Resident001:

[12:26:20] Resident001:

[12:28:21] Resident001:

I was wondering if anyone can help me identify above ?
[12:30:42] Resident010:

Quite possibly..... they come in many colours... does it seem LONGER than normal???
[12:36:44] Resident001:

Yes a bit
[12:36:53] Resident001:

I thought they are quite rare
[12:38:28] Resident067:

Is it a "mining bee" (Andrena is the formal name I think)?
[12:41:55] Resident011:

No, it didnt look like it, just checked online, it was black with black and white wings
[13:31:17] Resident047:

[13:32:08] Resident047:

This legend has raised over £6.4m now for the NHS. I have given a small donation but what a hero. We salute you sir !
[13:33:27] Resident133:

Very short queue currently at Asda Rushden.
[13:34:00] Resident047:

Nearly £6.6m now !
[13:52:29] Resident062:

Has anyone had a parcel delivered by Fedex that is not theirs please ?
[13:54:42] Resident007:

Not seen a FedEx van, I know amazon have been as i had a parcel delivered
[13:55:29] Resident062:

They say delivered at 13.06. But not here.
[13:56:39] Resident007:

Is there anywhere they could have put it, out of sight to passers by, behind a bush or flower pot etc
[13:57:52] Resident062:

Have had a good search round can’t see anything
[13:58:12] Resident099:

What’s your address Julie? I saw a courier over the road from The Green with parcels. He didn’t look like he knew where he was going!
[13:58:48] Resident062:

The Maples on Raunds Road
[14:01:02] Resident099:

Not easy to confuse with Middle Farm which is where he seemed to be heading. He was in a yellow van.
[14:02:25] Resident007:

The amazon driver was a yellow van
[14:02:30] Resident052:

Hi Julie if FedEx are the Brown Van Men then saw one top of Water Lane by the post box but that was about 9am this morning not seen anything since 🙁
[14:03:44] Resident062:

Ok thanks. Goodness knows where they have taken it - apparently I signed for it too !!
[14:04:50] Resident007:

Due to social distancing, courier drivers have to sign for you, but they should have put a note to say where it was left
[14:08:41] Resident030:

Signe for it, how? From two meters away. Suggestion is there a phone number on card if so call them and ask them to contact driver with your complaint.
[14:09:32] Resident062:

Don’t have card it says so on fedex site when I put in tracking number
[14:09:41] Resident062:

No way to contact
[14:10:16] Resident062:

It must have been delivered at wrong place but who knows where
[14:11:00] Resident030:

Contact them any way by whatever means
[14:12:05] Resident052:

Hi Domestic Services contact number 03456 00 00 68
[14:12:54] Resident052:

Sorry should have added for Fed Ex
[14:13:34] Resident062:

[14:21:26] Resident086:

James, its at £6.9m now 😳 bless his heart ♥️, I have just given a small donation, thankyou for sharing that so I could donate 👍😊
[14:25:30] Resident135:

Just donated as well, bless him
[14:30:51] Resident030:

[14:36:43] Resident006:

Ahh that’s lovely 😊
[14:37:04] Resident030:

Ain’t it just
[14:39:37] Resident055:

Love that tune
[14:44:34] Resident047:

Very profound and true. I have always said a greater good will come of all this. Watch the film life’s itself !
[14:45:06] Resident047:

[14:53:00] Resident099:

FedEx just been to me at Top Farm House
[14:58:48] Resident062:

Did you ask him where my parcel is 😂
[14:59:32] Resident099:

He was heading your way!
[14:59:59] Resident062:

He is here now Thankyou
[15:06:58] Resident065:

Hi Adam, looks a female Ashy Mining Bee-usually about in April-August, but would help if you could say what kind of flowers you saw it collecting from and a rough size?
[15:09:22] Resident115:

Letter for 47 The crescent delivered to 47 Water Lane today. We can drop off or you can pick up?
[15:18:08] Resident115:

All sorted thank you 😊
[15:18:28] Resident001:

Thank you Laura. Flowers are medium size blueish ( I know that is not very accurate but I know close to nothing about flowers. Can tell when the bloom is pretty much my expertise ) ... Bee was about about 12mm .
[15:21:12] Resident062:

Heading back to find where he’s left my parcel now
[15:33:01] Resident099:

He wasn’t very talkative with me! I hope you find your parcel
[15:38:56] Resident062:

So do I !
[15:46:39] Resident023:

An odd request and not Covid-19 critical, but, does anyone have old scaffold boards? I need 4 at about 130cm long (or longer to cut to size). Apparently I have a gardening project to complete! Happy to pay a few quid.
[15:54:54] Resident022:

Regarding FedEx delivery the courier should photograph the property delivered to. If you have a tracking number you can chase this up. I've had this experience in the past. Hope you get your delivery sorted.
[15:57:35] Resident055:

[16:20:04] Resident062:

It is in process of being sorted Thankyou
[16:20:23] Resident130:

I have just collected last sack of kindling. Thank you. I haven't left anything as yet - but I will!!!
[16:38:36] Adrian Dale:

Hi folks, Pete gave me a spare sack of kindling for the van, so I can deliver anywhere tomorrow
[16:39:08] Resident011:

Try to repot to bigger pots, that's going to be fiddly lol as you put all.of them together
[16:41:55] Resident117:

Hi Jenny.They still look a bit small to repot yet. Need another pair of leaves first then repot individually. ( That's what I would do. May not be al la Monty Don!)
[16:44:36] Resident075:

Manda and Vanessa have their grass thsnks to Adrian, I think there was a man who wanted some too?
[17:14:46] Resident097:

Prob have enough wood left to make up another 5 sacks ill do this in the week ! Just had a 16 Yard Skip arrive so my task is to fill it the next few days with the junk lying around the place
[17:15:10] Resident097:

No problem thanks
[17:32:25] Resident055:

Thanks for the advice never thought of planting them all these years been going in the veg waste
[17:40:28] Resident055:

[17:40:29] Resident055:

[17:40:29] Resident055:

[17:40:29] Resident055:

[17:40:29] Resident055:

[17:40:29] Resident055:

[17:40:29] Resident055:

[17:40:29] Resident055:

[17:41:37] Adrian Dale:

[20:33:15] Resident050:

[20:33:16] Resident050:

[20:33:16] Resident050:

[20:33:16] Resident050:

[20:35:16] Adrian Dale:

You’ll have blokes lining up for a haircut . Are you arms over 2metres lo g? 😀
[20:36:36] Resident097:

Ok what did you do with the original dog !!
[20:46:41] Resident050:

Yes I’ve been trying to convince my son I’m a talented hairdresser - surely here’s the proof -he probably wouldn’t be so well behaved though😂🤪 she might have been too terrified to object- little lamb😁
[20:50:51] Resident002:

[20:51:03] Resident050:

Not sure where the old dog went- it was weird, walking her this evening she was so very frisky like a young dog - bonkers again
[20:51:48] Resident002:

Irish swearing warning with the video/ please ignore if this would offend.
[20:52:45] Resident007:

🤣🤣 thats hilarious
[20:52:48] Resident097:

[20:53:19] Resident097:

[21:35:45] Resident122:

The home dog grooming inspired me to ask my wife to cut my hair. I took over and made it worse 🤣
[21:41:14] Resident086:

Adrian that video clip is soooooo funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣👍
[21:43:17] Resident086:

Jane can my mum bring her dog round u have done a fab job there 👍 well done, she looks awesome 🤗
[21:50:49] Resident051:

[21:56:11] Resident050: