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[06:33:37] Adrian Dale:

[06:34:15] Adrian Dale:

[06:34:54] Adrian Dale:

[06:49:26] Resident054:

👍 for a village trade directory
[07:03:23] Resident056:

Village Trade Directory gets a thumbs up from me too 👍😀Jenny H
[07:11:02] Resident097:

Was thinking this the other day would be good when all this is over to be able to use and source more local stuff and keep business local
[07:16:50] Ray Daniells:

Thanks Adrian, I remember Noel mentioning that story on many occasions 👍
[07:21:33] Resident097:

Great to hear everyone thats isolated so far has recovered
[08:02:08] Resident097:

Hi Guys 6 bags of kindling out front for you

1 Pretoria Cottages, Raunds Road

Up by Mick with the Eggs

Kindling is FOC but if anyone wants to make a donation to then please put this in a envelope and put in my letterbox (mines the green cottage) ill be giving any funds to Adrian and the parish council after all woods gone so they can put it towards anything thats needed in the parish.

Theres currently 6 bags out atm but i may chop some more up later

Thanking you
[08:03:52] Resident063:

Thank you Adrian and Linda
[08:18:14] Brenda Elldred:

Adrian how amazing to have all those trades in Chelveston - just a ‘sleepy little village!’ - no! quietly vibrant with many skilled people. Great to know.
Linda’s podcast is right we need to give thanks - we have had an opportunity to uncover what a beautiful village Chelveston cum Caldecott and Chelston Rise really is.
[08:19:16] Resident056:

I’ve just taken a bag of kindling thanks, but have no cash on me, just been using my card, I’ll be donating as soon as I can 😀
[08:19:49] Resident097:

No problem thankyou
[08:58:32] Resident108:

Thanks Adrian isn't always the way, just wish dad and my gramp had written down more of their history but you made me smile
[09:46:27] Michelle Dalliston:

Thanks Adrian - lots of good news this morning! And wonderful that real community is growing, getting to know one another and share what we have with one another - thanks for all you are doing to enable and facilitate that 😊
[10:02:32] Resident120:

Morning all! The ‘book-swap’ box is back outside the front and more books have been added! 😊
[10:14:35] Resident023:

[10:16:11] Ray Daniells:

Ray Daniells (PC CHAIRMAN) Please stop leaving your gardens to clean out verges ditches etc!
What part of stay at home do you not understand.
Once we are clear of lockdown we will have our Annual Spring clean. Everyone can join in and we can clean the villages through.
Every morning brief says to stay home!
Landowners are responsible to keep their ditches etc clean and running freely. We as your parish council remind them of this when things are brought to our attention.
[10:18:06] Resident138:

[10:18:11] Resident138:

[10:19:08] Resident138:

Plenty got a full pack of Boots and 4 tablets left in Senokot pack. I needed them last year after my op. Co codamol makes you need them!
[10:19:28] Resident138:

Can pop up at lunchtime WFH now
[10:21:38] Resident023:

Thanks Zara, could we see if anyone else goes out shopping today, if not - I’ll come back to you? Thanks, Chris
[10:21:53] Resident002:

Penty. Going to Pharmacist later today so can pick up more if required. Just let me know.
[10:23:00] Resident138:

Sorry about my autocorrect saying plenty, just let me know later. Expiration date is 2021 and I am not planning on taking co codamol for more than 3 days so they won't get used
[10:23:14] Resident131:

I do believe that this message is meant for me. I don’t appreciate your tone to be honest, particularly the “what part if stay at home do you not understand “, please do not talk to me in this way. We have not broken any rules on social distancing. There is no prohibition from taking a rubbish sack whilst on our daily walk and filling it, or from taking accumulated rubbish out of a ditch and putting it in a pile for collection. Please, I urge you to think about the tone of your messages before you press send. Vanessa
[10:24:56] Resident083:

[10:26:48] Resident097:

Not gonna lie i did think it was a tad abrubt but can see both sides to the story, although tbh pulling a bag of rubbish out a ditch is kinda about as socially distanced as you can get !
[10:27:36] Adrian Dale:

(Group Admin)
Request from Aitch, if anyone sees any bread yeast on their travels could you pick him some up? Let me know and I can deliver on my rounds.
[10:27:45] Resident030:

Vanessa 👍👍, totally agree
[10:28:09] Resident138:

As long as you have gloves on and/or a litter pick tool I think it's a nice and safe thing to do on your walk
[10:29:02] Resident138:

I have had to fight my instinct not to pick up the red bull can at the bottom of Bidewell on mine as I have had neither
[10:30:19] Resident131:

Thank A6, this has genuinely upset me. We spent some time over the weekend clearing up whilst we were on our walk. The rubbish we took out had accumulated over many years.
[10:41:22] Resident117:

Id have been upset too if that had been me. I'm with you
[10:42:35] Resident131:

Thank you, that’s much appreciated x
[10:43:47] Resident131:

Adrian, I will see if I can add it to my Ocado order (being delivered tomorrow), Vanessa
[10:44:23] Resident045:

I am picking that up today 👍
[10:46:29] Resident015:

I have a spare tin if it's any use
[10:48:00] Resident015:

It's not for use in a bread machine though
[10:48:34] Resident131:

I am sorry I cannot now add to my order but will keep a look out if I go to another shop
[10:49:03] Adrian Dale:

On the yeast request, we can’t have too much in the Village so yes please to anyone who can order or pick it up. It is for a bread maker thanks to all.
[10:52:44] Resident131:

Hi, I have put a request out the Facebook page and will ask Bob to see if he can find some too
[10:54:31] Resident120:

Hi Vanessa, we think you’re wonderful for clearing the verges out! And we know you’ll have done it safety! Thank you!
[10:54:32] Resident015:

I am shopping today so will keep a lookout for it
[10:57:33] Resident131:

Hi, Angela at number 22 The Crescent is going to split the tin she has, Adrian are you planning on coming up here today? If not I will drop off at end of Drive/gate, Vanessa
[11:02:08] Adrian Dale:

Hi thanks, I am just finishing verges in Caldecott, leave it on your doorstep please and thank Angela Aitch will be chuffed!!
[11:05:00] Resident131:

Hi, Angela has left it on the kitchen windowsill
[11:16:34] Adrian Dale:

Brilliant yeast delivered!! You should have seen the look (from a distance) on Aitch’s face! A picture, pity I can’t print his words. Those who know him will know that his navy phrases have never left him😃
[11:26:29] Resident131:

I am really pleased, community spirit and looking out and after each other at its best
[12:08:11] Resident023:

[12:24:16] Resident086:

Vanessa, crikey I bet you weren't expecting that was you bless ya, when I read it I thought blimey that was abit harsh and abrupt, I think you have been doing an amazing job along with everyone else who cares about what the village looks like, you get the thumbs up from me 👍👍 keep up the good work hun x
[12:33:24] Resident030:

And that is from the Chairman mmmmm, I was not impressed either. So, keep up the good work young Vanessa, we won’t ditch you🤣🤣
[12:35:50] Resident131:

Thank you Michelle, I was on the verge of thinking that maybe the group wasn’t for us, but that won’t help our village. I appreciate the support very much x
[12:37:37] Resident131:

Ohh I like the ‘young’ bit😁. Thank you for the support. We are in a mission to get our end of the village looking as lovely as the other end (social distancing observed at all times)
[12:40:21] Resident056:

Please be aware that was only the Chairman s opinion, not the PC
[12:45:02] Resident131:

Thank you everyone, really appreciated. I was sad this morning, but cheered immensely by the support.

Adrian on another note, I have managed to find Aitch some more yeast. One of our lovely residents (Liz) has ordered some with her online order. Will let you know when it’s here
[12:45:58] Resident016:

We too have litter picked loads of abandoned dog pooh bags (amongst other things) on ‘Joe’s Lane’ this morning. Saw other dog walkers with whom we exchanged greetings-at a safe distance.... not breaking any rules!
On a lighter note I think someone was hoping to enter the Turner Prize this year with a collection of pooh bags (and contents) thrown randomly into the hedgerow. Sorry if I have scuppered your plan!
Cllr Resident016
[12:48:29] Resident054:

[12:48:57] Resident131:

I have to say we collected lots of poop bags, why go to all the bother of bagging it if only to display from a tree or throw in a ditch, oh well nowt so queer as they say
[12:50:15] Resident056:

Nicely said Jenny Clark 😊
[12:52:47] Resident118:

There must be a lot of people around who really believe in fairies. How do they think dog poo bags get disposed of ? They just don’t disintegrate and that applies to the “ fly- tippers” - people, there are no fairies waiting to deal with your rubbish!
[12:53:16] Resident030:

That may be, his opinion nearly cost this community dearly. Some opinions are to be kept to ones self. The Chair should be providing encouragement.
[13:02:43] Resident016:

I agree Jenny. Kindness costs nothing.
[13:31:52] Resident075:

[13:33:33] Resident131:

Hello, yes please we do need some, that would be a great help, thank you, Vanessa
[13:35:24] Resident075:

Are you able to come and collect it, we are at 2 peters close
[13:35:49] Resident007:

If any turf left over, could i have some for our rabbits pen please
[13:36:59] Resident075:

Sure I'm sure we can give you some too 🐰
[13:37:15] Resident131:

Hi, yes absolutely. Is 4.15 ok?
[13:38:04] Resident007:

Oh lovely thank you. I'll let Vanessa collect what she needs first 🤗
[13:39:48] Resident131:

Thank you. We need 6x 1metre, but will leave enough to cover the rabbit pen
[13:40:48] Resident075:

Hi is 4.30 okay as we will be going out for our designated walk soon. Its hard to tell the length come have a look and take as much or litle as you want
[13:42:44] Resident131:

Hi, superstar Adrian is going to collect for us, that man is a saint
[13:44:13] Adrian Dale:

No that man has the yellow jacket and all the ppe I need to stay safe!
[13:44:42] Resident131:

And a halo 😇
[13:54:29] Resident039:

Hi just checking if there is any kindling out? Was going to drive and pick one up if there is some still there?
[13:55:47] Resident019:

Yes there is I can see 2 or 3 bags out the window
[13:59:14] Resident039:

Brill thank you on my way now x
[13:59:52] Resident023:

[14:05:30] Brenda Elldred:

Some useful information about what is open in Rushden.
[14:12:24] Resident075:

Message for Sarah, I rang Rushden hostel to donate some baby milk and clothes, bottes, nappies etc to the food bank, milk needs to be used by 29th of this month, can I bring to you?
[14:17:41] Resident039:

Thank you A6 for the kindling I have put a donation on the wall 😘
[14:19:50] Resident009:

Hi, if there is any left- just let me know, I’ll pop around, my lad has made a nice hole in his goalmouth- I need about 2sq m , that’s all 👍🏼👍🏼🌈, thanking you
[14:20:17] Resident009:

After everyone above has been 😂😂
[14:39:32] Resident097:

Thankyou just got back appreciated
[14:41:28] Resident007:

Hi Adrian, can you let me know when you have been for Vanessa and then ill go up. 😊
[14:54:29] Resident039:

No thank you there a real treat if there are more next week will pick a couple more up x
[15:16:27] Resident039:

[15:16:28] Resident039:

[15:16:28] Resident039:

[15:39:20] Resident051:

[15:48:55] Resident075:

I'm home now and hae text Adrian. Does anyone know if a lady called Sarah is on here for me to donate to the foodbank
[15:49:57] Resident136:

Adrian, you now have a new listener to the podcast, Victoria had asked me to share the link with her daily , so you can add Bristol to your audience!! And you thought nobody listened to it!
[15:50:15] Resident075:

We are looking for cement, top soil and sand if anyone has any that we can buy
[15:58:52] Adrian Dale:

(Emergency Coordinator)
Right back from mowing for the day so I can add a couple of points. (Hard to type in gloves). The reason I am keen to deliver stuff is nothing to do with saintliness, it is all about safety and risk management. We really don’t want people having to drive between the settlements on non-essential journeys. The exchanges of items are great and help avoid going further afield, but we want to stay virus free. I wear full PPE (personal protective equipment) all day long as you’ll have noticed. All of this is put through a high temperature wash each day, even my gloves. I hand wash for England when I come in and wash my glasses. I have a household “airlock” where I strip and wash before going into the rest of the house.But more than that I have regime which borders on OCD when I am out and about. I touch nothing with the front of my gloved hands except the items I am transporting. No gates, latches, knobs, flaps or knockers (yes Janellan!) I do all of this with implements or the backs of my hands. Any letters come straight off the printer into a plastic bag with the top and bottom copy discarded. I use spatulas to post them. I worked in cancer research in my youth dealing all day with tumour samples. I am treating this the same. I’m keen to ensure we risk no cross transmission of anything. I haven’t been concerned about Pete’s kindling as I I went to see where it was - excellent!! Similarly Sarah’s books - end of the drive perfect. I track every suggested exchange on the board and if I am unhappy with the suggested exchange mechanism, I step in privately and do the exchange myself. i know that people were worried about Elliot but I know he takes similar precautions. So peeps, your job is to isolate and take no risks any trades, I can do in my Postman Pat van -OK?
[16:03:05] Resident051:

My knockers & flaps are always clean. I still have the poster to prove it! 😉
[16:03:56] Resident075:

Next time we will put things on the layby or end of street 😊. Thanks Adrian
[16:04:20] Resident097:

UPDATE From Your friendly Lumberjack man 😂 7 Bags of Kindling out front
This is getting near the last of the Kindling after these prob 5 bags left max... By time its all gone will be around 50 bags that have been collected.

7 bage outside the front as we speak

As Before all wood is Foc atm but Donations welcome and all funds will go to Adrian and the Parish Council so they can buy whatevers needed

Will be starting on logs in the week in between moving cars

Thanking you all for your donations so far

Lumberjack/Recovery Driver/ On Occasions Village Clown
[16:04:58] Resident051:

You’re doing a great job Adrian and we are all very grateful 😊
[16:11:44] Resident131:

Couldn’t agree more👏👏
[16:13:18] Resident131:

Hi Adrian, all you do is really appreciated. Might I trouble you to grab me a couple of bags if kindling and I will keep donation until it can be handed in? Many thanks
[16:16:04] Resident097:

Hi Vanessa I will be going out in a sec to move a car if easier I can drop a couple of bags to your doorstep to save adrian a trip
[16:20:21] Resident079:

Hi Adrian, please can you pick me up a bag of kindling too. Thank you
[16:31:21] Resident097:

Just dropped a bag with Adrian for you
[16:31:49] Resident097:

Just dropped a couple bags with adrian for you
[16:31:52] Resident007:

I don't venture out enough around the village 🤦‍♀️🙈 could someone let me know the direction of Peters close from Water Lane for the turf please 🙈🤣
[16:32:57] Resident007:

Could I please collect the plant pot on my way at the same time. Mum would like it of still available
[16:37:38] Resident051:

Come and get the pot and I can direct you to Peters Close. I’ll bring the pot back in so ring the bell 😊
[16:38:27] Resident075:

Hi the gate is open so you don't have to touch anything, you go past the white cottage on the corner, then turn into the layby and peters close is off the layby
[16:40:42] Adrian Dale:

Amanda I’ll do it
[16:43:24] Resident023:

Hello Zara, it looks like we have managed to get sorted with the Sennapods. But, we really appreciate your very kind and very speedy offer of help. THANKYOU!
[16:43:40] Resident007:

Thank you Lucy and Adrian. No set amount on turk, its for the rabbit and he will feed off it in day time
[16:43:47] Resident007:

Turf even*
[16:43:47] Brenda Elldred:

In case anyone needs to get to work and back from any night shifts this might be helpful.
[16:44:10] Resident097:

3 bags of Kindling still out front
[16:44:53] Resident136:

Apparently there is a lot of turf dumped on the entrance to the airfield off kimbolton road if anyone is still after some
[16:46:33] Resident138:

Hello Zara, it looks like we have managed to get sorted with the Sennapods. But, we really appreciate your very kind and very speedy offer of help. THANKYOU! No problem, glad all sorted and you know who has some if still needed in case of further emergencies (hope not though for your wife's sake)
[16:52:56] Resident079:

Thank you Pete, much appreciated just received from Adrian. Thank you to both of you.
[17:04:07] Resident002:

Penty at Pharmacy now been working from home all day. Do you still need senna pods?
[17:10:10] Resident043:

Dad says yes, please - would 2 packets be possible?
[17:10:35] Resident002:

[17:10:44] Resident043:

Thank you!
[17:31:08] Resident002:

Got it. Where do you want me to take it?
[17:31:57] Adrian Dale:

Leave it on your doorstep tonight and I’ll pick up on my rounds
[17:32:10] Resident023:

TGF please, will pay by transfer if that’s OK?
[17:34:30] Resident055:

[17:43:17] Resident002:

[17:43:33] Resident002:

No need happy to help.
[17:56:40] Resident022:

Riley 4/68. Looks like it's being used for a wedding. The Triumph was once call in for such duties for some friends of mine. Looks great in the photo.
[18:02:50] Resident055:

That was last year Chris anyone else had a car 🚘 for that long ? Even our grandson is named after it and before you amusingly funny 😁 people his name is not 4/68 😂 Riley
[18:09:45] Resident023:

I’ve just realised - you’re not Adrian D! Sorry, but still want to pay you!
[18:11:13] Resident002:

Ok. Will take a bar of chocolate as return Payment whenever possible.😃😃
[18:21:42] Resident023:

Noted! What’s your preference?
[18:23:17] Resident002:

Surprise me....
[18:28:34] Resident022:

Well Jennie I have been driving Triumphs for 36 years not the same one. Most went for scrap. Tin worm got to them. The current one I've had for at least 25 years and the car is 50 years old. Very few people keep a car as long as yourself, quite an achievement.
[18:28:52] Resident097:

Lovely car
[18:34:58] Resident131:

This message was deleted.
[18:44:39] Resident131:

[18:48:17] Resident022:

That's the same as mine, but my car is damson with tan leather interior. I'm sure I've seen this car pass through Chelveston the year before last. Is it still on the road?
[18:51:33] Resident023:

I used to start my day with a liberal dollop of radio4, I’ve now converted to more informative and more relevant listening in the form of the village briefing.

This morning the chap that wakes me up had the audacity to suggest that all he does is ‘cuts grass, picks up litter and runs a few errands’ each day. He might just have forgotten to mention that he also holds our 3 villages together, makes sure ever resident is safe and without him we would not be the strong and unique community we are.

He does everything, asks for nothing in return but I am sure will get far more when all this is over!

My thanks go out to him today and everyday.
[18:51:58] Resident131:

Hi, you would have seen James on his way to school in Kimbolton. It’s with us at the moment as James is at University. Bob is having it resprayed as a 21st birthday present. Both are passionate about Triumphs. It was also our wedding car. 22 years thus Saturday 😁
[18:58:19] Resident022:

If you require help or advice or parts. Let me know. We are on Water Lane. I have many parts to keep these cars running. Nice to see another one so close by. Is it manual or auto.
[19:00:47] Resident131:

Thank you, if you are ok for me to message you direct I will do, don’t want to bore anyone on here with my car talk
[19:01:28] Resident131:

Brilliantly put
[19:04:05] Resident012:

Absolutely agree thank you Adrian!
[19:06:21] Resident055:

Manual Chris sorry to bore peeps
[19:18:06] Resident136:

[19:19:08] Resident055:

Nice 👍🏻 Wendy
[19:36:07] Resident097:

Various vehicles i have restored over the years
[19:40:53] Resident097:

Sorry only just seen this been busy rewiring the Trucks Lights !! Some nice lady informed me earlier I had no lights at all !!! DOH
Joys of keeping your own equipment on the road ... Who says being self employed is easy !
[19:41:23] Resident097:

Oh and no problem most welcome :-)
[19:59:10] Resident097:

3 Bags Kindling still out front for anyone taking a evening stroll
[20:02:21] Resident079:

Hi Pete, If no one else wants them I will take another bag please but will have to collect tomorrow if that's ok.
[20:19:07] Resident009:

[22:06:01] Resident033:

We are blessed indeed to have Adrian as our main man
in our villages. No words of thanks can express our thanks enough to him. 👏👏
[22:11:30] Resident030:

[23:09:40] Michelle Dalliston:

Hear hear! 😃
[01:35:18] Resident097:

🙂🙂🙂Top Bloke
[01:58:23] Resident097:

Either im loosing my mind and I can hear Cows out the back of the house ... or im dreaming and the Mrs has started Mooing !!

First time in 18 months ive heard any cows this loud ... where the noise is coming from any ideas... guessing its milking time or calfing time maybe as there making a lot of moos 😂😂