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WhatsApp Archive for Monday 13 April 2020

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[06:28:05] Adrian Dale:

[06:28:43] Adrian Dale:

[06:29:10] Adrian Dale:

[06:47:22] Adrian Dale:

[07:57:56] Resident097:

🙂 Lovely Neighbours
[07:59:27] Resident131:

And the best eggs too
[08:39:25] Ray Daniells:

To put the record straight, I'm surprised H didn't say it but the settlement in local dialect was called:
This is from the 5th oldest born and bred member of the village!
[09:21:31] Resident063:

Thank you Adrian and Brenda
[09:49:53] Resident002:

No queue at Tesco Wellingborough at the moment.
[09:50:02] Resident002:

They are open.
[11:16:22] Resident010:

No queue at Aldi
[11:18:29] Resident012:

If anyone needs just essentials like milk, bread, biscuits etc. Waitrose garage sell it at the window so no contact.
[11:33:50] Resident086:

[11:47:44] Michelle Dalliston:

Thank you Adrian for your daily briefing - you are right - this Easter has been nothing short of miraculous!
Thanks too Brenda for your wise and comforting words today - looking forward to joining in the service at 7pm tonight 😊 xx
[12:05:39] Resident097:

Kindling back out if anyone wants any
[12:06:21] Resident079:

Yes please. x
[12:28:13] Resident131:

Hello, yes please if there is still some available, where abouts are you please?
[12:31:54] Resident097:

Hi Vanessa
1 Pretoria Cottages, Raunds Road
Up by Mick with the Eggs

Kindling is FOC but if anyone wants to make a donation then please put this in a envelope and put in my letterbox (mines the green cottage) ill be giving any funds to Adrian and the parish council after all woods gone so they can put it towards anything thats needed in the parish.

Theres currently 3 bags out atm but i may chop some more up later
[12:32:59] Resident131:

Hi, many thanks. Bob will pop up and collect, very happy to make a donation
[12:33:49] Resident097:

Ill make a few more bags up now !! So dont run out
[12:44:37] Resident121:

I’ve collected some, thank you so much! Will pop a donation round at some point this week.
[13:00:52] Resident131:

Hi Mick, Bob popped up, donation popped through your door, many thanks
[13:02:51] Adrian Dale:

Lol Vanessa, Pete needs to change his Monika- Mick’s chickens (no. 6) lay eggs and Pete’s saw lays kindling (no. 1) 😀
[13:08:33] Resident097:

Oops 😂
[13:16:20] Resident097:

Recieved thanks was in right letterbox
[13:16:38] Resident097:

Thanking you
[13:27:28] Resident097:

3 Bags Kindling Still out the front ... will add more tomorrow
[13:47:46] Resident097:

2 bags left 😂 Cant bag it quick enough enough today
[13:48:26] Resident017:

Sorry for the irrelevant question but I'm ever so curious about the white coach that stops every day (I think) along High St. Is this picking people up/dropping someone off?
[13:49:13] Adrian Dale:

Delivering free School meals!! Big coach and only the hold is full
[13:49:51] Resident017:

Ahhh right 👍🏻 That'll stop me wondering, Thanks
[13:51:00] Resident097:

Good way to deliver tho as company will have been contracted for the year ... so keeps the bus running and people in work and food gets to where it needs to go
Clever way of diversity
[13:58:12] Resident131:

Adrian, I shall be pleased to put a name to a number when it’s all over. We are looking forward to meeting everyone on this group in person 😁
[14:30:31] Resident012:

Nobody on here should feel that anything they want to ask/say is irrelevant to the group. Anything that creates conversation in our community is welcome and I imagine most people on here feel the same!
[14:32:05] Resident038:

Nicely said
[14:32:55] Resident012:

Thank you
[14:40:25] Resident032:

I agree .. although I haven't joined in very much it's been lovely to see such community spirit 😊
[14:43:43] Resident086:

Well said Ashley 👍😀
[14:45:41] Resident012:

Thanks Michelle
[14:45:44] Resident101:

Just checked the Council Website and our Black bin collection is tomorrow as usual. Incase anyone was wondering.
[14:46:08] Resident117:

Hi Ashley and Di - well put. Most of the conversations have been informative and or entertaining and fostering a brilliant sense of community. Great to be a part of it and not to feel alone
[14:46:18] Resident038:

Excellent thank you
[14:48:58] Resident012:

Absolutely Sharen and thanks Rachael I was wondering about the bins!
[14:57:31] Resident039:

[15:09:32] Resident001:

[15:17:32] Adrian Dale:

(Group Admin)
Welcome to Adam from Chelston Rise. He wondered why Aneta is always looking at her phone! Now he’ll find out!🤪
[15:18:14] Resident011:

[15:22:11] Resident097:

5 more nets of Kindling out front
1 Pretoria Cottages raunds road

As before wood if FOC but if you would like to make a donation to Parish council you can do so by putting any cash in a envelope and posting through my Letterbox i will then give all donations to Adrian and Pc once wood has gone

Thankyou to everyone who has collected and donated so far
[15:24:47] Adrian Dale:

Pete - I’ve got visions of a frenetic lumberjack up there. I’m in my office looking at the trees behind Ray’s and wondering which one is going to crash down next!😀
[15:29:07] Resident097:

Its ok its offcut Joist i bought in for the Winter Months to sell but we have building work starting out back soon so its in my way and needs to go, admitedly a few trees in the garden have vanished but they were orrid conifers so i hope youll forgive me !! Still have around a ton of Block to kindlise then ill be on the logs
[15:52:51] Resident055:

[15:52:52] Resident055:

[15:52:52] Resident055:

[15:52:52] Resident055:

[15:52:52] Resident055:

[15:52:52] Resident055:

[15:52:53] Resident055:

[15:52:53] Resident055:

[15:52:53] Resident055:

[15:52:53] Resident055:

[15:52:53] Resident055:

[15:52:53] Resident055:

[15:52:53] Resident055:

[15:52:53] Resident055:

[15:52:53] Resident055:

[15:52:54] Resident055:

[15:54:04] Resident120:

Thank you Adrian!
[15:55:27] Resident033:

Can you add Amanda 07704 089799 too I get told off for keeping her informed 🤦‍♀️
[16:02:24] Adrian Dale:

No wonder she was surprised when I turned up with Ethan’s prize yesterday- welcome Amanda!!
[16:03:41] Resident007:

Thank you Adrian
[16:13:43] Resident033:

[16:22:30] Adrian Dale:

Tonight’s Celtic Mass for Easter Monday
[16:24:22] Resident022:

[16:37:38] Adrian Dale:

Hmmm - man with broken Council mower spots another potential source of advice. Resident104 and John Britten are my usual wise advisers and tool lenders ....
[16:41:09] Resident030:

[16:44:19] Resident038:

[16:57:48] Resident033:

Very very good
[17:12:32] Resident097:

6 more bags kindling out front atm
[17:14:00] Resident097:

What triumph that ? Myself and fatger inlaw Have a few classics ourselves

Porsche 924
Saab 900
1948 crossley
Austin healey frogeye
[17:27:05] Resident097:

Now 10 bags out ill add more stock tomo
[17:37:05] Resident097:

What you needing Adrian ?? I qualified as a agric engineer i can fix most stuff and have most tools to hand also
[17:37:05] Resident131:

[17:37:36] Resident031:

[17:37:39] Adrian Dale:

Was that Clinton??? Fantastic
[17:46:08] Ray Daniells:

So was that collected by the council?
[18:18:31] Resident022:

It's a Triumph 2.5 pi mk 1. Quite rare these days. Also have a mk 2 and a BMW M5.
[18:19:29] Resident097:

[18:19:47] Resident097:

[18:20:52] Resident097:

[18:20:52] Resident097:

[18:20:53] Resident097:

[18:36:20] Resident006:

[18:37:21] Resident097:

Lovely do you still have it ? I have seen another around here but not for ages
[18:38:03] Resident006:

Oops wrong way round 64 years ago before children 👶
[18:38:59] Resident006:

Interested in your logs when they’re ready have two wood burners to feed
[18:39:44] Resident006:

Noooo 54 years ago 🤣🤪
[18:41:02] Resident097:

Lovely car, father inlaws had his over 40yrs now its just had a full nut and bolt rebuilt from the ground up at silly cost, Were now doing the porsche to the same standard, but just picked him up a roundwindow Saab for his Birthday (he doesnt know yet and will prob kill me ! ) We like our old stuff or Junk as many call it !!
[18:41:14] Resident047:

Thank you for the kindling we left a small donation on the wall
[18:44:01] Resident097:

Much appreciated thankyou

Just for the record over 35 bags of kindling gone out with still loads more to go i have around £20 here in donations presently with others promising to put a donation in directly at later date which is great

Theres 8 bags left out atm for anyone out walking this evening
Ill try and do some more tomorrow

Logs will be available mid to end of week
[18:48:15] Resident081:

[19:02:53] Resident012:

Love it and so true 😂
[19:03:43] Resident039:

Brill hope to get to you tomorrow to pick up a bag of kindling x
[19:03:55] Adrian Dale:

That’ll be in the newsletter Mandy!!
[19:29:09] Resident138:

[19:29:21] Resident138:

Looks like lambs are trying to escspe
[19:29:40] Adrian Dale:

Where Zara??
[19:30:17] Resident138:

Gate at end of rookery
[19:30:24] Resident138:

[19:30:33] Adrian Dale:

Ok sorted
[19:31:25] Resident138:

[19:31:58] Resident097:

If you need any temp site plastic fencing let me know i have loads of it adrian i can being some down
[19:38:43] Resident131:

Hi Adrian, yes it was Clinton that organised its collection. Thrilled that it was picked up so soon
[19:39:17] Adrian Dale:

Well he is top bloke - I need his secrets!!!
[19:57:57] Resident084:

[19:58:56] Resident033:

Oh wow
[20:00:31] Adrian Dale:

Wow!! I watched those barns burn down and Disbrowe Court was the result- we had to fight to get planning rules changed to allow 6 houses to be built
[20:29:14] Resident023:

[20:35:18] Resident118:

[20:51:53] Brenda Elldred:

Amazing dedication - hope the get the wedding of a lifetime when it happens.
[21:06:00] Resident089:

Oh wow my pub was blue !!😁
[21:07:34] Resident097:

Lets paint it overnight in support of the nhs !!
[21:08:25] Resident089:

Gotta say love the nhs but no thanks 🤷‍♀️
[21:48:02] Adrian Dale:

Mark the Clerk reckons ....

Looks like sometime after 1968 – the Watney Mann “red barrel” logo on top of the sign, and before 1982 - the walls were white by the time of the lorry crash.

Who remembers the big lorry crash?
[21:48:37] Resident055:

[21:51:42] Resident089:

I have a picture of all that
[21:57:30] Resident097:

Looks like a old D series or thames trader truck
Series 2 Landrover with a weird camper back on it
And a little Austin 1300
[22:00:34] Resident097:

Old clubman and what looks like a Hillman Avenger aswell
[22:11:46] Resident030:

Who remembers the USAF badge on the wall of the pub???? I do, I have been in the village for about 40 years. I used to go to the Working Men’s club down Foot Lane.