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WhatsApp Archive for Saturday 11 April 2020

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[06:20:17] Adrian Dale:

[06:20:48] Adrian Dale:

[06:21:34] Adrian Dale:

[07:48:28] Resident023:

It’s hard to improve on perfect Adrian, but again this morning - you have.

I must dig out my old dark uniform......
[07:49:42] Adrian Dale:

Aldi opened early and am now first at the till waiting for them to officially open. No queues!
[07:50:21] Resident023:

The early bird....
[07:52:38] Adrian Dale:

No worms and sadly no flour. Everything was well stocked.
[08:01:44] Resident019:

Is it still ok adrian, leaving chelveston now
[08:02:12] Adrian Dale:

Just left brilliant
[08:03:49] Adrian Dale:

Higham bakery queue has 14 people loads better than at 7am
[08:07:46] Brenda Elldred:

Thank you Adrian - a very entertaining podcast. I can imagine Lynne’s reaction to the men in blue!
Thanks to Paul too- another thought provoking podcast.
[08:37:36] Resident131:

Aldi, near Clapham, no queues, well stocked, but absolutely no social distancing being enforced and no antiseptic spray at the tills for card machines
[08:38:31] Resident019:

Aldi irthlingborough no ques security man doing a fab job
[08:51:50] Resident063:

Thank you Adrian and Paul
[08:52:02] Resident011:

Anyone at lidl rushden?
[08:59:20] Resident054:

[09:04:14] Michelle Dalliston:

Thank you Adrian for your very entertaining daily briefing! And for all you are doing on behalf of our churches. Yes, Holy Week is exhausting, even, perhaps even more so this year's 'on-line virtual' one, but it's still the Greatest Story and couldn't be more real than now! Bless you for all you are doing 🙏❤️
[09:54:13] Resident016:

Dudley then?
[09:55:59] Adrian Dale:

Ah that’s roit me bab. Yow gor it in one!
[09:56:36] Resident016:

[10:21:59] Ray Daniells:

What part of stay at home dies that arrogant paraglider not get!!!
[10:24:55] Adrian Dale:

Probably milk tray man flying in emergency supplies!
[10:26:22] Resident056:

Extreme Social Distancing perhaps!
[11:07:38] Resident085:

[11:08:57] Adrian Dale:

[11:09:59] Resident047:

Lovely picture and post.
[11:10:31] Resident055:

[11:11:13] Resident109:

Thank you
[11:12:03] Resident023:

Brilliant photo, you’re still as good looking Roby. X
[11:12:56] Resident109:

You should have gone to Spec savers x
[11:16:40] Resident053:

Lovely photo Melvyn. A very happy memory.x
[11:59:56] Adrian Dale:

[12:06:10] Resident056:

Happy Village Anniversary Melvyn & Rosemary, are you thinking of staying? 😀x
[12:06:56] Adrian Dale:

Golden Party next year at their place??😃
[12:15:22] Resident109:

We only came for 6 months originally but found we didn't want to leave.
[12:34:12] Resident131:

Isn’t Adrian just a top chap? I asked where we could get tongs for our litter pick up by the airstrip (you wouldn’t believe what people chuck into the ditches) and quick as a flash Adrian has offered to drop two sets of tonges and two tabbards off to us. The world needs more Adrian’s.
[12:35:47] Resident031:

Hear, hear.
[12:36:50] Resident033:

Absolutely Top Man
[12:37:44] Resident038:

One in a million
[12:37:51] Adrian Dale:

Now now guys I am just trying to assuage my guilt .... I never get as far as those verges!
[12:38:43] Resident055:

Deffo top banana 🍌
[12:39:46] Resident033:

Lol 😂 plenty of help on hand during these times, more tongs for all our walkers in the village 😘
[12:40:52] Resident033:

I have a pair at work will bring home tomorrow
[12:41:49] Resident131:

[12:42:58] Resident031:

That happened the night before last.
[12:44:01] Resident033:

Oh my goodness. It’s totally unnecessary, what goes through the minds of these lazy people
[12:48:04] Resident038:

That is awful. How do these people live with themselves. Our poor countryside 😪
[12:48:53] Resident095:

Another lovely bunch of tulips just been delivered, thank you so much 😁
[12:49:26] Resident033:

[12:53:27] Resident054:

[12:54:27] Resident033:

Ohh lovely Jenny.
[12:54:58] Resident033:

Sorry Jennie 🤦‍♀️
[13:17:34] Resident117:

Thank you again Elaine for the beautiful 🌷 and thank you to the'delivery man'!
[13:18:08] Resident047:

Does the wheel barrow work ?
[13:20:40] Resident097:

Hats off to Adrian you sir are a Legend, when this is all over we should arrange a Village Party, ill be first to buy you a Pint
Thankyou for everything you do for our village
[13:21:27] Resident038:

Sounds like a great idea.. There will be a pint from us too. 👍
[13:21:40] Resident117:

Couldn't agree more!
[13:22:17] Resident109:

Thank you so very much for the lovely tulips Elaine I wonder if you could ever imagine what your kindness means to me. Once again I am overwhelmed. If I survive this I hope to meet you to thank you myself. Thx to Adrian also
[13:24:28] Resident097:

Good excuse to get the Gin out aswell 🤔🤣
[13:26:13] Resident131:

Hi James, yes it was ok. Would need a bit of strong tape on the handle as it’s lots its grippers but the tyres were ok
[13:26:58] Resident131:

[13:29:02] Resident047:

Ok 👍 if not one else wants it I will try and fix it. Tape I have.
[13:45:11] Resident131:

Hi, I am really pleased you can make use of it, positive recycling
[13:46:14] Resident097:

Never seen the a14 so quiet (Recovery Driver)
[13:48:18] Resident023:

What are you recovering from? 🤪
[13:48:51] Resident097:

The virus amongst many things
[13:50:14] Resident047:

Thanks Guys very kind of you.
[13:51:40] Adrian Dale:

Yep welcome back Pete and Cathy our 7th recovered family - brilliant news for everyone!!
[13:51:53] Resident089:

Hey everyone hope your all good, we are in the next stage at the star and we are clearing out we have a million glasses of drinks we no longer have so if anyone wanted to have some of these please let us know we can leave boxes out for you to collect 😁
[13:52:06] Resident097:

Thanks Adrian
[13:55:35] Resident047:

Is the wheel barrow ok to drop on end of my drive or I am happy to pick up from somewhere ?
[13:56:50] Adrian Dale:

I can pick it up in the van James when I go Vanessa’s where is it?
[13:58:55] Resident047:

Legend thank you so much. I will have a 2 Seater Cafe style table and chairs going soon so will post that on the group. Waiting for a new one to come first so won’t be for a few days but will do someone a turn !
[14:04:08] Resident097:

I know its off season now but have 1.5 ton of kindling and prob half ton of logs ill be netting it and bagging up over next few weeks if anybody wants any its free as its in my way presently
[14:04:57] Resident087:

We would love some please my husband said!
[14:05:22] Resident097:

Ill let you know when ready
[14:07:20] Resident087:

Thanks very much
[14:13:16] Resident109:

Everyone is being so kind it's really nice
[14:16:34] Resident134:

Hi Naomi, we'd love some of the old pint glasses if you're getting rid of them anyway! We're out on our walk at the moment so can collect a few on the way back?
[14:16:38] Resident033:

A good hearted community xx
[14:17:59] Resident016:

Yes please Naomi from us too. Thanks
[14:19:31] Resident033:

We will have 6 please Naomi xx
[14:29:08] Resident131:

Hi James, where are you?
[14:29:35] Resident089:

We have all different sorts shout at the gate or text and I will socially distance bring you some round 😁
[14:29:55] Resident131:

Ohh yes please, happy to collect and pay, Vanessa
[14:31:09] Resident131:

Hi, Naomi, do you have any white wine and Champagne flutes, happy to buy them from you, Vanessa
[14:32:01] Resident139:

Hello A6 Recovery, we’d love some logs/kindling if any going spare. When you’re ready please let us know where to come. Thanks.
[14:32:08] Resident089:

Most of them are different pint glasses and half and a mixture of random one off ones
[14:33:41] Resident047:

A6. Yes the kindling and logs sounds great if there’s some spare very kind.
[14:35:38] Resident009:

Hi Naomi- half decent gin glasses or half pint glasses ? Let me know- I’ll pop over , thanks x
[14:38:25] Resident089:

Loads of half glasses all different sorts you can have some Guinness ones to keep 😁, no gin ones I’m afraid I have to buy those and we break ALOT pop over x
[14:38:59] Resident009:

Ok- I’m here all day - say when 👍🏼
[14:39:01] Resident122:

I'll put my name in the hat for any spare logs. Happy to pay!
[14:39:01] Resident047:

Vanessa I am on high street big redwood in my front garden or did Adrian Kindly say he would drop the wheelbarrrow. Very kind of you both
[14:39:59] Resident121:

If there is any wood left after the above we would love some too! 😃
[14:41:18] Resident131:

Hi James, if it will go in my car (Audi Q3) I shall be pleased to drop it off for you. Give me 10 mins and I will let you know it you are welcome to collect if it will go in your car. I am on the Crescent
[14:41:53] Resident089:

Andy you can come over now if you wish
[14:42:20] Resident047:

Cool thanks 😊
[14:42:40] Resident016:

Naomi I’ll follow over in a few minutes -social distancing of course! X
[14:42:43] Resident002:

It’s like Noel Edmunds Saturday Swap Shop ( for those old enough to remember)
[14:42:46] Adrian Dale:

Seriously Vanessa and James let me do it to minimise risks
[14:43:30] Resident089:

Can’t remember swap shop not that anyone will believe it, lovin the village spirit ❤️
[14:44:19] Adrian Dale:

I’ve got the yellow jackets and the Permits to travel
[14:45:23] Resident040:

[14:46:06] Resident131:

Hi Adrian, many thanks. The wheelbarrow is by my car, many thanks, much appreciated
[14:46:54] Resident047:

Ok thanks Adrian
[14:47:09] Resident131:

I remember swap shop, I could never get through
[14:47:26] Resident047:

Yeah I remember it was very young tho
[14:50:01] Resident039:

I would love some when it’s ready
[15:13:35] Resident032:

Hi, has anyone been to Asda in Rushden this afternoon - just wondering how busy it is? Thanks
[15:15:30] Resident034:

My dad went this morning and it looked closed not sure if it is just letting you know!
[15:15:55] Resident125:

Just got back! Queued round the car park but not many people in the store. I think I queued for about 45 minutes. They have most stuff. Wasnt a bad experience. They close at 8pm tonight
[15:16:34] Resident032:

Ok thanks
[15:17:00] Resident125:

No queue at Lidl near Rushden and they are quite well stocked too
[15:17:13] Resident125:

[15:24:45] Resident097:

Everyone after wood dont panic will make sure you all get some
[15:34:58] Resident131:

Thank you A6, Vanessa
[15:41:49] Resident032:

Only 10 minutes to get in 😊
[15:47:32] Resident011:

Does anyone know if there is a local charity that can pick up kids toys, cuddlies and books? Been doing clearing out and want to give them away.
[15:48:50] Resident019:

Before all of this rubbish kgh were asking for some for the children's wards. As were a charity for under privileged mums and tots. I shall find the name
[15:50:28] Resident011:

Thanks much appreciates
[15:53:32] Resident022:

Muti-colured swap shop finished on BBCTV in 1982. Hosted by Noel Edmunds. Tiswas was more manic. You have to be about 45+ to remember the shows. Enjoy the sun everyone.
[15:55:30] Resident125:

If no one wants the books I can take to NANNAs as they have a book deposit that helps towards the cost of the animals x
[16:00:08] Resident033:

I was on swap shop in Abington park all those moons ago. I swapped a metal puzzle game that belonged to my brother, for a jigsaw, lol he chased me home he was so furious with me. my word I forgot about that until swap shop was mentioned. 🤦‍♀️
[16:09:24] Resident016:

Where is this stuff? The pasta cooker might make a nice plant pot?
[16:10:28] Resident016:

Whoops need to go to optician - just realised its a pedal bin 🥺🤣🤣
[16:11:22] Resident131:

Carol, I thought someone had added to the pile😁
[16:11:58] Resident016:

I need a bigger phone lol
[16:12:37] Adrian Dale:

Link to the Easter Vigil Service at 8pm
[16:12:55] Resident131:

It’s one of those tall kitchen bins
[16:13:23] Resident011:

Ok another question, anyone knows of a good pizza place? Aprt from dominos.
[16:14:12] Resident016:

[16:15:51] Adrian Dale:

(Group Admin)
Will you private message me on 07850 570007 if you have kids in the house this Easter. Thanks
[16:37:30] Resident097:

Now off out for our 1hrs excercise or daily stroll
[16:43:46] Resident097:

We use Guiseppes in Rushden (Speak to carol tell her you know pete and they will deliver out here )
[16:46:13] Resident130:

Would love any kindling & logs please. Happy to pay. Please let us know where & when.
[16:53:56] Resident055:

[16:59:49] Resident011:

[17:06:48] Adrian Dale:

Ladies please! Just because the men in your house behave like big kids .... that really doesn’t count 😂
[17:21:23] Resident033:

Literally just thought I would fill a basket from Ocado. Managed to get a slot for tomorrow afternoon if any one needs anything I’m happy to add to my delivery. I have half hour to edit my order. 👍
[17:23:28] Adrian Dale:

I heard from Richard and Lou Thorncroft today that Ocado is allowing you to pre-book your next slot a fortnight ahead as you are completing your order.
[17:24:36] Resident004:

Ocado is letting regular customers and vulnerable customer to book slots. But you can’t get a slot if you’ve had one in the past 14 days. If you’ve been flagged you will have an email
[17:25:21] Resident033:

I’m straight in for tomorrow 3pm-4pm
[17:25:47] Resident097:

Will be enough for everyone i have 1.5t of kindling to bag up and several trees that ive cut. Not asking for any payment but if anyone wants to make a donation I will happily give it to Adrian and the Parish to help with anything they may need ie mowers and equipment etc
[17:27:59] Resident131:

That’s such a kind thing to do, we all appreciate it and will be extremely grateful when the weather turns, Vanessa
[17:29:37] Resident023:

Elaine B - again a massive THANKS for the Blom-Blooms. They always put a big smile on our faces 😃😃 C&K x

Thanks also to the delivery lad (AD) - a very happy lad going about his daily chores!
[17:33:19] Resident033:

[17:34:14] Resident034:

[18:05:51] Resident015:

Thank you for my lovely Tulips much appreciated
[18:07:05] Adrian Dale:

Candy - you are the eyes, ears and hands in Hillside, you deserve it!
[18:08:26] Resident015:

Are you trying to say I'm nosy 😀
[18:08:59] Adrian Dale:

Without you 3 people would be struggling!!!
[18:24:19] Resident022:

[18:26:10] Resident031:

[18:28:00] Resident130:

Needed some skimmed milk powder yesterday to make bread & my husband bought Cow & Gate Growing-up milk for 1-2 years! What can I say - he's a man?! Used 1 tablespoon for my loaf (it was all I had!) & no longer need it as I now have SM powder! Would love to give it to someone who can use it. You can collect or I will deliver......
[18:35:53] Adrian Dale:

Bread .... you found flour! Am considering buying a tanker load
[18:43:37] Resident087:

I have some plain flour if anyone is desperate !
[18:45:14] Resident130:

Cookies sells bread flour - very expensive - then I found a bag in the co-op! Have ordered some online due to be delivered on Tuesday - I hope!
[18:48:49] Resident130:

Have a friend who has just had her final dog put down (she had 4 originally). She's desperate to adopt a rescue dog but finding it impossible. Can anyone help?
[18:51:17] Resident138:

The lady who is involved with NANAs should be able to
[18:52:22] Resident130:

Was wondering about that - there are still animals out there desperate for good homes.
[18:52:29] Resident138:

Search for Tammy or NANNAs sorry I spelt it wrong
[18:54:18] Resident130:

[18:56:20] Resident089:

[18:57:20] Resident138:

They are gorgeous :) also very good excuse for a good walk too
[19:09:52] Resident052:

Try Spaniel Aid a charity specialising in those Mad Spaniel breeds of which we have 2 🐶🐶 but I think Nanna’s will be a great start Rescue is a favourite breed xx
[19:18:13] Michelle Dalliston:

So just a reminder of the Easter Vigil tonight - it is available now or later too if you cannot join in at 8pm. It's a special service which anticipates the joy of Easter - you'll need a candle for the service! 🕯️

Link to the Easter Vigil Service at 8pm
[19:31:48] Resident125:

Unfortunately NANNAs is closed to the public at the moment due to the lockdown so we cant do any adoptions. You will find that with most rescues at the moment. I'm more than happy to take your friend down when we open again x
[19:47:28] Resident054:

Wow. What an amazing sunset. Go have a look if you can.
[19:48:08] Resident045:

[19:49:24] Resident125:

The reason NANNAs is closed is because we cant do any home visits and to also protect the volunteers from being exposed to Covid 19 as it is all run by volunteers
[19:49:52] Resident033:

Enjoy and happy Easter. Thank you team for doing what you are doing for us all in the village 🌷🌷🌷🌷
[19:51:02] Adrian Dale:

Lovely video from Ivan produced in association with Bloms surely!! Happy Easte indeed!
[19:52:23] Resident054:

How lovely 😍
[19:52:34] Resident130:

Thank you Tammy.
[19:53:38] Resident033:

Wonderful Ivan. Happy Easter to you too