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[06:24:06] Adrian Dale:

[06:24:27] Adrian Dale:

[06:24:49] Adrian Dale:

[06:25:36] Resident010:

Im listening
[06:36:55] Resident023:

Listening too and now off in search of a herd of sheep or is it a flock of cows!

Always good to listen, learn and often smile. We all need a reason smile in these times.
[06:43:29] Resident134:

We listen in too! The podcast gets played before the morning news is switched on in our house 😄
[06:58:09] Resident054:

I don't get out of bed until I've listened 😊
[07:05:41] Resident101:

Listen everyday with my morning coffee.
[07:11:54] Resident031:

Nicely done Adrian. 🍻
[07:16:01] Adrian Dale:

[07:26:51] Resident012:

We listen every day Adrian 👍
[07:29:33] Resident117:

Me too Adrian. Always very informative
[07:39:55] Resident087:

We listen too 😀
[07:41:26] Resident038:

So do we 👍
[07:46:39] Resident131:

Morning Adrian, we listen, enjoy and very much appreciate your podcast and everything you do for all of us, Vanessa
[07:49:43] Resident006:

Ditto above. I loved the “H” bit 🐑🐂
[07:51:43] Resident131:

Hi, I am putting an Ocado order in for delivery next Wednesday. They don’t have brown rice, but they do gave wholewheat Pasta, would you like me to order you some? Vanessa
[07:59:28] Michelle Dalliston:

Good morning Adrian, listening as always 😊 thank you and a timely reminder ahead of the Easter weekend to keep to the restrictions, hard as it is. Daily Podcasts from the church continuing plus special services for Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and of course Easter Day - all as in your third post 😃
Prayers and love for everyone in the village - keep up the good work! ❤️🌈☀️🙏🏻
[08:07:47] Resident063:

Thank you Adrian and Brenda and also for the team who have put together the extra services
[08:09:29] Resident056:

Thank you Adrian, nice one as usual, lovely to hear that H is well and keeping an eye/ear on everything 😀
[08:09:42] Michelle Dalliston:

Thank you Brenda for your wise words this morning ❤️
[08:29:38] Resident023:

Hello Vanessa, that’s very kind of you to offer, I hope we can get some ourselves very soon, we were just a bit stuck yesterday during Kaye’s moment of need. Thank you again and wishing you a great day. Chris
[08:35:48] Resident131:

Hi Chris, you’re very welcome. I will leave the pasta on the order and check with you before I complete it in case you haven’t been able to get any. I have found an unopened bag of Sainsbury’s brown rice at the back of my pantry BUT it is best before August 19. I don’t take much notice of best before dates, you are very welcome to have it but fully understand if you prefer not to, Vanessa
[08:41:31] Resident023:

You’re a very kind person Vanessa. I don’t bother too much with best before dates either. Jenny H gave us some rice yesterday - so for now we are OK. Thanks again. Chris
[08:43:11] Resident033:

Adrian your podcasts are excellent. Keeping our community up to speed with government instructions, local news and throwing in a bit of humour. I actually stop what I’m doing and enjoy a hot coffee and listen to your podcast. Xx well done you and thank you for all your time and effort keeping our village safe, informed and well cared for.
[08:43:13] Resident131:

Hi, I am so pleased you have some, such a worrying time. Stay safe and perhaps we will meet when this is all over
[08:48:05] Resident015:

Your podcasts are excellent and will be missed greatly when this is all over. So perhaps you could do a weekly general one so we can all stay in touch. Thank you Adrian for all your hard work, it's much appreciated 😀
[08:49:09] Resident023:

Vanessa - we will meet! We live in the old stone cottage (Top Gate Farm) in Caldecott - the one with the big flag pole in the front and the cat on the porch roof, wave when you are passing!
[08:52:24] Resident131:

Hi, is that Councillor Pentlands house
[08:53:52] Resident052:

Morning Adrian Ray & I along with our boys Sam 🐶 & Max 🐶 always listen every morning enjoy the mix of humour and important information and timely reminders so from us all at Hill House THANK YOU 👏
[08:54:25] Resident135:

We always listen Adrian
Very informative
[08:54:41] Resident023:

Yes - Harriet is my eldest daughter.
[08:59:38] Resident131:

Will you say hello to her for me, I am Vanessa, Planning Solicitor to East Northants Council. I look forward to seeing her at Committees when normal life has resumed
[08:59:53] Brenda Elldred:

Thank you Adrian - always good to hear how the village is pulling together and to have a postman who is part of the eyes and ears of the village - amazing.
[09:03:20] Resident023:

I surely will, small world eh!
[09:04:29] Resident131:

It is indeed, look forward to meeting you. Stay safe, Vanessa
[09:11:10] Resident002:

Looks like I am the last to get up in the village. Also listening to Podcast before getting out of bed. Thanks to all involved.😜😜😜
[09:30:38] Resident109:

We listen every day Adrian even our next door neighbour in Texas listens now!
[09:42:49] Resident055:

We listen 👂
[09:58:25] Resident043:

This message was deleted.
[10:00:38] Resident043:

News just in (Copied from the Northants Police website): "Northamptonshire Police is preparing to up its enforcement activity against those who continue to flout the COVID-19 restrictions in the county.

The Force has not issued any fines for non-compliance so far, preferring to adopt an approach which seeks to educate people, engage with them and explain how their behaviour could affect others.

While the majority of the public have been fantastic in staying inside, with police officers on foot patrol sharing photos of the many empty spaces across the county, a small minority have chosen to break the rules, greatly frustrating those people who have made a positive choice to stay inside.

“This is why we will be upping our enforcement activity and fining people who are found to be breaching the COVID-19 restrictions, be it people gathering in public or at other people’s homes, or making journeys that are not essential.”

Northamptonshire Police can issue penalty notices of £60 where they have reason to believe there has been an offence under the regulations. These penalties are doubled for each repeat offence up to a £960 cap."
[10:05:12] Resident138:

Good to hear and glad that our force have been a lot more chilled and not over enthusiastic like Derbyshire. Agreed that it does need reminding the few not to ruin it for the many who depend on their daily run/walk/cycle for physical and mental health reasons
[10:27:40] Resident011:

My husband said thay he saw a car with 360 camera yesterday on chelston rise patrolling the area
[10:33:06] Resident115:

We always listen to your podcast Adrian, thank you for everything you are doing for our village!! 😊
[10:35:24] Resident136:

Always listen Adrian, part of my daily routine now.
[10:36:22] Resident047:

Northamptonshire Police:

Coronavirus: Police chief warns those who flout the lockdown they could be arrested
[10:38:53] Resident039:

[10:42:12] Resident012:

[10:48:13] Resident047:

I agree. We are also far more densely populated than all those countries near the top too. We are a small island after all so even more reason to fully stick to the guidelines without fail. These changes will make prefound differences on an aggregated level.
[11:04:20] Resident131:

Hi Aneta, I saw that. I wondered if it was Google Earth. Vanessa
[11:04:59] Resident011:

No, Adam said it was police, he apsp thought initially it was google but then saw that it was related to police
[11:06:25] Resident131:

Hi, it’s good if it is the Police
[11:15:49] Resident031:

[11:20:22] Resident131:

That’s good Derek, it deters unwanted people coming to see if we have any scrap metal!
[11:21:04] Resident009:

Probably was google updating to be fair
[12:20:04] Resident023:

If it was a small white Smart car or Peugeot it was the Police. Hello, hello, hello.
[13:35:34] Resident051:

[13:39:41] Ray Daniells:

[13:44:06] Resident023:

Great note and good idea.
[15:02:22] Resident055:

Can anyone enlighten me as there are white coaches coming in and out of village at it seems set times always empty ?? School are closed???
[15:02:56] Adrian Dale:

Delivering free school meals at lunchtime is one
[15:03:20] Resident004:

Free school meals for children who need it most. It’s from Manor Academy
[15:05:27] Resident055:

Ah have been wondering thank you
[15:12:16] Resident023:

They’re doing a great job but I wish they would be more careful through Caldecott!!!! Higham Lane would be a slightly longer but safer route for them (and villagers).
[15:55:55] Brenda Elldred:

[16:18:22] Resident010:

Sorry if this has been asked. Is there a current list of supermarket hours of opening and a general update ? Aldi this morning at 8am was all the way around the car park and again around lunch time !!!
[16:21:19] Adrian Dale:

General advice issued today by all supermarkets was (a) shop later, towards the end of the day (b) beware that all are closed on Sunday and they are expecting a manic 2 days (c) Friday and Saturday hours will be shorter. Joann has warned that ASDA is shutting at 8pm over Easter and obviously is closed on Sunday
[16:35:47] Resident080:

Some schools are still open for the children of key workers
[17:02:07] Adrian Dale:

Details of the 7pm Maundy Thursday Service
[17:04:47] Resident012:

I queued for just under 2 hours this afternoon at Waitrose however the store was very well stocked and social distancing rules are easy to maintain due to the restricted amount of people allowed in store at one time. Many staff now wearing full face visors and screens in place at tills. Feels a very safe place to shop so worth the wait in the queue!
[17:31:56] Resident086:

Just driven past Raunds Asda, BIG Q, best to avoid 😳
[17:33:05] Resident024:

I'm in that queue!! It's actually moving quite fast I'm halfway there and only been here maybe 10mins
[17:33:13] Resident125:

I'm gonna go Rushden aftet Lidl x
[17:33:18] Resident024:

Sorry, I'm at Rushden asda!!! 😂
[17:34:02] Resident125:

Is there a queue at Rushden??
[17:34:58] Resident024:

Yes it goes round the outside of the car park, tho because everyone is spaced out, it's actually moving quite well. Plus it's nice weather out ☀ so as long as you're not in a desperate hurry it's ok
[17:35:17] Resident044:

At Waitrose in queue now - think the face visors are a little overkill! Plastic screens up as said in previous comment. I think Waitrose is the most organised and safe place to shop right now!
[17:35:28] Resident125:

I will leave until later!!
[17:35:54] Resident044:

Most orderly and good natured queue around 😂
[17:58:14] Resident075:

How long is the que? Do you know what time they are open until plesee?
[18:00:11] Resident126:

Hi Lucy it has taken Heather about an hour in the queue to get into the Waitrose 😊
[18:00:55] Resident075:

Omg I suppose that's good.... 😊
[18:02:40] Resident126:

At least she got in, I think they close at 7.00 though
[18:03:50] Resident075:

Thanks, online it says 8pm, I might drive over later and see if there is no que.
[18:18:22] Resident126:

It might be, I didn’t get as far as the door.😊
[18:18:52] Resident126:

[18:22:14] Resident075:

Thsnks I can't que as I will need the loo (post baby) abd my hub never gets the right things I'll try in the morn 😂😊
[18:23:19] Resident126:

No worries 😉, good luck
[18:23:55] Resident117:

Wishing you the best of luck (and I mean that sincerely, not sarcastic)
[18:23:56] Resident081:

They do let you use the loo whilst queuing!
[18:35:23] Resident075:

Germs in the toilets 😂😂, yup he could go but it's nice to get out of the house for mental wellbeing! Thanks
[18:47:48] Resident044:

The queue for paying took about 30 minutes too but very good natured
[18:48:30] Resident044:

Probably wouldn’t want to to avoid people 😊
[18:55:07] Michelle Dalliston:

[19:00:10] Resident136:

[19:05:36] Resident033:

Never forget the frontline xx
[19:08:26] Resident024:

Asda Rushden took about 30 mins queue to get in, once in most stuff available other than the obvs eggs, flour, hand-wash. No queue at till. Queue around car park still looked the same when I left.
[19:13:43] Resident003:

I went to Asda and Waitrose this afternoon, saw the lines and thought... nope! Managed to get the basics including eggs and bread at the co-op in higham. Qued outside for about 5 mins. Still need to do a big shop though, but will have to wait till tomorrow, when I've got my patience hat on. 🙂xx
[19:14:19] Resident003:

[19:20:36] Resident033:

[19:21:26] Resident033:

Ethan has added the fire service, police , ambulance and army
[19:21:48] Resident003:

[19:27:53] Resident063:

Thank you to Brenda Michelle and Chris very many thanks for the thoughtful Maundy Thursday evening service.
[19:49:28] Resident131:

How absolutely lovely
[20:03:26] Ray Daniells:

Well done Raunds Road 👏👏👏
[20:03:43] Resident023:

Well done Caldecott!
[20:04:00] Resident051:

Night Ethan!! 👏🏻
[20:04:54] Resident030:

We clapped @ 20, Duchy
[20:07:11] Resident032:

..and The Sheiling 💙
[20:08:29] Resident003:

Lots of loud clapping on the Crescent!!xx
[20:10:43] Resident136:

And Pokas cottages
[20:12:06] Resident033:

Microphone 🎤 not needed this week for Ethan 👏👏👏
[20:12:49] Resident136:

Bless him!!
[20:16:30] Resident051:

We heard Ethan loud and clear from the High Street!
[20:19:27] Resident071:

Sorry people we were otherwise engaged, very commendable though!
[20:24:43] Resident033:

[20:26:56] Resident009:

Top work young man 👍🏼👍🏼🌈
[20:45:56] Resident055:

2 weeks ago ,while Out getting food I thought why not pop my scrip in . Waited In the line today at Lloyds today for 30 mins they told me it had not come through rang them lunch hour really at this time ! Rang again later told scripts had been distroyed because I had put them in to early ! Only was followed nhs advice don’t go out if not necessary! Told I have to go down again to put another request in!! Did that ! Went to the chemist again can’t help us but we’re very helpful . Steve was given 2 yrs 3 yrs ago from cancer and needs his meds not worried about mine but worried about his How can the doctors dismiss early forms they have our mob no to let us know absolutely livid if his PSA goes up you know who I will be after his PSA was 5200.20 normal is4.5 to say that Im cross is an understatement stay safe folks
[20:47:07] Resident055:

Meds run out on Sunday I suppose a couple of days will be ok but blooming cross
[20:59:50] Resident055:

Sorry to rant but I’m sorry don’t swear but bloody useless!
[21:01:05] Resident055:

Deleted because they might blacklist don’t blame you really
[21:08:31] Resident062:

When they destroyed prescriptions they st least should have had decency to let us know but that would be seen as helpful and they don’t do helpful !
[21:32:03] Resident051:

Love it 😊