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WhatsApp Archive for Tuesday 07 April 2020

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[06:55:48] Adrian Dale:

[06:55:58] Adrian Dale:

[06:56:26] Adrian Dale:

[06:57:12] Adrian Dale:

[08:02:28] Adrian Dale:

(Emergency Coordinator)
Useful video for anyone struggling with breathing difficulties due to Covid-19.
[08:04:59] Resident063:

Thank you Adrian and Linda
[08:14:13] Brenda Elldred:

Thank you Adrian and Linda again good helpful information and uplifting thoughts from Linda.
[08:52:10] Michelle Dalliston:

Thanks Adrian - sorry for your email difficulties yesterday! 😖
Thanks so much for all you are doing in this crisis to steer us through 😃
[08:52:10] Michelle Dalliston:

Thanks Linda - great Podcast - and brilliant to see how people are being such good friends for each other in this time of need ❤️
[09:55:26] Resident023:

[09:56:06] Resident031:

[10:11:29] Resident040:

Thank you! Sharing on various media now.
[10:44:58] Resident033:

Lloyd’s in Rushden is still closed. Nearest branch is Wellingborough but no opening hours mentioned. Third week of closure for Rushden Lloyd’s
[10:57:36] Resident010:

FYI - If you need to pay cheques into Lloyds you can use their banking app on your phone.
[11:35:49] Resident055:

[11:42:26] Resident055:

Sorry bored .......can’t spell
[12:12:45] Resident124:

Hi Lec just a thought can you get Scarlet an Easter egg from us please, will transfer money xx
[12:14:59] Resident015:

Just back from Asda rushden queuing around the car park twice took me an hour to get in. No eggs no sugar.
[12:17:11] Adrian Dale:

Coronavirus: NHS volunteers to start receiving tasks today - here's how they will help
[12:22:08] Resident051:

It’s looks like there’s 8 in the village
[13:17:22] Resident131:

Hello, do you need sugar, we have a bag if you would like it. Adrian is coming to deliver a map to me this afternoon, maybe he could drop it off for you?
[13:47:44] Resident015:

Hi no thanks I manage to get some in the coop. But thanks for the offer
[13:52:15] Resident131:

Hi Candy, you’re very welcome. Glad you got some, stay safe
[14:08:02] Resident002:

[14:10:39] Resident059:

[14:26:18] Resident040:

[14:27:11] Resident033:

Oh thanks for that Andy I will look into it
[14:31:49] Resident086:

Oh my word that is hilarious 🤣🤣🤣
[14:35:41] Resident086:

Hi everyone 😊, can anyone tell me what time Rushden asda is open until this evening, is it 8pm still or have they gone back to 10pm?
[14:36:20] Resident011:

Does anyone know where I can get free range eggs from?
[14:41:03] Resident059:

Hi it’s 10pm as from yesterday but over the Easter weekend it’s 8pm and closed Easter Sunday
[14:41:17] Resident052:

Hi just back from CooP in Raunds was good sanitisation station on entry shelves were good lots of bread fresh milk and eggs (sorry not sure if Free Range) cereals were okay but not a lot of variety but store staff busy stacking shelves everyone was social distancing All in all not to bad at all Hope this is helpful
[14:42:39] Resident055:

Lancaster farm had 🥚
[14:42:54] Resident011:

[14:53:30] Resident086:

Joann C, thankyou so much for that, I can go shopping even later now 👍 😀
[14:54:59] Resident086:

Aneta, if u don't manage to get any before this evening I can grab u some from asda 👍 it won't be until late though ok, let me know 😊
[14:56:03] Resident059:

Your welcome 😊
[14:57:13] Resident015:

Coop raunds has some free range eggs
[14:57:37] Resident023:

Free!! I had to pay for mine.
[14:58:29] Resident011:

Thanks, hubby will go hunting tomorrow :)
[14:59:29] Resident086:

[14:59:50] Resident136:

Sarah, l have a few bits for the foofbank, will leave them in your porch this evening, do you want any trauma teddies and twiddle mitts or shall I hang on to them for now ?
[15:44:37] Resident055:

Jean & mick have eggs not sure if there free range
[19:59:30] Resident035:

Is anyone clapping for boris?
[20:00:38] Resident136:

[20:00:47] Resident028:

Yes for sure
[20:02:23] Resident018:

We are
[20:03:34] Resident055:

Sure are
[20:12:16] Resident009:

[20:13:05] Resident023:

Great moon shot - it’s gonna get better throughout the night.
[20:19:33] Resident009:

[20:25:38] Resident055:

[20:26:52] Resident086:

[20:27:21] Adrian Dale:

Where was it?
[20:27:54] Ray Daniells:

Was going to say same Adrian
[20:29:09] Ray Daniells:

Come on Boris country needs you back at the helm to get us through this horrendous time we are currently having.
[20:29:19] Resident060:

Surely can’t be right. No official logo, safety of only one other??
[20:30:13] Adrian Dale:

That reference is false - Mark is the main man on legalities- he’s on it now
[20:36:26] Resident086:

Its on the footpath between Chelveston and Higham across the fields following the brook, its on the gate by the foot bridge 😳
[20:38:12] Adrian Dale:

Mark will clarify
[20:38:26] Resident086:

[20:49:17] Adrian Dale:

(Emergency Coordinator) I’ve just had a gold plated source from Her Majesty’s Constabulary confirm that the reference on the notice is not a police reference.
[20:50:07] Resident055:

Keep walking 🚶‍♂️
[20:50:49] Resident125:

Naughty person trying to stop you walking on their land!!
[20:51:47] Resident016:

Looks like they got it from someone’s waste paper basket 🙄😂
[20:54:38] Resident125:

They have even tried to stop you opening the gate !!
[21:31:48] Ray Daniells:

Been clarified these signs will be removed there is no standing behind them. Ray
[21:32:51] Resident055:

So who put them up ?
[21:38:52] Resident016:

Thanks Mark and Adrian
[21:43:37] Resident055:

[22:14:01] Adrian Dale:

(Emergency Coordinator)
So our Gold Plated Source from HMC has been backed up by the Chief Constable of Northamptonshire “That isn’t a Northants Reference number and the police have no powers to close a footpath, park, bridleway or any such route. I think this is someone with a creative mind!”

Thanks Mark and Ray! Anyone in the vicinity should feel free to remove this notice and unblock the path. Cheers Michelle!