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WhatsApp Archive for Sunday 05 April 2020

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[01:23:01] Resident118:

[06:32:51] Adrian Dale:

[06:32:52] Adrian Dale:

[07:11:44] Resident010:

[07:33:25] Resident042:

I think the shop was Baxter's and then the leavers had the shop late 70s

Along with meadow Croft for fruit and veg on raunds road
[07:46:59] Resident009:

[07:56:42] Resident009:

We would support if Naomi did do this- this times I have to “pop” to Raunds is crazy. Milk and pint of beer sounds like a decent trip to make for me 😂
[08:46:23] Adrian Dale:

(From the Church)

With the Church bells ringing across the Parish, here is the link to the 10:00am service.
[08:55:16] Ray Daniells:

Lovely to hear the church bells on this gorgeous Sunday in lockdown.
Stay safe.
[08:56:48] Michelle Dalliston:

Good morning everyone on another beautiful day 🌞 Hope you have your palms crosses, greenery 🌿 or ✋✋ at the ready! If you can, why not start the service outside (assuming your WiFi reaches!) and process inside during 'All Glory, Laud and Honour' as we normally do! If you can grab a passing donkey even better 🐎😃. Looking forward to joining you if you are able at 10am - but we will be united in our praise and worship whenever you can join. Hosanna! 🌈
[09:23:20] Resident109:

Thank you so much for the beautiful tulips how lovely and thoughtful means so much to me
[09:25:20] Resident033:

[09:34:18] Resident023:

Elaine - beautiful flowers, Kaye is still in hospital but I am sure she will appreciate them as and when you gets home, in the meantime Harriet, Ellen and I will enjoy them. Huge thank you to you and the delivery boy!
[09:35:18] Resident033:

Most welcome 🌷🌷🌷 stay safe xx
[09:40:20] Brenda Elldred:

[09:40:20] Brenda Elldred:

[09:40:21] Brenda Elldred:

[09:48:56] Michelle Dalliston:

[09:58:44] Resident138:

I have last years
[09:58:52] Resident138:

[10:05:54] Resident012:

Sorry to hear Kaye is in hospital Chris. Hope she is on the mend and it’s nothing too serious
[10:17:24] Resident023:

Thanks Ashley, been ongoing for about 3 weeks now, better than it was last Monday!!!!!
[10:33:02] Resident063:

[10:33:57] Resident031:

[10:34:36] Michelle Dalliston:

Thank you everyone for joining together and all who contributed - really felt like we were all worshipping together 😃 🌿🙏🏻☀️ now enjoy the blessing of the beautiful day ❤️ xxx
[10:37:17] Resident075:

Where is this path please
[10:37:44] Resident075:

Or is it a road? 😂
[10:44:19] Resident039:

I can’t see they should be up there riding them bikes! ... lol I will know how to greet you in future!
[10:51:35] Resident012:

In the grand scheme of things they’re not really doing any harm are they?? The dog seemed to be more of a hazard in this instance! 😂the response was normal from a teenager being filmed!
[10:57:45] Resident099:

Saw them in Yielden. Both went roaring through village - neither had rear number plate so probably no licence either!
[11:02:27] Resident117:

Came past me went through the gap by the metal gate up the bridleway that goes by the allotments. Suppose it wouldn't matter if they spooked a horse and rider or hit a dog!
[11:07:24] Resident023:

They are a menace and regularly go across all the local fields leaving ruts and mud and ruining crops. I’m a peaceful bloke, but if I got to see them..................!
[11:19:06] Brenda Elldred:

[11:24:00] Resident008:

Hello,random...but was somebody after some egg boxes?🥚🥚 Amy 😃
[12:00:09] Resident051:

[12:02:49] Resident101:

Ooo might come and have a look.
[12:26:06] Resident050:

Thanks Janellon I’ve grabbed a few - gorgeous😁🌷
[12:31:32] Resident051:

You’re welcome - hope you’ve got something to put in them!
[12:35:36] Resident050:

Yes I picked up some geraniums from Lidl the other day- definitely a day for gardening- enjoy the sunshine everyone🤗
[12:37:24] Resident117:

Thank you again Bloms for the lovely flowers. A great spirit lifter x
[12:38:31] Resident033:

Your welcome and thank you to Adrian for making the time to deliver 🌷🌷🌷🌷
[12:47:27] Resident022:

In the queue at Waitrose. Moving along at a reasonable pace and not too long. Lidl had short queue when driving past a few mins ago.
[12:55:47] Resident075:

I thought the que at waitrise was very long, so I turned back went to aldi. Personally when in there I don't think it's good interms of other customers, most are not observing the 2m rule and no staff around in the aisles.
[12:57:02] Resident075:

I'll def be sticking to waitrose but going early in the week
[12:57:55] Resident075:

I couldnt que because I have a 1.5 hour slot for feeding baby x
[12:58:34] Resident026:

[13:08:00] Resident131:

Hello, the lady who sells eggs and plants from her house on the Chelveston to Raunds Rd needed some
[13:08:06] Adrian Dale:

Resident047 has been concerned about Aldi Irthlingborough but Resident131 said Aldi Clapham was good
[13:14:53] Resident047:

I went Aldi Irthlingborough on Thursday. Doorman did nothing just sat there. Plastic screens on tills tho now and lines on the floor for queuing at the tills. Stock reasonably decent. Shoppers like society inconsistent with social distancing and two examples of people coughing all over the place and into their hands and touching the products etc and many carrying on as if they have been living in a cave for weeks. Sadly the minority are spoiling it for us all as we see daily on the news. We do the right thing ‘it ‘will go away quicker. Sadly some of the human race appears to want to continue on a trajectory to destroy itself.
[13:22:37] Adrian Dale:

For everyone concerned about Trevor, I took him some flowers from Elaine today. He was delighted! He has everything he needs and knows what to do if he is stuck.
[13:23:04] Resident033:

Brilliant. 🌷🌷
[13:24:20] Resident136:

Good, thanks Adrian
[13:27:20] Resident075:

I agree. Clapham, is that Bedford one? Aldi is so much cheaper. Not everyone can afford waitrose which to me seems to be doing the best, local to here. Yeah a lot of people didn't care and the guard just sat at a table out the front? I went to boots, that was excellent but 3 of the shop assistants were restocking, huddled together. I did have to tell one gentleman to back off and he apologised, he cane up right next to me 😎
[14:26:39] Resident095:

Thank you so much for my lovely tulips x Pauline
[14:43:29] Resident015:

At coop raunds big queue outside 😓
[15:12:42] Resident033:

Very welcome Pauline 🌷🌷🌷
[15:13:57] Resident015:

Thank you for my Lovely tulips xxxx
[15:18:26] Resident092:

Thanks Elaine for the flowers Cate not so well at the moment but they did cheer her up
[15:18:38] Resident033:

Very welcome candy 🌷🌷🌷
[15:19:14] Resident033:

Oh dear I’m sorry to hear Norman. Wishing you both a speedy recovery 🌷🌷🌷🌷
[16:18:26] Resident117:

Have just finished in the greenhouse and if anyone is stuck for getting seeds I have got several half used, and a few unopened packets (free to a good home!) Includes tomatoes (various) basil, aubergine spring onions, coriander cosmos and other easy grow flowers.
[16:33:04] Resident039:

Hi sharpen I would appreciate the basil if that’s ok where are you
[16:34:51] Resident117:

16 High Street. I can leave it in the plastic box by our front door if you let me know when you'll be along for it.
[18:28:41] Resident055:

[18:29:25] Resident056:

Yum yum, looks great
[18:57:20] Resident057:

Hello all
Hoping you are all having a great Sunday
[19:50:46] Resident094:

Candles at 8? Let the light shine
[19:55:13] Michelle Dalliston:

🕯️ getting ready...
[19:57:54] Resident027:

[19:58:04] Resident027:

Let the light shine ....
[19:58:19] Brenda Elldred:

Good to have you on board Jess. Look forward to hearing from you. Are you still doing Black Cat radio?
[20:11:06] Resident055:

[20:26:42] Resident057:

Yes I’m on tonight from 9 pm and gave a tribute to all who died and all people who work on the frontline
[20:30:06] Brenda Elldred:

Goodwork Jess. 👍
[20:53:46] Resident032:

[22:20:27] Resident063: