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WhatsApp Archive for Friday 03 April 2020

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[06:33:24] Adrian Dale:

[06:34:02] Adrian Dale:

[08:09:13] Adrian Dale:

Have just been in Lidl Higham. Excellent stocks except bread flour and toilet rolls. Strict social distancing every where and screens now up at the tills. All the staff are well and morale is great. No queues now that the store is open
[08:14:55] Resident006:

[08:21:39] Resident063:

Thank you Adrian and Linda
[08:24:27] Brenda Elldred:

Thank you Adrian - turning off the bells and lights was a sad moment but rest assured the minute we have the OK to turn it back on we will be there!!
Linda - you are so right the garden is a wonderful place to be. We need to support the garden centres. X
[08:25:02] Michelle Dalliston:

Adrian - thanks once again for your briefing this morning - in all the strangeness of our days now to have that continuity and order makes all the difference. Having to close our churches and literally, turn out the lights, is unbearably hard and feels so wrong, even though we can understand the practical health necessity. But we are learning just how much of the 'church' is the community and the glory of nature (thanks Linda for your lovely message about that this morning 😊) and all the ways we are caring for one another every day. Keep smiling everyone, keep safe and God bless. Xxx
[10:20:51] Adrian Dale:

Plenty of meat and eggs on Raunds Market. Very quiet too
[10:35:41] Resident012:

If anyone is struggling to find compost for the garden thrapston home and garden have some and they deliver. They also do a range of seeds and lots of other handy things!
[10:36:18] Resident054:

[10:41:06] Resident101:

[11:01:25] Resident040:

[11:25:01] Resident051:

Just been out for the first time in 2 weeks and happy to report Asda Raunds is very quiet and well stocked, except for Gin!
[11:34:08] Resident117:

Thanks for the info on Thrapston H &G .
[11:34:50] Resident012:

You’re welcome
[11:35:30] Resident010:

Are they open to visit or is it order only please ???
[11:47:02] Adrian Dale:

[12:00:00] Brenda Elldred:

Lovely picture Adrian. Spring is here.
[12:16:55] Resident130:

How do I buy some rhubarb please - we adore it!!!
[12:18:45] Resident052:

Hi Tricia we are going to the allotment this afternoon I will pick some for you no charge 👍 where can we drop it off? Janet
[12:23:37] Resident015:

A beautiful Egret sitting in the field, by water lane.
[12:28:41] Ray Daniells:

Glad it's back 😁
[12:41:22] Resident055:

Jean and mick , Sell rhubarb £1 a bundle money goes to the donkey sanctuary last house on Raunds rd
[12:45:09] Adrian Dale:

A great news story!! Makes your heart swell.
[12:56:37] Resident082:

We have a ton of Manure, at Spinney Barn, if anyone wants any
[13:11:28] Resident130:

I'm quite happy to pay & will eat as much of it as you can supply - it freezes well. 43 Water Lane - I'm happy to collect?
[13:12:15] Resident130:

Don't think manure goes well with rhubarb Michael!!
[13:25:08] Resident052:

Hi Tricia no problem will drop some round later this afternoon we are also on Water Lane maybe suggest a donation to Jean’s Donkey Sanctuary when you can safely get there Janet
[13:37:46] Resident138:

Good news Asda have released more delivery slots
[13:37:54] Resident138:

[13:38:41] Resident138:

We have reserved a slot for delivery 10th April if any one isolating wants anything adding please let us know
[13:44:18] Resident050:

Tammy I’ve been trying to scroll back to find your address- hundreds of messages LOL
I’ve some random dog food I need to get to you today if you’ve any room left in your boot! - sorry
[13:44:59] Resident051:

2 Duchy Close Jane
[13:45:17] Resident050:

[13:46:24] Resident125:

Thanks Jane. I have room as my back seats are down. Xx
[13:52:26] Resident050:

Excellent I’ll leave it in the garden later
[13:52:54] Resident130:

OK that's fine by me - I'm happy - no actually delighted - to become a regular customer!
[13:53:24] Resident130:

Thanks very much Jane.
[16:21:14] Resident101:

Zara just checking but that looks like a collection slot not a delivery slot. Just want you to double check.
[16:25:23] Resident101:

Just seen thus from Asda. They have launch a volunteer shopping card.

This week we proudly launched a dedicated volunteer shopping card to help the many people self-isolating and unable to go out to buy their shopping. With the support of millions of amazing volunteers, we’ll be able to make sure these vulnerable customers have access to their shopping essentials. Customers can buy these shopping cards online, top up and give to their family member, friend, or NHS volunteer to pay for their shopping without the hassle of using cash or bank cards. This also promotes a contactless way of shopping, essential for reducing risk to our self-isolating customers. These volunteer shopping cards can be bought at
[16:26:26] Adrian Dale:

Fantastic!!!!! Well done ASDA - top of the league again.
[16:27:24] Resident138:

Also just got the email about Asda volunteer card too :)
[16:28:53] Adrian Dale:

I’d offered to be the Village Bank but this may let me off the hook!
[16:30:53] Resident059:

As from Monday Asda will be closing at 10pm again !
[16:32:42] Resident117:

Brilliant of Asda. I think most supermarkets seem to be getting there now. Finally got Waitrose delivery slot today but I'd like to thank those lovely people who helped me out with shopping before this.
[16:43:26] Resident086:

[16:46:21] Resident011:

Perhaps check with the vet if the same treatment as for cats works?
[17:19:27] Ray Daniells:

I have replaced batteries in the SIDs so we are gathering speed data around the village again.
[17:23:35] Resident022:

Ah that explains the blank display. Note the street light was faulty a few nights ago opposite 15 water lane.
[17:24:25] Michelle Dalliston:

Michelle, the best thing is a tick removal tool - much better than spot-on chemicals - vets and/or pet shops have them, even possibly Asda! 😊
[17:26:43] Resident031:

Don’t forget to screw them out anti-clockwise. 😉
[17:27:40] Resident051:

[17:28:42] Adrian Dale:

😄 that’ll stop him in his tracks!
[17:30:39] Adrian Dale:

Have just sent him the photo!!
[17:31:43] Resident051:

Well that’s spoiled the surprise! 😂
[17:34:44] Adrian Dale:

Message failed so you’re fine!
[17:42:33] Resident016:

🤣🤣is love to see his face!
[17:43:04] Resident016:

Is?I’d ...
[17:43:39] Resident040:

[17:45:35] Resident086:

That is hilarious 😂 😂
[17:47:16] Resident051:

They’re on to print if anyone else wants to join in. Be warned there are far ruder ones on the website though 😳
[17:47:45] Resident086:

Hi Mitchacd, I have got a tick remover but where they are if he curls up tight in a ball I won't be able to get to them 😩
[17:58:41] Resident054:

[18:06:28] Resident086:

Thankyou so much Jennie, I will have a read of that later 👍 x
[18:06:45] Resident054:

Brilliant! 🤣
[19:22:29] Resident010:

So. Uncomfortable question. What do you do when neighbours ignore social distancing and get together on a Friday night? Kids and adults!!!
[19:23:30] Resident031:

[19:27:43] Adrian Dale:

Matt Hancock warned tonight that the temptation of good weather would be strong this weekend. But look what happened as a result of the great weather 2 weeks ago - 2,200 people dead in 4 days .... shouldn’t be a hard lesson to learn! Hunker down Andy and keep yourselves safe.
[19:52:29] Resident125:

Thank you for the donations left today for NANNAs. Looking forward to taking it down there tomorrow xxx
[19:54:25] Resident016:

Stay well away. Are they mad? 🤔
[20:29:43] Resident047:

Tammy we have some spare cat food we won t use if nannas would like it we can leave it outside our house or wherever
[20:31:59] Resident125:

James that would be fantastic. I can fetch before going NANNAs tomorrow as I'm not working x
[20:43:38] Michelle Dalliston:

Palm crosses are now available from the foot of the cross at St Mary's and the porch at St John's. A small team are delivering some (taking all necessary precautions) where needed so let us know if you know anyone who would like one. Here's a way of making your own at home - why not make several different ones?! 😊
If you'd like to, put in your front window after the service on Sunday 🌈🥰🌿✝️
[21:07:37] Resident047:

That fine Tammy we can arrange for it to be outside for you
[21:08:12] Resident125:

Thank you James x
[21:58:29] Resident047:

No worries it’s seniors cat food but I am sure it’s fine for all cats 🐈
[21:59:11] Resident125:

We have a pen of lovely senior cats they will be pleased x
[22:07:43] Brenda Elldred:
A useful site to help children through this tough time.
[22:11:01] Resident047:

No worries Tammy