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[22:21:18] Resident047:

[06:38:11] Adrian Dale:

[06:38:54] Adrian Dale:

[07:56:19] Resident009:

Morning! This may have been said before,but we have been lucky enough for potters butchers to deliver( minimum £50.00) and also Adam’s apple in raunds have delivered breads, milk, fruit , some breakfast stuff too, 3 times to us I think. So it’s worth calling them. I’ve heard higham bakery is also delivering, which is great as it’s my 40 th birthday Saturday, so we’re ordering cakes ! Have a good day all
[08:07:38] Resident087:

Hi I’m andys wife Michelle, thought I’d join rather than him having to relay to me !!!!!
[08:08:06] Adrian Dale:

Welcome on board!
[08:12:47] Resident063:

Thanks Adrian and Paul GREAT WORK
[08:25:05] Adrian Dale:

[08:33:22] Resident030:

Andy & Michelle, we have had a delivery from Higham Bakery, they take card payments and deliver quite fast. The bread is delicious as well as the hot x buns.
Happy birthday for Saturday Andy🎂
[08:36:31] Resident009:

Thanks Dave 👍🏼
[08:44:18] Ray Daniells:

Ray (PC Chairman) to bring it all into perspective this morning I have heard one of my friends lost his Step-mum at weekend and his dad yesterday Step-mum confirmed case with COPD underlying. Sad sad day and in current circumstances cannot go as they are in South Wales 😭
[08:51:23] Resident023:

Very sad and sorry to hear Ray. I experienced the same (a friends son) last weekend. Stay safe my friend.
[08:53:57] Brenda Elldred:

Ray that is very sad and as you say so hard when you cannot physically give comfort with a hug. I too have a friend in Higham whose brothers partner and carer died. Brother is bed ridden so now has to go into a home with very little family support around him. All over the country this is a very real story. My heart and prayers go out to you, your friends and all who are grieving alone. Take care. Brenda X
[09:00:50] Resident008:

[09:01:45] Resident008:

Thats awful ray ❤ x
[09:04:19] Resident101:

Anyone need anything collecting from Harborough Fields Pharmacy? Heading up there in the next 5-10 mins.
[09:07:19] Michelle Dalliston:

Ray, that's really hard - thoughts and prayers with you and all who have lost loved ones. We are starting to feel the cost of this coming close now in all our communities - all the more reason to pull together, support each other, stick to the social distancing rules etc, and pray. We are not alone in any of this. 😊And whatever our faith, we are showing that by how we care for, and take care of, one another. 🥰
[09:44:13] Resident002:

Hey Tammy, just dropping off car food and towels for Nanna’s at your joise as promised. Say hi to the kitties 🐱 for us.
[09:44:29] Brenda Elldred:

Please share this as widely as possible

Dear Friends

We have been informed by the Norfolk Safeguarding Adults Board of the following scam:

‘Calls from somebody claiming to be from Public Health England, asking residents if they had received their letter from the government and then asking if they have support from family and friends, etc. and trying to obtain personal details’

Please can you share with your networks as appropriate and keep safe

Warm Regards

Bev Huff
[09:44:33] Resident002:

Cat food not car food.
[09:50:47] Resident136:

Does anybody on here know Trevor? He is an elderly man, early 70s I think, lives in Hillside I believe, on his own since his mother passed away a couple of years ago. Just wondered if anyone had had any contact with him or is keeping an eye out for him as I feel he is quite vunerable .
[09:51:43] Resident015:

We see him and Adrian is aware of him.
[09:52:41] Resident136:

Ok thanks, that's put my mind at rest.
[09:53:22] Resident089:

If he wants chips Wendy you can take them 😁
[09:53:44] Resident015:

I am going to kimbolton surgery this afternoon if anyone needs meds picking up or prescriptions putting in let me know
[13:02:59] Adrian Dale:

(Emergency Coordinator) for anyone in the Village with symptoms, please register with this service (and let me know!)
[13:39:19] Resident016:

Barclays Bank in Rushden is ‘closing temporarily’ from 6th April.
Customers advised to access Wellingborough
[13:40:58] Resident033:

Lloyd’s should be reopening on Monday been closed in Rushden for two weeks and WELLINGBOROUGH is closed too
[13:49:02] Resident059:

FYI Asda have lifted the restrictions on all items apart from toilet roll baby milk and hand sanitizer these are still 1 per person. The plastic screens were still not fitted when I finished my shift but I was assured they were going to be done today ! And also the £45 contactless payment isn’t working at the minute as it takes a few days for the system to update.
[15:48:32] Resident131:

Hi, the lady who sells eggs, plants etc from her house on the Chelveston to Raunds Rd had eggs this morning, but she is running low on egg boxes if anyone has any and is passing.
[15:50:02] Resident009:

Me and penny are on it !
[15:52:41] Resident033:

I will start saving our boxes. Our rabbit 🐇 only plays with our
[15:53:57] Resident131:

[15:54:11] Resident131:

[15:55:22] Resident089:

Think we have some at the pub if anymore are needed 😁
[16:02:36] Resident025:

[16:18:12] Resident023:

This week I had reason to visit Northampton General Hospital (NGH). I was overwhelmed by the dedication of all staff in their efforts to care for people in extremely difficult situations, all were bright, cheerful and had a kind and reassuring word to say. NGH is quite and eerie and possibly scary place to visit and work right now.

So today, my thanks go out to all NHS and care staff, but also to anybody that works frontline to keep the UK safe and running, that includes Adrian Dale and the team that are frontline in our small community, your morning briefings have become a highlight in my day.

Thank you to you all.
[16:18:46] Adrian Dale:

[16:27:49] Resident086:

Hi Wendy, glad you mentoned Trevor, I only thought about him late last night, glad he is being kept an eye on bless him. And just letting everyone know that Lloyds bank in Wellingborough was actually open today 10 until 2pm, Steve had to pay a cheque in from a customer 👍 I so wish this customer wd do BACs payments 🤪
[16:28:58] Resident062:

Who wants the egg boxes have a couple here.
[16:29:05] Adrian Dale:

(Group Admin) Thanks to all for this bank information - that’s a real surprise.
[16:29:38] Adrian Dale:

Hi Julie Mick and Jean just up from you at 1 Pretoria Cottages
[16:30:30] Resident131:

Hi, it’s the lady who sells eggs, plants etc from her house on the Chelveston to Raunds Rd, if anyone is passing
[16:30:49] Resident062:

Ok thanks I’ll drop them of - a a distance obvs
[16:31:05] Resident131:

[16:33:53] Resident072:

So sorry Ray, that’s really sad 😢
[16:42:47] Ray Daniells:

Number 6 Pretoria cottages Jean and Mick Izzard
[16:43:27] Adrian Dale:

[16:45:53] Ray Daniells:

[17:00:41] Resident009:

We’ve dropped a few off 👍🏼
[17:18:12] Resident086:

[17:18:45] Resident086:

[17:19:23] Resident086:

[17:24:13] Resident089:

Where’s the last pic taken ?
[17:49:05] Resident023:

Has to be the old railway line on the way to Thrapston?
[17:49:39] Adrian Dale:

My guess near Elton
[17:50:21] Resident099:

[17:50:31] Resident099:

Looks like it’s taken from Ham Bridge between Ringstead & Woodford.
[17:51:03] Resident099:

Don’t know where the unicorn cane from! Sorry!!!
[17:53:03] Resident052:

Hi All Nationwide BS are changing their opening hours as follows- From Saturday 4th April, our new opening hours will be:

Branches: Monday to Friday, 10am – 2pm
Call centres: Monday to Friday, 8am* – 5pm

Just in case you use them
[17:54:17] Resident023:

I liked the unicorn Peter - don’t apologise
[17:54:43] Resident009:

Random question all, but as we are all on lockdown- it would be great to kick a ball with my lad in an open space- I saw this area all mowed up earlier on, does anyone know if these green land is ok to kick a ball on, or know who I can talk to ?
[17:54:54] Resident009:

[17:54:59] Resident009:

[17:58:16] Adrian Dale:

It’s has just been sown for silage for later in the season - not sure Ray Knight would be happy!
[18:24:20] Resident086:

Naomi, Penty and Peter got it right 👍, yep it's the old railway line near Ham Lane Ringstead 😊
[18:25:20] Resident009:

[18:27:08] Resident099:

I spent much of my miss-spent youth around there😀
[18:39:23] Resident016:

There is a big open space/play area at Chelston rise if that’s allowable? X
[18:42:54] Resident086:

Peter, we have a paddock on Ham Lane where our daughters horses are at the mo, I begged her to let me sort them out today, never loved poo 💩 picking after 4 horses so much in my life as I do at the mo 🤣
[18:47:52] Resident087:

I went up to that a few months ago and was told by one of residents that it is a private play area and not allowed for people in chelveston! She was a nice lady and said it’s ok now and again but I felt a bit awkward after that we haven’t been back since!
[18:52:18] Resident099:

Michelle, horse poo definitely preferable to Coronavirus! I was born in Ringstead 70 years ago and know Ham Lane very well. Spent many hours down by the river there (before the lakes were even thought of!)
[18:59:24] Resident055:

[19:00:17] Resident059:

Looks lovely 😊
[19:05:46] Resident052:

Hi Jenny R I have loads of spring Rhubarb on the allotment what’s the recipe looks lush if you’re willing to share 🤞thanks Janet
[19:06:29] Resident052:

Sorry Jennie R spelt wrong ☹️
[19:07:37] Resident086:

Peter, wow I bet that was great and yes defo agree with 💩 better than coronavirus anytime 👍👍😊
[19:16:42] Resident099:

The fields between Ham Lane & the river were always known as Kinewell ( pron. Kinnywell) - hence Kinewell Lake now. Happy days 🙂
[19:18:04] Resident125:

[19:18:58] Resident052:

[19:23:25] Resident038:

I live there and I believe that the playground is out of bounds while this is all going on x
[19:29:06] Resident015:

Hi Jennie please can I have the recipe for the cake also for my early rhubarb
[19:32:43] Resident087:

Yes no worries it’s more for our older son to have a kick about with his dad!!!! The garden will have to do!
[19:41:58] Resident038:

There is a field they can kick about of, I am sure other residents wouldn't mind so much
[19:42:02] Resident038:

[19:43:30] Resident087:

Ok thanks very much will bear it in mind!
[19:59:30] Resident136:

Everybody ready to clap?
[19:59:47] Resident059:

We are
[20:00:00] Resident004:

Our hands are ready
[20:00:09] Resident052:

Here we come
[20:01:54] Michelle Dalliston:

We are clapping! 😃
[20:02:11] Resident031:

[20:06:13] Resident087:

Amazing turn out again tonight for the clapping!
[20:08:44] Resident072:

Lovely to hear you all clapping 👏
[20:10:51] Ray Daniells:

Well done chelveston 👏
[20:11:39] Ray Daniells:

Been bat watching after, our pipestrelles are flying tonight
[20:14:44] Resident030:

[20:23:11] Resident023:

[20:23:14] Resident055:

[20:24:21] Resident033:

Beautiful close up.
[20:24:48] Resident033:

Beautiful close up shot.
[20:29:57] Resident033:

[20:30:49] Adrian Dale:

👍👍👍 good night Ethan
[20:32:25] Resident025:

[20:32:25] Resident089:

Night Ethan 😊x
[20:33:34] Resident033:

Haha 😂
[20:53:38] Resident009:

Thanks flick 👍🏼
[20:56:29] Resident009:

Good work lads
[21:14:51] Resident138:

Nice to see Matt Hancock on question time clarify tonight it is acceptable to drive short distance to be able to walk/exercise safely without bumping into people to safely maintain social distancing
[21:16:52] Resident138:

It has been hard to go for a walk around the village without encountering some people, walkers and cyclists have been great but 2 joggers yesterday side by side along Bidewell Lane would not tuck behind each other, forcing us and a lady with a dog right over on the verge to avoid them
[21:23:06] Resident125:

Thank you Adrian it's all loaded in my car.
[21:24:14] Resident015:

Thank you for recipr will try it if any barb left will donate to jennie
[21:26:30] Resident015:

Sorry not to jennie but to Mike an Jean
[21:31:26] Resident023:

Good night everyone. x
[23:11:00] Resident055:

Enjoy ya cake x stay safe