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[06:32:09] Adrian Dale:

(Emergency Coordinator)

Good Morning folks! Another day dawns ....
[06:32:43] Adrian Dale:

[06:35:40] Adrian Dale:

Video on safeguarding for volunteers
[08:00:26] Resident131:

Ha ha, I fell for it. Sat here thinking that you had gone to the Outer Hebrides to collect the dog😁
[08:03:54] Adrian Dale:

😀No that’ll be Cheltenham!
[08:30:06] Resident111:

Thank you Michelle. Words of sense in a somewhat senseless world.
[09:12:41] Adrian Dale:

Group Admin:

Here’s a lovely resource. Resident119 is a wildlife photographer based in the Village. He’s been building a portfolio of pictures and would like to share with everyone to boost morale.



Instagram: simonwantlingphotography

Twitter: @simonwphotos
[09:13:30] Resident038:

Oooh lovely, thank you Simon
[09:16:08] Resident038:

Quick question: my family and I would like to go for a walk (for our 1 bit of exercise) on a nearby public footpath. We have been doing the same route around our road at Chelston Rise for 2 weeks now and need something new. Any suggestions please?
[09:18:51] Resident131:

Hi, have you walked to Yielden across the fields? From Yelden you can access the Three Shires Way. I think Adrian also said that there are some local footpath maps on the Parish Council website. Hope that helps, Vanessa
[09:20:15] Resident131:

*Yelden, sorry spelt it wrong
[09:20:49] Resident031:

Either is acceptable!
[09:21:19] Resident038:

Ah that's great, thank you x
[09:22:59] Resident131:

Not sure if you live on The Crescent? If you do and are on the FB page I can give some more info on the walk over to Yelden, Vanessa
[09:25:59] Resident030:

The airfield strip is just under two miles long, plenty of pathways leading off as well. Just a suggestion for an extended walk.
[09:26:41] Resident131:

[09:27:34] Resident047:

Something to keep you entertained in this crazy word. Emoji counry game :
[09:27:38] Resident047:

We were sent this one.
Can you name these countries of the world:

1. 👙👙🤮
2. 🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠
3. 🐳🐳🐳
4. 🛎🏋🏻‍♂️
5. 🥫🐍
6. 🥶
7. 🦈🏞
8. 👔🏞
9. ❄️🏞
10. 🗣🐚🐚
11. 🅾️👨🏻
12. 🤪a💨🚗
13. s🗿👂🏻
14. ♟re🍺🍷🥃🍸👅
15. 🎼❄️👂🏻
16. 🤔🍔🍕🍏🍩🥗
17. 👅⛺️⛺️👁n
18. 👥👥👥🐑
19. 🦃
20. &🚪a
21. 🍐🦘
22. 👁🏃🏻‍♀️
23. 🍳a🤱🏼
24. 🐑🌧
25. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿👂🏻
[09:30:55] Resident038:

Yes we do live on the Crescent (37) x not on FB though
[09:32:59] Adrian Dale:

[09:33:15] Resident038:

Thank you Adrian
[10:17:52] Resident075:

Hi all, I see signs saying public footpaths everywhere but they aren't paths???? 🙄
[10:19:19] Adrian Dale:

They are Rights of Way for walkers (footpaths) or shared with horses (bridleways)
[10:19:57] Resident075:

Makes sense is the three shires way a path or rights of way?
[10:20:15] Resident075:

What direction are the cliffs and air field?
[10:23:51] Adrian Dale:

It’s actually a “byway” very rutted at the moment
[10:23:53] Resident131:

Or there is the BOAT, a byway open to all traffic (walking, cycling, horses)
[10:29:29] Resident022:

Airfield walk towards the windfarm. Path starts near the star and garter. The cliffs is a tougher walk. One path starts in water lane, there is a bridge over the stream across the field make your way to the north west corner of the field, were there is another steam to cross. You are nearly there by then. Hope this helps.
[10:43:42] Resident031:

Thanks Adrian for supplying the link to Resident119’s website. As a professional photographer myself, I can only say “stunning”.
I will be having a closer look on a bigger screen later but I would be a very happy man if I had a portfolio like that.
[11:15:04] Resident023:

Resident119 photography - stunningly brilliant!!
[11:21:28] Resident012:

[12:19:47] Resident117:

Just had brace of mallard in our garden. Presuming they're wild. Saw the male yesterday. Had plenty of pheasants in the past but never 🦆 before
[12:42:55] Adrian Dale:

(Group Admin) Waitrose report

Hi Adrian, we had a successful foray into the wilds of Waitrose this morning, I started queuing just before 9am, only 5 mins in the queue and managed to get all bar a couple of things that weren't urgent anyway. Just to report, don't bother taking shopping bags with you, to speed up things on the checkout they prefer you to sling everything back in the trolley and get going asap.
[13:28:55] Resident010:

So Aldi is a shambles at the moment. Most fresh fruit and veg is out... No social distancing despite 1 in and 1 out. 1 check out assistant coughing and spluttering over all he served - over all very poor considering up till now the stock side of things was acceptable.
[13:30:31] Resident039:

I found it much the same last week, went to Asda on the Saturday and was really impressed felt like I was shopping on my own ! X
[13:32:44] Resident023:

Was the picture taken at Aldi
[13:52:11] Resident047:

Andy which aldi was this ?
[13:53:46] Resident131:

Re the picture just posted....really??? Let’s keep it nice people please
[14:03:22] Resident060:

Focus is being lost.
[14:05:14] Resident054:

Sorry! Thought it was funny 😳 Removed!
[14:07:53] Resident136:

Made me smile Jennie
[14:10:09] Resident084:

I have a whole roll of thin black ribbon if you still need any? Melissa x
[14:12:15] Resident089:

Yes still in need of ribbon and a belt sander 😁
[14:13:30] Resident099:

I have a belt sander you can borrow. Shall I bring it round the back? I am only next door.
[14:13:41] Resident084:

Can’t help with the sander but will drop the ribbon later x
[14:13:58] Resident089:

That’s great to you both thankyou 😁
[14:14:41] Resident030:

Walk to airfield alternative is, from pub walk away with pub on left, keep on footpath and head towards the church. Carry on walking through Caldecott up the hill, no path now only road. Passed Chelston Rise, continue straight even when the road bears right. Continue to the end, the airfield is on your left, or walk between the left hand posts into a pathway through trees @ continue until you come out of trees. If you continue on this route you will come the back way into Yeldon. Hope this helps anyone. And yes you can cycle through the tree area.
[14:26:04] Resident099:

Did the exact same walk this morning. About 5 miles there & back.🏃‍♂️
[14:26:15] Resident075:

Thanks so much x
[14:39:33] Resident038:

Thank you
[14:41:40] Resident084:

This message was deleted.
[15:56:40] Resident086:

Tammy, I have just dropped a 12kg bag of gusto at yours hun 👍 x
[15:57:50] Resident125:

Aaah Michelle you absolute star. Ps I still have your pressies you might get them for Xmas at this rate xx.
[16:18:19] Resident043:

*Useful information from NCC - Northamptonshire’s Community Resilience Service launches new Coronavirus Support Line*

“Following the incredibly successful appeal last week to find volunteers to help those in need in Northamptonshire during the coronavirus pandemic, a new support line has now been launched to support the most vulnerable members of our community.

The new support line, which goes live today, allows those who cannot leave their homes under current restrictions and those who have nobody to call upon for help, to request support in getting access to food, prescriptions and other vital services that they require.

The customer Service Centre at Northamptonshire County Council will be managing the helpline, ensuring that each call is appropriately triaged so that individuals receive the care and support that is appropriate to their needs.

The Community Resilience Service will co-ordinate requests for help in conjunction with the District and Borough Councils, mapping those requests by area and linking them up with local community groups, volunteers and voluntary organisations who have pledged their support.

Those requiring help are asked to call the support line on the following number.

*0300 126 1000 (option 5)*

Individuals can also email: ** and ask for help.”

(Copied from an NCC press release - hopefully this can help alongside the fantastic response we’ve got, here, in the villages)
[17:08:34] Resident030:

[17:09:37] Resident016:

Thanks harriet
[17:09:59] Resident016:

sorry Harriet!
[18:14:26] Resident055:

[18:14:26] Resident055:

[18:14:27] Resident055:

[18:14:27] Resident055:

[18:14:27] Resident055:

[18:14:27] Resident055:

[18:14:27] Resident055:

[18:14:27] Resident055:

[18:14:27] Resident055:

[18:14:27] Resident055:

[18:14:27] Resident055:

[18:14:28] Resident055:

[18:14:28] Resident055:

[18:14:28] Resident055:

[18:14:28] Resident055:

[18:14:28] Resident055:

[18:14:28] Resident055:

[18:14:28] Resident055:

[18:14:28] Resident055:

[18:14:28] Resident055:

[18:14:28] Resident055:

[18:14:28] Resident055:

[18:14:28] Resident055:

[18:14:28] Resident055:

[18:14:28] Resident055:

[18:14:28] Resident055:

[18:17:24] Adrian Dale:

Someone’s been active!!! I can trace your route! Thanks to Jim May for finding the flowering currant on the Duchy Close Hillside link path! It was lovely today
[18:18:40] Resident056:

Lovely pics, thanks
[18:19:30] Resident045:

[18:20:00] Resident045:

In the pictures from Jennie?
[18:21:07] Resident084:

Posted through the front door x
[18:56:18] Resident089:

Thankyou x
[19:22:08] Resident022:

Great pics Jenny. Two of the train drivers in the village are back at work today. It's very quiet on the railway. Found the A6 to Bedford busy in places earlier today.
[20:33:31] Resident044:

[20:36:06] Adrian Dale:

Welcome back!! Glad to see you have come out the otherside ... reassuring for those still in the middle of it 😀
[20:41:59] Resident044:

Thanks Adrian 😊
[22:10:00] Resident029:

[22:18:39] Resident029:

Hi just sorry put a video on by mistake, hope it doesn't offend anyone!😮
[22:20:39] Resident028:

😂 that’s how I feel
[22:21:18] Resident047:

[22:21:46] Resident047:

This will make you feel better and think positively.
[22:23:48] Resident029:

Sorry about video, probably best not to play it if you don't like bad language! Video doesn't reflect how I feel 😊 I've been busy doing all sorts of things.😊
[22:47:20] Resident009:

Hi All, just joined the group, we live in the village and hope you are all keeping well. Appreciate it’s all a bit weird for all of us . I am a diabetic do classes as a vulnerable person, but I am working from home. My wife is also working from home and we have two kids. We are all good for food as we are managing to get deliveries. We have not been out the house for two weeks, apart from trying to start running again ! My wife and I are looking to try to offer any support we are able to anyone who needs it.
[22:49:20] Resident009:

I work for an electrical wholesaler, and will be travelling back into work from Monday next week now staff are being reduced. If anyone needs electrical parts, outdoor duties done, feel free to post. Also we are managing a bit of home baking, so the odd meal or cake will be ok for us to drop around to those in need.
[22:51:42] Resident136:

Hi Andy, welcome to the group from Wendy @2 Pokas
[22:52:16] Resident009:

Thanks Wendy 😉
[22:53:13] Resident002:

Welcome to the group. From experience most have stopped looking at What’s ap by now so look out for more messages coming tomorrow.
[22:56:13] Resident009: