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[06:29:12] Adrian Dale:

(Emergency Coordinator). Here is this morning’s Daily Briefing.
[06:30:15] Adrian Dale:

(Emergency Coordinator). Here is this morning’s Pause for Thought
[06:44:08] Resident109:

Thank you for all you are doing much appreciated
[07:05:08] Adrian Dale:

Just out on my litter round - who chucks an unopened can of cider out of the car? Isn’t there a booze shortage!
[07:05:44] Resident012:

Result for you then! 😂
[07:06:31] Adrian Dale:

You know me too well!
[07:06:31] Resident099:

A couple of weeks ago I picked up a whole uneaten giant pizza!
[07:07:19] Resident023:

Was is still in date?
[07:08:03] Resident099:

Didn’t check but it was still warm!!
[07:09:11] Resident023:

Shame you didn’t find the cider - meal for one sir.
[07:11:14] Resident038:

[07:15:08] Resident099:

[07:56:38] Adrian Dale:

Am first in the queue at Lidl - doors let me in early by mistake so I was able to look around alone before Neil (manager) spotted me and asked me leave (politely). stocks are looking good. 10 people currently queuing, all 3m apart.
[08:08:46] Ray Daniells:

Ray Daniells (VERY ANGRY PC Chairman)
2 people (you know who you are!!)
Completely ignoring the social distancing 2m rule whilst walking the public footpaths around the village.
This is not a game it's to prevent the spread of this virus!
Rant over
For now...
[08:09:47] Adrian Dale:

[08:10:14] Resident116:

If I’m not mistaken Ray - if from the same family the guidance doesn’t say keep two meters apart - only if from separate houses
[08:11:30] Resident075:

My husband and I walk on the paths but not 2 meters apart as we live in same household
[08:14:19] Resident075:

Perhaps the 2 people should be contacted directly instead of a rant on here 😂
[08:25:09] Resident131:

Hi, the road is closed and the roundabout that takes you down towards the Chowns Mill roundabout
[08:52:56] Resident101:

[09:23:56] Resident135:

Hi everyone
In case you didn’t know
The Market Bakery Higham Ferrers is doing deliveries as long as you spend £10 and delivery is £1.99 I have just placed an order delivery Tuesday
[09:30:58] Adrian Dale:

[09:31:45] Resident138:

Wow! Nice one Emma
[09:55:48] Resident075:

[09:56:21] Resident075:

Some may enjoy, Chris Packham has set this group up.
[10:25:17] Ray Daniells:

Thanks Wendy we too have ordered for Tuesday delivery. At least when they come it's one journey to cut down on movement.
[11:35:30] Resident135:

It is
[11:39:25] Resident069:

Good idea for delivery to one village/area, on designated days. Can I ask, does anyone have a link for me to order? May have missed it amongst the messages?
[11:55:32] Resident003:

👆Same question. I looked for a website, and got sent down a very dodgy route, glad I've got antivirus. 🤨
[11:57:53] Resident069:

[11:58:15] Resident030:

Wendy rang them. They are in Higham Ferrers phone number is 01933315978
[11:59:58] Resident012:
[12:02:56] Resident003:

Thank you!xx
[12:09:15] Resident019:

[12:18:32] Resident117:

A huge thank you to Bloms. It really did bring a smile to my face x
[12:21:05] Resident109:

Thank you so much to Bloms made me cry and laugh what a lovely thought I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. Resident109
[12:21:39] Resident069:

Thank you
[12:29:03] Resident023:

Beautiful flowers, thank you Bloms and AD for delivering. Fresh flowers bring colour, smell and a wonderful sense of belonging in an amazing community. They put a smile on Kaye’s bedridden face.
[12:30:44] Resident114:

[12:32:20] Adrian Dale:

Best job I’ve had to do all week! Thanks Elaine 😀
[12:35:18] Resident095:

Thank you so so much for my lovely tulips, Pauline x
[12:48:11] Adrian Dale:

Group Admin: Raunds shopping update from Mark Hunter:
Raunds Co-op – well organized and plenty of food inc bread and eggs.
Raunds BP garage – fuel is cheap down to £1.09, lines on the floor to space out those queuing to pay.
Raunds Spar – very little controls evident.
[12:51:23] Adrian Dale:

Thanks to who ever posted about pausing the Sky Sports subscription. I have passed it on to family. They all assumed it would be automatically paused but have just found payments are still being taken!
[12:51:29] Resident015:

Raunds asda garage fuel 102
[12:53:54] Resident060:

Amazon advised parcel delivery to neighbour option temporarily suspended. Will be re/instated as and when.
[12:55:57] Resident011:

Maybe a silly question but does anyone know what time waitrose opens new online delivery slots? I have been trying for the past week and cannot get a slot...
[13:01:08] Resident082:

Apparently they have for over 70s
[13:04:11] Resident060:

If Maria’s post refers to Amazon we’re not over 70 so I’m sure it’s across the board - wouldn’t otherwise make sense. Worth checking out anyway.
[13:06:57] Resident011:

I know waitrose does for over 70s so I asked my parents to do it in their own as I am having no luck whatsoever....
[13:12:27] Resident033:

More tulips will be delivered around the village weekly as the season goes by. Lots of love and stay safe from all at Bloms
[13:38:45] Resident056:

Lovely idea, thanks x
[13:39:45] Resident039:

Have been to home bargains and managed to get toilet roll ! Was a few packs left an hour ago
[14:12:28] Resident012:

[14:13:49] Resident055:

Ha ha
[14:14:03] Resident124:

[14:25:37] Resident069:

[14:33:39] Resident023:

[14:33:49] Resident022:

[14:38:13] Resident054:

Chelveston Hedgehog Highway Update (Hedgehog Champion)

March - hedgehogs will start to emerge, extremely hungry and thirsty. Now is the time to provide food and water.

Hedgehogs are a natural predator that can eat up to 80 slugs a night. Encourage them into your garden by making a 13cm x 13cm hole in your fence.

Do hedgehogs visit your garden? Have you linked your garden with your neighbours? Email “HOG” and/or “HOLE” along with your Street Name to Look out for updates on the village noticeboards 🦔
[14:38:45] Resident054:

Here's hoping to a better response than I got from the newsletter 🤞
[14:42:26] Resident069:

I was just talking about the hedgehogs; doing some gardening and being mindful not to block access to them. Usually get the little visitors👍
[14:46:37] Resident033:

No que at Waitrose. Anybody need anything I’m just going in
[14:53:54] Resident086:

[14:57:30] Resident054:

[15:05:01] Michelle Dalliston:

Yey! Hedgehogs! 🦔 That's a wonderful chap there 😍
[15:08:15] Resident054:

Ministers confirmed using allotments counts as exercise – and they form a good space for social distancing if people stick to their own plot. Are they all being fully utilised?
[15:38:20] Resident104:

Hi Jenny, yes some were handed back but we had a waiting list so they have been allocated.
[15:39:23] Resident054:

[16:14:24] Resident118:

44 7790 799530
“Dig for Victory” !!
[16:17:34] Resident023:

[16:18:17] Resident038:

😱 Wow I can't believe how many there are
[16:18:58] Resident023:

They were all visible with the naked eye last night.
[16:22:36] Resident038:

If its clear tonight I and definitely going to have a look. Thank you for sharing 😁
[16:59:34] Resident055:

Are you self-isolating Raunds area volunteers can help with shopping , pharmacy needs etc call 07591 225 766 email Facebook Raunds Area Volunteers . hope this might help . Also Jesters in Raunds are doing meals delivered they have a Facebook page for prices Stay Safe Folks
[17:08:24] Resident033:

[17:20:24] Resident015:

Brilliant x
[17:26:11] Resident116:

Don’t think I’ll open with that at the next Karaoke 😁😁
[17:47:34] Adrian Dale:

Group Admin: passing on message

[17:50:23] Resident111:

[18:32:35] Resident054:

[18:34:00] Adrian Dale:

Human creativity is priceless!! 😀
[18:51:58] Resident004:

Brilliant! 😂
[19:07:28] Michelle Dalliston:

Just a heads up that tomorrow's Sunday Service will be sent round via a link that the wonderful Adrian is setting up for us. If it works for you, why not set up a space with some candles, a cross or icon, and all join in together at 10am. 🕯️🙏🏻
Or simply join in whenever it suits you later in the day.
We will be together as we pray, meditate, reflect or simply listen 😊
[19:08:45] Resident111:

Thank you Michelle. Ken and I are looking forward to it.
[19:30:46] Adrian Dale:

There she goes again .... no pressure Michelle 😉
[19:58:41] Resident076:

[19:59:28] Resident025:

[19:59:59] Resident075:

[20:10:22] Resident125:

Just thought I would ask the kind people of Chelveston. I volunteer at NANNAs in Irthlingborough and due to Covid 19 we have had to shut down to all public and no public dog walks. Due to this it has affected our fundraising as we cant do any which in turn has affected our donations. So if any of you do go shopping and could spare some dog or cat food or anything really I can take down for you, or you can find the NANNAs Facebook page and sponsor an animal that would be fantastic. I live at 2 Duchy Close and if anyone wants to drop anything off I can take over. NANNAs currently have 750 animals onsite and is an amazing charity. I have been in this village 44 years and my Mum rescued many a stray in the years we were growing up. Thank you in advance x
[20:14:55] Resident002:

Hi Tammy. We had sorted out some towels for Nanna’s which we haven’t got round to dropping off yet. We will get some pet food and drop it all off with you in the week.
[20:15:22] Michelle Dalliston:

Have complete and absolute faith in you Adrian! 😘
[20:15:57] Resident125:

Adrian that would be fantastic. Thank you x
[20:20:12] Resident051:

We’ve got an assortment of cat food ours doesn’t like so I’ll definitely drop that round asap
[20:21:48] Resident125:

Janellan thank you so much. They are short on cat stuff x
[20:23:40] Resident028:

Any preference on dog food Tammy?
[20:25:00] Resident125:

Anything really whatever you can afford. We currently have 25 dogs there at moment. Any donation is great x
[20:26:31] Resident082:

Will pick up some dog food on Monday
[20:26:58] Resident125:

Thank you Maria x
[20:27:18] Resident028:

No worries I shall buy a load for you, will let you know when I drop it off xx
[20:27:54] Resident028:

Sorry me again .... wet or dry?
[20:29:18] Resident125:

Either these dogs eat what is given to them and are happy. We also need cat food guys as there are about 100 cats as well. X
[20:32:52] Resident028:

Ok great. I can probably do a monthly donation of food xx
[20:34:51] Resident125:

That would be fantastic. They have lots of Facebook pages, auctions but that's had to stop at moment, I go every weekend to clean the dogs out, I do the dog walks and fundraising too.
[20:37:36] Resident028:

I shall have a look. I’ve never heard of them. Will def support now!
[20:40:07] Resident125:

They are in Irthlingborough on the way to Finedon. It's a wonderful place, I've seen many an old person come in and find the right dog which has changed there life. Its changed my life being part of it too x
[20:42:34] Resident028:

I bet it has. I just adore dogs. They always capture my heart. I’ve got an unsociable boxer and young children so can’t rehome yet but I will one day!
[20:47:30] Resident125:

They are very careful to rehome to the right home. We have strays who come from Forest Lodge who would have otherwise been put to sleep. They will always have a home at NANNAs but would be lovely to get them homes. We have 2 beautiful Akitas who came above 15 months ago from Forest Lodge, they are older but such nice dogs. We're always looking for volunteers but cant until this is all over x. The place and what they do is amazing x
[20:48:52] Resident028:

Something for me to consider when we reach the other side!
[20:50:18] Resident125:

They couldn't strays go to a home with young children as they dont know the dogs history x. Honestly its amazing. Especially seeing the older people getting a new lease of life is just the best feeling x
[20:51:45] Resident028:

Yes I understand that. It’s very sensible. My boy I’ve had since a pup and he’s very picky who he makes friends with. Good job we love him lol
[20:55:06] Resident125:

They have to learn to trust. My special boy at NANNAs was one of the first I walked and he has issues but I managed to get through to him and that was taking his harness and lead off as he turned. I smiled so much when I did it for the first time x
[20:56:36] Resident125:

[20:56:58] Resident125:

Leo the lion
[20:57:23] Resident028:

Ah he’s gorgeous!
[20:57:35] Resident125:

Hes a devil bless him x
[20:58:26] Resident125:

Next one is my Apollo who came in as a scared puppy, hes been rehomed now though
[20:58:37] Resident125:

[21:11:36] Resident125:

Thank you again to anyone willing to donate xxx
[23:53:11] Resident086: