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WhatsApp Archive for Friday 27 March 2020

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[06:05:40] Adrian Dale:

Adrian Dale ( Emergency coordinator) Good Morning to you all. Thank you all for contributing yesterday - together we can beat it! Here is the daily briefing.
[06:08:57] Adrian Dale:

Adrian Dale (Group Admin) We Will now be publishing the daily podcast from the Church here each day. It really is worth a listen - whatever your faith or none. Time to reflect before starting your day.
[07:28:16] Resident075:

Delaney and I enjoyed your briefing very much, thankyou Adrian, all the best to your Son if he gets sent to London.
[07:57:35] Adrian Dale:

Thanks - have just heard, they have to be at operational readiness to deploy from 09:00 today. Sadly his great big daft dog is off to Doggie Day Care for an extended holiday with his mates! He’s been going once a week anyway as a contingency to make sure he has a familiar environment and lots of pals. Fingers crossed ! All the best and stay safe
[07:59:40] Resident131:

Adrian, thanks for a great podcast and all best to your Son and his colleagues
[08:00:23] Resident056:

Thanks Adrian, nice podcast, good luck to Johnny. Jenny
[08:01:37] Resident099:

Yes, huge thanks to both of you!
[08:08:38] Resident111:

Thank you Adrian. As always very good.
[08:09:08] Resident111:

Thank you Michelle. Very thoughtful message.
[08:15:25] Resident012:

Thank you Adrian good luck to your son
[08:17:52] Michelle Dalliston:

Thanks again Adrian 😃 and thinking of you and your son and family. Xx
[08:21:40] Resident004:

Thanks Adrian. Good luck to your son. He’s doing a brilliant job for our country!
[08:26:24] Resident101:

Morning every. In about 20 - 30 mins I shall be heading off to Harborough Fields Pharmacy. If you would like me to collect anything for you please send me your details through private text message cheers
[08:37:32] Resident082:

Will the lady who has to part with her crowing cockerel get in touch we may be able to rehome it at Spinney Barn
[08:39:19] Resident052:

Morning am sure some may already know but if you subdd subscribe and pay for Sky Sports - Sky will pause your subscription and Sky will automatically reinstate when it all starts again I did it via the SkyApp
[08:40:35] Brenda Elldred:

Thanks Adrian and Michelle- we are so lucky to have so much encouragement and support from you both. 👍🤗
[08:41:42] Resident131:

Brenda, I echo your message. Thank you Adrian and Michelle
[08:43:51] Resident038:

Lidl Newton Rd selling packs of 24 loo rolls
[08:43:54] Resident038:

In stock too
[08:46:00] Resident038:

Here for the next 10 minutes if anyone need anything?
[08:47:30] Resident111:

Can anyone on this planet still need toilet roll?
[08:48:22] Resident010:

Sara... Aldi had plenty yesterday
[08:49:45] Resident038:

I did 🤷🏻‍♀️ hadn't bought any since it all started and stocks ran low
[08:51:48] Resident038:

Glad there is plenty in shops now anyway
[08:57:20] Adrian Dale:

The country can’t afford the problem of death by toilet rolls as ceilings collapse under the weight of rolls stashed in the attic!
[08:58:15] Resident030:

[09:02:23] Resident038:

[09:09:02] Resident008:

[09:13:24] Resident047:

Great podcost Adrian thanks again for all your efforts and support
[09:31:38] Resident054:

[09:32:19] Resident111:

Looks a bit dry to me
[10:02:20] Resident069:

Thank for the podcast Adrian, first time listening, so I will endeavour to do so each day before work. Best of luck to Johnny, please pass on our best. Beautiful daily reflection from Michelle😌thank you
[10:33:22] Resident115:

I listen to the daily briefing before the news in the morning now! 😊Thanks for doing it, Adrian!
Please can you add Jim on 07549555793 ?
[10:35:20] Resident077:

Sara, We have some size 1 nappies that we want to donate to the food bank as baby is now in size 2. Where can we drop them off too as Rosie is about to take the kids for a walk. Luke
[10:35:21] Resident030:

It has now gone too potty 🚽
[10:35:25] Adrian Dale:

Done from Shelton!
[10:37:35] Resident030:

Wow it seems we now have 123 participants, well done each of you,
[10:39:36] Resident031:

Me too.
[10:42:16] Resident095:

What a lovely caring village.
[10:46:40] Resident111:

Hi Luke we're at 3 Duchy Close. Thank you.
[11:00:52] Resident075:

[11:02:06] Resident075:

Online art galleries for those interested 🎨🖌 ✏
[11:11:46] Resident111:

[11:12:24] Resident069:

[11:15:01] Resident030:

[11:17:24] Resident115:

[11:23:24] Resident077:

Thanks Sara
[11:26:24] Adrian Dale:

[11:26:42] Resident028:

Just seen this. 😬
[11:26:58] Adrian Dale:

Now it gets interesting!
[11:36:58] Resident047:

On the note of shopping I understand that some Tescos are either wiping shopping trolleys or providing disposable gloves. Not sure if this is in all sorted or if any of the other food retailers are adopting this approach. Either way maybe an idea to wipe your trolley handle down before and after use and also wear disposal gloves.
[11:37:43] Resident047:

Same logic at petrol pumps
[11:37:53] Resident004:

I saw Waitrose spraying all the trolley coming out of the stores
[11:40:14] Resident030:

I have ordered two extra boxes of blue disposable gloves from eBay, use them all the time now. Don’t take chances guy’s.
[11:42:19] Resident111:

Has anyone got lots of hand sanitizer which they don't think they will use. We don't have any at the foodbank and it's not for the want if trying.
[11:44:15] Resident047:

Ok well maybe
We could summarise which stores are assisting with the trolleys and exposures
[11:44:34] Resident111:

sorry sent this without completing the message. I should have said Please and thank you if you are able to sell or give us some. Thank you.
[11:48:12] Resident059:

Asda have blue roll and disinfectant at the bottom of the escalators and at the entrance to the shop for people to wipe their trolleys and hand baskets.
[11:48:42] Resident047:

[11:51:12] Adrian Dale:

[11:52:34] Resident003:

Fab. Thank you!
[11:52:46] Adrian Dale:

[11:54:11] Adrian Dale:

£30 a year for every map in the country- you can download them so they can be used in no signal areas (but have your starting map loaded before you leave home)
[11:56:27] Resident022:

Not seen hand sanitizer or wipes for over a week. Lidl near Waitrose has none. The queue at at Waitrose is very long. Giving up coming home.
[11:57:22] Resident079:

Just heard queue at Waitrose very long
[12:00:19] Brenda Elldred:

Sara have you spoken to the councils around - as you are doing an essential service surely they should make sure you are safe! I’ll look in our cupboard now. Xx
[12:01:23] Resident111:

Thanks Brenda.
[12:03:32] Resident043:

*Temporary Parking Enforcement Relaxation*:

Northamptonshire County Council have suspended all charges for on-street parking and will be lenient with time-limited bays. This aims to ensure that key workers, and those supporting family, are not restricted from doing so and can go about their duties as easily as possible.

NCC will also be focusing their enforcement officers on matters which present safety concerns or obstruct emergency vehicles and deliveries. They are looking at key workers who are working for the county council to be issued with a dashboard notice to identify them as such. Enforcement officers have also been instructed to respect similar signs issued by other partner organisations.

Additionally, enforcement officers have been instructed to maintain social distancing.
[12:12:13] Resident101:

[12:22:46] Resident012:

I went to Waitrose at around 3pm yesterday. About 6 people in front and moved very quickly. Still lots of empty shelves but had most necessities
[12:24:52] Michelle Dalliston:

Hi Sarah - will put you in touch with Sue Clarke at Higham - she's been making some homemade sanitizer to a recommended 'recipe' which is excellent. I managed to track down some rubbing alcohol and aloe vera gel for her so she should be able to make more now. 😃
[12:25:39] Resident111:

Thank you
[12:37:00] Resident023:

This is a great route and one I’ve been using for many years (keeping it quiet). Please be aware that Shelton Spinney is used to rear game birds and will have quite a few taking cover there, if you are walking a dog it might be respectful to the land owner to put them on a lead for that part of the walk.
[12:41:22] Adrian Dale:

[12:50:38] Resident003:

[13:54:51] Resident017:

Well delivered Adrian. Myself and Gary have just stopped our jobs and had a listen 👍🏻 both said at the same time that you could easily step in for Boris if it came to that 😁
[14:09:59] Adrian Dale:

I haven’t got enough hair and certainly don’t want Covid-19, nor a new baby. I’ll stick to cutting grass!
[14:10:23] Resident012:

[15:19:51] Resident094:

Although our church buildings must stay closed at the moment we will be offering a Sunday service from our ministry team using the website links. Don't forget too that you can find lots of information about what we are doing in these extraordinary times - as well as today's Podcast from Rev Michelle
Another daily podcast will be posted as usual tomorrow.
[15:22:10] Resident051:

[15:39:30] Resident047:

My wife just returned from Aldi at the old diamonds site. Decent availability but the store staff not social distancing in store at all and the til staff not behind a screen or indeed wearing masks or not remaining 2 meters away. Adrian anyone you can flag this too. Not great respect for the public or the staff.
[15:40:17] Resident116:

Did they have toilet rolls
[15:42:35] Resident099:

Adrian. The ViewRanger App is very similar to OS and what’s more it’s free! I run a small walking group with a friend and we use it all the time. Just a thought.... Great job, by the way.
[15:42:42] Resident047:

She’s didn’t go down that aisle as we have a pack here to use
[15:45:08] Resident116:

It’s ok they have loads - finally after 3 weeks I’m saved 😂😂😂
[15:46:39] Resident047:

Shocking store behaviour tho need to sort they store out with social distancing tho so bad !
[15:56:20] Resident116:

I’m in there now - clearly marked out on floor and being observed - general shopping people are keeping distance
[15:59:30] Adrian Dale:

See James we can work really quickly when pushed ! 😀
[16:04:55] Resident047:

Yeah I think it was the staff not doing it
[16:05:25] Resident049:

CO OP in Raunds had bottles of hand sanitizer today - limited to 1 per customer. Also had toilet roll, tissues. M & S at Rushden lakes virtually empty earlier today & had good stocks of fruit, veg & meat.
[16:08:21] Resident116:

But among those there are clearly the ignorant or downright thick who can’t work out what 2m is as I’ve just had a heated discussion with a chap who wanted to pack his bags whilst almost picking my pocket - his words - your over dramatic - my words - you can’t fix stupid fella 🙄He didn’t get it so I moved instead
Staff I saw were doing it as one was unloading a box and sliding it across the floor to the other person to unpack it , may vary of course
[16:23:13] Adrian Dale:

Shocking!! John Britten and I have just watched two blokes stop their cars for a chat in a huddle in Water Lane and then shake hands ... don’t think they got the memo either! I’d say natural selection except others will get hurt in the process!
[16:29:33] Resident116:

Like I said above - you really cannot fix stupid and there are plenty of those around - I’ll put into perspective - A really nice guy I work with had three uncles in Intensive Care this week suffering with Covid 19 - one sadly passed away Wednesday but the other two are hanging in there - it’s real alright
[16:31:22] Resident047:

I think stupid people will only wake up when it effects someone close to them. If you try and explain the bitterly effect or chaos theory to any of them I think their brains might pack up with the 1mb of storage.
[16:31:38] Resident047:

Butterfly effect even
[16:31:57] Resident116:

[17:09:34] Adrian Dale:

(Emergency Coordinator) Last week - Matt Hancock, Boris Johnson and Chris Whitty stood near each other in a press conference at Downing Street. Today they all tested positive for Covid-19. Which part of social distancing is hard to get?
[17:43:06] Resident023:

[17:44:36] Resident131:

Crikey, I am old enough to remember the Corona delivery man 😁
[17:48:07] Resident056:

It was a Saturday treat in our house, 6 kids, 3 bottles, when it was gone it was gone, had to wait another week before we could have any more 😂
[17:50:16] Resident118:

Lovely and fizzy and now who’d have thought it would be so unwelcome!
[17:51:48] Adrian Dale:

Back where I come from in the Black Country it’s being called the”pop virus” 😀
[17:52:07] Resident015:

Limeade yummy
[18:05:53] Resident023:

Looks like another moody sunset is on its way - get ready!
[18:21:10] Resident017:

[18:21:44] Resident111:

[19:50:55] Resident086:

[19:54:10] Resident111:

Thank you to everyone who suggested where I might get hand sanitizer and thank you to everyone who dropped some round for me. You really are a caring community. I'm very grateful as are all the volunteers at the foodbank. Thank you also for all the donations that have been dropped off.
[20:16:18] Resident055:

[20:16:19] Resident055:

[20:16:19] Resident055:

[20:16:19] Resident055:

[20:16:19] Resident055:

[20:16:20] Resident055:

[20:32:00] Adrian Dale:

As I look at all these photos of sunsets and fields whilst watching a recording of the news in the cities - I now know why I live in this Village! We are truly lucky,
[20:35:06] Resident023:

We are truely lucky AD, but, luck is created and we have made our luck. Let’s keep it!
[20:35:46] Adrian Dale:

[21:13:34] Resident055:

When we are SURE all this is over ! We must party 🥳 and make names and faces connect 🤗
[21:14:10] Resident025:

[21:14:22] Resident059:

Definitely 😀
[21:14:40] Resident002:

[21:14:47] Resident134:

[21:15:08] Resident012:

Great idea!
[21:15:10] Resident101:

[21:15:11] Resident117:

Hear hear x
[21:15:50] Resident138:

[21:16:01] Resident069:

Absolutely 👍
[21:16:34] Resident138:

Shelton - Chelveston track 2 nights ago, lovely and deserted :)
[21:18:12] Resident055:

We have been here for 30 odd yrs and met Steve from down the rd on Monday who has been here for 2/half yrs never seen him before lovely chap ! New every one when I had my Westie
[21:22:05] Michelle Dalliston:

Looking forward to that party!! 😃🥂
[21:23:01] Resident055:

Let’s hope we all see it !
[21:24:46] Resident030:

Pub will be busy then🎂🍰 plus 🍺🍻🍹🤾🏻‍♀️
[21:27:55] Resident055:

Sure will
[21:32:47] Brenda Elldred:

How about a big street 🥳 ?
[21:33:21] Resident038:

[21:34:28] Michelle Dalliston:

Brilliant idea 🥳🎉🤩
[21:34:58] Resident012:

Village hall?
[21:37:48] Brenda Elldred:

St.John’s will define join in that celebration!! 🥳🍾🍰🍺🎉
[21:38:17] Brenda Elldred:

Definitely! Not define - spell check again!!
[21:39:36] Resident015:

A mighty fine idea.
[21:43:15] Resident111:

Something to look forward to.
[22:20:28] Resident003:

We're in!!xx
[22:21:54] Resident137:

Anyone going to get sunrise ?
[22:24:46] Resident086:

Nope, only do sunsets 🤣👍
[22:26:22] Resident137:

Ha ha
[22:33:56] Resident086:

Looking forward to this party 🎉, born and bred in the village, moved out for a short roughly 14 years (blame the husband for that 😳) but then managed to change him into a country bumpkin and he now loves the place almost as much as me. As my dad Colin Dunmore once said "You won't get me out of this village unless I'm in a box" 😜👍
[22:35:55] Resident023:

It’s not the coughing that gets you - it’s the coffin they carry you off in.

But please - not in this village!!
[22:57:20] Resident086:

Hahaha lol 😂 👍 gd one