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WhatsApp Archive for Tuesday 24 March 2020

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[06:03:20] Adrian Dale:

Adrian Dale (Group Admin) Good Good Morning! Please note the sound message above!

Here’s the daily briefing - and now for a therapeutic litter pick. At least We should have see the last of McDonalds meal bags tossed into out hedges!
[06:21:51] Brenda Elldred:

Very reassuring for the village Adrian. I think all our local congregation have contacted you but I will check our list of villagers as well. Thanks to you and the Parish council Chelveston is in safe hands. The church will continue to pray for everyone as we community virtually. Take care all.
[06:23:00] Brenda Elldred:

Woops spell check !! As we communicate virtually....!
[06:29:51] Resident129:

Your doing great job Adrian keeping us up to date on a daily basis. If there is anything I can do when free please do not hesitate to ask.
[07:16:19] Resident006:

Feeling safe and cosy in our village 😊
[07:22:14] Resident111:

Thanks Adrian. I shall be at the Foodbank in Rushden this morning. If any villagers need help please remember to contact Judy at the Raunds foodbank. This is open on Thursday morning. We are the same organisation and we share food donations but to ease volume of people Chelveston needs to use Raunds. This may change if volunteers become I'll but I will keep everyone informed.
[08:02:23] Adrian Dale:

Adrian Dale (Group Admin) Huge delivery of fresh veg to the green grocers in Higham has arrived
[08:35:23] Adrian Dale:

Adrian Dale (Group Admin) A resident has just let me know that she received a text message from the NHS last night. This will be followed up with a letter in the next few days. She and her husband cannot now leave the property for 12 weeks under any circumstances. We will of course support her.

If any of you receive a text or letter, or know if anyone who has please let me know. The real work of supporting our fellow residents is about to begin.
[09:54:04] Adrian Dale:

Adrian Dale (Group Admin) According to the BBC, for the first time ever, all mobile providers will be sending a text from the Government to every mobile in the country during the day.
[09:55:10] Resident059:

Yes I received one this morning.
[10:22:44] Resident015:

Just been to Higham there is lots of fruit and veg in the green grocers and lots of bread (and cream cakes in the bakers)
[10:23:35] Resident130:

Cream cakes - don't tempt me!
[10:32:54] Resident012:

Isn’t it lovely that we’re now all using the small independents more rather than the supermarket. Hopefully this might change the way we all shop in the future and these small businesses will thrive.
[10:41:32] Resident075:

Hi Everyone I have just been added to the group. My name is Lucy, my husband is Lee, and We live in Chelveston, we have a six week old baby. I hope everyone is okay, I know this is a very anxious time and if we can do anything small to help eachother and anyone that bit more vulnerable then I think that is really great. 🌹🌸
[10:45:42] Resident006:

Thanks Lucy and congratulations 🤱🏼
[11:30:28] Michelle Dalliston:

That's really kind of you Lucy and Lee. Congratulations on becoming parents and hope you are getting some sleep! 👶🏼Look forward to meeting you at some point - take great care of yourselves in all this too 😊 Xxx
[11:35:04] Brenda Elldred:

Congratulations Lucy and Lee. So good to hear you and baby are well. Look after yourself and your precious little bundle who I’m sure will keep you occupied during this time!!! Ditto re Michelle’s message- hope to meet you sometime. Stay safe 😊Xx
[11:50:09] Paul Needle:

Our new daily update podcast is now on our churches website
Look out for the next edition from Rev Michelle including vital information and words of encouragement.
The church buildings may be closed at present but the Church (the people not the buildings) is very alive and active with you all.
[11:51:25] Resident137:

All.. please be aware the mobile networks are struggling a little today with high demand.. o2 have announced to business users they are struggling with high volume
[12:02:34] Michelle Dalliston:

Thanks Fr Paul!
These daily podcasts will be under the heading 'Keeping in Touch' -
today's from Fr Paul 😊 the website also accessed by the Benefice link:
An update of info will be posted soon.
Take care everyone - don't forget to enjoy the beautiful sunshine out there today ☀️xxx
[15:17:52] Resident098:

Peter 3 Sawyers Crescent
[15:24:50] Resident085:

Don't forget.... If you are gounded for 3+months you can sorn your car & get a road tax refund.
[15:32:48] Resident098:

Thank you
[15:37:01] Brenda Elldred:

At 11am tomorrow Christians across the world are joining in saying the Lord’s Prayer.
[16:01:40] Ray Daniells:

Thanks Melvyn
[16:06:17] Adrian Dale:

[16:08:06] Adrian Dale:

Adrian Dale (Group Admin) Big shout out to Resident133 who’s tackled the ditches by Peters Close. I’ve been meaning to do it for the last 18 months .... thanks!!
[16:08:50] Resident069:

Great job! Well done 👍
[16:09:03] Resident136:

Well done Vicky !!
[16:11:18] Resident016:

[16:12:08] Resident059:

👏👏👏👏 well done 👍
[16:27:14] Resident133:

Thanks all. My other half Martyn did most of the heavy lifting.
[16:27:57] Adrian Dale:

Take the credit girl - your idea!!
[16:31:09] Resident008:

Fantastic ❤
[16:36:28] Resident111:

well done Vickie.
[16:37:02] Resident111:

Well done Martyn.
[16:48:08] Resident075:

Proud of our lovely neighbours 👏👍👌💞
[17:18:26] Ray Daniells:

[17:19:18] Ray Daniells:

Amazing Vicky well done to you all 👏
[17:20:29] Adrian Dale:

[17:29:17] Resident012:

Can’t remember that!!
[17:31:10] Resident030:

Oh I do, came from the Hovis bread advert
[17:31:52] Resident012:

Only joking! Wish I couldn’t!
[17:34:59] Adrian Dale:

My Dad did the job!!!
[17:35:28] Resident060:

Just to earn a crust!
[17:36:19] Resident030:

What up that hill, on a push cycle
[17:39:34] Resident004:

Hey. I’m planning to pop to Rushden to pick up a prescription for a friend. Does any one who is self isolating need anything from the pharmacy??
[17:41:00] Resident030:

Ray, rang that number to register interest, no answer so they must close early.😶
[17:41:45] Adrian Dale:

Yup up at 3am to start baking - don’t blame them!!
[17:42:37] Resident030:

[18:04:01] Resident116:

I popped into Lidl on the way home from work to get some fruit - clearly stay at home
Doesn’t count in Rushden
[18:20:34] Resident111:

[18:50:48] Michelle Dalliston:

Reminder to light candles in windows at 7pm 🕯️
[19:01:03] Resident111:

Ours is lit
[19:02:14] Brenda Elldred:

Ours too.
[19:02:39] Resident025:

[19:41:59] Resident006:

[20:14:19] Resident130:

[20:16:56] Resident006:

[20:18:34] Resident138:

Sorry I don't click on video links in messenger apps unless I know who they are from because they can spread electronic viruses. Is this important for the group?
[20:19:14] Resident111:

No it's just amusing.
[20:19:19] Resident130:

Just a joke & quite safe!
[20:19:27] Resident124:

[20:28:40] Resident077:

Well done Vicky looks ace!
[20:35:41] Resident133:

That’s just half of it. There was a lot more than we first thought. Part 2 next week!
[20:37:15] Resident083:

I never signed on for part 2!!
[20:38:10] Resident016:

[20:39:39] Resident077:

We will sort out the other side as it floods.
[21:07:50] Ray Daniells:

[21:38:05] Brenda Elldred:

Might be a useful link