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[06:28:23] Adrian Dale:

Adrian Dale(Group Admin) Morning Folks, here is today’s daily briefing. My apologies for the slight buzz in the background i was recording this as a test through the Church sound system on an old PC. Still some gremlins to work out!
[06:43:51] Brenda Elldred:

Thank you Adrian a very good and concise message again. The village is leading an excellent example of how to look after each other.
[06:44:18] Resident060:

Absolutely first class messages Adrian. Loved the humour re glitches!
[07:02:29] Brenda Elldred:

Revd Michelle is due to speak on Radio BBC Northampton at 7.10
[07:06:43] Michelle Dalliston:

Great message Adrian!
Happy Mothering Sunday everyone! Look forward to sharing our service with you all at 9am via our broadcast 😃😍
[07:09:29] Adrian Dale:

Adrian: No pressure then Michelle I have just spent 90mins battling gremlins in the Church - you never warned me about the overnight infestation!
[07:15:39] Resident025:

Great pod cast Adrian and thank you for all you are doing for the village
[07:19:59] Resident111:

Thanks Adrian. Very helpful. There are always gremlins in church sound systems. Ken and I used to do the sound system in church in Christchurch. It would be set up on Saturday night and by Sunday morning the gremlins had changed all the setting. This is life but Christians are never defeated. Keep it up you're doing a great job
[07:20:17] Michelle Dalliston:

Good luck with the Gremlins Adrian! The whole county is now expecting.....😱😘
[07:22:21] Resident111:

1 John 4:13

13. By this we know that we abide in him and he in us, because he has given us of his Spirit.
[07:28:47] Adrian Dale:

Adrian Dale (Group Admin)
Three links will follow shortly

1. Instructions for tuning in
2. The live link
3. Order of service
[07:29:16] Adrian Dale:

[07:30:01] Adrian Dale:

[07:30:39] Adrian Dale:

[07:44:48] Resident063:

GREAT WORK Adrian and all involved. Particularly looking forward to what Rev Michelle has to say today
[07:48:02] Resident063:

I have just had a conversation with Dave who delivers papers to the village every morning from Brook Street News Raunds. If any one wants to be added to the delivery then ring and speak to Keith
[09:08:46] Resident135:

Encouraging & informative news this morning as always Adrian thank you
[09:17:27] Resident023:


I set about doing my weekly online shop yesterday, as I scrolled through the supermarket website I gradually filled my basket with groceries of all types and then it dawned on me - do I really know what I already have in my cupboards, fridges and freezer?

I carried out a home food audit and listed everything into a simple spreadsheet. I found food at the back of cupboards and buried in my freezer that I had forgotten about.

Back to my online shop I was able to delete quite a few items from my basket and reduce quantity of several others.

So for 30 minutes work I have found some lovely food, saved money and not plundered the supermarket shelves!
[09:17:43] Resident139:

We really appreciate everything you and the parish are doing to keep everybody informed and looked after. We were hoping we wouldn’t have to ask but unfortunately our food delivery has a number of essential items missing! Is anybody able to get us some semi skimmed milk and a white loaf of bread please? (We’re self isolating). Thank you.
[09:19:51] Resident122:

We are going out this AM and could pick some up. Would a drop off around 2pm work for you?
[09:20:29] Resident130:

I've got milk if u need it now.
[09:28:09] Resident135:

I had heard that the supermarkets were that overloaded on online food deliveries and you were lucky if you could get a slot for within 2 weeks or so, so I hadn’t tried
[09:31:16] Resident130:

Your only answer is to get the earliest delivery date you can for non- perishables & hope it gets better in time!
[09:32:21] Resident135:

[09:35:36] Resident111:

Brilliant service at the church. Well done team. Bless you all. Please listen if you can.
[09:36:35] Resident110:

Lovely service from the church. Thank you.
[09:39:33] Resident138:

Thanks to Michelle, Lesley, Brenda and Paul, lovely service. I was one of the 51 guest listeners as I couldn't create a mixr account on time, I look forward to next week's
[09:43:37] Adrian Dale:

Adrian Dale (Group Admin) Here is the link to today’s service. It is being published unedited, do forgive! I’ll try to lose the buzz next week.
[09:48:36] Resident012:

I have a loaf in the freezer if you can’t get one at the shops
[09:48:58] Resident139:

That would be great, thank you very much. We’re at 6 Raunds Road.
[09:49:12] Resident122:

I'll keep you posted :)
[09:49:19] Resident122:

Hope you are all doing ok!
[09:51:20] Resident012:

Ok just let me know if it’s needed and I’ll drop it down
[09:51:34] Resident130:

We've finished ripping out the bathroom but apparently our new bath is stuck in China! We've always got some spare UHT milk, if needed. Aren't people in this village great?
[09:55:41] Resident139:

They certainly are and it gives you a warm feeling.
[09:58:26] Resident139:

So far so good and your offer of help is much appreciated.
[09:59:58] Resident130:

And yours - neighbour!!!
[10:47:20] Resident015:

Talk about going to the extreme hubby just been to the coop in Raunds. There was elderly lady in front of him with a bunch of 4 bananas and they made her put 2 back!
[10:48:56] Resident004:

How horrid!!! I went in yesterday and they said I could have a two bunches.
[11:14:58] Resident111:

[11:15:46] Brenda Elldred:

Keep looking for the rainbow - it’s there.
[12:06:09] Resident122:

Finally found somewhere with bread 🙃 I'll drop it round soon @447503256194 - so no need for anyone else to grab it!
[12:10:53] Resident139:

You’re a lifesaver thanks. Sorry you’ve had to hunt around. Have placed an envelope on our front doorstep with money to hopefully cover cost and just to let you know I wore new rubber gloves to get money out of purse etc... I don’t know if this is over the top but would rather keep people safe than be sorry. We don’t have a front door number but its Brant House.
[13:20:44] Brenda Elldred:

[13:20:51] Resident111:

Thank you for our Lunch girls. It was delicious. Happy birthday N.
[13:35:36] Resident060:

Lovely Sunday roast. Thank you Naomi and team.
[13:44:54] Resident028:

Food looks fab! How far in advance do you have to order?
[13:59:28] Brenda Elldred:

Danielle best to contact Naomi at the pub about timings. It was very good.
[14:02:23] Resident089:

Glad your all enjoying your food 😁
[14:04:40] Resident028:

Thank you I just discovered the menu in my post box!
[14:06:48] Resident089:

I may put out our full menu as things are selling fast and not sure if I can get all the food I need on the little menu, we are all out of cod just for now but fingers crossed I can get a delivery Monday
[14:07:32] Resident130:

Menus have been delivered to everybody!!!
[14:54:58] Resident089:

As the take away is going so well, we are limited on some foods and sold out of others, below is a list of other food available, we are hoping to restock as soon as we can.

Glastonbury lamb, mash and veg £9.95
Haddock and mozzarella fish cakes, chips and peas £9.25
Squash, red onion and cranberry tagine £8.95 (ve)
Moroccan nut roast £8.45 (v) (ve)
Sausage, mash and onion gravy £8.45

Various other deserts available, please ask when calling to place an order.
Many thanks
The girls at the Star and Garter
(01933) 623295
[14:58:36] Resident012:

Hi Naomi are you delivering to rushden now as well?
[14:59:00] Resident012:

Not today!
[15:22:32] Resident089:

We can deliver to Rushden and you are also able to collect from the back door of the pub
[15:23:05] Resident008:

[15:23:17] Resident008:

A good visual for little ones x
[15:24:18] Resident012:

Ok that’s good to know. My elderly parents are in rushden and have eaten at the pub and I’m sure they would be interested in ordering x
[15:28:46] Michelle Dalliston:

Happy Mothering Sunday everyone - and Happy Birthday Naomi - is that right?! 😃🎉 Hope you can put your feet up tonight with a well deserved 🥂 thanks everyone for the lovely comments this morning and thanks to Adrian for making it possible - also the rest of the production/support team 😃 keep well everyone xxx
[15:29:44] Resident012:

Happy birthday Naomi 🍷🍷x
[15:35:14] Resident089:

It’s Niamh’s birthday today not mine but I will tell her x
[17:07:42] Resident111:

Thank you to everyone who has dropped food off in the church or at 3 Duchy Close for the food bank. Thank you also for the money donations that I have also received. This is really kind and very much needed at this time.
[17:57:57] Michelle Dalliston:

Don't forget to light a candle and place in your windows tonight at 7pm as a sign of solidarity, hope and love for one another in these difficult days 🕯️🥰
[17:58:27] Resident008:

[18:00:44] Resident135:

Thanks for the reminder
[18:07:15] Resident038:

Thank you for letting us know, we didn't k ow this was happening
[18:54:35] Michelle Dalliston:

[18:55:54] Resident025:

[18:59:43] Brenda Elldred:

[18:59:54] Resident111:

[19:00:07] Resident051:

[19:01:11] Resident002:

[19:02:02] Resident122:

[19:02:04] Resident110:

[19:03:22] Resident109:

[19:03:57] Resident012:

[19:04:14] Resident134:

[19:04:38] Resident059:

[19:05:02] Resident031:

[19:05:46] Resident008:

[19:05:55] Resident056:

[19:06:54] Resident121:

[19:08:05] Resident079:

[19:08:25] Resident038:

[19:08:33] Resident071:

[19:10:36] Resident111:

Ken and I are going out for a prayer walk around the village now.
[19:16:18] Resident022:

[19:16:18] Resident022:

[19:30:40] Resident044:

[19:43:06] Resident111:

So wonderful to see so many candles in Windows as we walked and prayed for the villages. Keep safe and well everyone. If people would like prayer there is a prayer board in church where requests can be pinned and we will pray for you.
[19:46:09] Brenda Elldred:

Similarly in Higham lots of folk have posted pics of their candles. People are uniting everywhere.
[19:50:26] Michelle Dalliston:

Light hope and love everywhere! Thanks everyone for joining in and sharing pics xxx
[21:07:31] Resident138: