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WhatsApp Archive for Friday 20 March 2020

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[06:26:55] Adrian Dale:

Adrian Dale(Group Admin) Morning folks! It was certainly an active day yesterday on the group, we now have 68 members and 95 messages went backwards and forwards with a great mix of humour, offers of help and requests. A huge thanks to all!!

So what’s happening today? The Star and Garter Take Away/Delivery Service menus are ready to be delivered. It takes me around 2.5 hours to do the whole Village so if anyone has time this morning to do their street, let me know. All you need is gloves and something flat to push the folded menu through letterboxes. Why the stick you ask? The scars on my fingers show how much dogs really love the taste of me! So now they get to bite on my stick.

Naomi is also ready to help with ordering essentials if her suppliers have them. Obviously most supplies are in catering sizes but it may be that you can buddy up with a neighbour. We still need to experiment with this but she’s already done a couple of test orders. Give the pub a call during opening hours and she’ll do her best to help.

Michelle and the Church team are experimenting with live audio broadcasting from Church. It was a surreal experience for me yesterday standing at the lectern in Church talking rubbish and knowing that John and Brenda were at home listening live!

And finally I need to cut some verges before they run away. But now for the litter.
[06:31:08] Resident116:

I’d give Tesco Wellingborough a miss - just driven past and it looks like Christmas the amount of cars in there - not sure anything will be left by 0900 when it’s meant to be priority for elderly people - keep positive 👍
[06:33:27] Resident134:

Adrian you're an absolute star - thank you for keeping us all in the loop, and for all you're doing for the village!
[06:38:48] Resident012:

Hi Adrian I’d be happy to help with delivering leaflets in Caldecott today if that helps. Might not get done this morning but can do it over the course of the day!
[06:43:58] Resident134:

Sam's asked me to say that he can help with letter drops too when he gets back from work (around 10am)
[07:07:03] Resident130:

I'm happy to deliver today if you need help. My usual Events route is Water Lane, Hillside, Duchy & Sawyers - but whatever you need!
[07:17:58] Resident016:

Hi Adrian I’m happy to do Pokas cottages, High street, the green, kimbolton road, Disbrowe and Cornerhouse cottages
[07:28:14] Resident056:

I’m happy to do Britten Close and Raunds Road. Jenny
[08:27:45] Resident051:

Morning I can do Sawyers/St George’s again - although I did accidentally drop my piece of wood through someone’s door yesterday! 😂
[08:35:56] Resident047:

[08:37:04] Resident047:

Share this important and logical approach to helping everyone, including the people you will never meet
[09:09:02] Resident002:

Happy to do some drops. In Chelveston. Dodgy knee so walking with a crutch at the moment so not too many.
[09:11:00] Adrian Dale:

Adrian Dale (Group Admin) Thanks for all the offers to deliver leaflets- the Village is now covered. Cheers
[09:53:09] Adrian Dale:

Adrian Dale (Group Admin). Work on the Church broadcast project continues. We need to see what glitches are experienced listening to recordings first on various devices before we try a live broadcast. The link to the first test broadcast is below. Let me know whether you encounter problems. I am trying to iron out bugs before we test with Michelle on Saturday.

[09:58:41] Ray Daniells:

Adrian, at the beginning the volume was a bit wayward in and out but after the initial part sound quality was very good.
[10:24:55] Resident101:

Listened on my iPhone and all sounded good to me. Well done.
[10:48:22] Resident056:

Thanks Adrian, came across loud and clear, very good idea indeed
[14:18:36] Resident130:

Clear as a bell on my phone!
[14:22:15] Resident130:

[14:24:14] Resident016:

[14:24:42] Resident130:

Made me laugh out loud - so true!!!!
[14:25:03] Resident015:

[14:28:40] Resident012:

Sounds perfect on my phone!
[15:14:25] Resident111:

Hello everyone, I'm the foodbank manager in Rushden. We are expecting a great deal of new clients in the coming weeks and will need help to cover the increased need. If you feel able to help us, donations can be dropped off in the foodbank box in church or put in the porch at 3 Duchy Close. The things that we are short of at the moment are UHT milk, jam but not home made sorry, tea bags, tinned fish, tinned potatoes, and tinned pasta. These items may change as stocks fluctuate. Thank you
[15:21:26] Michelle Dalliston:

Thanks for the info Sara, as well as the box in St John's there is also one in St Mary's, HF which is now open every day for prayer, space, peace too.
[15:22:36] Resident111:

Yes Jane Smeathers From Higham works with me at the foodbank and she collects from there.
[15:24:54] Michelle Dalliston:

Sara, do let us all know in the coming weeks if you need extra help at the Food bank - I'm really concerned for families with children who were receiving free school meals.
[15:25:27] Resident111:

Also for geographic reasons anyone from these 3 villages who may need help in the coming weeks should go to the Raunds foodbank. This is also part if ENCS and we are in very close contact with Judy and her team. We do share resources when we need to.
[16:45:48] Resident089:

Hi it’s Naomi from the Star is anyone around this evening available to make a delivery please only Chelveston
[16:46:23] Resident065:

I can Naomi
[16:47:22] Resident005:

One of us at 3 Disbrowe Court could as well
[16:47:24] Resident089:

It’s a delivery at 6.30 please
[16:47:45] Resident065:

No problem
[16:47:56] Resident089:

Ok I appreciate all the offers
[16:47:59] Resident005:

[16:58:12] Resident089:

We have another order so might need someone for a while 😁
[16:59:20] Resident005:

Would be happy to help - let us know... one of us at no 3 will do it
[18:12:03] Resident033:

[18:12:47] Resident008:

Naomi,is the pub open tonight?x
[18:13:06] Resident130:

Hello Elaine - how are you?
[18:14:47] Resident033:

Hi Tricia yes very well. Hope you are keeping safe x
[18:16:15] Resident130:

Doing our best - trying to keep busy!
[18:24:09] Adrian Dale:

I’m there!!!!
[18:24:33] Resident008:

See you soon!!🤣🤣 x
[18:25:02] Resident089:

We are open x
[18:28:08] Resident030:

You are🙂, well buy yourself a pint from me.
[18:28:24] Resident116:

I’m in later - save me some Guinness
[18:29:06] Resident030:

I think that is on tap🤣
[19:03:34] Resident059:

Hi I work in Asda Rushden I just wanted to let you all know that we are changing our opening hours supposedly from tomorrow although it hasn’t been publicised yet, it will now be closing at 8pm to give our colleagues time to restock the shelves because as of the last couple of weeks some customers have been ripping open the pallets themselves and taking stuff before they have time to put it out !
[19:07:15] Ray Daniells:

Guinness off I'm afraid Sean
[19:35:39] Resident116:

😭 😭😭
[19:43:52] Resident033:

Delicious lasagna take away tonight from star and garter. amazing lasagna perfect for a cold Friday evening. Well done Naomi and girls xx
[20:11:44] Ray Daniells:

[20:15:00] Resident089:

Thanks Elaine and thankyou for all the village support tonight ❤️❤️
[20:16:20] Resident026:

[20:19:18] Ray Daniells:

[20:51:02] Resident130:

Naomi - have you thought of a weekly rota of delivery volunteers, so you know who is available? The volunteer also knows to keep themselves available. If you need an extra person you could deal with that when you need to. Just a thought - but this could be going on for a while!!!
[21:36:46] Ray Daniells:

(Chelveston PC chairman) Adrian will probably organise a rota. Watch this space after this evenings information.
[21:56:47] Resident089:

As we are now closed Niamh and ellie are doing the deliveries but thankyou
[22:04:33] Resident050:

Hi we live right opposite the pub and between the four of us we could deliver quickly for you 😁please put us on the volunteer list- sounds like fun
[22:23:15] Resident116:

Just to note - any takeaway drinks you need your own container - I have a new bucket for Guinness