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WhatsApp Archive for Thursday 19 March 2020

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[06:11:02] Adrian Dale:

Adrian Dale (Group Admin) Morning everyone, we now have 60 members of the group from across the whole Village. I am collating the list of volunteers with their locations and am starting to “buddy them up” with anyone self isolating. I have started a list of potentially vulnerable households (either because of age or known medical conditions). Obviously, this is a sensitive list and I won’t be publishing it! However, it may not be complete as I don’t know every household. If any of you have concerns about households, or residents near you, then please private message me and I can ensure they are covered.
[06:12:15] Adrian Dale:

Adrian Dale (Group admin) Naomi’s menu will be prepared today and we are looking at the feasibility of the Star and Garter running a “residents and regulars only” shop for basic supplies. The catering industry seems to still be able to get stuff. Ideas of what staples might be useful to stock, would most welcome!
[06:16:18] Resident119:

That's an excellent idea Adrian.
[06:17:43] Resident049:

That sounds like a really good idea. Penne pasta would be good - our son is autistic & has limited diet and this is one of his main foodstuffs. Thanks & keep up the good work everyone - James
[06:22:22] Adrian Dale:

Adrian Dale (Group Admin) The Church will be open during the day throughout the crisis. Most (but not all) classes/group meetings in the Village Hall have been suspended by the organisers. The live bookings calendar on the web site shows the current state of play. The Village Hall itself won’t close as it is the emergency reception centre for the Village and will be kept clean and ready for action at all times. Ray and the Parish Council are considering what additional capabilities need to be added to it. All the best folks - I’m now off on my daily litter rounds. One silver lining - less rubbish from KFC and McDonalds yesterday!! More beer cans though 😕
[06:38:29] Resident012:

Fantastic idea! Thank you Adrian for all the effort that’s going into this it is very reassuring. If you need any help with anything please give me a shout.
[06:54:56] Resident116:

Local shop is a great idea as finding toilet rolls is like hunting the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow
[07:59:08] Resident138:

Shop is fab idea for this period, food staples cleaning items/products (presuming better wholesale rules for businesses over private?) Also meat and farm produce, if the local farm shop would supply you for those who can't drive to it or if they have to close to protect the animals from the public?
[08:00:39] Resident138:

I am in West Bromwich for work today. IF I can get any Penne pasta from their huge Asda is it still needed?
[08:08:32] Resident049:

No problem for now as we have a couple of bags. Thanks for your offer though massively appreciate it.
[08:43:22] Brenda Elldred:

If you like singing watch this space Gareth Malone is looking to put together an on line British choir. This epitomises the British - we find ways to keep life positive.
[09:12:37] Adrian Dale:

Adrian Dale (Group Admin). I know one of the duty managers at Lidl in Higham (Village Hall user!) He has assured me that there are no real shortages of any staples (including toilet rolls). The challenge is simply fulfilling the current demand. He had 28 pallets of mixed goods delivered yesterday, all had to be unloaded and put on shelves by 08:00. This is a bigger challenge than Christmas deliveries where they can predict exactly what quantities to send each day of each item. At the moment they are scaling back on some alcohol deliveries (aaagh!) to prioritise staples and toiletries. There is only so much space on their lorries. They are doing their best but the car park is full by 08:00 and people seem to be doing a weekly shop a day. They are now restricting bulk buying. He was very clear that if people did a daily shop or just stuck to one weekly shop a week, all will be fine. In the words of Jones from Dad’s Army (youngsters may need to YouTube it) “Don’t panic!”
[09:19:31] Resident116:

Unfortunately Adrian the human race are a selfish bunch and it’s bringing out the worst in everyone and will be worse as more and
More people are at home
[09:21:24] Resident130:

Not everyone! There is still kindness if you look for it!
[09:22:31] Brenda Elldred:

I agree just look at the kindness in this WhatsApp group.
[09:22:53] Resident116:

True 👍
[09:23:00] Resident047:

I used to work in retail Is it a good idea that the big retail stores half their shop floors with one side for the older vulnerable people and the other side to younger less vulnerable so they don’t mix and have a separate entrance/ exit and Mirror the shop floor on both sides with the same product offer
[09:24:26] Resident047:

The risk is people mixing together in any location and this includes a supermarket.
[09:25:42] Resident130:

Staying positive needs to be an important part of the group or there is little point in it. We are in a difficult situation and need to pull together.
[09:32:18] Resident133:

Just been to Raunds Asda. The kiosk for tobacco/lottery/parcel collection is closed due to the break in. Lots of empty shelves but lots of staff unloading deliveries.
[09:34:34] Resident130:

Criminals aren't working from home it seems!
[09:36:06] Adrian Dale:

Tricia that needs to go viral “The Government is now ordering all criminals to work from home!” Like it 😃
[09:40:36] Resident004:

Hi everyone. I’m a younger and at less risk apparently. Me and my family are happy to support anyone in any ways I can.
I am work/volunteer without one of the emergency services could I please give some advice??
If you need to ring 999 or the other numbers for the emergency service. Could you please tell the call handler if you are self isolating and if so why?? (Due to age/vulnerability or are having symptom of the virus). Just means we can protect our emergency service workers. Thank you
[09:41:30] Resident130:

Thank you good advice!
[12:04:25] Adrian Dale:

Adrian Dale(Group Admin) Great news from the supermarkets coordinated action coming. Tesco, ASDA and Sainsbury’s have taken out full page ads to announce changes from Monday to calm demand. I’ll post the Tesco one and a summary of the others next. There will be sensible rationing and protected hours for the vulnerable.
[12:04:41] Adrian Dale:

[12:04:56] Brenda Elldred:

Excellent news.
[12:05:16] Adrian Dale:

[12:05:31] Resident130:

It's taken some time but they're getting there!
[12:05:58] Brenda Elldred:

Learning as we go !
[12:06:53] Resident130:

Steep learning curve!
[12:13:29] Adrian Dale:

[12:24:00] Resident036:

Hi. Emma from Duchy Close. Happy to help where I can.
[12:31:46] Resident135:

Hi, Wendy & Dave from Duchy close, we are both self isolating as we are both Diabetic & Dave also has Kidney Disease, we don’t have family near by to help and friends are having to do the same, what do we need to do when we need a bit of shopping or medication collected, thanks Wendy
[12:34:00] Adrian Dale:

Adrian Dale (Group Admin) Hi Wendy - you were on my watch list anyway and if hadn’t heard by today I was coming round. I’ll find a buddy in Duchy Close for you.
[12:34:39] Resident101:

Hi Wendy and Dave Rachael here from a cross at number 14 happy to collect anything for you. Just give me a ring or drop a note in the postbox.
[12:35:02] Resident130:

I've got a message from Lloyds Pharmacy giving information about a company called who deliver medication by post. I get regular medication so I'm going to use it. Might help with one problem?
[12:35:19] Resident135:

Thank you so much, very much appreciated
[12:36:06] Resident004:

My family are also here to help at number 25. Just drop a note and we will help were we can
[12:36:29] Resident012:

I use Pharmacy2U also very good.
[12:37:11] Resident130:

Thanks I haven't signed up yet so I'll have a look.
[12:37:24] Resident059:

Hi we live in 24 happy to help with anything.
[12:39:43] Adrian Dale:

Thanks Joann - can I hold you in reserve at the moment? Alice you are already helping elsewhere - thanks!!!
[12:42:12] Resident135:

Hi Rachael
Thank you so much that would be very of good of you, we are ok at the moment, but will ring you when we need something, thanks again, regards Wendy & Dave
[12:45:53] Resident135:

Thank you every one, good to know there is help out there, this is a really weird and worrying time for everyone, regards Wendy
[12:48:08] Resident047:

There are rumours going around of a what’s app virus that could damage you phone so please be careful on what you open and be prudent. May be fake news but in these heightened anxious times it’s important to look out for each other.
[12:49:13] Resident137:

Hi all.. best not to click on any links or video.. if in doubt
[12:49:34] Resident059:

Yes of course Adrien
[12:49:39] Resident135:

Ok thanks
[12:59:26] Adrian Dale:

Adrian Dale (Group Admin) i heard this morning and am checking sources to confirm. Follow Mike Maywood’s advice generally in WhatsApp- don’t click on video links for the moment. I’ll do my best to check all links on this forum
[13:17:10] Resident010:

[14:34:05] Resident130:

[14:34:35] Resident049:

Love it 🤣🤣🤣
[14:42:48] Resident030:

BOGOF time in the pink. 🌈🌹🌹
[14:52:28] Resident030:

The crocheted loo rolls, are they recyclable, ie: use once then wash😋🤪🤨
[14:52:57] Resident130:

I hope not!
[14:55:07] Resident030:

You never know, that is what the washing machines are for, well one use 🤣😂😮🤣
[14:55:47] Resident130:

Don't put it in my washing machine please!
[14:56:21] Resident030:

[14:56:35] Resident023:

Put what in your washing machine?
[14:57:02] Resident030:

Scroll up
[14:58:51] Ray Daniells:

[14:59:53] Resident030:

Yup that is the one, fully recycled as well😂😇😇
[15:00:26] Resident023:

We have paper and use both sides!
[15:02:03] Resident030:

Wow, I assume you use the Sun news paper 🤨
[15:03:42] Michelle Dalliston:

If you know anyone using WhatsApp you might pass on this. An IT colleague has advised that a video comes out tomorrow from WhatsApp called martinelli do not open it , it hacks your phone and nothing will fix it. Spread the word.
If you receive a message to update the Whatsapp to Whatsapp Gold, do not click !!!!!

Pass it on to all
[15:04:21] Resident023:

Times - better on the job read and thicker paper
[15:05:05] Ray Daniells:

From 2019 Michelle, but thank you
[15:05:25] Resident030:

Mitch, if I knew how I would
[15:07:30] Resident030:

Penty, I have plenty of time. I am glad for spell checkers
[15:48:18] Resident122:

(That martinelli thing is a hoax)
[15:52:23] Resident010:

[15:54:23] Resident130:

Apparently been knocking around since 2016!
[17:01:16] Adrian Dale:

Adrian Dale (Group Admin) - Mark Hunter the Clerk to the Council, has pointed me to the National Cyber Security Centre

There are no current reports about WhatsApp
[18:03:53] Resident116:

[18:09:27] Resident089:

Hi we have our first take away order at the star and garter and we really appreciate the business ❤️
[18:10:28] Resident004:

Is there a way we can check what’s on the menu and availability daily?
[18:11:06] Resident050:

I was also wondering if you could post a picture of your menu😃
[18:11:13] Adrian Dale:

Adrian Dale (Group Admin) all households will receive a menu in the morning which explains it all
[18:12:15] Adrian Dale:

Adrian Dale (Group Admin) give me 10 mins and I’ll upload the menu early
[18:13:58] Adrian Dale:

[18:14:11] Resident129:

That’ll be great as I was thinking about ordering. Thank you
[18:36:42] Resident023:

Brilliant Adrian, H & I have our plates ready in the ‘drop zone’
[18:39:40] Ray Daniells:

Chris be a bit cold by time drone gets to you lol
[18:40:02] Resident023:

Maybe use hot air balloons then
[18:40:16] Ray Daniells: