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WhatsApp Archive for Wednesday 18 March 2020

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[12:12:29] Adrian Dale:

Welcome to the Parish Council’s assistance and information group. If you need assistance during the crisis, please post a message here. If you don’t want your request to be public, message Adrian Dale (07850 570007) privately and he’ll coordinate assistance for you.
[08:12:43] Adrian Dale:

Adrian Dale (Group Admin). Thanks to all volunteers so far! I am collating details and will then clear the messages to give us all less to scroll through. We can then use the group for announcements and requests. Our plan will be to “buddy up” volunteers with people needing help, depending on need and location. We had our first private call for help yesterday and one of our volunteers was able to sort it out within a couple of hours. That’s a great start!!
[09:21:50] Adrian Dale:

Update from the Star & Garter

In these unprecedented times it has become necessary for us all to be inventive and creative, as such we will now offer a take-away and home delivery service in the local area.

Contact us for full details. 01933 623295
[09:23:35] Brenda Elldred:

Well done Star & Garter - this is a great initiative.
[09:25:20] Ray Daniells:

(Chelveston PC chairman) once the message board has been cleared this will be re-posted.
[09:34:31] Resident063:

Brilliant well done Naomi and team
[09:39:22] Resident138:

Great idea Star & Garter. Obviously we need to support our local businesses in these difficult times and we need to support you. Could I make a suggestion and donation idea, where if people in the village wanted they could "donate a meal in leiu", so give the pub say £10 or £20 & if someone desperately needs a meal but can't afford it, the pub could send them one?
[10:23:16] Resident056:

I think that is a brilliant idea Zara, and I am happy to support and donate.
[10:25:40] Resident138:

I am happy to as well, if someone could speak to the Star and Garter so we could do online payments?
[10:28:59] Ray Daniells:

(Chelveston PC chairman) that is how Naomi is going to run this issue. Still needs a little tweaking here and there but watch this space for further information. Naomi is also part of the group.
[10:31:11] Resident089:

Hi, we can take payments over the phone or people can leave cash in an envelope whichever suits the customer better, we will be offering a full menu and for those over 60 a discounted rate
[10:37:00] Brenda Elldred:

Bless you Naomi you are doing a great service for the community. We will support you.
[10:42:09] Resident089:

And we will appreciate it, we all have to work together to get through this
[10:49:32] Michelle Dalliston:

Brilliant Naomi! And great idea re 'donate a meal' Zara, St John's will definitely support that 😊
The church is open every day and prayer resources available as well as space and peace. The church yard is beautiful with flowers and birds and signs of spring and hope. We're sorting out ways of offering prayers and Easter Services in a new way - further details to follow. Take care everyone x
[17:24:25] Resident133:

Hello everyone. It’s just been announced that Raunds library is closed but Rushden is still open for the time being. If you are a member of library there is a great app available called Borrow Box. This allows you to borrow ebooks and eaudiobooks.
[17:24:40] Resident133:

[22:25:17] Resident002:

Happy to help. Adrian and Debbie Jeffs, 2 Raunds Road, Chelveston.