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Daily Newsletter for Saturday 09 May 2020


The sense of community spirit yesterday was fantastic. Houses had been dressed in flags and bunting, some of which had been upcycled by Carol Parsons from 30 year old bunting from the Village Hall store. The War Memorial looked excellent thanks to Carol, Barry and Jenny. And the weather was just perfect for the day. We certainly needed something to lift our spirits and VE75, didn't disappoint.

The virtual collective act of remembrance was taken very seriously by residents but it was noticeable how much traffic was going by the memorial at 11:00am. Where were these people in such a hurry to get to? Couldn't they have stopped for just a couple of minutes to take a minute to respect the sacrifice of others?

The sale of tulips across the whole Village was a fantastic focus for the start of our day. It raised £645.22 for Great Ormond Street Hospital. Thank you to Chris and Elaine for organising this and for providing the tulips. And thank you to everyone who took part. The remaining tulips are going to Brockfield House in Stanwick this morning. They have lost 4 residents to Covid-19 but are still battling on.

Sam Pentelow won the prize for the best tulip arrangement
Link to all tulip arrangements:

The winning entries to the colouring competition were announced at 15:30

4-5 years old

Sophia Wood Aged 4

6 years old

Emily Chadwick Aged 6

Over 18s

Stephanie Chadwick
The judges loved the additions made to the picture.


None that we know of! But there is a big birthday coming up on Monday - watch this space.


626 deaths were reported by the Government yesterday taking us to 31241 across the UK. The number of new lab confirmed cases was still over 4,600.


In Northamptonshire the figures continue to be corrected daily but there with stubbornly over 10 a day still being recorded.

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And finally . . .

The new norm - our children won't remember any other way of working ...

Stay (at) home, protect the NHS and save lives.