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Daily Newsletter for Thursday 07 May 2020


Yesterday's early ground frost gave way to beautiful sunshine and it was noticeable how many non-residents were in the Village Some of these have walked across the fields from Stanwick to Raunds Road and then are going back via Water Lane. Most of these were responsible people who understand the social distancing rules and are out as a couple or a small family group. However, I did see a bigger group walking along Water Lane that were clearly not in this category. I kept my distance!

It was also noticeable how many more two person cars were out and about all day long. More concerning was our experience in the woods near the airfield yesterday afternoon. Normally, we'll see one or two other dog walkers (I never thought I would class myself as dog walker!). Yesterday, the place felt almost overcrowded by today's new standards. There were even parents with pushchairs and gaggles of kids playing about from multiple families. Clearly this little haven of coolness and peace on a hot day has been discovered!

Just after 9pm we also had reports of lots of activity at the entrance to the airfield with lots of cars coming and going. It was described to me as party central. So watch out if you are taking a late evening walk up there. The police are aware of it but there are very few patrols cars out at that time, and they are in the towns where there are bigger challenges. However, one night this group will get a surprise!

In yesterday's podcast, I talked about the challenges I've faced with escaped animals and birds in the Village over the year. This struck a chord with Richard Brown who recently moved into Bidwell Lane. Last year he looked out and found 200 sheep jammed into his back garden in Harrold. They'd taken a wrong turning whilst being moved from one field to another. You can imagine what his drive looked like later! The story made the Daily Mail.

Richard Brown found 200 sheep in his back garden in Harrold last year!


None that we know of! But there is a big birthday coming up next Monday - watch this space.


649 deaths were reported by the Government yesterday using their new measures taking us to 30,076 across the UK. The number of new lab confirmed cases was up by nearly 50% to 6,111. The Government is going to have a difficult job justifying a weakening of the lock down rules in the face of these figures.


In Northamptonshire the figures continue to be corrected daily but there is evidence of numbers reducing.

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And finally . . .

As the lockdown is breaking down we've noticed many more cars about with two occupants...

Stay (at) home, protect the NHS and save lives.