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Podcast script - Tuesday, April 07, 2020

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Good Morning Chelveston, Caldecott and Chelston Rise. It’s Tuesday 7th April and this is Adrian Dale with the daily briefing for the Village. Now many of you will have heard of Bob Geldof and his band “The Boom Town Rats”. One of their biggest hits was “I don’t like Mondays”. For me this has become a theme tune of this emergency. Every Monday something goes wrong.

I get up at 5am each morning and it takes about 75 minutes to prepare the morning podcasts and the daily newsletter. I aim to press the “send” buttons at 06:30 and then go off on my litter pick.

This morning I was just leaving the house when I heard my PC pinging away going nuts. I dashed to the office in my wellies, unfortunately leaving and trail of mud, and found that Google had sent me over 80 rejection emails. The great brain of Google has decided that I, Adrian Dale, am a rogue spammer, sending nuisance emails from Nigeria. I am now permanently black listed. It took me the next 2 ˝ hours to find a way to send small batches of emails to the people on our mailing list using various alternative addresses. During this time, I received two messages asking if I was OK. People had noticed that they hadn’t received their emails at the usual time!

I don’t have a solution yet, but I do have a contingency. If you don’t get your email or WhatsApp message at the usual time, please check the Village Covid-19 website – The latest newsletter and podcasts will always be there first.

Fortunately, the day got better. Several more households responded to my letter drop, this time all with thanks that the Village is taking so much trouble. Only 26 houses are now missing.

I also received several messages during the day that the Government food parcels were being delivered to many vulnerable households who had registered at the start of the emergency. This is fantastic news. The system is now kicking into action. It was heartening that two of the households let me know that they actually didn’t need the parcels this time, as they had managed an online shop. I was able to redirect the parcels to households that were really desperate. One lady thought that all her Christmases had come together. On Friday she was desperate, on Saturday we made contact, on Sunday flowers from Elaine were delivered and on Monday a box of food appeared on her doorstep. And tomorrow Candy is going shopping to top her up.

Now that is the true spirit of this Village. Our plans are working, anybody who needs it will get help.

Another of our affected families came out of isolation today. They are now free of symptoms but still tired from the effects of the virus. It was good to see them out walking the dogs (whilst still of course keeping a safe distance). Unfortunately an 8th case was reported from one of our missing households. They are now connected into the group and we will support them.

In the national news, the Prime Minister is still under observation in hospital but on the face of it the figures released late yesterday showed a significant improvement for the second day in a row. It is still too early to tell if this is a trend, but we can hope.

The important things in this Village is that we all do our best to stay away from each other. That way, any infection can be isolated. If you fall victim, then please lets us know and we will support you.

Thank you