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WhatsApp Archive for Sunday 14 June 2020

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[06:22:51] Adrian Dale:

[06:24:10] Adrian Dale:

[06:25:40] Adrian Dale:

[06:33:23] Resident019:

Thank you adrian 😊
[07:11:59] Adrian Dale:

Thanks to Resident031 for being our photographer for the day
[07:16:36] Adrian Dale:

[07:17:50] Resident019:

He is still resting the lazy toad 🤣🤣 really lovely photos! Thank you I have one on order for a canvass already
[07:30:05] Resident075:

Even though I didn't win the scarecrow and I must admit I am v competitive 🤣 Adrian mentioned us in the podcast, I'm sooooooooooo happy esp after a few difficult days with a baby really out of sorts because of jabs. Looking forward to see the rest of the scarecrows today, especially Boris and the testing centre and Jesus x
[07:36:59] Resident097:

😥 last podcast we will miss them !!

Thankyou Adrian

Thankyou to everyone who has made this village great through this epidemic and to everyone who has contributed and donated be it time,funds,skills,ideas etc

You are all amazing !!

Worzel will be put around 11am today i will post the Worzel tracker link up before heading off

Worzel planned route rough timings

10.30hrs tractor startup and final checks
10.45hrs via raunds rd head towards Kimbolton Layby Returning to Star and Garter Pub Layby for those wanting to say hello and take pics
11.00 hrs Worzille will leave for Village Hall and Church Area
11.15hrs Worzille will head towards Chelston Rise and do the loop
11.30 hrs Worzille will head towards Waterlane Via Bidwell Lane
11.45hrs Worzille will park up on Waterlane / Wateryard / Hillside for pics etc
12:00 hrs Worzille will take a slow drive back through Chelveston

There are 2 Collection buckets on the tractor for those that would be so kind to donate, all funds will be split 50/50 Between the Parish Council and the NHFT District Nurses Teams

Get the kids out of the house, switch off the games consoles and get some fresh air


And remember all scarecrows no matter how good or bad are all Outstanding in there Field


See you later

[07:37:47] Resident097:

Even Scarecrow mans need rest
[07:38:50] Resident097:

Brilliant Photography from a real great guy
Thankyou Derek was great meeting you yesterday your photos are awesome
[08:08:29] Resident097:

Update ...

Aunt sally "Cathy" has been sent shopping so fingers crossed Worzel with have more sweeties onboard the tractor today 😉🙂
[08:09:56] Resident131:

Morning, is the WhatsApp group remaining and is so does anyone know who the administrators are please? Many thanks
[08:10:20] Adrian Dale:

Yes will be announcing in the morning
[08:10:29] Resident097:

[08:14:48] Resident097:

[08:50:02] Michelle Dalliston:

Thank you Adrian - great sign off! You are so right how much we have grown together and how alot of good has come out of this crisis. Fantastic Scarecrows Festival definitely one of them - and at it turns out, absolutely perfect timing! 😃 Great day yesterday - superb photos - thank you Derek! 📷 And great to see Pete sailing past majestically on a working tractor! 🚜 Should be another excellent day today 🌞🌈
[09:13:12] Resident117:

Wonderful final podcast Adrian. I will really miss them. Yesterday a fantastic day. Very lucky to live in this village with a fantastic sense of community
[09:14:33] Resident031:

Thanks Adrian.
[09:39:14] Michelle Dalliston:

Rise and shine and worship together! 🌞😃 Here's the link for today's service for our Benefice - look forward to joining you all at 10am if you can, but feel free to join whenever you can.
[09:42:23] Resident135:

[09:43:58] Resident097:

[09:44:11] Resident135:

[09:53:30] Resident131:

Hi, please may I have the record storage box? Thank you
[09:55:43] Resident135:

Yes Vanessa it’s yours, we are at 20 Duchy close, let me know when you want to collect and I will leave it at the bottom of our drive
[10:29:45] Resident055:

Thank you Adrian for guiding us through all of this! Your a star 🌟
[10:30:11] Resident131:

Hi, thank you so much. Will pop down later but message before I leave. Thank you again.
[10:40:23] Resident135:

[10:43:09] Resident131:

Hi, yes please, thank you x
[10:43:58] Resident131:

We are moving, we bought a “Project” so the sink will be very helpful x
[10:46:33] Resident135:

That’s brilliant we didn’t want it going down the tip if we we could avoid it, will leave it out as well when we know you are coming and you can see if it’s suitable
[10:46:34] Resident131:

We are selling our house if anyone is looking to move 😁. You never know on the WhatsApp group who is looking for what x
[10:47:13] Resident131:

Thank you Wendy, we must be mad taking on the new house 😁
[10:52:23] Resident135:

Not if it’s what you want to do
[10:53:15] Adrian Dale:

Group Admin: So here is a question for us all. As Group Admin, I have kept a daily archive of all WhatsApp posts. This has allowed me to clear my phone each day but still to have access to the links and photos that people have posted. This has been really useful when someone wanted historical links from previous weeks. Northamptonshire Archives are looking to collect community diaries from the Covid-19 Emergency. This would be the perfect record. There’s nearly 1GB of stuff. So I’d be interested in everyone’s views.
[10:53:19] Resident011:

Can you post a link to the sale? I wanted to forward to someone
[10:53:25] Resident025:

Does anyone know of a small runaround car for sale up to £500? It’s for my grandson. It doesn’t matter if it needs a bit of work as he’ll be able to practice his mechanical skills on it. Needs to be a runner though. Tony
[10:57:24] Resident131:

Hi Aneta, it’s not on Right Move yet as the EPC certificate won’t be ready until Tuesday and apparently it can’t be advertised on line until it is. I happy to talk to anyone and have some photos that I took recently, would that help?
[10:58:45] Resident011:

I'll wait until it's on rightmove from what you are saying it should be on there this week, not in a rush :)
[11:00:27] Resident130:

It has to be part of the narrative of Covid-19 - don't you think?
[11:15:15] Adrian Dale:

I do indeed!! I think the historians and sociology researchers of tomorrow would find it invaluable
[11:15:19] Resident003:

Sounds like a great idea to me. An interesting record, of what I hope will be an unusual time.
[11:18:15] Resident117:

Think it's a good idea and historical record
[11:21:43] Resident101:

Think it’s a good idea 👍 from me.
[11:21:55] Resident131:

Hi, not a problem at all
[11:41:13] Adrian Dale:

Group Admin: Tomorrow this group will become a community forum without Parish Council involvement. It’s role as an emergency communications forum will cease. I will be handing over administrative rights to Resident003 from Chelston Rise and Resident101 from Chelveston tomorrow morning. Both are widely respected across the community.

You may notice several people leaving the group today as the emergency provision winds down. Like me they aren’t much into social media and will be going back to their daily lives.
[11:42:42] Resident031:

Farewell to the leaving WhatsApp friends. Hope to meet you soon.
[11:47:05] Resident015:

Sounds like a good idea it's great source of social history
[11:48:29] Resident038:

Fantastic stuff, thank you Adrian. 👍🍻
[11:56:02] Resident101:

Thank you Adrian you have done a smashing job throughout this pandemic.

I believe this group can and will be a great asset to village life. One of the many good things that have come about because of Lockdown.
[11:57:24] Resident136:

[12:02:14] Resident015:

Cant thank Adrian for all his help as well as the other members of the PC who have kept us going. The support from the WhatsApp group has been amazing to know that you are not alone and that if you needed anything help was there.
[12:06:21] Resident117:

[12:12:26] Resident081:

Yes please to garden items
[12:13:45] Resident117:

Hi Mandy. Will leave them garden side of my front gate. When would you like to collect?
[12:16:08] Resident081:

About half an hour?
[12:16:25] Resident117:

[12:18:17] Resident097:

Worzels Tractor Tour Total Raised £302.88 To be 50/50 divided between NHFT District Nurses Team and Hopefully something useful or a Community Parish Project "maybe a 6ft scarecrow statue 😉😉"
Thankyou to everyone that's donated I hope you all had fun
Worzel will see you all again soon

Much love xx

Stay safe

Ya village scarecrow man
[12:20:04] Resident038:

Well done Pete, great effort and my kids loved seeing you on the road. 👍👍🤪
[12:21:04] Resident012:

Adrian, I will miss waking up with you in the mornings 😂. Thank you for all you have done and no doubt will continue to do for the village. Enjoy a bit of a well deserved break 😊
[12:23:06] Resident052:

Well done Pete fantastic way to bring laughter into our days
[12:30:55] Resident097:

Now time for a beer :-) thankyou
[12:32:07] Adrian Dale:

Well done Pete!!
[12:37:52] Resident097:

Thankyou !

Now we need the Villagers to make some suggestions on where the funds should go, I think it should be something that all the community can enjoy
Maybe a nice Flower Planter or a Bench somewhere in the village ?? I Know
Worzel would like that

What are your thoughts
[12:44:16] Resident131:

The Crescent might like to benefit from a planter or bench, some nice areas here that would be very suitable
[12:46:09] Resident097:

Would be best located somewhere more central i feel like War memorial or Village hall so everyone can benefit
[12:53:55] Resident015:

Does anyone know what plaque was on the bench in water lane and where its gone
[13:01:05] Resident055:

Any more thoughts 💭 about that flag pole folks
[13:01:25] Resident097:

Now thats a idea
[13:02:33] Resident136:

Think a flagpole is a good idea too
[13:03:12] Resident097:

Worzel like this idea
[13:04:44] Resident136:

Either a Union Jack or a flag with the parish council crest on it ?
[13:05:35] Resident097:

Need to get the pole up first 🤣 but we can fly anything off it including the mrs bloomers if required
[13:06:28] Resident136:

[13:09:13] Resident097:

I shall speak to RVM to get intouch with The relevant peeps to get costings for a flagpole to be installed then maybe your scarecrow can do some more work in the village, How ironic would it be to have a little plaque on it saying .. paid for by the villagers of Chelveston Cum Caldecot and chelston rise with assistance from there Scarecrow Worzel
[13:11:35] Resident131:

I am not sure if the Flag Pole is the most appropriate use of the funds, can it go to a whole village suggestion and vote, maybe through the Parish Council
[13:11:50] Resident096:

You will need planning permission to fly anything other than national flags - this includes the Parish flag.
[13:12:16] Resident030:

No publicly then
[13:13:01] Resident075:

Maybe it coukd afford for a matching item in chelv, cald and CR
[13:13:45] Resident030:

This has been paid for by donations from a man who is outstanding in his field 😅😅😅
[13:14:07] Resident055:

How about more bulbs all around the village tulips 🌷 perhaps
[13:14:29] Resident055:

Nice one Dave
[13:14:52] Resident131:

Jenny, lovely idea, the Crescent would love some to plant on the verges up here
[13:15:23] Resident097:

The funds need to go somewhere that everyone can benefit from
Im thinking a bench flowers or the flagpole
Maybe a sensory type area ? Somewhere we can go to reflect sit etc
[13:23:13] Resident131:

I would love to see something up here on the Crescent, it would make it feel like the village was a whole, especially if the verges all looked similar in the spring. Everyone here is keen to keep the ‘whole village’ community vibe going. I suggest that all suggestions for the funds are to the Parish Council and voted on by our Parish Councillors.
[13:25:17] Resident134:

I love the bulb idea - for me tulips have been one of the things that have defined lockdown in the parish, and shared out it's something that each area of the community could benefit from
[13:26:34] Resident097:

3 scarecrow statues it is then 🤣
[13:27:25] Resident086:

Adrian, Mark, Worzel and everyone else in Chelveston /Caldecott and Chelston Rise I just want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart ♥️ for making this place a wonderful place to be living in and thankyou all for making it a great community to be linked with. I would like to stay on the WhatsApp group 👍.
I haven't had much to say over the last three months but it's been great listening to the podcasts and knowing what has been going on.
I'm not very good with words but just want to say:
[13:28:14] Resident097:

Thankyou :-)
[13:31:35] Resident007:

[13:34:07] Resident015:

Sensory area sounds like a great idea
[13:37:32] Resident097:

Thanks i know a lot of people inc myseld have had issues in the past with Mental health etc, there are also many in the villages that have disabilities etc or children with learning difficulties etc, there is also Wildacre who are primarily learning disabilities care home so i think somewhere that we all can go, sit smell some nice plants ie Lavender etc and get that Sensory flow going will do us all some good to sit chill and reflect from time to time.
[13:38:37] Resident012:

What about planting a tree with a plaque of when and why it was planted. Something that would remain as a reminder for many years to come.
[13:39:30] Resident097:

Maybe worzel with assistance from the PC could set up a community Project with assistance from some of the locals ...
[13:40:57] Resident097:

Maybe a community plot at the allotments could be developed into a sensory area, the kids could grow some veg etc
[13:44:04] Resident097:

How good would it be for the kids to learn where food actually comes from and the adults to see fruits of our labour, we could plant veg and fruit and have herbs etc, produce can be shared out with any extra then could be sold off at low prices to raise more funds for further Worzel community projects
[13:56:43] Resident086:

[13:57:17] Resident086:

[14:00:02] Resident103:

Hi there every body if you can you need to pat your self on your back for doing a great job through these difficult times . And good luck 👍🦆
[14:00:37] Resident086:

[14:01:58] Resident031:

They are just fantastic.
[14:03:01] Resident097:

Cute i want one !!
[14:03:36] Resident022:

[14:03:54] Resident097:

Ooh yes please
[14:05:08] Resident022:

It's yours. 15 Water Lane. I'll put it out the front in a minute.
[14:05:46] Resident097:

Im just out at Higham atm can i pick it up on way back please :-) Thanks
[14:06:27] Resident020:

Omg how incredibly cute! Are they yours?
[14:08:17] Resident020:

By yours i mean your set up in your garden sort of thing lol
[14:11:52] Resident022:

No worries Worzille.
[14:17:40] Resident117:

Would love to know the story behind these cuties. Better than Springwatch!
[14:57:00] Resident055:

[14:57:00] Resident055:

[14:57:00] Resident055:

[14:57:00] Resident055:

[14:57:01] Resident055:

[14:57:01] Resident055:

[15:09:07] Resident086:

Charley and Sharen, no they aren't mine but the parents have used one of our nestboxes, the photo of them in a hat is when they were being ringed, I got to assist by holding them 😍 and have now set up a motion sensor camera to get little video clips, very time consuming watching them all but I love it, much better than watching the TV lol 😂 👍
[15:15:51] Resident020:

That is Amazing! :) i absolutely love owls, thank you for sharing :)
[15:16:25] Resident086:

[15:17:32] Resident086:

Charley, me too, well any wildlife really 😍
[15:23:26] Resident020:

I am the same :)we are very lucky in the UK and have a very diverse array of wildlife. I was actually lucky enough to grow up on farms and in the countryside with the horses. My next hope is a trip to see the seals :)
[15:47:31] Resident097:

Now on way back from higham chris if still ok to collect
[15:51:43] Resident022:

Yes fine.
[15:53:51] Resident097:

Collected Thankyou :-)
[15:57:30] Resident073:

They are gorgeous!
[15:58:17] Resident097:

£304.88 just got back and found some more pennies in the tractor ! Thanks
[16:25:20] Resident008:

[17:06:40] Resident117:

You're very lucky. Thanks for sharing
[17:23:24] Resident086:

My pleasure Sharen 😊
[17:36:17] Resident016:

Pete -someone suggested a donation to the food bank?
[17:41:20] Resident097:

Still think it needs to be used where Everyone can Benefit
[17:59:20] Resident131:

Good bank is great idea too, many people struggling with a loss of income
[17:59:35] Resident097:

Who does Worzel speak to about Allotment Plots ??
Hes still undecided where the funds should go from the Tractor tour but wants to explore all avenues and ideas.. inc a community sensory and veg garden
With the ammount of people who have left over materials in the village from projects this could work anyway without having to chip into funding if a plot for it could be secured. This could be a longterm Community Project with Worzel involving all manner of people.
[18:00:29] Resident131:

[18:01:13] Resident097:

Whilst its a great idea and cause £150 of food isnt going to go far and other wont see any benefit from it either i just think there are better ways to spend the funds.
[18:03:12] Resident125:

How about a memorial bench on the green that everyone can use as I'm sure the current one is knackered. It could have a plaque on it
[18:06:55] Resident052:

Hi Pete for Allotment Plots drop a note to Mark Hunter
[18:07:17] Resident097:

[18:11:45] Resident097:

[18:12:47] Resident125:

We could then add plaques to the bench for characters from the village no longer with us. Would love to add one for my Mum as she spent half her life in this village x
[18:15:55] Resident075:

Looks amazing
[18:16:19] Resident051:

It could be used on the Save Pub Life scheme, that way the pub gets £300 and the villagers (many who said they would use the pub more on reopening) would have £150 on a drink of their choice. Thus supporting the business at the heart of our village 🍺🍷🥂🍹
[18:18:17] Resident131:

[18:24:21] Resident097:

Again ... its not Community Beneficial
Maybe we should go chuck it all on a 3 legged race horse ... in the hope we win big
[18:25:34] Resident075:

I think the pub is a great cause but maybe not appropriate for the funds from this event to go towards it. Alchohol related just doesnt seem appropriate. Just my view though. I'm from a household where we don't drink.
[18:25:52] Resident097:

[18:28:21] Resident097:

I stil think a community project is the way forward
[18:28:58] Resident097:

Benches flagpoles and memorials could all be incorporated i to this as its developed
[18:30:14] Resident097:

Smells sights,sensory stuff all adds to peace tranquility and calm

Peace tranquility and calm this lockdown gave us
Reflection time, away from the hussle and bussle
[18:31:11] Resident075:

Is there any bit of land owned by the village where it could be made a meadow/sensory? The allotments are hard ti get to, though I'm new to the village so maybe there is an easier way
[18:32:37] Resident052:

Lovely idea would suit all ages there is one in Hunstanton that we have been to the scent is amazing
[18:33:14] Resident097:

A piece of scrubland doesnt have to be huge although a allotment plot woud be beneficial as we can get the kids involved with aswell, creating our legacy now for our kids to follow on with..
[18:33:35] Resident075:

[18:34:19] Resident052:

There is a saying Live Life Leave a Legacy
[18:34:23] Resident109:

Yes they are nice but hard work to maintain who would have the time to take care of it throughout the year.
[18:35:51] Resident097:

There plenty of people in this village trades that we can beg borrow and steal stuff off, plants tools equipment
Rome wasnt built in a day but a small team of volunteers Worzels Community crew could do it .. if its used a safe haven people will respect it
[18:36:38] Resident097:

Its just a stupid idea from a scarecrow but we need to show kids that carrots come from the ground not tescos
[18:37:19] Resident052:

The only thing with the allotment site is that it is rented by the PC from Stuart Carr hence check with Mark H on the feasibility
[18:37:46] Resident109:

No it isn't stupid Pete it's lovely
[18:38:43] Resident097:

Id happily rent a plot each year just to make it happen
[18:40:15] Resident109:

Tammy's idea is nice too, people perhaps could purchase a plaque as a way of raising money also
[18:41:16] Resident097:

Plaques could be put on Pathways etc or carved into stone or benches
[18:41:40] Resident097:

Somewhere peaceful and tranquil
[18:45:33] Resident097:

People prob think im a Trouble maker .. ive been called everything the last few weeks from brilliant to controversial in all honesty that doesnt bother me But at the same time id like to see the bang for the buck we put in, its our community its beautiful already but this could be the icing on a cake for people that want to get away from it all for a few hrs or do some reading, plant some flowers or eat some vegetables straight out the ground, educational,fun and supportive of our local community and trades
[18:57:42] Resident109:

Whatever we do it would be nice if we could in some way incorporate tulips because they have been such a big part of lock down
[18:58:14] Resident097:

Of course and there would only be one place to get them from
[19:05:54] Resident109:

When this is all over we should have a get together in the Village Hall or the Pub and see what everyone would like to do and vote on it you could add to it each year and do lots of things for now just have a rest and think about things
[19:17:57] Resident003:

[19:45:40] Resident086:

There seems to be lots of lovely ideas being suggested but I do agree with Rosemary that meeting up at the pub, having a beer or three ( or a soft drink for those that don't drink alcohol) then pop ya vote in the box before leaving sounds like a good plan 👍 😀
[19:52:14] Resident103:

Getting up the pub for a Guinness and to see ya all sounds good to me I’ll vote for that 👍🎶👂
[19:53:05] Resident086:

Definitely Cuffie 🤣👍🍻🍻
[19:54:39] Resident051:

Doubt you’ll see much at all first day back at the pub Cuff!😉🍺🥃
[19:55:40] Resident103:

😂😂😂what do ya mean x
[19:57:58] Resident103:

I think I’m turning into a wineo 🍷
[19:59:51] Resident086:

Nothing wrong with Guinness and Wine...... and Rum 🤣👍
[20:00:31] Resident103:

Bless ya x
[20:17:24] Resident101:

Anyone on here had an Afternoon Tea delivered by Nic’s Kitchen from Raunds? Just wondering if it’s good. Cheers.
[20:23:01] Resident024:

Can't remember if the farmer or anyone on here who knows him.... Just walking up the Woody track by first field of sheep and there's 3 lambs the wrong side of the fence
[20:23:25] Resident024:

They look pretty keen to get home, just can't see where they got out
[20:33:44] Resident020:

He lives at and owns the farm shop i think?
[20:34:25] Resident024:

Does anyone have his number? I'm still out so happy to help herd them back in
[20:42:47] Resident007:

Don't have their number but I think the shop is called Lancaster farm shop, they have a Facebook Page, if thats the same farm your thinking of
[20:43:40] Resident024:

I have just spoken to someone from wykes security who said he'll pass the message along, so fingers crossed they can get hold of someone before they wander off - for now they're just sticking by the sheep on the inside
[20:43:44] Resident024:

Thanks 😁
[20:44:40] Resident007:

Oh those sheep, I was thinking the ones in the field by main B645 Road
[20:45:14] Resident096:

The time has come for me to retire from the WhatsApp group.

Over the last 3 months I have ‘met’ some great and some interesting people.

As a family we have received help and support that has been amazing and greatly appreciated, we will not forget those people that have helped us. Thank you!

But for now, so long, farewell.

[20:45:56] Resident097:

Thankyou for everything Penty take care
[20:52:06] Resident050:

What about spending the money on the pub’s garden - it’s a great space and a focal point of the village for everyone to use- drinkers or not🥂
[20:53:12] Resident012:

I am also leaving now. Thanks to everyone for making an awful time so much easier and it is reassuring to know there are a lot of caring people in our lovely village. Hope to meet lots of you in the pub some time. Take care x
[20:54:26] Resident097:

As much as i appreciate the idea ... thats like saying lets spend it on my back garden and we all have a picnic there !!

Its down to the owners or the brewery to maintain that space, which should be reflected in the service charge we pay on pints or food etc
[20:54:50] Resident097:

Take care
[21:03:31] Resident024:

Sheep are in 😁👌🐑