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[05:48:29] Adrian Dale:

[05:49:20] Adrian Dale:

[05:50:45] Adrian Dale:

[05:52:13] Adrian Dale:

[07:31:35] Resident097:

Thanks for the podcast Adrain

Out of interest when would the PC be looking to step down from the podcast ? Just so we have enough time to get everything into place to make it as smooth a transition to a new platform for the community
[07:32:17] Resident097:

Sorry i mean Whatsapp group
[08:14:53] Adrian Dale:

Hi Pete sorry delay I was in Kettering getting paint for the Village Hall. I’ll put a proposed timetable together after second breakfast and post for comment.
[08:15:49] Resident097:

Thanks :-)
[08:39:36] Resident112:

Adrian, you really are 🦸🏼‍♂️
[08:40:22] Adrian Dale:

Clueless about the emoticon ....
[08:41:06] Resident112:

Ah it’s a superman!
[08:41:36] Adrian Dale:

Nope I’m a grass cutter!
[09:26:49] Adrian Dale:

[09:33:37] Resident097:

Sounds good
[09:33:48] Resident038:

Sounds spot on to me
[09:36:40] Resident101:

Sounds good to me.
[10:24:51] Resident030:

No, you are a Lengthsman, says so on the rear of your hiviiz 🥴. Thanks for all you have done and for what you continue to do for this community. You may keep my personal details Adrian if you want.
[10:28:09] Resident097:

No your a Legend !
[10:47:57] Resident115:

Sounds good to me 😊 Thanks for all you’ve done for our community Adrian, during this emergency (and always!) Don’t know how we’d all have managed without your support and bringing the community together in a way we haven’t experienced in our 36 years living in the village. We haven’t missed a podcast and found them a real comfort in the early days and always interesting, informative and often gave us a giggle as the world seemed to be closing down around us. We’d be grateful if you could still do one a week until the emergency is over..... please?! 😊
[10:51:37] Resident047:

I would echo all you say Sarah. One a week would be good until the emergency is over. Post the emergency a bi weekly or maybe monthly general village update would be great to keep us all galvanised as a village if weekly was too much to do. Obviously everyone including Adrian would have to feel comfortable with this too and only an idea. Shame to lose it completely.
[11:09:21] Resident075:

We ❤️ Adrian!!! Never have I ever lived in a Community with anyone that even comes close to Adrian! Thanks for helping me fall in love with the village 💕and everyone else! X
[12:15:38] Resident015:

All sounds good to me
[15:18:56] Resident082:

Hello all, if anyone has a one person tent suitable for cycling touring, for sale, would be pleased to hear from them. Michael Farrow 🚴🍺
[15:18:59] Resident075:

Hey does anyone have any cleat wood stain we can buy or even if you have a tin already open, it would save a trip to a DIY store which we are trying to avoid , thankyou! Thanks, Lucy
[15:20:59] Resident015:

What type of wood stain is it
[15:21:33] Resident075:

We just need clear, it's to protect some outdoor pellet wood.
[15:21:39] Adrian Dale:

Boots Rushden have plenty of masks in stock. £30 for 50.
[15:23:09] Resident015:

We have clear wood preservative
[15:23:48] Resident075:

Yes that's great Candy, let me know what you want for it x
[15:23:54] Resident015:

[15:24:04] Resident015:

About half a tin
[15:24:46] Resident075:

Yes. How much
[15:25:00] Resident015:

We don't want anything for it where are you
[15:26:41] Resident075:

Thank you very much. 2 peters close. We can collect it. Are you sure you don't want anything for it
[15:27:37] Resident015:

It's only a little enough for a pallet that's been knocking about in the shed
[15:29:42] Resident075:

Thank you, that's fab. When can we collect it?
[15:31:23] Resident015:

Anytime will leave in porch 17 Hillside
[15:32:36] Resident075:

OK thankyou we will pick up on our walk in about 40/45 mins
[15:35:00] Resident015:

[17:28:55] Resident099:

Hi Maria/ Michael. I have an unused 1 person tent that you can have for free. Shall I drop it over your gate next time I am walking the dog?
[17:42:33] Resident078:

Hi all, can anyone give me the name of a good painter to paint the window frames on the front of our 🏠
[17:58:07] Resident103:

Hi Adrian just letting you know poo bags are still being dropped from where I burn the wood all the way up and around that field and also up to the orchard.
[18:21:21] Adrian Dale:

What is the mentality of these people? I have to give a report at the Parish Council meeting tonight and will mention it
[18:22:24] Resident097:

Makes you wonder what there houses must look like inside
[18:24:42] Resident097:

Try Steven Cox at Topcoat his number is 07711299294 tell him Pete (a6/venture) put you in touch
[18:25:25] Resident055:

[18:26:14] Adrian Dale:

Aaaagh cleated one lot this morning from there
[18:26:48] Resident097:

They seriously need to start printing car reg number on the bags
[18:28:03] Resident103:

Thanks Adrian 👍
[18:28:03] Adrian Dale:

Genius suggestion - and from a scarecrow! Why has no one else come up with this - ace Pete!!
[18:30:21] Resident047:

What a great idea Pete. Maybe email the chief executive of McDonalds. I think his name is Ronald. In all seriousness it’s a great idea to get some form of ID on the bags etc. Email the colonel at KFC too.
[18:31:48] Resident097:

What about if i dress up in my scarecrow outfit and go on a Scarecrow lives matter demonstration with my fellow friends squirrel and hedgehog and lob this crap back through the culprits car windows ??
[18:31:49] Resident047:

Drive thru the car reg great idea what about in the future when they can go in again. But for now great shout. Attached 1k fine to it then will stop it
[18:32:37] Resident103:

[18:33:31] Resident047:

Email the local drive thru and say until they print the car reg on drive thru you consider it to be their property and give it back to McDonald’s. They will soon change their policy then.
[18:33:46] Resident097:

Cuff shall we take the tractors down maccys and block there entrance till they take motice of the damage there doing to the countryside
[18:35:21] Resident094:

Tomorrow (Tuesday) at 7.30pm we have the first of our Zoom Study groups looking at passages which inspired verses of the hymn Dear Lord and Father of mankind.
If you would like to join us please email
to be sent the Zoom link tomorrow and a copy of the Bible readings so you are ready.
If you have let me know already on WhatsApp an email would help so we can send any notes before and after the study.
Thank you.
[18:38:19] Resident023:

So simple yet so effective (the car reg idea I mean).

Now let’s wait for some dum-do-gooder to say it infringes their human rights!
[18:39:30] Resident097:

I wonder ....

If i paid a company to come clear my rubbish and they dumped it its foytipping and i am just as liable ....

Surely same applies with food ... mcdonalds sell the items out so where does the liability stop ... lets send mc donalds the clean up bill for every burger wrapper we come across !!
[18:39:42] Resident097:

[18:41:16] Resident131:

[18:44:41] Resident023:

I’ve worked with retailers for years, on each receipt is a transaction number which through a till system can then provide the payment card and name and address from the bank. All retailers can do this.

If they have a social and corporate responsibility they should (??) listen and work with us.
[18:45:24] Resident097:

So this same number could be printed on the bag also technically
[18:45:33] Resident097:

Or a reg number
[18:45:37] Resident097:

Or both
[18:47:21] Resident051:

There’s been quite a few memes on Facebook about printing the reg number on drive thru packaging so the idea is out there but needs progressing
[18:47:54] Resident023:

No - because it won’t show that detail at time of transaction - the data is hidden in the background or needs to be gained from the card payment provider (bank).

But CCTV should be able to capture and print it on the receipt
[18:49:53] Resident097:

As much as i hate all this covid 19 crap
It did do us a favour by means of these Fast food dumps being shut
Our environment healed and the general im gonna eat my lunch and then be a Tosser behaviour stopped
[18:55:50] Resident023:

It strikes me there are 2 major aggravations most parishioners despise: litter droppers (all types) and antisocial motorists.

Now we are all ‘united’ maybe we should form a group to proactively tackle these things, within the law of course, and make people aware they are welcome in the villages but only if they are respectful to us.

It might be worth discussing with the PC?
[18:56:53] Resident097:

Tractor blockade !! That will slow them down !!
[19:01:51] Resident023:

About 2 years ago I drive through a Starbucks cup out of his car very early ever morning. I spent 2 weeks photographing every car from 5:00am till 7:00am. We then put all the cups on sticks in neighbours front gardens to show we had them.

It seemed to frighten cup lout stopped doing it.

It’s a bit like identifying poo bag louts and putting the bag through their letterbox.
[19:03:55] Resident097:

I just dont understand the mentality of people
Same as spitting its gross
[19:05:42] Resident023:

Apologies for my poor spelling and grammar! I didn’t check before I posted!
[19:15:17] Resident023:

I’ve just been told that ENC have been trying to get the car reg number printed on receipts for quite some time but were told it couldn’t be done. But that shouldn’t stop us trying again!
[20:11:31] Resident082:

Thank you Peter will make donation to village fund
[20:21:32] Resident078:

Thank you Pete
[20:34:49] Resident047:

[20:34:55] Resident047:

Sorry this is funny tho
[20:37:49] Resident078:

[20:45:50] Resident097:

I won a award today

For being out standing in my field 😂😂😂😂😂😂
[20:57:43] Resident097:

[21:00:17] Resident023:

X = unknown quantity, Spert is a drip under pressure. Xspert!
[21:00:44] Resident097:

[21:01:00] Resident097:

[21:53:33] Resident097:

[21:55:00] Resident097:

Dont forget guys This Saturday is Worzel on Tour raising funds for the Pc and the NHS :-) keep your eyes on the whatsapp and fb pages nearer the time where I will be putting out more information