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WhatsApp Archive for Thursday 28 May 2020

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[05:42:26] Adrian Dale:

[05:43:16] Adrian Dale:

[05:46:21] Adrian Dale:

[11:34:44] Resident031:

Quiet here this morning. 🥱
[11:35:35] Adrian Dale:

As life slowly returns to normal ... we hope!
[11:36:49] Resident101:

Was thinking the chat had stopped working 😂
[11:37:40] Adrian Dale:

Nope I get lots of private messages each day!
[12:12:46] Resident055:

[13:26:36] Adrian Dale:

[13:27:23] Resident070:

[13:30:44] Resident138:

Beautiful! My roses are coming on well too
[13:31:29] Resident138:

[13:32:24] Resident070:

[13:34:26] Resident109:

The roses all look lovely
[13:37:56] Resident138:

[13:38:37] Resident138:

Been naughty got some David Austin roses on mail order too
[13:39:23] Resident020:

How Beautiful!
[13:40:45] Resident070:

[13:56:18] Resident013:

If the pallets r still available I have a job for them?
[14:14:39] Resident032:

[14:15:56] Resident032:

Following on from the daily bulletin about coronavirus in this area 😳
[14:39:02] Resident073:

Dinky pallets are still available
[15:14:47] Adrian Dale:

Ok for Friday morning van run 08:45?
[15:17:24] Resident013:

Thank you adrian but I have collected whilst out this afternoon
[15:18:02] Adrian Dale:

[15:54:09] Resident139:

[15:54:09] Resident139:

[15:58:51] Resident055:

[15:59:31] Resident136:

Yes please Jennie
[16:00:13] Resident136:

Can fetch now if that ok?
[16:00:20] Resident013:

I would love to give the bike a home. How much r u asking?
[16:01:13] Resident055:

There yours Wendy yes I will put them in the front garden 4 Raunds rd
[16:01:56] Resident136:

Ok will be 5 mins
[16:13:26] Resident139:

Hello Ben, we don’t want anything for the bike.
[19:27:37] Resident055:

[19:27:37] Resident055:

[19:27:37] Resident055:

[19:27:37] Resident055:

[19:27:37] Resident055:

[19:27:37] Resident055:

[19:27:37] Resident055:

[19:27:37] Resident055:

[19:27:38] Resident055:

[19:44:47] Resident038:

@zoekemp4 are these still available?
[19:45:04] Resident038:

Might have a home just want to check before I ask someone I know might like them
[19:45:58] Resident139:

Hi Flick, yes we still have them.
[19:46:14] Resident038:

OK will find out and let you know thank you
[19:46:38] Resident034:

Has anyone lost broadband in the area? We are with sky and it says there is a problem in the area
[19:47:13] Adrian Dale:

All fine on BT
[19:47:42] Resident058:

My Sky good in Water Lane
[19:56:13] Resident038:

Thank you, they have said its not what they were quite wanting. Thanks though
[19:56:42] Resident139:

No problem
[19:57:12] Resident097:

Evening wondeful peoplw how are we all
[19:58:28] Resident097:

Sorry been neglecting you all i have been busy worzelling again 🙂 Life is good mechanical work is plentiful and im beginning to enjoy life again instead of just driving a lorry constantly
[20:06:01] Resident007:

Music from Bloms House 🤣
[20:12:47] Resident097:

Racket !! 🤣🤣 turn it down dont you know people are trying to sleep
[20:13:01] Resident038:

Is tonight the last time they are doing clapping for the NHS?
[20:13:08] Resident097:

😂😂😂 and stop playing that vuvuzela and banging those drums
[20:13:10] Resident038:

Heard it somewhere but not 100%
[20:13:27] Resident097:

Trouble makers 🤣
[20:15:23] Resident007:

We are not the drums or vuvuzela 🤣 only ethan on the microphone....stopped now, no many out
[20:15:55] Resident097:

im slowly working it out ... its that adrian dale hes the rebellious one 😉 have to watch him ya know, bad influence throwing up in ditches and stuff
[20:16:23] Resident007:

I believe its only the founder of "clap for NHS" who has said to stop so it becomes yearly
[20:17:06] Resident097:

Hows ma scarecrows getting on anyway
[20:28:10] Resident007:

Need to get started 🙈😁
[20:44:26] Resident097:

Yer i got a few more too do ... slowly getting the piecws together for my latest masterpiece 🤣
[20:59:23] Resident051:

Started ours today - need to register the entry though
[20:59:56] Resident097:

Awesommmmmmmme 🙂🙂 cant wait to see them
[21:01:46] Resident078:

Does anyone know if Rushden recycling centre is open
[21:03:51] Resident097:

Police shut it down yesterday
[21:03:54] Resident012:

Yes it is but nightmare as they’re not letting people queue outside. Probably better to go late afternoon.
[21:04:02] Resident097:

Dont know if its opened again
[21:33:53] Resident038:

Ah OK thanks x
[23:09:30] Resident053:

The Rushden recycling centre was open today. I drove past it about 2.30pm. There were about 10 vehicles queueing on the approach from Waitrose.