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Easter Colouring Competition - Winners

Thank you all for your entries. All of the entrants received midi egg and Easter Story booklet as a thank you for taking part. However, in any competition there must be winners. As we've had so many entries in the "under 7s" category, we have decided to split that group in two.

4 and Under

Robin Hewitt Aged 4
Runner Up
Sophia Wood Aged 4
The judges loved the colours and the handle of the basket. The judges loved the tail on the rabbit.


Emily Chadwick Aged 6
Runner Up
Ethan Gaughan Aged 6
The judges liked the lettering you added, well done! The judges were very impressed with how you kept inside the lines. Very neat.


Thomas Barnes Aged 11
Runner Up
Max Hewitt Aged 8
The judges loved the detail on the eggs! Excellent. The judges loved the bold colours.

Over 11s

Summer Head Aged 12
Runner Up
Michelle Barnes Aged 38
The judges were really impressed with attention to detail and the choice of colours. Well done!! Perhaps next time we'll have a competition for the kidults - a little mole told us this took all afternoon. Well done!

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