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Podcast script - Saturday, June 13, 2020

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Good Morning Chelveston, Caldecott and Chelston Rise it’s Saturday 13th June, Scarecrow day, and this is Adrian Dale with the daily podcast.

For those early birds amongst you, the entrants are out there already, putting the final touches to their creations.

For those who listen over morning coffee, look out of your window and you may see Wurzel out on his orange tractor, collecting for charity. He’s worked so hard this week on getting it to work, so keep your fingers crossed for him.

For those of you who listen over dinner in the evening, you’ve missed the fun and judging is underway.

Some of you were wondering why the Friday podcast was the verbal walking map for the scarecrow competition. Well that’s the reason, I have found that the 150 households that listen to the podcast do so at various times of day and I wanted to ensure that they all heard the message before viewing starts today at 9am.

Well I thought that was a very good plan indeed. But how wrong can a man be?

Carol Parsons rang me late yesterday and said that we’d had two late entries and unfortunately one entry dropping out for medical reasons. So scrap yesterday’s podcast completely folks, and go back to the new versions of the walking maps posted on the web site. One of the late entries may be offering cakes to sustain you on your walk. Please don’t let that sway your judgement!

As I wrote this podcast, I had two sitings of Wurzel our intrepid scarecrow on a test run of the tractor round the Village. He made it to Chelston Rise and back passed my house, so fingers crossed for today. It would also be nice if the weather held, but only Michelle can sort that one out.

So we have two days left of the Parish Emergency and I wanted to use today’s podcast to update you on the re-opening plans for our three public venues, the pub, the church and the Village Hall.

Let’s start with the Village Hall. Legally, I expect us to be able to open the Hall itself from the 4th July. However, we have contacted all the hirers bar one. Most of them have decided to wait until September before restarting classes. Most of our classes take a break over the summer anyway. If we opened in July, then they would have one or at the most two meetings. They have decided it would be simpler and safer to wait until September and we are happy with that. We have been ordering safety items aplenty, but some of them are on a 4 week lead time.

One class, the Mindfulness and Meditation class, may restart in July. There are not many class members and social distancing will be easy in the Hall. They are satisfied with our safety measures and are just waiting for the official go ahead.

However, we will officially re-open for business on Monday 15th June. Our Tai-Kwondo class is very keen to restart. Their National Association has specified that they can only train outdoors. We have offered them the use of our amenity paddock. The Educational Foundation exists to support educational classes and we are delighted to help. East Northamptonshire Council has given us a grant to help our Covid-19 preparations and to cushion us from the loss of income. The Trustees are pleased to be able to use some of this grant to subsidise classes that need help to restart.

The Church team met yesterday for a couple of hours on site to plan the re-opening. We were all in masks and I was trying out my new face visor. I was really impressed with the Church of England Risk Assessment that Michelle took us through. They have clearly had professional input and it was very reassuring. You’ll be pleased to know that we were able to meet all the requirements for re-opening for private prayer in a completely safe manner.

Last weekend the Government dropped the bomb shell that Churches could re-open on Monday 15th June for private prayer. Michelle has decided that this is too soon. St Johns will reopen on Wednesday 24th June for private prayer. By co-incidence, this is the patronal festival for St John’s. Normally, there would be a service that day, but for now, it will strictly for private prayer only. The Church will now be open on Wednesday’s from the 24th June from 10am until 4pm. Two stewards will be in attendance to ensure that everyone is safe whilst visiting the Church. There will be a strict protocol in place to ensure that private prayer and reflection can take place in a safe way. If anyone would like to volunteer to be a steward for a couple of hours on those days, please contact Brenda or Michelle.

And last, but not least – what’s happening at the pub?

Well it is great news for you folks. The pub will re-open on Monday 6th July. Of course, there will be big changes to accommodate the requirements of social distancing at 2 metres. For this reason, the Parish Council is lending the pub the Parish marquee for use outside. Naomi and the girls have also prepared a new space for safe use at the back of the pub. There will be a limited menu for now but frankly any progress they can make for us is just brilliant.

The Parish Council will continue to work with Naomi going forward. They’ll be producing regular newsletter updates with details of the menus and opening hours as they change. So watch for that newsletter as it drops through your door.

I have to say that I am delighted that we are in position to give positive information on all of our venues as we draw the emergency to a close. I’ve been working closely with them all and I know how hard these last 3 months have been.

On the National stage, yesterday’s Government briefings made very big deal about face coverings on public transport. Not only are they now mandatory, but the Government has now taken powers to enforce this.

I think this is excellent, but I am amazed that it has taken this long to come round to the obvious.

The world has now changed fundamentally. The economy has shrunk by 20%, jobs have been lost, but we will recover.

My hope is that we won’t forget when the hamster wheeled stopped for a while. All those families that learned to enjoy our Village footpath network mustn’t forget the joys to be had on our doorstep.

So enjoy scarecrow day folks. This could become an annual tradition.

Thank you.