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Podcast script - Friday, June 12, 2020

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Good Morning Chelveston, Caldecott and Chelston Rise it’s Friday 12th June and this is Adrian Dale with the daily podcast.

Well tomorrow is scarecrow day and I promised that I would use today’s podcast to explain what was going to happen.

There are 21 entries to the competition. 12 are in Chelveston, 3 are in the Churchyard and 6 are at Chelston Rise.

We’ve asked all entrants to have their scarecrows in place by 9am on Saturday morning.

We would also like them to take a photograph of their entry and send it in to me by any means – email, text, WhatsApp or pigeon post if needed.

I want to assemble a gallery of entries very quickly for all those people who are shielding, and who can’t go out to look themselves. Believe it or not, I’ve also had requests from our remote listeners who also want to see all the entries. I wouldn’t like to boast that the Chelson-cum-Cawcud Scarecrow Festival has gone global – but it has.

I am delighted that Derek Wales from Chelston Rise has agreed to be the official photographer for the event. His photos of VE Day at Chelston Rise really captured the mood and the quality of the pictures was fantastic. I am hoping he can do the same tomorrow and I can add his shots next to the snaps taken by the entrants. If I can have a gallery of Derek’s high resolution photos, then viewers can zoom right in to see the detail of each entry.

And believe me it will be worth it. I was out very early yesterday morning and caught a glimpse of an entry I can’t name and I howled.

Anyway I got distracted …

If all the entries are in place by 9am then residents can dodge the showers and use our new freedom to wander the Village and take a look at the entries.

But here is the challenge. Chelveston’s house and street naming conventions are very strange and very hard for a newbie to master. Lucy found this out last week trying to use Google Maps to find The Crescent.

One of the first things I did in 1998 when I became Chair of the Council was to address the challenges and we added proper street name signs for all “odd” places.

So here’s the low down you need. Consult the maps on the web site if in doubt.

You start at Pretoria Cottages. They are on the Raunds Road; the last houses before you leave the Village on the way to Raunds. Entry A, the first entry from Pete and Cathy is located up there. If you are going by car, please take care turning round. It isn’t easy and you may be best going up to the roundabout at Darcie Park and coming back.

Entry B is at no. 1 Sawyers Crescent from Sean, Janellan and Ellie, but the reality is that their scarecrow is effectively on High Street. Oh the joys of Chelveston.

Entry C from Charlie and Ian is at 3 St Georges Row but that is actually at the bottom of Sawyers Crescent.

Entry D is at Scaraben on Water Lane otherwise known as the House of Tulips. Water Lane has a mixture of house numbers and house names – very confusing. Look at the map if you are in doubt.

From The Bloms, please head down to Wateryard – ah yes I forgot to mention that the old names are still used even if they aren’t on the map. Chad, Steph and the twins have an entry down there.

Then turn around and head for Duchy Close and three more entries. You may find another scarecrow on the way. I have been haunted by an effigy of Lynne all week that she never got round to registering. It may appear in our front garden.

Entry I is at 15 Water Lane from Chris and Mandy. Confusingly, when Gyles and Sharron lived there, they had refused to change their address from 15 Brook Lane which was what it was when they moved in. I was confused for years, it was even in the phone book.

Keep walking or driving and you’ll find the Cottage with Zara and Mick’s entry. You can’t miss it. The Cottage is thatched. Confusingly, there is another property in the Village called the Cottage, but that’s in Caldecott – who’s confused there then – they are different settlements. Mind you in Chelveston, there are still two properties called the Maples, and two properties with Hawthorn in their name. Who’s confused there then.

Then we have Cornerhouse Cottages. Park over at the pub please. Don’t drive your car into Cornerhouse Cottages, whatever you do. When the cottages were built, the Parish Council thought that the entrance was dangerous, Highways disagreed. Let me tell you, the Village was right!

Now head to Peters Close – so where’s that I hear the oldies say? Well Peters Close is our newest close, just off the Kimbolton Road lay-by. Please don’t drive in there, what ever you do. Park in the lay-by and walk in. Elliot and I always have a 7 point turn to do when we drive in.

So now off its to the Church. Please walk up if you can, or park on the road if you need to. There are only two disabled spaces down the drive and believe me it is no fun reversing all the way up that driveway.

Chelston Rise is easy. You can do a drive by viewing, or park your car just inside the first entrance and walk around, whilst of course observing social distancing rules.

So take an amble or a quiet drive to view the talent that is Chelson-cum-Cawcud.

If you are at the Church, there’ll be a bucket raising funds to maintain the Church and Churchyard.

If you are out and about near 11am, you may catch sight of Worzel out on a tractor (if it works). He’ll be chucking sweets at the kids and raising money for charity too. Come on dig deep folks.

I am desperate for good pictures of Worzel on his tractor. With the tulips they will define our emergency and I need them for the archive.

Once you have viewed the entries, you can vote by sending a message to Carol Parsons on me. The Events Team are running a Strictly Come Dancing System. The votes from the public will be added to those from the judges. Voting closes at 6pm on Saturday and the results will be announced on the Sunday podcast.

Let’s all have a great day folks, the entrants and the Events team have worked hard on this. Let’s do them proud.

Thank you