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Podcast script - Saturday, June 06, 2020

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Good Morning Chelveston, Caldecott and Chelston Rise itís Saturday 6th June and this is Adrian Dale with the daily podcast.

Firstly, let me make one of my now infamous corrections. Candy Thornton-Scott told me yesterday that it was actually Ray Knight who cut the bank and hedge on Water Lane on Thursday. All that she and Les were doing was clearing up the trimmings. Well thank you Candy. That shows indeed what a top bloke Ray Knight is, but it doesnít take away from the fact that you and Les decided to get it done and to clear up afterwards . So well done to the three of you.

Contrast these good deeds with the low life that dumped household waste in Water Lane yesterday in broad daylight between 06:15 and 7 oíclock in the morning. And we are talking some horrible stuff here. There were used toiletries, used nappies, remains of take aways, lots of recycling, even childrenís toys. Why oh why.

After a few quiet days, the WhatsApp group lit up with outrage when the reports came in. There were certainly some strong suggestions as to what we should do with the rubbish. Most of these I canít action Iím afraid, so I just bagged it up and reported it to East Northamptonshire Council for collection.

In a similar vein, my litter bag was full yesterday morning by the time I was half way up the hill towards the Village Hall. KFC has apparently re-opened and the yobs are back in town, or more accurately in the Village. The remains of a two person take away had been tossed from a vehicle window and were all over the verge. I struggle with this mentality. Do they occupy some parallel reality where there is no regard for fellow humans, no respect for the environment and no respect for the law? Where did this attitude come from in them? How do they hold down jobs? Perhaps I am just getting old but it makes my blood boil.

We are very fortunate in this Village, we rarely get home grown incidents of anti-social behaviour. I can quite literally count them on one hand during my 34 years in the Village. And in every single case I quickly found out who the perpetrators were. It is hard to remain anonymous in a Village.

There were two important Covid-19 stories reported locally yesterday, which we need to address.

The Royal Mail sorting office near the station in Wellingborough has been hit with 6 cases of Covid-19. Two of those suffering are said to be very poorly indeed. Staff have reported that there were no social distancing measures in place and that PPE provision had been poor. However, management has said that the buildings were cleaned after each of the infections came to light and that PPE stocks were good. Elliot works out of Wellingborough and I havenít seen him to discuss this yet.

Nevertheless, quarantining of your daily post seems to be a very sensible idea for the foreseeable future. Many of us have been doing this since the start of the epidemic. Smart move folks!

The stories about Northamptonshire being a hot spot continue to be reported. As I have said before, we must keep these figures and reports in perspective. It is true that there were still 99 patients in Kettering General Hospital as of last Wednesday, and six of these were in intensive care and seriously ill. But remember that these admissions relate to infections possibly acquired several weeks ago.

At the beginning of April cases in Northamptonshire surged. We had our second wave in the second week of May. Overall there have been 188 deaths in Kettering General and in the two weeks up until 27th May, 34 deaths were recorded. This figure was certainly higher than all other single hospitals in the Country, hence the press reports.

However, all of these figures relate to the past. It is today we need to be concerned about. In the whole of Northamptonshire yesterday, just 4 new cases were reported, two of them in East Northamptonshire. Contrast this with just Bedford Borough itself which reported 22 new cases yesterday. This data does cover 3 days but it is still not good. I have been warning about Bedford for a while, and this underlines how risky it is working and shopping there. Although the R number for the country is supposedly well below 1, I am not convinced that this is the case in Bedford.

We must stay vigilant and preferably not leave the Village. Here we are relatively safe. Of course some people need to go to work, many need to shop, but please take precautions. Gloves, face coverings and hand sanitizer at the ready folks.

I know that there is still a big debate about face coverings, but it emerged yesterday that SAGE had been advising the Government since early April that face coverings might indeed help in confined spaces. This advice was rejected until Thursday, when face coverings became mandatory on public transport.

Yesterday, Matt Hancock implemented new rules in NHS care settings. All staff must now wear masks in all circumstances to protect the public. Locally, I have heard now that all outpatients are being required wear masks at many NHS clinics. At last the Government are catching up. Watch this space folks, I believe that face coverings will become mandatory in public before long.

Now I promised to keep you updated on plans for reopening our Village facilities. Yesterday Michelle held virtual meetings with all the people involved in the future re-opening the Church. Lots of progress was made in our thinking, but it is still too early to give a date for re-opening. We are waiting on the Government and the Church of England but are determined to have all the necessary safety measures in place ready for the button to be pressed. Face coverings and gloves will all feature in our plans for protecting the congregation and the ministry team. Singing will certainly not be part of the early services as this has been shown to be very risky indeed.

However, the ministry team recognise the value of communion and congregation in person, and will be doing everything they can to ensure that this is a safe environment, welcoming for all.

Two people separately asked me yesterday when I thought this would all end. I had to be honest and say that I think that it wonít. This is a corona virus. Common colds can be caused by corona viruses. There is no vaccine and no cure for them. For most coronaviruses are a 2 week inconvenience. But this one is more serious. If you are vulnerable and catch it, then you will get very sick indeed.

Now is the time to adjust to the new reality. Social distancing will be here for another year. Masks and gloves will become the new normal. Risk will be something we understand and manage on a daily basis.

In the space of three months, the world has changed, we now need to adapt.

Thank you.