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Daily Newsletter Saturday 6th June 2020


I commented yesterday morning on the about turn by the Government on the subject of face coverings on public transport. On Friday Matt Hancock went further, announcing the need for face coverings for all staff and visitors in an NHS care setting. Hancock said it was “critically important” to prevent the spread of Covid-19 among people in hospitals.

Just after 4am this morning, the World Health Organisation has had a similar about turn. It now advises the wearing of face coverings in public places. It goes further than the Government and advises that people over 60 with underlying health conditions should wear medical grade masks.

We are three months into this crisis and finally the penny has dropped with the Government. This will go down in history as one of the worst examples of decision making in the history of Government. The powers that be completely misunderstood the advice they were being given on both the subject of lock down and masks. Over 50,000 people have lost their lives as a result.

I am begging the people of this Village to take heed. This is a virulent virus that is present everywhere, just like the common cold. Most of us catch at least one cold each year. This year or next year, you might catch Covid-19 instead.

Do you want to take that risk?


None that we know of!


357 deaths were reported by the Government yesterday taking us to 40,261 across the UK. The numbers of new daily infections decreased to 1,650.


In Northamptonshire another 4 cases were reported yesterday with the specimen dates being spread back over the last few days. The total number of cases is now 1,556. This is the lowest increase for a long time.

2 new infections were reported in East Northamptonshire yesterday, the highest in Northamptonshire again. However, look at the data from Bedford. This is data reflects two missing days on the 1st and 2nd June. However, it is still a serious problem.

Local Authority Cases per 100,000 population Daily increase
Bedford 685 399.1 22
Kettering 250 246.9 1
Northampton 517 229.6 -1
East Northamptonshire 205 218.3 2
Wellingborough 167 210.1 1
Corby 129 182.1 1

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And if you rearrange the letters in CORONA, it nearly spells RACCOON! ...

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