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Podcast script - Saturday, May 30, 2020

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Good Morning Chelveston, Caldecott and Chelston Rise itís Saturday 30th May and this is Adrian Dale with the daily podcast.

First of all Happy Birthday to Mark Gen-ery of Chelston Rise. Mark is 40 today. Now ordinarily, Julie would have splashed out on a MacLaren F1 sports car and a private jet to Barbados for a beach party. However, Boris said no to her special exemption request and so Mark, a shout out on the podcast is all youíre getting. But wait until you are 50 Ö then sheíll push the boat out.

Yesterday the Office of National Statistics released a survey of randomly sampled people in the UK. 87 of the 19,000 people sampled were carrying the Covid-19 virus. That is nearly Ĺ per cent or roughly 1 in 200 people. Translated to this Village, that means we may have 3 or 4 people carrying the virus as I speak to you now.

Of those carrying the virus, more than 70% of these were completely symptom free. Translated to this Village, that means that 2 or 3 people in the Village are walking around carrying the virus but showing no symptoms at all. Who are they? Well we just donít know. That is the point, they wonít even know it. They arenít suffering but they may still be shedding virus particles for you and I to catch.

Judging by the long queues at ASDA yesterday, and the huge quantities of beer and burgers that were purchased, Britain is having one enormous BBQ tomorrow. Back gardens will be full of friends (no more than 6 of course) all doing their best to social distance. I think the crucial thing that most people have missed, is that the new relaxed rules donít start until Monday. But that ship has sailed I am afraid.

However, there is a problem. Most people canít judge 2 metres. My arms stretched as wide as they can be are only 1.6m between my finger tips. So by definition is would be impossible for me to pass a beer or a burger to someone without entering their safe bubble.

Now youíve heard it said that size isnít everything. Well the same is true of distance. The Government safety guidelines are based on the assumption that you spend less than 15mins sitting or standing 2 metres away from someone. You might have more leeway in a breeze blowing away from you outside. However, every centimetre closer to them and every minute longer in their company, will increase the chances of transmission.

So BBQs in the back garden will be great fun, but you are really playing Russian Roulette. Are any of the people in my garden, unsuspecting carriers? Are they infectious? Will they stay the right distance away? If I catch it will I succumb to the virus, or more importantly will I be the one to pass it to my vulnerable family member? Thatís a tough one to call Ė best of luck to whoever tries.

My call is easy. I am taking another day off and going to see Helen in Lincoln, laden with supplies. I know that I am under no risk whatsoever from her. She is medically self isolating and only leaves the house for shopping and exercise. She exercises before 7am and calls into the local Co-op just as it opens. Few others are there but she still wears a mask and she scampers round the shop, dodging the staff and anyone else that comes in. All these are sensible precautions, there is no Russian Roulette here.

Realistically, I am more of a threat to Helen as I am out and about in the Village all day. However, just watch me and youíll see how wary I am. In my youth I did cancer research, mincing up tumours, and I was paranoid about inhaling contaminated aerosols. Those infection control lessons have never left me. It is one of the reasons why I have been so critical of the Governmentís stance on masks. My old boss used to say, if you can smell it, it might kill you.

Unfortunately, we canít smell Covid-19 but if you can smell someoneís perfume or breath, you are much too close!

I am confident enough to enter Helenís garden tomorrow, and even better to take advantage of the latest relaxation of the rules. Yes I can at last enter her house to use the bathroom, provided I wear a mask and gloves of course. Just 4 months ago, who could have imagined that indoor plumbing would be the highlight of my day?

Actually, I shouldnít have said that Ė of course meeting Helen will the highlight of the weekend, a toilet is just a bonus. Sorry dear!

Have a great weekend folks and please stay safe. As we take those baby steps back to normality, we donít want any more infections in Chelson-cum-Cawcud. Thank you