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Podcast script - Saturday, May 16, 2020

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Good Morning Chelveston, Caldecott and Chelston Rise itís Saturday 16th May and this is Adrian Dale with the daily podcast.

Thank you to all the people that sent in more pictures of their mask making efforts. Candy, Les and Sheila used the sock technique. Zaraís was a full face mask of a leopard, usual but effective! Lyn Freeman went for gingham or flowers Ė I am hoping she didnít cut them from the back of a dress, or we might all be in for a treat this summer! Sharen tried a Venetian mask. Very chique Sharen, but you might need a mask on a mask to deal with the nostrils. However, the star of the morning was Chris Pentland with his clever use of the lid from a steamer. Iíll post another montage in the newsletter of all of the photos received yesterday. I know we are having some fun, but there is a serious purpose Ė StoppingTheSpread.

Iíll also be posting a picture of Elliot our postie in todayís newsletter. He is doing his bit to make us smile and turned out in another costume yesterday. I think it is lovely that we have a community minded postie, someone who knows us and looks out for everyone. Just imagine living in a large town or city where everyone is anonymous.

Now a few days ago Melvyn sent me a set of quotes from Winston Churchill. That man knew how to turn a phrase and how to inspire. One caught my eye immediately ďA good speech should be like a womanís skirt: long enough to cover the subject but short enough to create and maintain interestĒ. I am not sure if that was a hint Melvyn, but todayís podcast will be shorter than usual. I am having the day off, the first since the 8th March, thatís nearly 10 weeks ago.

Well I say the day off, Iím obviously still doing the podcast and the newsletter, walking the hound, picking litter and delivering Peggyís Saturday paper. Then I am taking the day off. So thatís no grass cutting, no red van runs, nothing until the evening when I sort and prepare the Sunday service and write the next podcast.

I am even leaving the Village and indeed the County. Apart from the emergency run to Argos in Olney on Wednesday this will be first time of leaving the county in all that time. Both of our blenders broke this week and they are used daily to feed the hound. I was very impressed by the Argos collection point. It was a risk free as it is possible to be nowadays.

Now when I leave the Village Rachael gets nervous. Something usually happens. In her first month of looking after the Village Hall we had a break in whilst I was on holiday. She dealt with it brilliantly. Then weíve had water leaks and a gas leak. Weíve had branches coming down from the Wellingtonia tree at School House. All of these have happened whilst Iíve been away for the weekend. Last summer the big fire of Caldecott broke out at Manor Farm whilst I was away, and the fire service couldnít find the hydrants. Rachael and Mike both got involved helping close the roads, diverting traffic and looking for hydrants. I was in a restaurant with Helen and her parents when Rachael called to see if I could remember where all the hydrants were. Now they often say that there is no peace for the wicked. So sometime previously, perhaps in a previous life, I have clearly been very naughty indeed. I just wish I could remember the fun I had then!

So yes today I am going to see Helen in Lincoln for the first time in 10 weeks. Sheís clinically self-isolating, so weíll break the rules only in so far as we are going to sit in her garden and have a picnic at an extreme distance. There may even be masks involved Ė Iíll take a picture.

Helen missed her Birthday in isolation so I am taking up some cake from Lynne and large quantities of Northamptonshire honey from Ray Dyer. Those bees have been working overtime getting it ready. Weíve obviously been video calling all this time but itís going to be strange being in the same Village and being able to talk live, even though Iíll sound like Darth Vader.

Iím sure this scene will be replicated by thousands of families across the land this weekend. I do hope they understand and respect the need for social distancing. It will be hard but a wonderful opportunity to see family again.

To finish with more words from Churchill, more politically correct this time Ė ďA pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.Ē

I am definitely the optimist. We are all facing difficulties and challenges but we are learning a new way of living and working which may eventually improve our lives.

Iíll see you tomorrow.

Thank you