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Podcast script - Friday, May 15, 2020

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Good Morning Chelveston, Caldecott and Chelston Rise itís Friday 15th May and this is Adrian Dale with the daily podcast.

Feedback on the podcast comes from far and wide. Yesterday, I heard again from James Birdís parents in Northampton. It always pulls me up sharply to realise the there is a bigger audience. Perhaps I should be more careful what I say? I usually imagine that Iím speaking to the folks I know in the Village and a few of my family who use the podcast to check I am still alive and kicking. Jamesí parents shared my concerns about the mixed messages coming from the Government and have noticed that many of their neighbours are being creative in the way they interpret the rules. So watch for the spike in cases in 10-15 days time, then people may take notice.

I am sorry for being macabre and pessimistic but we need to be realistic. I am pleased that for once, Northamptonshire County Council have started talking sense. They are debating the future of the temporary mortuary in Wollaston, that Lynne and I drove passed the other day. The Council is considering whether this needs to be a permanent facility as they canít see the numbers of excess deaths reducing anytime soon.

In yesterdayís newsletter, I highlighted an international campaign called Masks For all. A group of eminent clinicians and academics have explained that the quickest way to halt the spread of the virus is to stop people giving it to each other. When I said that sentence it was like saying the bleeding obvious and you wonder why we have dithered for so long over the question of masks.

The evidence is clear, if everyone wears even a simple face covering in public, then we dramatically reduce the risks to everyone. For us in the UK, this feels strange. But the evidence from the Far East is clear Ė masks save lives.

In the UK we focused on washing our hands and ignored the risk of infected people breathing the virus onto us. When the history is written, this will be one of our mistakes.

I ordered some re-usable masks from Germany on Monday and they arrived yesterday. They use home made filters but will definitely stop me sneezing, coughing or breathing on others. Unfortunately, they make me look and sound like Darth Vader from Star Wars (particularly as I chose black as the colour).

Lynne definitely wasnít impressed with the grey one I ordered for her and so she decided to research making her own from the internet. So a couple of pairs of socks later, she had perfected the technique and now has a sock mask to wear in the shops Ė and she thought I looked daft?

The rationale for everyone wearing face coverings is clear. It will reduce transmission of this virus. And over time, that is all we need to do. Keep that R number below one and the virus will die out.

Michelle Abbott tried out the sock technique very quickly after I posted an instruction video and was worried about the downside of a mask steaming up your glasses.

Pete Rawlins and Wendy Williams quickly solved this. Simply wipe your glasses with fairy liquid or shaving foam Ė and you immediately have an uncle called Bob. Your glasses donít fog up.

Michelle then sent in a brilliant picture of her mask, and I have to say, there may be another downside. You might end up looking like a bank robber. And of course if you are on date, then you may not be quite so attractive. But frankly most of us are probably passed that now!

Andy Cuthbert also sent in a picture of his sock face mask. I think there is probably a PhD thesis to be written on what socks people have chosen for their mask. My socks are all black, purchased from Tesco in bulk. I never need to pair them, I donít have the time.

Michelleís had animals of some sort, Andyís were white, Lynneís had coloured heels. Pete Rawlins couldnít find a pair without holes in so he improvised with a disposable nappy Ė fortunately unused. But then again thatís Pete for you! However, he was thrilled to find that Cathy has now ordered him some new socks so that he can cut them up for face masks.

Adrian Jeffs decided to put his skiing gear to good use and got out his ski mask. Letís face it he wonít be using that for skiing any time soon.

I would love to have a picture of every resident with a face mask or covering. It would be a brilliant addition to our historical photo archive, but more importantly will help us all keep this virus under control.

The scientific evidence yesterday made for some uncomfortable reading. There is still no guarantee that someone who has contracted the virus is immune from a second dose. Even worse, there is evidence that someone who had had the virus, might be immune from its effects, but might still be a superspreader.

So Chelveston, Caldecott and Chelston Rise. We need to become the masked Village of Northamptonshire Ė over to you!

Thank you