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Podcast script - Tuesday, May 12, 2020

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Well good Morning Chelveston, Caldecott and Chelston Rise its Tuesday 12th May and this is Adrian Dale with the daily podcast.

Thank you all for your good wishes for Andy Horn yesterday. His face was a picture when I played the podcast to him on a loud speaker outside his house and presented him with a transcript for his birthday. I did get one thing wrong Ė as per usual. Unfortunately, Andy canít claim his state pension now, he has to wait another 2 years until he is 67. So all of the offers of a pint when the pub re-opens will be most welcome!

Well what a difference a day makes Ė the change in the weather has been quite startling Ė and was a most unwelcome intrusion in my already busy schedule on Sunday and Monday. With one of my other hats on, I am the Clerk of the Educational Foundation, responsible for the upkeep of the Village Hall and the School House next door.

However, during the Covid-19 emergency, all the day to day responsibility has fallen on Rachael Maywoodís shoulders. Even though the Village Hall is closed she goes in each day to check everything is all OK. The Village Hall is our emergency reception centre and needs to be ready for action at all times. During the closure, Rachael has also being doing all of the maintenance that we normally do during the quieter summer months.

Now the afternoon Red Van run on Sunday was an eventful one. Iíd gone passed the Village Hall at around 15:30 and all was fine. However, 10 minutes later, I had a message from Ashley Fett and from Rachael saying that a huge branch from the big Wellingtonia Tree had come crashing down. It had hit the School House and had snapped the telephone line that crosses the road. By coincidence, Rachael had been doing her last check of the day and was on the spot within minutes. I was able to get there a few minutes later. We managed to get the telephone line out of the road and check the School House over to ensure that there was no damage.

This was the fourth big branch that had come down this year in high winds. 18 months ago, Iíd had a tree surgeon check the tree over and he pronounced it safe. How things can change so quickly!

So Rachael and I spent the first hour of yesterday clearing up and then I called out a tree surgeon to come and inspect the rest of the tree. Like the one in James Birdís garden, the School House Wellingtonia tree is an icon of the Village. We need to look after it.

The tree surgeon was like a monkey and I canít believe how he managed to get to the top. He found the stumps of the four branches that came down and sadly found another split branch which he cut out as a precaution. He also lightened the load on another suspect branch.

So when you notice that the tree has had a severe haircut, youíll know why. Most of us canít get hair cuts at the moment, but this one potentially has saved lives. Thanks go to Ashley and Rachael for spotting the problem so quickly allowing us to get it resolved.

One of the benefits of our Village WhatsApp group is that very little escapes notice around the Parish, and I am quickly alerted to most things going on. I used to rely on my morning litter rounds, but now I know that incidents will be reported throughout the day.

We had a couple of incidents over the weekend which showed just how much residents care about the great place in which we live.

On Saturday a car appeared in Water Lane, parked in the lay-by just passed the ford. There was a chap in it just lying there, frankly looking dead. I had two calls within an hour concerned for his safety. He was still there in the evening and one of the Wateryard residents went to check he was Ok. He sent them away.

He was still there the next morning, almost comatose and again he was offered a cup of tea, but was impossible to rouse. Our concerned resident called 101, concerned for his safety. Another resident then contacted me to say that they had seen another car pull up and try to talk with the occupant of the car.

We all concluded that this was probably the fallout from a domestic incident, and that the car occupant had settled on a quiet place like Chelveston to hide out. How wrong could they be!

By mid-Sunday morning, the car had gone and so the concerned residents could breathe a collective sigh of relief.

Ironically, if the car occupant had been conscious, they would have witnessed a fly tipping incident just yards from his car. Again this was reported to me quickly but I had already spotted on my morning rounds. I reported it immediately to the East Northamptonshire Council team responsible for clearing it up.

So you can imagine my surprise when the fly tipping had gone the next day. I know that East Northamptonshire Council would not have picked up the message on a bank holiday and certainly would have instructed it to be cleared on a Saturday or Sunday.

So who had cleared it up? It took me a day to find out but I wasnít surprised to find that it was Ray Knight the farmer from Water Lane. He takes huge pride in the state of Water Lane and wasnít prepared to have this blot on the landscape. So if Ray is listening, Thank you from us all!

Ray has had a busy few days. On his own initiative he always cuts the grass on the verge between the end of Water Lane and Bidwell regularly. This week he also trimmed all of the verges along Water Lane and Raunds Road that I canít get to with my strimmer.

It is public service like this that makes our Village a great place to live.

Contrast this with the idiot that has been tearing around the Village for the last couple of days on a quad bike with his son. They have been on several footpaths and rights of way, all illegally. Whilst they think they are doing it with impunity, they arenít. I have had many complaints and photographs sent in to me yesterday and today. So now I know who they are! It is the same idiot that threatened me when I caught them allowing their dog to foul the verge in Water Lane last year. Why is there always someone that spoils the party?

I have even had suggestions that the Village stocks should be restored to make it clear that antisocial behaviour in this Village is unacceptable, especially from residents. I am sure that Aitch could tell us what happened to Village idiots in his day!

Thank you